Weekly Discussion, The Battle Of The Sexes: Which Sex Is More Complicated, Men or Women…?


Twenty two players chasing one ball, cars racing around several times and given the name go-cart challenge or nascar. Pull your butt, your eye transfixed on a ball, swing the stick so hard and expect the ball to disappear into a hole and end up calling it golf.

Do all these make sense? Yet men watch these with so much enthusiasm and zeal. Honestly, men are so weird and complicated. A man can sleep with so many women, but if he sees his woman flirting with one man or just having a normal conversation, hell will break loose. They just snap.

Again, Men can make simple issues hard nut to crack. This minute, he wants the girl so badly, the next minute; she is so boring to be with. They are always in some sort of avoidance conflict with what they want.

Women on the other hand, are pain in the neck. We always want to have the super-woman look all the time…. Lipsticks here, eye-liner there, expensive clothes and accessories all around.  From designer handbags to Victoria secret panties, our worries pile up with the introduction of any new trend of fashion.

We nag over simple issues and blow things out of proportion. How many times do you see a woman run out of her office, class or stayed indoors crying her heart out over a broken heart?

Don’t also forget the saying, “women are their own enemies”…always backstabbing one other. All these make me wonder, which sex is more complicated in life?

Let’s figure this out via your comments!


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24 thoughts on “Weekly Discussion, The Battle Of The Sexes: Which Sex Is More Complicated, Men or Women…?”

  1. Men are complicated and emotional too but I think they are more comfortable with expressing anger than crying This is unfortunate because I think anger is the more destructive of the two emotions However all people are different I think more important is your ability to express affection. In this case some men can be affectionate and some men can be emotionally distant
    I don’t believe in multi tasking I prefer quality over quantity When you’re multi-tasking you’re not devoting your full attention to any one thing I don’t think that’s something that I want to encourage people to do If you think you can do great at doing three tasks at once, imagine how great of a job you could do if you concentrated on one thing at a time

    • swit heart why men,women who ”always want to have the
      super-woman look all the
      time …. Lipsticks here, eye-
      liner there, expensive clothes
      and accessories all around.
      From designer handbags to
      Victoria secret panties” ma dear its nt all nt necssry bt yet wat du see ha u ladies aa smthin

      • Kluivert, but men also enjoy sum kinda sports that does not even make sense and also snap when they see their women chattin’ with other men yet they go around cheating…..a study even shows that 90% of men cheat as compared to women…..r men not complicated???

        • Woman please….Spare me all that percentage of men cheat. Look, you right men cheat but guess what? women cheat too and it’s bad it has become part of human nature.

          Women are like some creatures from Heaven to us you know what men do is what women do? But there’s one thing that separates us where women are more complicated. Yes, women go toooo damn far with their beauty that they think they been pressured. In today’s society I have seen with my real naked eyes of women with ass implant (sometime injection) , plastic surgery (botox), breast implant ect……

          We want our women to be sexy and beautiful but WITH PLASTIC SURGERY AND BOTOX? Hmmmm.

          I know one lady who has 100 of handbags designers…imaging that. 


  2. The backstabing is too much with women. I say women are complicated, we rush too much to conclusions that may not be factual and if they are we prefer confrontation esp with our boyfriend

    • I have too agree with you one when it comes to backstabbing some woman no how to play the game just to destroy someones relationship or marriage Women are only “complicated” because men are so cotton picking simple when it comes to something as “in demand” and treasured as a prize as a woman But rather than ever admit our incompetence in the matter we reach out and try to shrug our clumsiness off as their complication.

  3. talkin of sport those dat do mak sense we both watch n play,findins as shown dat women aa more jealouse than men And 4 cheatin women will tak da 10% so u see u take part in da thing guys do and n u refer as complecated;which makes it normal.but nt so in ur case

  4. infact i fink men re matter how gud a guys galfriend or wife looks he will still be checkin other ladies out.a guy will tell u he like gals who wears short skirt nd still u will see him admirin a gal in trouser.i really dnt no wat men want.

  5. i personally think women r very very complicated people all because they get jealous at any small thing you do with their fellow women which i personally think is really bad and they really have to for once trust men/their guys just a saying this because my friend’s girl gets jealous anytime her guy gives another girl compliment which i think is very strange of the lady to do that!!

    • I soooooooo know what you are talking about. I had a friend that would not invite her man to my graduation becos of that, I remember being shocked, like wtf are you kidding me, like seriously we can’t be friends if you’d truely fink i’d go after your man.

      Eventually the guy dumped her ass, and she remain without a man and me as a good friend.

      • Most of this jealousy got a reason. Most of these girls who get jealous becuz their men gave other women compliments must have a reason for it. Maybe they got cheated on with their friend which an example is me(My ex cheated on me with my bestfriend) so i kinda feel their pain if they have a reason to be jealous abt it but if is just plain oh jealousy then that’s bad. Women are complicated and guys are complicated in their own way.

  6. Men oh men oh men, they gonna kill us, i mean i just finished talking to a girlfriend and we were trying to figure them out, they like to have their way all the damn time but we cant.

  7. I would say women r MORE complicated than men (so not necessarily sayin men aren’t complicated- just that women are worse)…gosh I’m a woman n i dont even understand y i do certain stuff sometimes- all i know is like i just feel 2 do it:S


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