ReeZon To Launch ‘I Am The ReeZon’ 2.0 on 30 December 2010 @ Rockstone’s Office


The Hip Life/Hip Hop scene in Ghana will be welcoming a new artiste in a couple of days. Precisely on the 30th December, 2010 at the Rockstone’s Office.

ReeZon, as he prefers to be known was born Richard Sowah in Ghana but moved to the United States to pursue higher education after graduating from Morning Star School in Accra. Before moving to the States, ReeZon was with NFL (Native Funk Lords) not as a member, but as neighbours who shared common musical ideas. Growing up, he saw the musical trio as his mentors.

ReeZon travelled to the States to acquire knowledge in Electrical Engineering but still managed to do music intermittently till the completion of his degree. ReeZon told me, he has a career which pays the bills but music is his passion and he is ready to do it till he drops dead.

No matter how successful human beings are, they will always run back to work on what they have passion for. ReeZon has passion for music and has been doing it for over 10 years now. The fact that he travelled to the States did not kill his passion for music.

He has been an underground artist for 2 years; this was to enable him work on himself. ReeZon has blended a number of genres to suit his style. He does Afro Pop, Afro Hip Hop, Hip Life and Hip Hop.

Aside being an artiste, he also owns one of the youngest labels-Rych Entertainment. He was the first artist to be signed on the label to release his first album ‘I Am The Reason’. The album has tracks like ‘Drinks On Me’, ‘Commort 4 Derr’ ‘Reezon’, ‘Don’t Let Go’, ‘The Struggle’, ‘Good Year 2010’, ‘Korruption’ and ‘Yaa Asantewaa’.

The album was released online (digitally) on 1st May. The songs are now on iTunes, Amazon and Rhapsody. He will re-release and promote this album in Ghana.

The album contains mainly Hip Hop songs. He has picked 5 songs from the ‘I Am The ReeZon’ 1.0 together with other songs for the ‘I Am The ReeZon’ 2.0 to bring Ghanaians a variation of his work.

Musically, ReeZon is influenced by Reggie Rockstone, NFL, M.anifest, Sway, Blitz, Mr. Max, Obrafour, Jayso, J Town, and Peer Pressure.

ReeZon raps in Ga, Twi, English and Pidgin.

Exposure & Album Launch @ Rockstone’s Office

The launch of ‘I Am The ReeZon’ 2.0 and the exposure party of ReeZon is slated for Thursday 30 December, 2010 @ Reggie Rockstone’s Office (behind Police Headquarters) for only 10 Ghana Cedis.

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