Some Ghanaian Movie Stars & Close Friends Of Yvonne Nelson Are Hatching A Master Plan To Crush Her Career

Yvonne Nelson
Yvonne Nelson

According to the below report by Dailyguide, some individuals of the Ghana movie industry and close friends of  young actress “Yvonne Nelson” are hatching a master plane to bring her career to an abrupt end (crush her career).

Yvonne Nelson seems to be making “lot of news” recently and I hope she can capitalize on the publicity (either bad or good) to sell out something to the public. In fact, there is nothing like bad publicity in showbiz even.

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Reports reaching ‘Beatwaves’ indicate that a group of movie stars have held series of meetings on how to prevent one of Ghana’s seasoned actresses, Yvonne Nelson, from getting more roles in upcoming movies.

Yvonne Nelson, who has been a role model for many people, has won the hearts of some film directors and producers who see her as one of the few Ghanaian actresses who can rub shoulders with those on the international movie scene.

Hence, a one-year ban by the Film Producers Association of Ghana (FIPAG) has shocked a number of stakeholders in the movie industry, who see the ban as a calculated attempt to prevent the actress from making a headway.

A section of movie fans who are not happy with the ban declared in a chat with ‘Beatwaves’ that some actresses who saw Yvonne Nelson as a threat had collaborated with some managers to make sure that Yvonne’s acting career come to a standstill.

Despite the ban placed on her, Yvonne is strong and currently working on a number of projects which include her glaucoma awareness project which has the support of many of the industry players. According to the report, a plan is being hatched to fulfill the scam. Beatwaves discovered that some of Yvonne’s close pals are involve in the scam.
Beautiful Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson is a graduate from the Central University College, where she read BSc Administration in Human Resource management. She has over the last few years endeared herself to movie enthusiasts with her acting prowess. She has proven to be versatile, making her one of the most sought-after actresses in the country.

The former Miss Ghana contestant came onto the movie scene with her role in ‘Princess Tyra’, which shot her in to the limelight. Last year, she was nominated for the Best Up and Coming Actress Award at the prestigious Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA).

She has featured in over 20 movies. Some of the movies she can be remembered for are ‘The Game’, ‘Turn Me On’, ‘4 Play’, ‘Reloaded’, ‘Girls Connection’, ‘Crime To Christ’ and ‘Prince’s Bride’

Source: Dailyguide


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26 thoughts on “Some Ghanaian Movie Stars & Close Friends Of Yvonne Nelson Are Hatching A Master Plan To Crush Her Career”

    • i believe soo too ..its like becoming hollywood for her …our small industry wanna drive this girl into frustration and depression till she destroy herslef …

    • There us too many jealousy around this celebrities what Yvonne needs to do is just focus in get self and leave al those fake friends aside at the end if te day your future is in your own hands and not in theirs sit down think relax and make the choice and beat them at their on silly childish game 

      • I co-sign that Bruh. If this story coming from Beatwaves is indeed really, really true then I guess Ghana Movie Industry might be corrupt too.

        • Bruh this is Africa your talking about full of corruption see the way pieces of story are coming out one day we will or find the truth about all this issue and the person who marked me red because I stated that she should keep her eyed open can go and suck father 


  2. If that is the case then it’s really bad. Yvonne take it easy and do something you do best. Be yourself and i hope all will be well with you soon.

  3.  It is very much hypocritical for celebrities to feed on the sensationalist glitz and glamour the media brings, yet cry foul at the slightest, not so favouring write-up about them.  It is a zero sum game that will come back to bite them. 
    What is so defamatory about calling someone a media coward?  Talk about a storm in a tea cup!  Farcical nonsense.   
    If the publicist were wise, she would lobby media platforms into boosting and promoting her client, rather than foster an atmosphere of animosity and angst that are most often harbinger of retrogression.   
    Nadia Buari is overrated anyway, like all those American wannabes, fake accented Barbie dolls who flap their jaws with treason.
    Delete all her articles and stop writing about her.   Waste of space!

  4. my advice for Yvonne is to take Marcy Johnson as an example, Marcy is doing so well so she being listen in a a lot of actresses black book, but she does not care. from the time Marcy became celeb they is nothing good write about her, but she is still standing. even the more bad new people say about her that make her very strong in the industry. Yvonne becoming the sexiest celeb is not easy, not everybody would like you. especially your close friends and co-female workers. because you their competitor. no Mather what u are still my favorite

  5. the fact in this case is that when a woman stands up for her self she  will be called names like bitch,lady with attitude,lacks respect.,yea’, right.this lady does not take bullshit from men ,and they hated her for that .any culture that considers women as something to be seen and not heard  should count me out.women are still in this age and time second class citizens in our society.she does not want to be used .up till this moment she has not even recieved a letter to show that she is baned.and that makes it dificult for her to head to court to face or challeng her opinion is that she should demand the letter and if they cannot give her one ,she should go to court to ask if it is possible for the court to help her get the letter,for her to actually ,officially know why they ban her.this matter looks like  personal vendetta.ghana should demand their actress back.the reason they gave on why they ban her does not match up with their action of is only in africa that this type of thi ng happens.this is not right anymore.

    • @aida, Yvonne would have done that if she indeed were innocent. When so many people hate u as u say, then it means u have a problem with urself and should examine it. For me i don’t think demanding for something cos someone did so is standing up for oneself. To me it is rather greed of envy. Of course we have the right to make request but the conditions or reasons must be considered. A person has been booked for a program, asks permission to go, u haven’t been booked or has anything to do but demands equal favor just because someone did is sheer greed. Come on, she should have given her reasons just like someone did but getting angry alone because someone was granted waiver is wrong. If anything at all, it is the producer who should get angry cos they r working for him and he is paying them, not like she wasn’t going to be paid the contracted amount. But she wasn’t even banned because of that but for attacking and insulting the producer for allowing someone a waiver. At all cost, Charter House would have contacted and asked permission for her colleague. But anyway people always try to defend the guilty and defendless so to everyone his choice. No disciplined act ever disrespects her producers or colleagues but Yvonne always does this. How can an employee attack and insult her employer just because her fellow employer asked for her right which they all have access to and then comes back to ask for the same thing. Isn’t this childish and or greed? People with such behavioural disorders always loose focus and stays behinds. And why didn’t she argue and fight her bosses in front of her colleague if her reason was genuine enough but behind her back. Thank God she was punished accordingly and her story coming out for her colleagues to see the kind of person she really is cos i believe she pretends to love and care for them in their presence whilst she envies and hates them ( which was why she waited for her colleague to leave) before foolichly bringing herself out of the “closet”. I’m very sure her colleague and co actresses wouidn’t have known she did that if the producer had not put her where she belongs. YVonne is a pretender and i have come to realise that not evryone who laughs and hangs with u in presence is a well wisher. Or maybe she wished she was the one contracted that day. Envy is a killer so we must kill it before…….

  6. Sometimes in life we blame people for our misfortune, but when everybody thinks that something is wrong with you and you dont see that, then you have to check yourself…my advise to Yvonne is that… please be submissive, and commit your ways into the hands of God…But even God who made us hates pride..Yvonne check yourself and see where you are going wrong…I will keep you in my prayer…may God revive you.

    • @Akata, U r very wise my dear. Personally, i think this write up is just to create publicity for the girl. I mean if u really have proof, just release them cos u can’t just be playing around some people just to score a point for another. I believe u r matured enough to reason b4 u write. If u think u know, just name the acts and friends cos wise people like me will not believe something that seems so fabricated. It is only those that do not know Yvonne that will believe this. Just go to CUC campus and ask of her and her stories will never end. Even in her neighborhood in Dansoman. Yvonne has made the list of TOP 5 MOST IN DISCIPLINED GHANAIAN CELEBS twice even before she became somewhat popular. With all these bad records, should i be surprised she has been banned? NOT AT ALL. There r better and bigger stars who r very humble and u being an upcoming star wanting to be seen as GOD or a goddess. PRIDE COMES BEFORE A FALL indeed. The end of Yvonne’s arrogance and pride should serve as a lesson to all who think they r super human or above others. Monkeys play by their sizes. Anyway, the downfall of a man as they say is not the end of his life so i hope she leans her lessons and become humble and better. She should also respect her colleagues who r below and above her. U can never be respected or tolerated by others if u don’t respect or tolerate them. What u give is what u take. She is her own downfall.

  7. Bruh this is Africa your talking about full of corruption see the way pieces of story are coming out one day we will or find the truth about all this issue and the person who marked me red because I stated that she should keep her eyed open can go and suck father   

    Means some fuck ass disagree with what I just said and trust me they can keep on marking it red and I will keep on talking trash dem pussy’s always want to hear things that meet their eyes 

  8. Oh poor africa and Ghana being a victim, how will u guys progress? when you see a bright star coming up u block it bcos of ur selfish desires. If Nelson is doing very well, why banning her? or u dont want the name of ghana to be known in the world, what a pity, i pity those producers, actors and actresses who made this to happen to that poor girl. if u guys had the talent as u think why didnt u bring it forth, instead u r jealous of somebody who have. Pls producers, what are u thinking when u place a ban on some body with such gud qualities? what are u out for, making money or listening to gossips, ishhhhhhhhhhhh, pls this thing of a ban should be taken off with immediate effect before u ruin the name of ur country and ur industry and before u producers get empty pockets before ur eyes are opened. what encouragement do u give to youngstars wishing to become actors and actresses? she is rude, yes, who among those other actors and actress can tell me they are perfect? men!!!!!! nobody is perfect even those producers themselves. we are all humans and liable to mistakes, so u pple shouldnt look upon Nelson as a bad person, there are others worst than her. People shouldnt be jealous of her abilities, men i love that girl, i love her acting, any ghanaian movies with her is useless, pple in my country love ghanaian movies bcos of Nelson, we got interested in ghanaian movies when we discovered Nelson’s talent, gosh dat gal knows her thing. NO NELSON, NO GHANA MOVIES IN MA COUNTRY, so producers think fast, if u are there to make money or to listen to GOSSIPS
    have a nice day
    THINK!!!!! THINK!!!!!!!!!!! THINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. yes i read every thing that people are saying about yvonne to be frankly i love that every talking about her she jelous about jackie that is wrong that girl is very talented and she is one good actrecess just like America movie actress as for jjackie her acting like soap and you people waship her like God and Nadia Buari she recite her words she reading from so all of them have a personal vendetta yvonne do not your star is going is going to shine God is on your side but be submissive peace

    • @beatrice, Talking crap. Yvonne is talented and Nadia and Jackie r not according to u? Useless crap. Know that just as u r seeing Yvonne as talented or a star, same way others too r seeing Jackie and Nadia as star. If Yvonne is your favorite, just praise her and stop dragging others who r equally talented or better down. This whole hullaballoo is total bullshit. Yvonne is one lucky girl who just became famous by chance. There r acts who have worked harder than her but r under her. She was just too lucky or favored and her arrogance and block headedness has brought her down. I hope she learns her lessons and know that she is nothing on her own. She should really work on her attitude and greed cos they will only drag her down. She is her own enemy. To me, Yvonne is only great ac acting porn movies/that’s where she plays perfect. She should know that acting is not about playing porn characters but being versatile. I love to be honest.


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