Ghana Movie Awards Is Another Skimpy, Bias & Gobbledygook Award Scheme… My Factual Opinion, What Is Yours?


Most of us Ghanaians are jokers and very non-outspoken, a behaviour which has turned majority of us into some coward sycophants failing to see the truth in what goes on around us. Even if aware of the truth, our dim assertion of being branded enemies of progress and non-well wishers curtail our minds to speaking the truth.

The above is one of the foremost reasons why Ghana is where it is today and our activities will always be considered as a joke by those out side with critical minds, understanding and foresight to seeing the truth and what lies behind the rock as far as our endeavours are concern.

The recent Ghana Movie Awards is a big scam, another hogwash Award scheme not far from those pitiful ones already in existence in Ghana and in most Ghanaian communities abroad.

I shall not bother with the complex facts which though show how skimpy, bias and gobbledygook the Ghana Movie Awards which was launched last year like most of other Ghanaian Award Schemes are; I envisage readers would willingly fail to come to terms with as a result of their detest for truth or simple failure to think beyond the box.

I will focus on the simply and easy to ascertain points which proves that the Ghana Movie Awards is just a con and the earlier Ghanaians question their dealings and way of doing things, the better.

First of all, what is more of a con that to nominate 4 people for a Best Actress Award? The word is even singular “Best Actress”, yet as a result of our efforts to please and award every single noticeable person in the Ghana Movie Industry, we thoughtlessly nominate and in fact award 4 distinct ladies as “Best Actress In Ghana”. Think critically, who did not take some sort of award home that day either directly or indirectly?

Have you thought about how stupid it will sound if your friend from another country throws this simple question? Who is Ghana’s Best Actress and you follow it up with 4 names, Jackie Appiah, Roselyn Ngissah, Yvonne Okoro & Juliet Ibrahim? The person will surely look at you like, “what is this hoodwinking person talking about?”

Apart from the fact that the Ghana Movie Awards organizers deliberately failed to learn any lesson from the mistakes made by last year’s Africa Movie Academy Awards by repeating their unfortunate actions, it is an absolute disrespect to the 4 Actresses and no wonder Jackie Appiah failed to show up at this week’s car presentation.

With or without permission, her refusal to be part of this disgraceful phenomenon should be applauded. I wish the other 3 Actresses had seen and acknowledged that this is a scam to please all of them and to a large extent, a disrespect to their respective careers and a step back from reality.

What is obvious than a scam here, on the day of the actual Award ceremony, the organizers firstly mentioned only Jackie Appiah’s name as the Best Actress and then call that a mistake, by chipping in the other names later.  I wish Yvonne Okoro, Juliet Ibrahim and Roselyn Ngissah would have seen the light and say “F you” to the organizers.

A mistake not to mention us but only mentioned Jackie Appiah, right? Are we not that important? How can a winner be forgotten at an award ceremony meant for that winner?

It was apparent from the commencement (categorization and nomination) that the Award is fraudulent and if Ghanaians continuously fail to criticise, question and attack their dealings, it will have no credibility or whatsoever as years come along. In fact, it has none now…

I wish some of us would be more objective instead of being brainwashed into accepting patchy Awards like this when we can do better.

Do I need to mention how sadly Ama K. Abebrese’s name was taken off the nomination list after the organizers themselves have sent out to various media houses a list of nominations bearing her name? They called that too a mistake.

In conclusion, I am more than happy that Jackie Appiah for whatever reason did not appear at this week’s presentation of 1 car to 4 winners. It would have even be better if they were all given bicycles each, how on earth can 4 people share a single car?

Even identical twins have their own cars. I guess each one of them will take a tyre. I am bewildered as to why these Actresses failed to revolt to such disrespect and scam. This is where I miss Yvonne Nelson, she would have told the organizers about themselves.

Indeed, we have a long way to go as Ghanaians and the worst of it is that, we are not being honest to ourselves. We are shadowing the truth with ignorance and sycophancy.


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33 thoughts on “Ghana Movie Awards Is Another Skimpy, Bias & Gobbledygook Award Scheme… My Factual Opinion, What Is Yours?”

  1. hmmmmmm, you have said it all. in the case of 1 car to 4 people, the other actresses should have made a decision not to show up. like you said even a bicycle for each of the ladies would have been better than the 1:4 thing.
    i hope next year these organizers will not repeat this.

  2. i totally agree wit dis ppl r always wantin 2 pls others n dats not how it shd b..u do what u think n know its right..i pray these so-called organizers wil do a better n honest job next tym..1 best actress not 2 or 3 or 4..tis just soo insane

  3. chris i m glad u r begining to appreciate yvonne nelson for being outspoken. the truth is most ghanaians do not express themselves for fear of being dislike, and those who do r considered rude. i honestly tots da organizers had learned smtin da AMAA awards but obviously they did not. trying 2 create tension again.

    • I know right!! I hope Jackie doesn’t get ban too for standing up for herself. People will understand Yvonne Nelson now. She stood up herself and in the Ghanaian community standing up for urself means that you are either rude or arrogant.SMH
      Ghana hmmm when, dab3n?

  4. This piece is brilliant. I’m happy someone decided to speak up on this matter. Hopefully the people who needs to hear /read this will take note and do something about it.

  5. There is the indication of sabotage and bribery behind these awards. To tell the truth any reasonable person (nominee) would have requested that his/her name be removed from the nomination. Clearly the fiasco that occurred at the previous awards ceremony should have served as an indication to this mess. Are people in the industry so desperate to be recognized that they are willing to subject themselves to anything? Maybe an increase in salary where these artistes can buy their own cars would be a start.

    The mediocre acting coupled with the sub-standard films deserve multiple ‘winners’. Afterall you cannot tell who is the worst so everyone is the obvious ‘best’ choice. Could that be the real message behind these awards?

    To establish a credible awards ceremony in Ghana, one where the entertainment industry can truly be proud of, there needs to be a sense or semblance of honesty. The lack of unbias reviews and voting is not to award everyone but instead it is to have a committee, diverse and if possible, the inclusion of outsiders (non-ghanaians) who have knowledge of the intricate workings of the entertainment industry on verious spectrums.

    The homogenius mentality is, and in my opinion, will continue to be the bane of poorly constructed awards ceremony in Ghana. It is high time the Ghanaian movie industry insiders and, outsiders who are spending their money and time in support, speak up and demand that something be done. Corruption within the Ghanaian movie industry will eventually be the death of them. If, as some of these actors and actresses have indicated, hollywood is a target then people need to get real with themselves. If these awards ceremonies are striving to be live the Oscars, Cannes Film Festivals (eventually) then start now. It is very difficult to weed out corruption once it takes root. Maybe the main solution for now is to have outsiders who have no bias or vested interest other than to truly reward the best create an awards ceremony that will be taken seriously.

    • Surely that is the whole reality “Afterall you cannot tell who is the worst so everyone is the obvious ‘best’ choice”.

      It is synonymous to something I learnt about the concept of postmodern feminism where a grand embracing tool is employ to accommodate all the various views of other feminist theories. In other to appeal to everyone, they take no stand and say every theory is equally good and perfectly valid.

      If everyone theory is equally perfect and valid then actually none really is. So if all these people are deserving of an award , then in fact, none really deserves it. 

  6. they organizer did their best.4 person getting one Award is not bad. 4 beauty ladies can put ideals together and make good use of it. for jackie not showin up, it show that she feel she is the best and no other person can be like her! she acted very childish by no turning, even if that was a peanunt for 8 person… she supose to show p and appreciated it. im so disappointed in her!

    • Appreciate what? I am tired of Ghanaians settling for less and always saying, give some credit to the organizers. That is why we never go forward in life. Ghanaians will glorify themselves with 2 out of 10, saying, I have done well or I have tried. You have failed and that is it.

      What credit do they deserve? Tell us? That they could not even mention the right name on stage? Who cant hire national theatre and advertise for people to come there n say I am giving awards? is that what they have done well? Gosh!

    • Well done Chris, one of your excellent pieces. You have said it all and let those who have eye see and those who have ears to hear because it is the truth.

      If Oscar and the other prestigious awards started this way, they would not have been here today.

      Ghanaians are known for settling for less and celebrating mediocre. All we always say is, we have done well, we tried or we hve done our best. What if your best is not the objective best? So if i write exams and I fail and I say I have done my best, is that the best? 

      To me, I have said that until I see changes in the way we do things, anything Ghana is not for me, I will look elsewhere. We are way back in our activities. All people do in Ghana and in the Ghana movie industry is ass licking so they can never tell the truth. 

  7. i wonder who’s gona take the car home….hahaha..No!there’s gona be a time table as to whom uses the car at the ryt tym..or better they shd sell the car n split the money…that wil be better i think…..

  8. I am surprised one very ignorant person can mislead all of you guys,lambasting organizers who hav used their own cash to put this event together.chris or whatever ur called,u will make the worst lawyer if ur able to pass ur exams.ur analysis is wack!!!! do not know the facts on the ground failed to reach organizers for side of story
    3.All ur arguements were based on news paper publications called this piece of unproffessional work ur factual opinion.There are facts and opinions.we dont have factual opinions because a fact cannot be an opinion.Ar u sure ur reading law?
    5.The best thing u hav done in life is cheap talk to draw attention to ur self,try organizing a birthday bash for a schoolchild b4 u start bashing some one who has been able to dash 2 cars.
    6.the truth about u also needs to told.
    7.Luckily for the organizers juliet,yvonne and roselyn are more intelligent than u are so they did grace the occassion
    8.Jackie wasnt in town when cars were presented.

    • Princo, thanks for reading and even commenting! I do not need to go into English and Literature with you. It is sad to read that you have not heard or come across the phrase “factual opinion” before… 

      Even if you have not read a lot in your life or your level of education has not brought you into contact with the phrase “factual opinion”, you could have used the master tool Google and find out. Have you not come across Visser John’s popular paper titled  “A Scientific Fact or a Factual Opinion? A Critique of the Veracity of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder”? 

      English is a dicey area of studies so do not parade your ignorance on platforms like this when you do not know what you are talking about. You listed 8 useless points …

      1.I said it is my opinion, I did not say that is the fact on the ground. It is my honest opinion pull out of what I know. 

      2.I do not need to reach the organizers for any story, I am expressing my opinion and even if it is bias, it is my opinion which I supported with reasons why I hold that opinion so why should I contact the organizers? I did not say I am trying to ascertain the truth… Your ignorant mind could not grab that right? 

      3.My arguments can be based on anything, even from hear say, that is why I said it is my “factual opinion in other words my honest opinion”.

      4.I do not have to deal with this since I am sure your understanding of English is a bit shallow… research on the phrase “factual opinion” and come back. Have you heard about the all confusing “factual opinion theory”? I don’t think you are too dumb to the extent that you could not even use Google before jumping on here to parade your ignorance

      5.The best thing I have done indeed is to create a platform where you visit, read and comment. What have you done? Also, did anyone force anyone to organize anything?

      I cannot organize a birthday bash even and therefore I have not done it. I am sorry, I do not believe in half done jobs, silly and shallow jobs. You mean I should join you to celebrate such a mediocre scheme? I will rather criticise and mention it as it is, which will bring those in question to reality to be on their toes.

      6.The truth about me is, between yourself and “me”, one of us is intelligent and outspoken while the other is a sycophant and ignorant. I am certainly not the latter. 7. Juliet Ibrahim, Roselyn Ngissah and Yvonne Okoro are very intelligent as you stated, I love those girls.

      However in their minds, they know what they honestly think about the award and the organizers. I am sure they will want to see an improvement and correction that a repeat next year.

      8.I never said Jackie was in town or was not in town, all I said is, her refusal to be there should be applauded…. Either it is by virtue  of not being in town or whatsoever, she refused to be there and in fact she was not there…

      • Chris, you are just too much. LOL. Factual opinion….Google eh??? LOL. I guess when an “expert” in a specific subject matter is called in to give their opinion based on facts presented then, that opinion becomes fact and not opinion(s) based on facts which inadvertently is “factual opinion”? Hehehe. Entertaining indeed.

  9. Princo Princo Princo…its seems you shud be using your own pathetic shallow adjectives in describing your own wacked out comments :-D. Are you actually being even slightly serious with this ish? Opinion or fact. The fact is four actress winning one award is not only embarrassing to the Ghana ‘Movie Industry’ its also a sham! And due to opinions like yours this idiocy will continue! Well done for applauding second rate workmenship. This industry can now hold their head up proudly with the rest of the acclaimed movie industries. The mistakes are factual, the car is factual and as u are so good at differentiating between fact and opinion surely if it is Jackie’s opinion to boycott then what’s the problem exactly? Nah by force she must go? Her. choice, her smart decision. Oh Chris your readers are jokers anyway we will celebrate with you when you graduate with honours in your Law Degree! 😉

  10. Its laudable that they recognise movies made in Ghana. Every year throw a bash to recognise the movies . The only problem is most of the movies are mediocre at best. Bad scripts written by bad directors lead to bad movies which in turn leads to bad acting. Its not fair to put the blame solely on the shoulders of the actors and actresses……I have always said our industry is being run by people who dont know film, people who couldnt tell you who played the lead role in Casablanca or what movie Scarlett O’hara played in. So the mediocrity has permeated the entire industry. The only writer /directors doing anything world class is Shirley and Leila. Thats it. A nation of 22 million people can not have just two good filmakers. Secondly ghanaians have been fed a steady diet of shoddy films for so long that they have become accustomed to it. . They couldnt tell a great movie if it sat on their faces.!!!..some of the actresses are now independently soliciting good stories and good scripts on the web because i imagine after they take stock of the careers they realise they can do much better. Jackie Appiah is a good actress, head and shoulders above her peers. If she felt peeved she had every reason to be. Has anybody asked how these 4 ladies are going to share one car. Shame!!!…..Now I cant say I am privy to the goings on within the Awards Board or who bribes who. All I know is that actors and actresses are rewarded for excellence not mediocrity…. The Ghana Movie Awards should honor excellence in our industry. I hope they bear that in mind in the future.!!

  11. yes that is true they dont have respect for them at all these ladies are profetions they choose what want to do and what they dont whant Ghana please you all can do better than that peace cool


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