Celebrity Obsession: Could It Possibly Be Love Or Is It Just Pure Infatuation?

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Nadia Buari
Nadia Buari

I’m sure we all saw the video of a young woman named Obaa Yaa, professing her ‘love’ for Asamoah Gyan- even going as far to issue the threat that she would kill herself if her feelings were not reciprocated, and if he (Gyan) did not marry her by the 24th of December 2010.

Well that date has just recently gone by, and as far as I know, Obaa Yaa is still alive. After watching the clip on YouTube, I was really shocked at how offensive some of the comments targeted towards her were, with some even going as far to suggest that she was suffering from some kind of mental illness! Come on people- it’s not that serious! I just saw it as a young woman infatuated with a particular celebrity.

What about the hundreds and thousands of ‘Beliebers’ (aka Justin Bieber fans), or the other die-hard fans of other celebrities who post these kind of ‘love’ declarations online- are they mentally ill as well?

Obsessing over our favourite celebrities is nothing new- there are millions of videos on the web proving so. Understandably some celeb enthusiasts take things too far (i.e. stalking), but not all fans are really like that.

I have also heard of celebrities actually starting relationships with a fan they met. I guess hearing these kind of stories about NFL players or rappers taking a fan out for a date and entering into relationships with them may give some kind of ‘hope’ to certain die-hard fans.

I’m just wondering though- is it really and truly possible to actually fall in love with a celebrity?- someone you have never met before in your life, someone you just see via the media, someone who has a certain public persona yet you have no idea what their real characteristics in public may be- is the idea of love not that far-fetched, or is it all just plain infatuation?

Gosh, I know I love Will Smith to death, and would probably even go as far as selling my own mother (JOKE!) if it mean’t taking him away from Jada.

However, I am in no way disillusioned that I’m in love with him- I know that he’s just one of my celebrity infatuations, just like Blair Underwood, LL Cool J, Idris Elba, Van Vicker and a host of other fine men. Luckily for me, I know the difference between love and infatuation.

I am certainly aware there are die hard Jackie Appiah fans like Osei on here ( GhanaCelebrities.Com) as well as a host of them of Nadia Buari, Majid Michel, Yvonne Nelson, Michael Essien and others.

I want to know what you guys think though- is it really possible for a fan to fall in love with a celebrity? I mean actual love- like they would be willing to risk everything for that celebrity- that kind of love.


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  1. its neva a crime 2 fall in love wit sum1 uve neva seen b4 just ba its just on TV, heard on radio etc..fallin in luv wit a celebrity is a choice cos whoeva it is shd no dat ders no way she/he is gettin close to their secret admirers unless they bcum celebrities demselves..these celebrities got all these body guards n paparazzis ard dem..n u bn in luv wit the celebrity shows dat sum1 else sumwhere is also in luv wit dis same celeb..u just ve 2 dream abt it ba no dat it wil neva cum 2 pass..

    1. But stalkers are just some next level though lol…they’re just psychos in my opinion…I mean how the heck are you gonna be camping out in someon- WHO HAS NO IDEA YOU EVEN EXIST- their back garden or following them non-stop…uh-uh…as much as I love me some Will Smith lol…I also have a life….I would never resort 2 that kind of foolishness….stalkers are just nutters- plain and simple

  2. Ohh yeah. I know people will be snapping at me! I fell inlove with KeVIN prince Boatent that i even made a page of him on fb “We just love kevin prince boateng” Is not anything that bad! I mean like my friends used to be like “oh my gosh am obsessed with T.I and chris brown” and i was like chill but i understood them when i crazily fell inlove with kpb. It was getting way too deep that i started watching all AC milan’s games just to see him. I still love him but the percentage went down. 

  3. I wld see its neither love nor obsession. its purely fantasies. some pple jus fantasize abt having such celebrities in their lives. which is impossible

  4. am not suprice at what maame is saying. i deeply fall in love with nadia buhari. some one have not see before nor talk to before. i deeply fall inlove and even start to dream about her. i still love her if some one knows her i beg make the person talk am give me.

  5. people fall in love in different ways. so yes, it might be real love for some people and others pure obsession. but i believe most of the feelings are fantasies at its best.

    1. @B.B,u can SPEW watever u want 4rm dat stinking mouth of urs concerning de LIKE i hav for Mrs.jackie Agyemang Appiah but 4 all i kno….any reasonable being would LOVE,CHERISH and ADMIRE jackie like de way i does.What u shd kno abt Jackie is 1.jackie is very!very!DECENT.2.RESPONSIBLE as well as knos what she is really after in LYFE unlike dat SILLY nadia who will follow everytin de moment she sense there is MONEy.Unless i 4get,if MONIES were to be on TREES…dat notorious prostitute NADIA would be de 1ST lady to CLIMB dat TREE and marry MONKEY in order to have acess to dat MONEY.

      1. that is a lie it is your JACKIE the MARRIED WHORE who will even kill for fame and money ,give us a break what DECENCY ?LJACKIE has no SHAME and she is a HYPOCRITE AND A PRETENDER.

  6. masa this issue is something o. yes, you can fall in love with someone u don’t knw personally but your approach will determine whether it’s love, infatuation or pure craziness. for Obaa Yaa, hers is a special case.to say u’ll kill yourself if someone doesn’t marry u is total nonsense. i guess it’s not love since she’s alive.

    1. Girl, I love the way you came back with all these interesting articles, am soo loving it cuz It catches my attention like crazy.Well talking about celebrities, I think its usually fantasies cuz you just watch dis guy on tv and immediately you see all dem packs you think he is sexy(imagination begins afterwards).For me, I am soo obsessed with that ghanaian actor called Prince David Osei, I usually watch his movie and i get goosebumps all over my body.I heart the guy soo soo much that it freaks my friends out.They think am crazy or something.Usually they go like “dis guy aint even cute and you acting like dis”Well, I tell them its just me so let me be! .People dream, ppl. wish, ppl. get obsessed, but at the end of the day you got to face reality.Ohh dis article got me thinking, is love at first sight ever real?

        1. @EDNA,i can vividly prove to u why i ask OPANIN if he isnt afraid of STD.Nadia is a high tyme STD patients.i wish de Good Lord can sincerely grants ignorant ppl like u and B.B knowledge 4 u guys to ask urself … why did Essien dump dat THING called NADIA BUARI?

  7. Celebrity obsession happens everywhere… we Ghanaians jus arent use to it yet… I’m obsessed with Jackie Appiah… i jus cant have enough of her… dream bout her, think bout her, i even have her pictures all around my room and as a desktop wallpaper….  I LOVE HER…. pop culture is still evolving in our country… 

  8. Im in love with Jeremy Renner and i would be willing to risk everything to be with him, whether he is rich,poor,tall,short,fat,thin,homed or homeless i cannot stop thinking about him 24/7 and he is the only person i can imagine spending the rest of my life with. I tho understand that i more than likely will never have a chance with him and that kills me inside but i pray that if i cant be with him that he finds one lucky girl to be happy with for the rest of his life, as much as it kills me but i do. So yes i believe you can fall in love with a celebrity, sometimes it just happens and your really cant help it 🙂