Yvonne Nelson To Marry This Year, Her Suitor Buys Her A New 2011 Range Rover Sports Supercharge!

Yvonne Nelson
Yvonne Nelson

I’m not called Gossip Mama for no reason. This is 2011; no matter where the gossip is located, it will find its way to me.

2011 is surely going well for some people; one of such personality is Ghana’s Favourite Actress of 2010, Yvonne Nelson.

Information reaching GhanaCelebrities.Com has it that, the sexy actress who recently travelled to Dubai with her newest boyfriend for a Christmas shopping spree is contemplating getting married to the man who resides outside the shores of Ghana.

As part of her Christmas present, he bought her a new 2011 Range Rover Sports Supercharge (midnite blue) which will be arriving at the Tema Port by the end of January. Yes, it is still on the sea!

Also, the couples have fixed the wedding on her birthday in November. All efforts to contact the actress on the phone to congratulate her proved futile. Nevertheless, GhanaCelebrities.Com congratulates and wishes her well. Go, home girl, 2011 is your year to shine!

2011 Range Rover Sports Supercharge
2011 Range Rover Sports Supercharge

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43 thoughts on “Yvonne Nelson To Marry This Year, Her Suitor Buys Her A New 2011 Range Rover Sports Supercharge!”

  1. Wow, You go girl, i guess 2011 is your year.Talking, about Yvonne Nelson, where exactly is she from?Well, just asking cuz my friends were having an argument as to whether she is ewe/ashanti.Never heard her speak any ghanaian lang. in a muvi before.

  2. gossip mama be dat. woy3 kokonsa papa…hahahahaaaaa. nyways u didn’t tell us who the unlucky, ei sorry, lucky guy is. if u are the queen of filla den let us know the doom, ei dis ma mouth, sorry groom.

    all jokes aside, if dis is indeed true den i wish her all the best.

  3. ‘I’m not called Gossip Mama for no reason. This is 2011; no matter where the gossip is located, it will find its way to me’…lol 😀 you too much gossip mama! So can we please see a pic of the guy in question? I like to put a picture to a name! Ta v much! 

    • u guys are makin me shy for her sef….Kin why is dis news jawdroppin???? i guess u didn’t xpect it ryt, or maybe not so soon.

      • opanin it is too soon that’s why its jawdropping but i just don’t think she’s the marrying kind, her attitude….well at least it will be a long distance marraige and he will not suffer from her many flaws that he seems to want to churn into lady

  4. GC. pls employ proof readers to check ur stories before publishing them.
    Gossip Mama, they are a ‘couple” and not ‘couples’.

    • Leave her alone, is she not a human being to make a mistake? GC is a blog site, a single mistake is acceptable, even CNN and BBC with all their professional editors make mistake, an oversight of s does not change the meaning of the sentence. Spare Gc your hypocrisy. Are you above mistakes. If they employ someone, will you pay the person. Get your ass of here, it is an entertainment blog managed my people within their spare times, they write within their spare times so if they make a little mistake, I think it is pardonable. Ghanafoa ye too know! if you have nothing to say just dont type anything.

      • Akosua, did you recommend her for the sentences she got right? Why are you just pointing out a single mistake out of the many lines she wrote?
        I want to know

    • Akosua the english teacher,teach us wai..the problem with u is exposure.u’re so confined to one place,u don’t know whats happening around.for dis reason,i’ll spare your ignorance. are proof readers really necessary for a blog?????where on the website is it stated dat those behind GC are scholars? dese are guys who do dis for the passion and the fun. spare dem your know all attitude. maybe u can apply to be a proof reader for GC, Chris what do u say?? Akosua, i’m daring u to turn in your application otherwise dis site will not contain the two of us.the ball is in your court Madam Scholar.

      • Opanin, maybe Akosua wants to help. Surely her help to read through stories for us before it comes on here would be appreciated.

        Akosua, remember some of the things you read on here are even published via smart phones ( I write most of my articles when I am having lunch at University on my blackberry same as all the team, the flexibility in blogging, to be able to write from anywhere including on the train). We all miss things once a while.

        English (Grammar) is a complex area , professors even get mess up in things. We all read big name newspapers and if we have red pens in our hands, we will underline a lot of mistakes and grammatical err . That is the difference between the one writing it and the one reading it later.

        Have you not written something that when you wake up to read the next day, you spot all aviodable mistakes?

        We try our best to read through things, but some few things will escape us. We do not just write and bang it here… She wrote over 30 sentences, a single word went wrong and you jump on her. Hmmm…

        Anyway, Akosua , drop me your email address and if surely you can help with the blog, that will be great !

        It is my job to read thru every publication that comes on here, but in reality, do you think I can? I am a full time student and got a girlfriend tooooooo

        • Aww, your last sentence even shows that you are a responsible guy…how cute.Da lady also needs attention you know?Akosua eazy ok!


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