Thoughts: Nadia Buari’s Newly Hired USA Based Publicist Will Collapse Her Career, The Earlier Fired, The Better…Part 1

Nadia Buari
Nadia Buari

I think Nadia Buari should immediately fire her newly hired USA based publicist else she will sink and kill her career as an Actress. I have seen bad managers and publicists killing the career of talented stars in showbiz and I hope Nadia Buari does become a victim else her Hollywood ambition will never materialize.

You may be wondering why I am saying this. Last Sunday, a certain lady who claims to be a publicist based in USA and hired by Ghanaian star Actress Nadia Buari contacted me.

I was extremely excited about this since to me, Nadia Buari over the years have not been in a high-quality relationship with most media houses, this has even lead to a lot of people wrongly holding the belief that the actress is a total snob or has a cold attitude.

Personally, I vividly remember contacting Nadia Buari more than 3 times in an effort to establish the truth regarding certain things which we never caught her on good times. She must be a busy person and as such if I had contacts of her publicist, things would have been far quicker and extremely perfect since I would have gone to her rather.

With reference to the above and knowing how much good publicists can help a celebrity go places with her job, I was excited and saw Nadia Buari’s step to hire a publicists a way forward for her career and also a step towards building a good relationship with the media.

However, in my honest opinion, Nadia Buari should immediately fire this publicist she has gone for else she will sink her career and damage it. She will worsen and collapse her media relationship.

I earnestly think the so called publicist has barely any knowledge about how the media works and the laws governing media publications. She sounds extremely amateur from my recent dealing with her as far as I am concern. How can such a person be in charge of Nadia Buari’s public relations?

I cannot still believe this publicist who claims to be representing Nadia Buari asked that all “unfavorable articles” about Nadia Buari should be removed and none should be published again.

She kept using the word “unfavorable” in our dialogue which prompted me to inquire into what she meant by unfavorable. I asked because the truth can sometimes even be unfavorable. Guess what she said? She boldly stated that mentioning Nadia Buari as an ex-girlfriend  of Michael Essien in articles is unfavorable and amounts to defamation. What a joke!

To make me go pile on the face which prompted by doubt about her media and public relation knowledge considering the work she has been tasked with, she robustly mentioned that referring to Nadia Buari as a “media coward” is defamatory . Oh my Gosh! Why can’t some people with limited knowledge on certain things at least use Google before making statements which showcase them as absolute ignorant?

Let me freely coach this publicist of Nadia Buari on this. To establish defamation in any publication, the fundamental rule is that the publication must be considered in totality. You cannot select passages which are prima facie libelous if the publication taken as a whole is not defamatory just to support your libel claim.

What is even defamatory about expressing a honest opinion or saying “I don’t know if I am allowed to call her a media coward without being blasted by her fans who are failing to see the light”? This lady simply does not know what she is talking about or doing so Nadia Buari please beware.

I admire Nadia Buari as an Actress but to be frank, is this the person she wants to be in charge of her media and public relations? Nadia should be careful not to surround herself with amateurs who will drag her career into the gutters.

The most derisory aspect of my whole encounter with this USA based publicist newly hired by Nadia Buari is that, she does not seem to know the distinction between when a writer is merely commenting or expressing is honest opinion on a matter which is already in the media without malice in relation to a public figure (celebrity) and what defamation really entails. Neither does she seem to understand the distinction between imputations of guilt and statements of reasonable suspicion of guilt.

Can someone tell this publicist or beseech Nadia Buari to ask her to at least research and read publications that she tends to refute in order to ascertain what the publication really is about and where it stands, that is either it is a candid opinion without malice or it is presented as a fact.

Bringing a person’s honest opinion about an issue on a public figure under the strict armpit of defamation is a far stretched effort to unjustifiably undermine the greatest of all rights “freedom of expression which includes freedom to hold an opinion”.

Nadia Buari, safeguard your career by dropping this amateur publicist you have gone for or face the consequences with your career, something you have toiled over years to bring to this state. This sort of publicist cannot take you to your dreamland “Hollywood” and I believe she will do you more harm than good with her degree of ignorance.

Publishing this via my smart phone so spare me any spelling mistake…


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48 thoughts on “Thoughts: Nadia Buari’s Newly Hired USA Based Publicist Will Collapse Her Career, The Earlier Fired, The Better…Part 1”

  1. Ah, so couldn’t Nadia find a publicists in Ghana to handle her business? Why go all the way to America to get someone as a publicist when you work and live mostly in Ghana? 

    So many people out in foreign lands claiming to be what they are not, managers, publicists and all crap. hope Nadia thinks about the people she entrust her business into their hands. 

    These managers are damaging people’s career. if she does not know, she should ask. 

  2. Oh Nadia, so you cant get someone in Ghana to work with? I hate it when people think those in Ghana are not good enough or something. Most of the media, fans and people you work with are in Ghana so why go for such a dumb or ignorant person as Chris call her to manage you?

    If indeed, she does not know what she is doing, then fire her and go for someone who is known for her good job in the industry 

  3. The thing is…if Nadia does make it to HollyWood she is gonna cry herself to every night by the time they finish with her if she is trying to hide her personal life…oh come on this is a joke oh….seriously you want fame and you think ppl will not talk about you and who you dated? lol this is funny oh! Anyway as for the publicist she is just a poor messenger lol   

  4. hmmmmm, a word to the wise is enough! I hope she reads or hear of this article and art upon it quickly.
    GH loves you Nadia but remember some decisions can lead you to failure.

  5. i dont think dis is true we’ll jus hve 2 wait nd see wat happens jus becuz da lady is her publicist doesnt mean nadia doesnt hve a say on wat goes on SHES DA BOSS u guys r over reacting jus wait nd see

    • I have read your comment twice but dont  It is true, people who are around you can kill your dreams and career. if the publicists does not know what she is about then I beg, Fire her nadia and come take my sister, she is good at media relations and will help you reach higher

      • lol sorry it sounded better in my head but i jus basically said u u jus said dat if nadia feels like its not gonna work out den she shuld jus fire da lady

  6. To hell with ur opinions. You are so bias, i do not believe most of ur articles. At least there is some truth in what u are saying however u added too much salt and pepper. I wish Nadia all the best in her career. No hating!!!!!!!!

  7. What proves that this lady was indeed hired by Nadia? Could be anyone….let’s just be sure before we judge. Anyone can pick up a phone and claim to be anything. Let’s see if Nadia clear the air

    • She sent me a letter ( claims to be her official letter to me) which itself is so laughable in content. I will publish her full letter here in my second look at this same issue ( part 2).

      When I have some time on my hands, I will  do the write up,  now I got other Articles and stories to work on….

  8. i smell trouble. Chris just be careful . i love this site and it to go away. you are not telling us what the pub wrote to you.  may be you should show us the full letter to decide for ourselves. 

    She sent me a letter ( claims to be her official letter to me) which itself is so laughable in content. I will publish her full letter here in my second look at this same issue ( part 2).When I have some time on my hands, I will  do the write up,  now I got other Articles and stories to work on….  

    • What she wrote to me is summarized above in my write up, she claims GC has published defamatory statements about Nadia and therefore request that such articles be removed. I stated to her, she has no base for any defamatory claim and therefore will not remove any article as none constitute a defamatory statement in law.  She cited the phrase ” media coward” has an example of these defamatory statements she is contesting… Shallow and ignorant …I told her to result to court if she inserts on such claims, after all, the court is the best place to ascertain this…

      Her assertion is purely wrong, she does not know what she is talking about and just ridiculing herself with mixed words… That is why I sense she will kill Nadia’s career if not checked…

      I said I will publish part 2 with the full letter when I have time on my hands…. 

  9. i smell trouble. Chris just be careful . i love this site and it to go away. you are not telling us what the pub wrote to you.  may be you should show us the full letter to decide for ourselves. 

    i smell trouble. Chris just be careful . i love this site and it to go away. you are not telling us what the pub wrote to you.  may be you should show us the full letter to decide for ourselves. 

  10. Chris, just ignore this Nadia girl and her fake ass publicist or whoever she is. Some partially or semi informed people think the court is a place for jokes. If she claims that article is defamatory, how come 5 or 4 months down the line, they are now coming here to run their mouth.

    Nadia should remember what has happened to Yvonne Nelson, if people start pointing their mouths and eyes at her, she will go like Yvonne. she better watch out. 

    • Maybe she decided but then she should have gone for someone who knows what she is about and talks about…

  11. Was just wondering,you seem to say a lot Chris,using words like ‘laughable’…….I do hope you have a team of legal minds and lawyers in place that you consult before publishing your articles for if you do not,you would have made the biggest folly in your line of work. Your day of reckoning is coming…..sure there is freedom of speech and everybody is entitled to that basic right but also there is law ,so i sure hope you are not saying anything that comes to your mind in your defense to the publicist’s letter….Make sure you also do your homework  and consult your legal experts……..before your a$$ is sued……..laughable indeed!!!

    • Another one here I guess, what is wrong with using a word such as laughable ? If someone is laughable, can’t it be said? Geez, spare me your hypocritical preaching, I surely do not like that…

      What is the obsession with sue sue sue, people get sued everyday, dont they? If a claim is got a merit, why not? That is the reason why courts are out there and I see people’s case trashed and dismissed each day too.

      Maybe you have not, but who said I have never been sued in my entire life before? But only when the law says there can be a suit, not when you sit behind your computer and think there should be one….

  12. Chris I think u are the one that does not seem to know what defamation is.  
    I found this for you
     Defamation is generally defined as a statement impeaching the honesty, integrity or reputation of an individual and thereby exposing the individual to public hatred, contempt or ridicule, to cause him or her to be shunned or avoided or to injure the individual in his or her office, business or occupation.

    I can not say are biased because I enjoy the stories here so maybe I am the one biased. But I feel u should not get carried away by other readers encouraging u to publish. When the lawsuit comes, it will only have your name so check your facts. nj

    • did Nadia date Essien or not???? if the answer is yes, den where does the defamation nonsense come in? if u’re a thief and i put dat in the public domain and i have evidence to buttress it, no court will classify dat as defamation.

      it’s gud u realised dat u were the one bein biased.

  13. Akua, that is close to defamation but not wholly what defamation is honey. There are specifics that should be met for there to be defamation…

    1. The statement must be false
    2. the statement must not be an opinion – this means finding defamation in honest opinions will be a slap in the face of the law. 
    3.the statement published must hurt the reputation of the claimant

    Apart from the above, there are more complexities attached to it when the person is a public figure (celebrity)…

    So you see, if a statement is not false and it does all that u mentioned, it is never defamation….

    Also, you do not look at just a paragraph or word or headline only and start jumping around saying this is defamatory… you must take the entire article into consideration…  That is what I think this publicist does not even know and therefore annoys me…

    Good you did some Googling but if the law on defamation was as simple as you stated above, no one would have ever hired a lawyer, there is more technicalities and complexities involve that the layman’s generic definition you pulled up there fails to cover. This is why you should not start calling everything defamatory cos it makes you look silly…

    Thanks for commenting anyway….

  14. It’s her life and career and she’s entitiled to do whatever she want to do with it. You people just leave her alone! I don’t blame her for hiring an outsider to handle her fairs. I don’t know about you, but what I know is most Ghanians are very dishonest and very jealous. Even your own bloody family members will not think twice about deceiving you because they feel you’re successful and why you and not them! Most ghanians are too envious and evil…how many Ghanians have been victims of their own family members? How many of us are abroad and we work so hard to build a house or establish a business back home and when we entrust our hard earned money in the hands of our family members, what usually happens? They miss use and waste the money simply because they’re feel they’re entitled! They’re never greatful and always jealous and ungreatful. The more you do for them, the more they want. I would rather have a stranger deceive me than a family member because it really stings when a trusted family memeber deceives you! Our people are just too evil for my liking!! I really don’t get why this is so, I mean we hardly miss a day in Church and we often claim to be Christians, so why then are we so evil and deceitful??? Oh wait! I think I know the answer…we go to church to show off our newest outfits, hair dos, and dancing moves!! We’re not actually there to listen to the word of God and live accordingly. YOU GO NADIA…You’ve made the right decision! Don’t trust any publicists in Ghana…he/she will be the same greedy envious person feeding the media with unfounded lies about you just because they want what you have!

  15. i do enjoy some of your write ups,but one thing i figured out is that sometimes  you  become personal and emotional towards some issues ,and what is this attitude of yours,always  knowing it all,while others are born with low brains.i mean who are you to tell this lady ,nadia to fire her publicist.if writers like you are fair to this people they will be the ones knocking on your door for your help.this decision of hers if you really take a good look is somehow strategic.she has dreams of making it beyonde ghana. if any body  is trying to destroy her right now it is people like you, who  espect her to make her decition based on what you want .writing this type of article is destructive already.with all  respect ,a little humility on your  own side will go a long way helping.if we dont respect and handle our stars inafrica with dignity ,the outside world will never  show africa some they say begins at home.

    • Personal and emotional ? it is my thought so surely it is personal and emotionally. what I really feel. Is there anything wrong with that ? 

      Didn’t you just write what you personally and emotionally feel ? You have the right to have a personal opinion and yet  I do not have the right to have one huh? that is Ghanaians for you !

      Also you do realize this is a personal blog personally cared for and personally paying for all cost of running alongiside people who have personally agreed to help.So what prohibits any of us ffrom being personal on a personal blog ? Geez!

    • if u wanna ride across the world on a bicycle and someone points out to u dat the bike u wanna travel on is weak so dump it and buy a new one, is dat person a detractor or dream killer? definately no. if Nadia wants to go beyong Ghana and Africa and she’s starting on a wrong note,is it wrong or bad for someone to point dat out to her??

      • Massa, you have been on GC for sometimes so you know how some comments go. When I stated in one of my articles way back that Yvonne Nelson will kill her own career if she does not address her public relations and attitude, these same people were all over here throwing insults and accusations..

        Where is she today? we live to see and we live to be. In our part of Africa when you forsee danger or something wrong and you decide to share your opinion or suggest that it should be corrected, you are tagged with witchcraft or you are considered enemy of progress/hater…

        Maybe Yvonne Nelson wishes she had listened to some of us on here…anyway how re u out there ?


    That is my girl. You paa called her a media cowrd 
    She has gotten somebody who  will answer your questions  and  you say she should fire the person . Chris I think there is something u are not telling us. maybe u have been feeding us with lies  and they want to clarify.  time will   tell

  17. @Nene, surely she is entitle to do whatsoever she wants with her life and career. same way we are all also entitle to have whatsoever opinion we want about her career and lifestyle…

    • Lifestyle? Who’s talking about that! All I’m saying is she can hire whoever she so wish to handle her affairs, amateurs or not, Ghanaian or not! As is all employers…you don’t write articles about let say Donald Trump because you think he hired someone that is not expereinced enough to handle his affairs? That’s none of your or my business…if her career crambles because of her bad decision to hire this so call amateur publicist, is that going to be detrimental to you or any member of the society? I don’t think so! Therefore there is no need for you to write this article as if she did something horribly wrong? She only hired a new employee and the last time I checked hiring a new employee is not a crime.

      I can understand your point if the headline was something like “NADIA APPEARS NUDE IN HER NEW ROLE” or NADIA WAS SPOTTED SMOKING WITH A CHILD” that is something about her lifestyle and career that’s worth writing about, because it has the potential to impact the lives of people in the society!

      • When did you become an editor here ? we write about whatever we find interesting or think it is news. you do not tell us what you think is news or not. 

        If I decided to write about that cos I felt like, I am free to do so…this is not bbc or cnn…it is a blog so if we wake up tomorrow and we decide to write about a dream we had or about the Egypt riot, we can freely do so.

        I have answered u enough , will not reply to ur any of ya further comments under this thread. Thanks for commenting thou !

  18. i think nadia has use Ghanaians for several times and she didnt get any good results that is why she go for Americana so let he be .

  19. Chris just shut up. You talk way too much kraaa. 
    Yoou will soon have all of them even your goddess jackie distancing themselves from u. What is wrong in hiring a foreigner. Because Nadia didn’t hire you as Jackie did? oh please spare us your foolishness. like somebody posted, believe there is a lot more to this than we know. show us the letter so we can judge. 

  20. Let us see this letter
    It seems like u are afraid or hiding something
    If it is an official letter then you are ridiculing yourself and telling a big lie. If it was sent to via your msn or yahoo messenger, then u can call the publicist an “amateur”. 
    I think you are the one that doesn’t know what he is talking about. Show us this letter once and for all.

    • I stated that I will post the letter in my part 2. that is when I find time and I feel like revisiting this topic. I have other things to work on or look at. I reserve the absolute right to publish it or not , I also choose when I want to publish it. Na force ? when did I become obliged to do as you ask or to show you anything?

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

      • i can see ur job as blogger can be changelling as well ..if u also wanna reply to some comments …but i think u have show some patience and coolness to some commentators on this post …but i think sometimes u shouldnt care not to reply some comments ..for u not to get any unecessary stress for the day …

        and by the way just think twice before publishing that letter for the second part ….

        thank you …

        • Thanks, it is a letter sent to me and I can decide to delete it even if I want so do not mind what they think or say honey. I hardly have the time to reply comments, I know it will be good to do so since it keeps the discussion going but as you have said , some of the comments should not be reply cos they say nothing apart from insults to contribute to the thread…

          Thanks for your advice and also for stopping by. selective replies is surely  the best!

  21. chris, do you see the number of dumb and ignorant people on your  blog? some of them do not even know what a blog is. They can’t even digest information out of any article .

    Some of the comments are hilarious!

  22.  Devi gba abobogo megbaa klogo o.The child who breaks a snail’s shell cannot break a tortoise’s shell.  chris you might be  threading on dangerous grounds. i am happy our nadia has decided to have a publicist contact you. atleast now you know that before giving us any story you will be prepared to defend it. Give us the letter and let us see with our own eyes.

    Nyaseto menye abaka o.


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