Tish’s Corner: The Fashion Police Is Here Today, Which Ghanaian Celebrity Has The Worst Fashion Sense & Who Wears It Best?…


Kalsum Sinare, Abdul Salem, Michael Essien, Chris Attoh, Jackie Appiah, Majid Michel, Nadia Buari and other celebrities are sometimes captured looking sharp, glamorous and flawless on various red carpets.

Most of our celebrities know how to strut their stuff in the right dress, but others make me gag. Hot celebrities turn out to look extremely ridiculous in their style and cuts.

Being trendy is super-important to everyone, however, most celebrities wanting to embellish their style, look classy and trendy end up looking tacky.

On the red carpets of the recent Ghana Movie Awards, Miss Malaika, and MTV Africa Music Awards were a lot of fashion mishaps.


First of all, let’s kick off with Mimi Divalish. Appearing on stage with visible panty line and a bad legging was just disgusting. To be frank,the Diva looked like an old woman returning from a Vagina Monologue.


Let’s quick jump to Nadia Buari . Nadia often appears stunning and sophisticated at most events, but her appearance at the Ghana movie awards was somehow questionable. The super-star’s big bang covered half of her face. She seemed inconspicuous on the red carpet.


Nana Ama Mcbrown at the launching of the Ghana movie awards …well, let’s have a minute of silence for “Fashion”. McBrown murdered it. It took me 48 hours to fathom her presentation at the launching. Those air conditioned pants, truly, gave her room for proper ventilation. Her exhibition and outlook was corny and cheesy.


I am not being a drama queen, but did anyone notice a “BITCH STOLE MY LOOK SITUATION” at the launching?

John Dumelo and Majid Michel rocking in similar shirt, looking like valet parkers with their locally acquired fake foreign accents forcefully struggling for attention everywhere.


The whole orange pajama look at the Ghana movie awards was revolting. Poor man version of Bernie Mac serving in a cocktail bar.


Pascaline Edwards obviously is still fighting for a spot among Ghana celebrity fashionistas.

Abdul Salem and Agya Koo on a scale of 1-10…..well, I will reserve my comments for now.


Kwame Sefa Kayi and Becca always flaunting themselves in traditional prints will forever be appreciated. Most celebrities will not follow Dan Lartey’s dream policy of Domestication, therefore, they deserve a thump up.


Yvonne Nelson Wig & Lips

Most Ghanaian celebrities’ wigs and weaves are just inexplicable. I zone out anytime I watch them.

Call me a celebrity basher or mean spirited, but most celebrities we see everyday as if they are frustrated or poverty stricken. Either they over-dress or under-dress. These frequent wardrobe malfunction and fashion faux pas does raise eye brow.

Yvonne Nelson & Yvonne Okoro

It’s absurd how they incessantly wear horrible make-ups. It makes me wonder if Mary Kay, Loreal or Elf cosmetics are situated right in their bedroom.

If concert party is to be given a massive second look again, organizers will surely find more than enough comedians, with these hideous make-ups.

Most of our top celebrities’ fashion senses have reached the rock bottom. Wearing knock-offs, blending and complementing colours make them look professionally trashy.

Top Journalists and Actors wear it like streetwalkers, Musicians and Sports Personalities dress up like hip hop artists. The 50 cent and Jay Z wannabes wear sweat pants and hoodies in a country with unbearable heat like Ghana. Do they not burn out?


Was it not pathetic for a Ghanaian renowned journalist to interview an official with her breast loosely hanging out? Was she working for the Ghana Association of Hookers or the media?

Buzz me out, scorn me for this publication, but bear in mind, celebrities are role models and mentors, particularly to the young ones and therefore, their actions should be subjected to constructive criticism.

Since most Ghanaian celebrities dominantly seem to copy from the western world and have nothing original left in them, here is a case study: Katy Perry and Elmo’s (little red Muppet) chesty duet was yanked from Sesame Street Tv Broadcast and Youtube because her dress was provocative and inappropriate for children.

It is 2011; certain styles should be obsolete and gotten rid of by our celebrities. Red lipstick, complementing with yellow tank top, blue pants, red high heels and green limp leather belt in a scorching sun is a big No No. What’s with all the colours especially in movies?

I prefer to leave Mzbel untouchable today. Some Ghanaian celebrities always look like they are auditioning for Michael Jackson’s trailer video II, as ghosts.

Let’s not forget, fashion defines who we are. Readers, please assist me nominate the Ghanaian celebrities who do not need a dress therapy because, they had it all covered in 2010.

On the other hand, help me pick up the horrendous fash-holes and fash-flaws. Which specific event did your celebrity nailed it or caused a huge fashion blunder?

Cast your voted before it’s too late. Results will be published and it will be base on what you guys say on here.

This therefore means the author in no way whatsoever be condemned or reprimanded for poor ranking. The final results will solely depend on readers’ pick and comments.

Which celebrity needs no fashion police and who really needs it? Which celebrity knows or does not know how to dress?


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45 thoughts on “Tish’s Corner: The Fashion Police Is Here Today, Which Ghanaian Celebrity Has The Worst Fashion Sense & Who Wears It Best?…”

  1. Lil mini  is still number one when it comes too involving the fashion police and that fake ass bernie mac (R.I.P) what wad he wearing damz I thought this dude was only extra in movies but seems like in reality as well 

  2. worst is Mimi, dat transparent spandex with white G-String is a definate no no.i’m like,what the fuck was she thinkin, did she look in the mirror?..
    2. Nana Ama McBrowns “airconditioned pants” comes second on ma can u even wear dis, was it lack of funds or lack of fashion sense??it doesn’t cut it for me.
    3.Yvonne Nelson, bad makeup and colour combination.
    4.MzBel, she hasn’t really been the best “dresser” but dat fishnet getup was beyond outrageous.
    1.Rufus, where did he get that orange suit?? dang,……..
    2. Majid with his red shades.thats hedious.
    for best
    1.Jackie, she’s bn glamorous for all events she’s attended.
    2.Nadia, she hasn’t done bad except for a few flaws like the pix above
    3.Veeda , home girl is doin well.chooses her clothes well. the only reason she’s down here is cos she wasn’t prominent in most of the events staged last year and dis year.

    1.Kwame Sef, his african outfits are mostly cut to fit and he looks really gud in dem.
    2.John Dumelo
    3. D-Black


      • are u talkin to me??i’m very real and i’m not takin bak anything i’ve said here.who said your opinion matters to me. stop hidin behind ’em oversize shades and show us something better. dats when u’ll be gud enaf to counter-comment me. you digg.

    • best dress …Nadia ,yvonne okoro ,juliet ibrahim …and others ..

      worst dress …mimi ,mzbel , nana ama ,pascaline jackie. ,and others

        • ^@osei …ooo one of the kindergarten kids called osei again ……..

          what else can i say u stilll in kindergarten and learning so i hope by the time u reach primary ur teachers u would teach ur manners and courtsey …busy boy …

        • @osei* bush boy* …..i have told u never to being this ur poor pity behaviour to me ,i dont fit in ur category …learn manners and have some self repect before opening ur mouth to talk to people ..u really pathetic of this obession with jackie …..u soooo ridiculous with this ..cant u see smart for one kid ..just for once learn how to talk …

  3. hahahahahahahahaahahaha lol i love nadia but her bangs should go abit higher, she and jackie is soo far the best.but i think both yvonnes are faceing a bad hair day, over all Mzbel and mimi terrible fashion sense.

  4. man pleasessssssss, shit they are got some fucking worse fashion.They all dress like they going to the farm. not cute, this stars better learn how to dress, ugly style’s…yeah i said it damnit.

  5. Akorfe, the veteran actress dress like a lady, she is the best, Majid’s wife, Juliet Asante. those old actress dress so well. Rufus is so ugly. perfect describtion Tish. bad version of Bernie Mac. lol

  6. I think Yvonne Okoro rocks, She knows how to blend everything.I usually love her make up.Yvonne Nelson isnt that bad too.

  7. i think they have to pick their outfit to fit the ocation and wig they sometimes is too big like jackie she the wig too big and some of the wear their shirt too thight on them and they should find a fashon speciales to help them

  8. u alwys. welcum……(so far Mimi, Mzbel and the Bernie Mac guy are leading. need 10 worst and best fashionistas…….for 2010.  

    well the 10 worst are as followed 

    1. Mimi (i will never approach her with outfit like that)

    2.Mzbel (homegirl just wears things that dont even suite her at all)

    3. Mr Bernie Mac (dude is always trying but he reminds me of the nutty professor but the GH version with some weird clothes take his Orange outfit as an example and whats up with the white shades all the time and the trainers or whatever they are come on if he claims to have lived in the states before set than a good example looks more like a Village Champion)

    4.Y. Nelson (that wig and your outfit dont match at all and the make up looks more like a little kiddie is  been doing some painting on your face)

    5. Pascaline Edwards (i know homegirl is a legend and all but come on not everybody wants to see your stretch marks and the boots just a wrong combination period)

    6. Nana ama Mcbrown (well Opanin said it already air condition outfit 
    7. Majid (once more Opanin stated it already come on red shades you aint in a kindergarten group any more)
    8.Nadia (i have to say your dress look good stylish and all but where did your hair go wrong this time home girl)
    9. y. Okro (make up is just to much )
    10. Jackie (sometimes you do wear outfits and i think to my self did you visit Gap kids department or what

    Ten best Dressers 

    1. John (always on the smooth side more like a Gentleman 

    2. Nadia you do no how to mix and match always on point 

    3. Jackie

    4. shirley frimpong she is always on point 

    well i leave the rest to yall cause so far this is my opinion 

  9. Interesting corner!! Thumps up Tish. As you said, “celebrities are role models and mentors, particularly to the young ones” therefore, they should set good examples for the young ones to follow because they are our future leaders. Nothing said about mimi and mzbell the better. The girls from nowhere are seriously trying to mingle and be the wannabes but it is not working. i like the way nadia dresses and sometimes jackie.

  10. Nana Ama just keeps expanding…she’ll will explode any moment from now. She should not be wearing such an outfit, don’t get me wrong, I love the woman, but she’s just not as attractive as before to be dressed like that.

  11. Worst dressed list.

    1. MiMi ( homegirl needs a stylist,seriously)

    2. Mzbel sometimes dresses like a poor man’s version of rihanna

    3. Yvonne Nelson, ( girl, the eye makeup can sometimes make u look like boso the clown,scary!)

    4. majid with those red shades, what was he thinking?

    5.ama k abrebrese, her one shoulder african print dress she wore to some awards was overly done.

    6.juliet ibrahim in that red dress-turned-blouse she wore with those jeans when they received their car.

    Best dressed / close to best dressed

    1.yvonne okoro- most of the time is on point

    Nadia Buari- also is on point sometimes

    3. meyane donkor

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  13. to be frank,the Diva looked like an old woman returning from a Vagina Monologue.Hahahahah……….. it sound funny.i can’t stop laughing.please consider some


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