Weekly Discussion, The Battle Of The Sexes: Who Tells The Most Lies In Relationships, Men Or Women?


Two years ago, a woman from the United States travelled to Ghana to marry the pastor that she’d been having prayer conferences with on the phone.

After their marriage ceremony, she financed the pastor’s travel expenses so that she would return to the states with him. A few months later, they had settled in New Orleans enjoying the American weather and a blissful marriage.

She got him a lucrative job, opened a joint account and entrusted everything in his care, including her Mercesdez truck. After a year or two, the woman took a vacation to Jamaica, but prior to her Jamaican vacation, her husband told her, he will be seeing a family member in Canada while she is away.

The woman returned from Jamaica, only to find an empty house and a note from her husband that said “I am sorry but I am back with Jenessa, my girl friend from high school, we rekindled our love and I’ve travelled to Netherlands to see her and I will not be coming back, God bless you for your help”.

He had cleaned out every cent in their joint account, took her two labtops, ipod touch and his documents. The heartless Pastor had lived with this woman for two years, extended his phony love, which were all lies and deceit.

In another strange encounter, a woman had three boys within her 8year marriage. After the 9th year, she revealed to her husband that the 2nd child was not his but Tom’s, the husband’s best friend in college and now co-worker.

The second child being the smartest and intelligent among the three, so the husband grew fond of him. This woman had spun her husband a lie for almost a decade.

To make reference to what Jay Z said, “men lie, women lie, numbers don’t lie”. These two non-fictional stories are evidence of this. Men and women lie all the time, however, in certain situations, the percentage at which one particular sex lies will be higher than the other.

Men for instance, lie anytime they are caught pants down. When a man wants a woman for the first time, every word he utters are mostly all lies, in order to con his way into her life. He spends half the night with his girlfriend but lies to his wife, children and his friends.

Many relationships are in jeopardy because of lies. Women stealing from husbands and pretending not to have seen what she had stolen a minute ago when asked. Giving another man a paternity right, when the biological father is refused because, he is poor.
Women lie with the excuse of sparing others feelings and also to feel good about themselves. When women lie, they term it as a “white lie”, but obviously, a lie is lie, irrespective of how it is termed. If it is red and you say it’s green, it’s a lie, and should be called a liar.

Apparently, Jay Z’s philosophy of men lie, women lie but numbers don’t lie is true, but who most often lie in relationships is what we are about to establish.

Who is always caught in the lying web? Is it men or women? Is it due to the fact that, one sex knows how to weave the lying web than the other or that a particular sex just lies to exonerate him or herself from escalating troubles.



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38 thoughts on “Weekly Discussion, The Battle Of The Sexes: Who Tells The Most Lies In Relationships, Men Or Women?”

  1. women has master degree in liaying. a woman can be lieing and at the same time crying just for you to believe her. woman can lie to bring misunderstanding or conflict between u and your family forever. no man can do that.

      • ooh really . bcos u are female that why you dont agree with me. then let tell yuo you are big lie to get little things they want and women lie to set fire whre there is peace. most women are heartless and i think miyagi you will be one of them.

        • @kabiru totti first thing I’m not a woman but A MAN (I guess you will feel stupid now and quick think about a new comment) get your facts right before you adress me with some stupidness okay 

        • @kabiru or okotetr3 because I wrote that man lie allot that makes me one listen to your self you can keep writing trying to make sense bit your nothing more than a sucker a real artificial nantwie 

      • @ stupid miyagi i can see you will be a very big lia thats why you said men do lie most .my dear friend dont mendaciours it will never help you change for good ok. heartless man.

    • The topic of trust is an important factor in all matters of the heart and here’s why Men lie to women. Women lie to men. And most people agree that some lying is even necessary to avoid petty squabbles and to grease the wheels of a relationship But there are crucial differences in the lies women and men tell You know one thing i believe most about this issue is tat is either the two that lie depend on the background you found yourself wen growing up as a child so is not a gender matter to be a liar They say that the environment you found yourself is the same environment you’ll grow up with Men start off not to tell the truth then by the time they have finished telling their story they can not remember what was fact and what was fiction! By the next day then the next is it fiction or is it real? In truth we all lie without question in some form no matter how slight but judgement should only be based on motive & reason where the motive is not to hide the truth & the reason is to protect other than one’s self I have to give it to the ladies men lie the most but woman tells the biggest lies just to get away with something crucial 

  2. Well, i am a woman myself but i have to be honest. Women have got this beautiful lie to say all the time. Men lie most often than women, but they make it obvious that they are lying, whereby women always got beautiful lies to say. It is very hard for a woman to admit that she is lying,when she knows very well, she is doing that. Men for instance,would admit to the fact that it was a lie.

  3. Only if u allow ur woman to lie she wld. If u catch her lyin u shld stop her n let her kno dts a lie..Men lie more than women tho

  4. Women lie a lot. My ex-girlfriend is an example. when she lie, you cannot see the difference between the truth and lie. she is good. infact Tish, women are good when it comes to lying. give them pros for that.

    • @Kelly lol your really funny you know yet he still got a r and a dot for which stands for Robert Kelly okay and why are you insulting me why I just ask you a simPle question which you could have given me a simple answer or maybe by saying Miyagi you got it wrong I am a boy are you that bush not to understand a simple question because it’s rear that the name Kelly is been used by boys but not to worry i see that you still need to learn more in life I want even insult you but let it be the way it is your name and action says slot already 

  5. In the actual fact girls are the genesis of telling liers.when u approach a girl and u tell her truth 4rom the heart about yourself.she will never accept u into her heart escept you will melt her brain liers before she will give u a chance!! They are major cause of guys telling lier.

  6. Clearly, men lie the most and more often. If I must explain people the here you go. exhibit A and I quote; when a man wants a woman for the first time, every word he utters are mostly all lies, in order to con his way into her life. This statement made in the article explains that every man on the face of the earth is a lair. But u know, I don’t blame just the men; women are at fault also. Truly, I find myself victim of this issue at hand. I know the truth but I choose to tell a “little” or a “white lie”. America has the highest divorce rate of 4.95 per every 1000 marrages. There are 308 million people in the country do the math. That is sad. Just don’t get married. Life is about you praising God and understanding the gift that Jesus has given us all.(If you believe that) I am 23 years old and quiet frankly, some older people that I have known in my life we totally unprepared for adulthood and simply Irresponsible. Personally I am speechless. This is disgusting but what is worse is that I am a part of the statistic and so are you. Who knows? What is the human race coming too? I know am being dramatic only because is life. Reality! That Pastor was crazie. 0 0 He must have put that poor woman in a bad place and he did not deserve her heart & *** women lying on thier kids. Women lie, men lie.

  7. A man :he will introduce that girl to u as his fav. nursery teacher or cousin,lie to u about the things he doesn’t even have, esp. when you are so naive(like someone said)No wonder that occupation called ”lawyer” is full of them.Although women lie, there is always a limit, as compared to men who thinks above the sky is not even enough for them.Hiii Miyagi, wats up with you?Been a while, miss your comments…lol!Opanin, where are you?I know you def. got som
    ething to say.

  8. Men tell you in your face about how ladies pressurize them into having an affair with them as if they reject whatever their being told meanwhile it is the direct opposite when they come into contact with those ladies its worst of……Men are real liars and that fact cannot be denied by anyone.

  9. Ahhhhh they both lie lol…yes i said itn what?! lol…in my opinion I think both guys and ladies do lie…BUT there’s a difference in my opinion….i think women are better are lying than men and we’re kinda more sly with the lies…yet we lie 4 good reason…men though…bwoiiii u lot are on some next level rubbish….men can lie but i think most of the time u can tell when it’s a lie….they’re not as slick as women lol I also think that men lie when it’s totally unnecessary 2 do so sometimes….my ex used 2 lie about stuff and da thing is I knew he was lying….HE KNEW that I KNEW he was lying n it’s just like what da hell was da point of telling such a blatant lie?!…Women though I think sometimes we lie 4 good reason (don’t know bout da rest of u ladies but i know i do lol)…like sometimes maybe I want 2 protect da relationship from some drama or something i think is irrelevant 4 da guy 2 know…so I would lie straight through my teeth…but ahhhh guys….they lie 2 much…bout things we need 2 know…like kids u got from your previous relationships n dat lol…at da end of da day…both sexes lie but as a female…I’m gonna risk crucifixion 4rm da ladies n say I think chicks lie da most n da reason it SEEMS like men lie da most is cause da chicks are sick at lies…men aren’t so good lol

  10. both lie. its only that its quite easier to notice when a man is lying and men do lie a lot. women on the other hand, are just good at lying.


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