Weekly Discussion, Let’s Get Talking: Is It Fair To Judge A Person’s Character Based Solely On The Way Of Dressing?


Guys, I know this is quite a long article but it’s something that I feel strongly about so I had a lot to say on the matter.

Have you ever encountered walking along the street one day and seeing someone dressed a particular way, so you give them a side-eye as if to say “Eww”? I know I have- there have been so many occasions where I have seen females dressed in skimpy attire and thought to myself “what a hussy”.

This may be judgemental on my part, but I personally believe that when you dress a certain way, people are going to judge your character accordingly, but, it does not necessarily mean I agree with such judgements.

Let’s think about this for a moment; ok so when you get dressed and get ready to go out, the average person on the street who does not know you will form an opinion about you based on what they see on the outside.

This is not about being judgemental or prejudice- it’s just human nature- you draw conclusions about people you don’t know based solely on what you see on the outside.

But maybe being so judgemental can sometimes be a little too harsh?

Although I do it, I know I don’t have any right to construct negative opinions about a woman- or even man- just because of their attire, and I know it is unfair because I have experienced such prejudicial judgements myself.

Ultimately, I feel that if you dress in a certain way, or are particularly prone to dressing in a manner where you personally know is going to draw attention onto yourself, then you should expect to be judged unfairly.

Part of me thinks well who cares what a stranger thinks about you? They don’t know you from Adam. Yet, the other side of me thinks well you never know who is looking at you or what the status of that person may be.

You might want to be the world’s next top model and a modelling scout may spot you in the shopping centre and be drawn by your physique. However, they may have second thoughts about approaching you due to the way you’re dressed.

I think one of the most obvious scenarios where it is fair to judge a person based on their attire is when attending interviews; though that is not the sole deciding factor it also plays a major part. I’m sure most people are aware of clothes that are suitable to wear for an interview though, and what not to wear.

This leads me to think well I guess there are certain situations where dressing a certain way is acceptable. For example, no one in their right mind would hit a club or a rave wearing a cloak, so with a scenario like that judgement is without basis.

I guess hanging around with your friends is another example where any form of prejudicial judgement is without basis- especially so for guys.

When I see a group of young men, the majority of them are dressed in the same kind of attire, (this is definitely the case with most of my guy friends)- baggy jeans, hoodies, caps, bandanas, high-top trainers, earrings, etc. However, I feel like just because a group are dressed a certain way, it should not be an instant justification to judge them unfairly or label them in a certain manner.

My mum always says that people can judge you by the friends you keep; I know this is true because it is something I have personally experienced, but I think it is seriously unfair.

Just because a girl fraternises with girls who have numerous piercings, tattoos and generally wear baggy clothing most of the time, that does not mean;

a) that she is a bad girl or

b) that her friends are bad girls just because of the way they are dressed. Just like if a boy is dressed in baggy clothing, hoodies, earrings and a cap, it does not mean that he is a bad boy, or thug.

I hold the media mainly responsible for perpetuating certain stereotypes; not only from what we see within the media but also from the kinds of stories we read.

In London where I am writing from, most times when I read a story about a teen or a young person committing a crime, their attire is described as being almost identical to the kind of clothing I have previously mentioned.

That is why I think the media are primarily responsible for being able to generate such typecasting and negative stereotypes- negative stereotypes which are not always fair.

Most of my male friends are Black, and as previously mentioned, they all dress in a similar manner (i.e. hoodies, baggy jeans, caps, etc). However, they are some of the most respectable, decent and hard-working men I know.

I am not being biased just because they’re my friends- my mum didn’t raise a fool and therefore I would not be stupid to hang around with people I believe to be thugs.

I ensure that the company I keep is made up of good people who do not want any trouble.

However, a lot of the times when we go out, I see the looks that they get (as if they’re going to just pounce on someone and attack them or steal their belongings). They’ve been refused entry at clubs several times, even though they were in the required dress code.

All these kinds of situations make me wonder; is it fair to judge a person based on their dress code?

What do you guys think? Do any of you do that on a regular basis or have you done that before? If, so what are your reasons and do you think they are justified?


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18 thoughts on “Weekly Discussion, Let’s Get Talking: Is It Fair To Judge A Person’s Character Based Solely On The Way Of Dressing?”

  1. yes the way one dresses says a lot about the person. u can’t dress in police uniform around town and when smone calls u a cop, u say the fact that i m dressed in police uniform does not make make me a cop. too bad pple r always going to judge u by da u dress. so knwing this its up 2 us to try and look presentable in our in our dressing as much as possible. i knw smtyms one just wake up and dn’t feel like dressing up. thats ok.

    • @ miss dior I really do agree with you but do you know some ppl. wear certain clothes just because its a fashion trend and not necessarily because they are either good or bad.I sometimes feel you can only jump into conclusion as to who a person is by listening to the way they talk/ the kind of words they use whiles talking.

  2. I know it sounds awful but it is true You can tell a lot about a person on your first encounter with them without even saying a word First thing you notice is what they are wearing That is your first impression of them When looking at what someone is wearing you can tell a number of things Such as If they are organized, clean, proud, sloppy, cheap, a wannabe, foreign, eccentric, etc. No one with pride is going out looking bad and if a person has pride they are obviously proud of what they do and where they are in life So no I don’t think it is superficial I think it is a smart way to separate people into categories of who you want to know and who you don’t Sometimes you can if it’s a girl wearing short shorts or low cut shirt that has their goods hanging out then you might think something about that person, like that they sleep around but if it’s someone that can’t afford nice clothes then you shouldn’t call the trailer trash. But yes it is superficial to judge people the way they dress even if they are whores they can still be nice

  3. Its not fair but remember people judge you by actions, dressing etc not your intentions, maybe this girl intention for wearing the dress was to be sexy or impress folks but honestly when i look at her i see a slut which might be wrong. So by wearing this dress i have judged her character already and as i said it might be wrong, its not fair but it is what it is. As far as friends go i agree with your mom, the company u keep is very important, theres no way your friends will or cant influence you, as the saying go show me your friends and i will show u your character.

    • I agree with you miss dior but would like to add, one can dress to be sexy without showing too much skin.
      Moveover, a real lady will never wear that kind of dress that girl is wearing.

    • Miss Dior, the world is neva fair. the problem we’re havin mostly with our ladies is that they don’t understand the word sexy. no pun intended but thats the basic truth. they feel that the more body parts u expose, the sexier u become which is so not true. being sexy means knowin your body, wearing clothes to compliment the gud parts and hidin the not so gud part. how can u xplain a lady with stretch marks all over her upper arm wearing a sleeveless dress.dats a fashion crime.

  4. Unfortunately, it is normal to judge people by their appearance. Many people judge other people’s fashions or appearance. But just because others do it, it doesn’t mean it’s right. There are a whole lot of things that forms one character, and judging it solely by the way of dressing is wrong. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

  5. lets be real,how many minutes do u need to form a opinion abt someone?just a couple. u don’t need to knw the person for years to form an opinion. whether we like nit or yes, people talk abt us as we go abt our daily activities.i remember those days when Former President Clinton was gonna visit our dear land. the streets were cleared of madmen and women.der were instances where innocent people of sound mind were rounded up due to their haircuts. i have had people say so many things about me due to the way i was dressed or the way i was walkin or wht i was doin.

  6. It would have not been any problem if it was smooth and lil bigger… such a
    disgrace to show of f like agagi…….AKATESIA….means(KATA WO HO SEI)shame….soo rigid


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