Celebrity Birthday: Happy Birthday To Daddy Bosco, Guess How Old He Is Today?

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Today is 31st and the last day of January 2011 marks a milestone in the life of Ahuma Bosco Ocansey, popularly known as Daddy Bosco, a celebrated radio presenter and Programmes Director at Hitz FM.

As we bring him here for fans to wish him “Happy Birthday”, we will also like you to make a guess as to how old you think he is today. Photos Of Daddy Bosco & Friends Below..

Happy Birthday Sir!

GC Staff bG


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    1. i was just about to ask if that is Rita Marley or Bob Marley’s real mum who I know is still alive but yeah i know what you mean

  1. I think he is at least 42years old..WOWW i had no idea what he looked like till today, looks like he’s having fun. Good For you daddy Bosco