Update: Ify Seems To Say She Is Not A “Mere Friend” As John Dumelo Claims + Reader’s Mail Saying John Dumelo’s Girlfriend Is In USA & Is Not Ify…

Ify-Rumoured New Girlfriend Of John Dumelo

2 days ago, there was a publication made by Gossip Mama which stated that, a half Nigerian and Half Ghanaian Fabric Designer “Ify” with her own company by name ‘Ada-Esi Fabrics seems to be the new chick on the block for Ghanaian Actor John Dumelo.

Few minutes after the above publication, Ify contacted me via the GhanaCelebrities.Com Blackberry messenger and asked that the said article be pulled down.

Refusing to honour her request, I offered her the platform to tell her story in a form of either to deny the rumour or confirm it.

Ify who rejected the offer repeatedly stated that, she had just gotten off the phone with John Dumelo and the Ghanaian Actor emphatically told her that, he did not mention it to GhanaCelebrities.Com that Ify was a “mere friend”.

From our conversation which lasted for couple of minutes, it seems, Ify was largely worried because of the fact that Gossip Mama labelled her as a “mere friend” in line with what John Dumelo disclosed to us.

The twist of this whole John Dumelo & Ify chronicle is that, on the same day of the publication, an email came in from “someone” who claims to be the cousin of the real (authentic) girlfriend  of John Dumelo… Find the email below…


Hello Miss Gossip Mama

Just a little clarification, my cousin is in a serious relationship with John Dumelo and her name is definitely not IFY. She lives in the state VA to be precise and I have plenty of proof of their relationship.

So this story about John dating Ify or whatever is not true unles you have some kind of proof; can you please post it cos I will be glad to see why such a rumor exist unless maybe he’s double timing my cousin. who knows???

But I can assure you that he is definitely in a relationship with my cousin.  You can contact John to clarify on this matter because I want to get to the bottom of this matter as well.



From the above email and the very fact that Ify was “pissed” about citing her as a “mere friend” of John Dumelo, I feel there is more to this whole story.

I can’t seem to get my head around the development. So far, I think either Ify has been played or she has been “boasting” to her friends as our source revealed as being the girl friend of John Dumelo, therefore was extremely embarrassed when John mentioned to GhanaCelebrities.Com that she fits no where than a “mere friend”.

Anyway, I thought I should let you guys know this and also find out; what do you guys think about this? What direction do you think this is going…? Is John Dumelo messing with these two ladies or what?

John Dumelo


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