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Kim Kardashian's Signature Look

Kim Kardashian was recently spotted rockin her new braided hair that she swapped in place of her usual long wavy locks as she went for her gym workout. I’m not so  keen on the look to be honest BUT hey she tried something new right so kudos to her. So now I need some inspiration for what to change my locks and looks to. I need a new hair do to go with my new can-do attitude 😉

If you’re anything like me you don’t quite feel on point and sassy if your locks aren’t lookin’ slick and sweet! I can remeber a few times returning from hair salons and going straight back when I still can’t get over the bumps and lumps that were hidden from my view. It’s crazy right? The London Times News Paper once wrote an article about the fact that black women spend the most amount of money on their hair out of all the different cultural backgrounds. I read the titlle of the article and thought…say no more. I put my hand up, but not in shame. I dont much care for spending £200 on a pair of shoes but i’ll do that for my hair in a hot minute!

So as always getting ahead of myself  I’m thinking of what hair style to go for next! I’m gonna surprise and shock my people because I’m not known for my creativity, I’ve pretty much kept to the same style year in year out with maybe a bit of colour or varitey in length.  I guess if  I could borrow Beyonce or Rihanna’s stylist and bank balance I would probably be a lot more adventurous 😉

Here are the celebrities that have dared to be different with their locks!


Beyonce is known for her signature long blond streaks but as a striving actress she went out of her way to rock this short quiff hair style for her role in Cadilac Records. I don’t actually like it and it’s obvious longer hair looks much better on her but it’s all about tryin’ something new!


This is actually a wig on Ciara but I think it looks great on her! Got to love the wigs for a good way of experimenting with possible looks.

Rhianna's Signature Short Cropped Hair

A little colour never hurt but I tend to think when it comes the Rhianna’s ever changing eye-catching hairstyles it’s more of a show case. However she really went all out of her comfort zone and went for a curly shoulder length deep red look. Rhianna then swiftly moves on to this questionable  long bright red hair style….a few curls of waves could have toned the second look down a bit I think…. Continue Reading From Here


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9 thoughts on “IamSassyChic.Com: New Hair New You – Dare To Be Different!”

  1. Lol I read about Kim yeah she call it the predator hair style Cc looking good nice even though it’s a wig she looks stunning 

  2. I think Kim did this braids for her upcoming music video, its nice to get out of your comfort zone and do something different but i dont know about going blond, thats too extreme for me.


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