Blog: Ghanaian Artists Must Learn From Foreign Artists & Not Only Copy Blindly!


Observers, they say are always worried! Indeed I like to observe and I don’t mind being tagged as a worried gentleman, so far as what I’m worried about is very important to the development of the Ghanaian and Ghana as a whole. Do I need to keep reminding you that I love Ghana? Certainly not!

It is not new to any of us that Ghanaians love everything foreign. Even if the air we breathe is packaged from outside and sold to Ghanaians, they will buy it. Anything foreign is warmly accepted in Ghana. Period!

Apart from Ghanaian’s strong penchant for anything foreign, we seem to also copy lots of things from the west.

What don’t we copy at all? We copy their way of dressing, talking and walking and even their music videos are blinded copied and replicated in the local music videos. Though this practice is not the best, it is not much of a surprise to me. This brings me to my question; why can’t Ghanaian artists learn from the foreign artists, instead of only copying them blindly?

Most Ghanaians, especially the younger ones seem to know more about foreign artists than their own local artistes, they even call our beloved local artists ‘local champions’.

To make my point and not digress, I have observed over the years that foreign artistes who are contracted to perform in Ghana, comes with lots of followers. They seem to have disciplines they call “their entourage”. Are they to be blamed?

These entourage, most often consists of most, their dancers; back vocals, if the artist is a live performer. Not so important people in the entourage includes the managers, promoters,; producers and lastly their label mates as well as people who are coming for only sight seeing. Apparently, they have heard that in Africa, the people live on top of trees like monkeys so they follow along to come and catch a glimpse.

Sometime ago, I asked one of the foreign artists whether he has spotted a human being on a tree yet, guess what … he looked at me and laughed. Since then, I have made it a point to ask any foreign artist, notably ones outside Africa the same question.

Ironically, also in this entourage are upcoming musicians who are being promoted. Some also are already established musicians who have featured in one or more of their songs and for that reason, they have been added to the trip, because they hope to perform those songs at whatever event they have been billed to perform.

As if to say the long list of entourage pays for their own plane fares. No, the organizers have to take care of each one of them including their hotels and other thing. Some of them leave behind heavy hotel bills.

Can the same thing be said about Ghanaian artists? I wish I can answer this question. Greediness and pull-him-down-attitude-because-I’m-better-than-him-syndrome has taken over them. They seem to be waging war against each other so far as who gets the opportunity to perform at this or that event is concern.

Even when these foreign artists are on stage, their ‘hype’ man also supports him. Can’t local artists learn from this? How many of Ghanaian artists travel with their Disc Jockeys? Only few but even with that one, it’s within the country and not outside Ghana.

Not only in Ghana but these foreign artistes always travel to any country in the world, where they are billed to perform with their entourage.

Nigerian musicians, the duo P-Square came to Ghana for the Vodafone 020 LIVE Concert with more than 10 people following them. Among these people were musicians from Nigeria, who apparently came in their numbers to support them.

Also, after the concert, it came to light that Jay Martins who was part of the P-Square entourage, though not billed to perform and was in Ghana to promote his songs, was instantly paid $6,000 to perform on that night. This, in all indication goes to their advantage.

Don’t forget that the likes of Jay Z, Busta Rhymes, Rick Ross and the rest of the foreign artists who have performed in Ghana came with their entourage. No matter how small the concert is, these entourages always followed them around. This is something I strongly believe Ghanaian musicians can tap into and benefit from.

If any organizer wants to bring 50 Cent to Ghana, you can’t preclude him from coming down with his G-Unit members, same thing applies to other rappers. I’m waiting for the day when Ghanaian musicians will go to shows outside and go with their label mates for the exposure.

Though I’m not in support of always bringing to Ghana foreign artists, I think, Ghanaian musicians must respect themselves if only they want to be remunerated well.

How many Ghanaian musicians who have performed outside have had the chance to go with an entourage? They dare not even ask for it, because they have made it so.

By Ebenezer Anangfio Jnr./GhanaCelebrities.Com/Ghana


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15 thoughts on “Blog: Ghanaian Artists Must Learn From Foreign Artists & Not Only Copy Blindly!”

  1. in some article posted here sometime back, i reiterated dis same point. our artistes are selling themselves short and dis comes as a result of the poor nature of the Ghana music industry. we have executive producers but not a record label. artistes claim they have managers but yet book shows themselves. it’s the job of the manager who negotiates with the organiser to let him know what the artiste needs and other demands.

    Beyonces list even goes to the extent of demanding a particular colour for her dressing room and certain flowers. some even demand that their dressing rooms be equiped with video games etc. these artistes claim these things put them in the mood to give off a gud performance.

    what do we see here? artistes attend shows late,some walk around bak stage doin nothin, some walk around the venue chatting with the buddies. if even in Ghana, these artistes can’t demand for what they want, how are they gonna make that demand to a foreign organiser.

    but before u can make demands, u must put yourself in that league where u’re seen as the one. Samini is an artiste who can make such demands. Becca can make such demands, Kojo Antwi can make such demands and a couple of others. these artistes have made their job very professional. u can’t talk to Becca without goin thru Kiki Banson and Kiki can tell u what his artistes needs before they can perform on your stage.

    so instead of wearing dog-chains and their low drop pants, they can start putting some professionalism in their job.thats the only way that ppl can take them serious and they can get what they deserve.

    • the pidgin english thing is not nigerian.back in the days, our artistes were doin pidgin english songs. rememba Yellow Sisi??? the problem is, we’re using Naija pidgin words. we can do our songs in Ghanaian pidgin and make it sound good.

  2. point well made. i go to add that artiste requests or demands just like the venues they play are very much related to their “star” statuses. there are rumours of ridiculous demands made by mega super stars like mariah, beyonce, britney, u2 and the like. they can get away with these demands simply because they are in vogue or demand. no disrespect to kwabena kwabena or estelle, but they cant demand the same things as would for example kojo antwi or mariah carey. regards to artistes travelling with their own dj’s or entourage, it again depends on how “big” the artiste is to demand these things. as the entertainment sector grows, there will surely be alot of business interest with celebrity endorsements. until then if jay z can play a 1-hour gig to some wealthy arab elites for $2million, then demand and supply tells us he’ll be asking a hell lot more if you want him playing in takoradi. 


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