Who Should Be Blamed: Jackie Appiah Or Ghana Movie Awards Jury?

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Jackie Appiah @ Ghana Movie Awards 2010

It’s good to hear from the horse’s own mouth. Jackie Appiah has finally voiced out and the dust has been settled. Before people start calling her names and try to give out reasons why she has opted out of the sharing of the cars other than her own reasons, let’s ask ourselves: who should be blamed? Is it Jackie Appiah or the Ghana Movie Awards Organizers & Jury?

I will not play the blame game here, this means, I’m not interested in who was right or wrong. It is not my business if Jackie Appiah boycotted the awards presentation because she was feeling big; at least she has not said so yet.

Even if Jackie Appiah is feeling pompous like people are saying, I think, she has every right to that, after all, she was gladly announced as the Best Actress in Ghana at the awards ceremony, when in actual fact the four actresses should have been mentioned, and so what do you expect? Must she suffer because the Jury slipped up?

This critique is not in praise or in defense of Jackie Appiah, neither is it to commend or castigate the Ghana Movie Awards Organizers & Jury. I’m only interested so that blunders committed at the awards will not be repeated in the subsequent years to come.

Indeed, I strongly believe and hope that, the organizers of the awards want the awards to grow to be internationally recognized as a credible awarding scheme from Ghana.

Ghana is a funny country. It is even funnier when you consider how some of us do not think outside the box; we seem to think just around it. In Ghana when you criticize people, you are tagged as a ‘hater’ or an ‘enemy’.

In as much as I commend the organizers and appreciate their effort at putting up the awards and even presenting two cars, I try hard to visualize how four fully grown women will be doing with one car.

I thought all of them will share a tyre each and park the body of the car somewhere but since Jackie Appiah has opted out, let’s see how the three ladies will share it.

Ghana Music Awards will be 12 years this year and not even a common dog chain has ever been presented to any of the winners except the normal plaques, so for two brand new SUV Zoyte 4 Wheel Drive to be presented to the two of the categories in addition to the gold plated statuettes presented to all the winners at the Ghana Movie Awards, it only means, the future looks bright as far as the awards are concern.

Ghanaians should commend and support the organizers G. P. Limited and Image Consortium after all; it’s not only about awarding but the awards brought both the Local and English Actors together.

I have no evidence to say that Jackie Appiah feels pompous and too big to share the same car with the three other women. This is a woman who has been ridiculed for the error of the awards’ organizers, indeed she is been lambasted, bombarded and criticized for a blunder committed by the Jury.

It is not bad to copy but copying everything including mistakes without thinking is derisory. There is always a first time to give a shot at something and in a bid to tap into African Movie Academy Awards knowledge, the GMA Jury messed up by following the route of AMAA by nominating four people as one in the same category.

Nominating more than one person as one in the same category was something that started by AMAA. Jackie Appiah-Lydia Forson-Naa Ashorkor’s nomination wasn’t the first in the AMAA.

Theirs was the second time in the AMAA nominations and why they haven’t faced the challenges the GMA is facing is because for all this years, there has been no joint winners except for the last year’s awards where Jackie, Lydia and Naa won together. So even with the little pandemonium that greeted the three actresses from Ghana winning that award, the GMA Jury should have learnt something from this.

For the sake of peace, the Jury should have picked someone else instead of the four actresses.It is indeed sad that, the Jury which is made up of the following personalities; David Dontoh, Fred Amugi, Efo Kodjo Mawugbe, Charles Ampofo, Kofi Boakye, Kofi Middletin Mends, Veronica Quarshie Nai, Samuel Nai, Kofi Bucknor, Michael Moncar and Confidence Haugen couldn’t come to a consensus and pick one person instead of sticking with the four of them.

Undoubtedly, all the four actresses are good in their own right. It is bad to judge how good an actress is by just the number of movies she has acted in. All four of them are good actresses and were good in the 4Play movie. Yes but the Jury should have cracked their skulls and picked one person. This, I believe would have forestalled the needless and unnecessary hullabaloo it has generated.

It wasn’t surprise that one of the respectable member of the Jury, Fred Amugi announced that Jackie Appiah is the Best Actress at the Christmas Day awards. If you ask me, it’s the blunder of the year. Shortly after, David Dontoh another member of the Jury who had come on stage to present another award seized the opportunity to correct his colleague’s anomaly, by telling the people that indeed the award is for the four girls and not Jackie only.

However, GhanaCelebrities.Com interactions with some Jury members revealed that, Jackie Appiah was announced because she topped the category during the voting. She led her colleagues as she received more votes than any of the other three, hence her name printed on the car as the winner.

It means that, a vote for Jackie though will be recorded as a vote for her; it also means that the same vote is for the other three girls. This is so confusing. Indeed, I felt Fred Amugi has dragged the Jury’s name into disrepute. Couldn’t the Jury have told Ghanaians about this before the voting commenced?

One statement which I believe has hurt the awards and will continue to hurt it, if its not corrected is the constant repetition from some of the Jury members that, the awards was spread to the industry to make sure everyone gets one and not more. This statement is very tarnishing and should be scrapped from the minds of the Jury.

Awards are there to award excellence; in doing so, quality is awarded and not quantity. Spreading the awards to the industry is like pleasing people, not awarding.

No, if one person can win more than one award, he or she should be allowed. Jackie Appiah has spoken, now we can just leave her alone and concentrate on the Yvonne Okoro, Juliet Ibrahim and Roselyn Ngissah.

GC Staff bG


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    1. jackie Appiah you are the best that Ghana, you have made us so proud by refusing this stupit car of the awardsjackie Appiah you are the best that Ghana, you have made us so proud by refusing this stupit car of the awards


    1. But u just read it..didn’t you? it is their blog and if they/he decide to kiss someone’s ass…what is ur beef? it is theirs ans they can write whatever they want or kiss whatever ass they want.

      What is ass kissing about the above article? it is question so say what you think about it or get out of here. you seem pathetic by calling people names just becos u do not aggree with them.

    2. @Kalos, whats your own if someone wants to kiss ass?at least it’s not your lips dey are using.if u ha ve a problem wit the way things are done here den don’t come here.is dat so hard to do?

    3. the organisers should be blamed for dis blunder. if they were able to provide 4 plaques to the 4 ladies, what prevented dem from makin provisions for 4 cars? according to the man in charge with reference to one of the articles on dis issue published here sometym bak, dey( organisers) envisage dat the four could win as one. dis statement for me is totally unacceptable.the organisers knew all the categories and the nominees in each category so dey could have make provisions.

      they category was for best actress.does it mean the 4 are 1?so we can say that Jackie is not the best actress,neither is Yvonne or Roselyn or Juliet.? how can 1 movie have more than 1 principal character?? is it a matter of pleasing everyone?

    4. This is because is just unlike the rest of them. Your daddy wont punish you the same way he does to your good brother. Whether he does it wrongly or not. Jackie wasnt wrong at all. absence may have reason so let not jump into nonsensical comments.

    5. U are stupid kalos, what is kissing ass about his story or are u part of the organizers of the awards and the awards stupidity is pinchin you where ever u are, what the witer has written is 100% true. so kalos screw you playa Hater,cos jackie is a likeable person
          and  love u

  2. dis shdn’t b a problem, afta all dey get 2 sell it afta a year…lyk i said b4 dey shd each use it 4 three mnths den sell it bt jackie has opted out dey wil use it 4 four mnths each.
    i beleive dis MAG awards wil b beta..

  3. i blam the ghana movie arganizers, i mean they dont know what the fuck they doing giveing one awards to 4 people. those who organized the movie awareds should be blam for this mess, jacky has nothing to do with it. if she dont wanna share one damn CAR with 4people, thats her choice and i respect that. i dont even know where those move organizers got this crazy idear from, ghana movie industry is always doing some dump shite.

  4. If any fingers should be pointed, I guess it should be directed to the Gma awards commitee.I find it hard to understand what is going on.So we all ‘ve heard and know that”two heads r better than one” yet no one in the commitee was able to raise the issue or think about the outcome of that 4 is to 1 decision. Sounds too strange, well I guess they were ready for all this drama.Who knows? for all we know they dont even want to give out the car and for that matter finding ways and means of keeping it.

  5. The problem is from the ghana movie award jury in the first place in that movie jackie was the least actress there her performance lacked action.if somebody should be nominated it should have beign yvonne okoro I mean she was the movie itself and maybe rose for supportin actress definately not jackie she is too over hyped. She is just lucky people like her.even perfect picture was over rated lydia forson performance was fantastic nd naa was ok.but jackie was just there I think amaa jury liked it that was y it won some awards.jackie pls go and learn from genevieve nnaji, akofa edjeani,and nadia buhari

  6. GMA is following in the footsteps of AMAA.Copying the good is wise,but copying the good as well as the bad is foolish.Jackie Appiah is not to blame.She just proved her maturity and sent across a message;it is just not right to give ONE award to MORE THAN ONE person.