Tish’s Corner: Who Is The Least And Most Talented & Artistic Ghanaian Celebrity?


Many a times, I have asked myself what defines a true celebrity and what is expected of them from the society and country as a whole. Doctors are expected to cure, carpenters to fix furniture, Drivers to take people to their destinations and so on.

From my understanding, a celebrity is generally a person in society who is famous or known by the widest number of people in that particular society. Oops, I just answered myself.

There are certain roles and responsibilities expected from celebrities, the same way expectations are high when it comes to other professions.

People in the limelight should be talented, charismatic and be able to throw in the attention magnet everywhere they go.

Many celebrities all around the world are believed to be artistic, talented, creative and skilful. That explains the buzz people make about them and the respect they gain.

If they put in less efforts or the public realize they’ve got no talent, they are rebuked and looked down upon. Asamoah Gyan, for instance, is a footballer people admire and look up to. As a footballer, a lot of flair on the field is expected from him. His performance is being evaluated and judged day in and out.

That explains why people passed poor judgements and comments when he failed to deliver at the 2010 world cup during the last match. Celebrities shine and glow because some of them posses a certain unique and inexplicable talent while others just suck. Yes, I said suck.

No disrespect, but what many celebrities do on TV, Radio and on stage is repulsive. Acting, Sports, Singing, Rapping, Casting news and so on comes with a lot of effort to wow their audience.

Celebrities are required to bring outstanding performance to the table when it comes to talent. Once you say you can do it because you got the talent, then you got to prove yourself.

Let’s be frank, some Ghanaian celebrities are just simply untalented. These are the self acclaimed ones, the celebrity crushers whose roles are not up to satisfaction.
As Lupe Fiasco said, “If you are what you say you are, a superstar, have no fear, the camera is here and the microphone, they wanna know”.

Unfortunately, some Ghanaian celebrities get flustered when interviewed, others forcefully put up irritating and phony performances on TV. They lack ideas and knowledge on their field and are not proficient in what they do.

Closely related to above, apart from the scripts some Ghanaian Actors and Actresses rattle in movies, they cannot articulate themselves off camera or when caught on the street even. This is a basic part of their job spec-Public relations.

Talent, according to the America Heritage Dictionary is ‘a natural endowment or ability of a superior quality’. Therefore, not all celebrities have real talent, most of them feign it or push so hard, just to get noticed, get public attention and enjoy stardom and fame.

Once we evaluate Doctors, lawyers, drivers and others, so should all Ghanaian celebrities be well talented and comfortable at what they do or else they will be judged. If it’s not yours, do not force it.

Which Ghanaian celebrity can be dubbed as the most talented and who has the least talent in the industry? You decide!


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42 thoughts on “Tish’s Corner: Who Is The Least And Most Talented & Artistic Ghanaian Celebrity?”

  1. For movies i’ll go for Lydia Forson, although she’s always over looked. She’s talent, intelligent and is very articulate. She knows how to express herself and compose herself too in public. And she’s selective about the movies she does, quality comes first.

  2. for music ..kwabena ,kwabena got some real talent ….dude can really sing welll ,obrafour also has natural talent ,okomfo kwadee tooo .,back in the days ..his lyrics were so unbelievable at his age that time …he still good though … kojo for sure ..pure talent …Sarkodie ,its a good rapper … DL is a good musician too ,
    Amakye dede ..its just classic Reggie is also a good rapper …
    and for Acting ..majid ,nadia ,yvonne okoro ,prince david ,martha ankomah is good too ,but she should less be too sexual for people to potray her talent …

  3. lemme start with ma least and more like talentless celebrity.
    1.David Oscar. dude is most definately not funny but he’s got dis whether u like it or not u must laff attitude.he’s so irritating.
    2.Slim Busterr. we all know he’s a gud dancer and all dat but his singing is something else. he should just leave dat and concentrate on the dancing and sound engineering.

    ma most talented celeb is no doubt Kodjo Antwi,.apart from music he has a pleasant personality.

    • No offense Opanin but Kojo Antwi?  If you ask me I’ll say Charles A.K.A. Daddy Lumba.  Lumba is one of the most underrated artist in Ghana and he still dropping hit records.

      • seriously, i listen to more Daddy Lumba than Kojo Antwi but i feel Kojo is a shade ahead of Lumba. i don’t think Lumba is underrated at all.he’s loved by many.he needs a management team like Kojo who’ll make sure things go well for him when he drops down to play.his recent show in kumasi i learnt was full of problems.

    Music: Samini & Efya
    Movies: Majeed Mitchel & Rosaline Ngissah (she’s so under-rated)

    Music; Captain Planet (of 4×4)
    Movies: Juliet Ibrahim (her facial muscles need to learn to relax. Has she ever has facial surgery?)

  5. No Talent….. I will give it to Frank Artus for the guys, dat guy cant act his way out of aTrash Can….He is just ‘Blah’….
    For the Females I will say Juliet Ibrahim….I mean come on der is more to acting than just widening ur eyes just to prove a point……………………………………………………………………………………The Talented,,,, I will give it to Brew Riverson Jr. and Prince David Osei. Prince has got talent and all he needs is some gud coaching and he is ‘FYNE’ too . Brew is also a great actor and very fluent in english, he is also friends with my uncle and dat is a plus….. For the females I will say Akorfa Asiedu and Lydia Forson, they are really great and I grew up watching Akorfa and she is still poise and classy…………………………………………………..I will give it to Edem for male talented musician, the guy is really gud and he has gud control of his voice on the mic and its very sexy with his accent, I dont understand ‘Ewe’ but he just makes me wanna learn, Okyeame Kwame is very gud as well…….For female musician I will say I have not seen anyone yet who has it for me, tho der are some gud ones out der………………..For the no talents in music, I will say OJ Blaq, de guy is just yucky from his songs to his appearance……and the females I will give it to Mimi Divalish, her name alone says ‘No Talent Alert” and her songs just add to the injuries……..

    • very much on point. the only one i’m having issues with is Brew.ders no doubt about his talent but hasn’t he been lost for a while now???i haven’t seen him in any movie in the last 5 or so years. i stand to be corrected tho.

      • though ..Brew riverson hs been away …but for sure he is pure talent …i love is acting ..and as i pure talent even if he turns 80 ..he can still act welll …
        that old man call George is also good …. but Lydia forson ..hmm dont really see her talent ….

        Akorfa ..just the best doubt …

  6. Jackie appiah has no talent,all d time the same facial expressions,same damn fake accent,same damn everything she makes screen boring!she is not versatile like the others.

    • but Gaga, if u put the same person in the same character with similar storyline,most definately u’ll get similar action. so it’s not Jackie but the writers and directors. i undastand your point tho.

  7. Ayigbe Edem…Dat guy is just genius…To rap in ewe hitting on the beat to give such a great melody is some real talent..Edem 4 life

  8. this is repulsive writing, no disprespect intended. noone needs to be talented to be a celebrity. being talented and being widely known are two totally different things.

    Also the author clearly thinks anyone who’s on tv, radio. etc is a celebrity. thats absolutely incorrect.

    • whats repulsive abt dis article????or is it the english u don’t undastand? kindly give us the definition of celebrity if u think the author is wrong.

    • yeah splash …good u like good music too ….those two are really good …i love kojo Antwis music … and Dl music in the beginning was siply the bset ..e,g ..ohia asem ..theresa ….biribi gye gye wo … etc ….

  9. nana ama mcbrown….she act naturally .she sing perfectly. she play football.she is also a fashion designer .she directed award winning movies.No match to the lady


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