Juliet Ibrahim Speaks On 1 SUV Zoyte For 4 Actresses: “Leave The Car At Golden Tulip Hotel Till December 25, 2011”…

Juliet Ibrahim says hello to
Juliet Ibrahim saying hello to

Juliet Ibrahim is the only actress among the four actresses that won the SUV Zoyte who has constantly been attacked by a cross section of the public for what they term as her ‘amateur’ acting skills. Several qualities makes one a good actress in the eyes of many, beauty is one of them and this, the light skinned actress has plentifully.

One of the rudiments of a good actress has to do with facial expression. This in addition to her acting kills according to the general public has been her weak point.

On December 25, 2010, Juliet Ibrahim was announced as the Best Actress in Leading Role alongside Jackie Appiah, Yvonne Okoro and Roselyn Ngissah for their roles in the 4Play movie, which also starred notable faces like Majid Michel, John Dumelo and Omar Sheriff Captain.

As part of their prizes, they were presented with a Zoyte SUV car. This means the four of them will have to share one car. This brought up the question, how a single car can be fairly shared among four Actresses. Jackie Appiah came out last week publicly to opt out of the sharing of the car.

GhanaCelebrities.Com contacted Juliet Ibrahim and posed this question to her: Now that Jackie has opted out, have you people decided on what to do with the car?

Juliet indicated that since they (referring to herself, Yvonne Okoro and Roselyn Ngissah) are busy actresses, they have not had time to meet and dissect on the issue. Also she said she is involved in some projects as well as taking care of her newly born baby which is making her extremely busy.

“We haven’t had time to meet up yet since we are all busy people. As for me I’m working on some projects as well as taking care of my baby”. She further added that she will be ready to make time for herself whenever they decide on when to meet “So until we all decide to meet up that’s when I can make up time”. she said.

Juliet doesn’t have any problem that Jackie has opted out, however she seems to have some advice for her fellow actresses so far as sharing the car is concern. She has decided that its best if the car is left at Golden Tulip Hotel till December 25, 2011 so that they can approach the organizers after the said date and demand for the car to be sold.

“Meanwhile Jackie says she leaves the decision to the 3 of us, so the 3 of us will decide. But I have decided by myself that its best the car remains at the Golden Tulip Hotel, where we left it on the event day till December 25th 2011 then we can all go and meet the organizers and tell them we are ready to sell the car”. She voiced out.

Why this decision? GhanaCelebrities.Com asked. Juliet prompted her readiness to follow in the footsteps of Jackie Appiah to also donate her cut of the money to her charity.

“Because that way the car will still be brand new and would be sold at a good price so we can have enough money paid to donate to our various charities as I also plan to use mine for charity.” She answered.

The actress born in 1986 in Accra, Ghana and was raised in Ivory Coast and Lebanon revealed that she hope to discuss her idea or plan to her friends/colleagues when they meet and she hopes they will agree to it.

It is recalled that, when the car was donated a fortnight ago to the four actresses, various people from all walks of life criticized the organizers, questioning the sense in presenting one car to four people to share.

Most of the comments from radio listeners, television viewers and newspaper readers seek to advice the actresses to drive the car on weekly or on monthly basis.

Some even suggested they should sell the parts of the car, but according to the organizers, it is not possible to sell the car owning to the terms and conditions of the sponsorship of the car. The car can only be sold after one year.

Other people have said rather sarcastically that “They should share a tyre each and park the body somewhere”.

This is what Juliet has to say to that amidst laughter knowing very well that ladies are their own enemies “If we are to drive it weekly, monthly or share the parts is not going to be possible because lots of confusion might come up.”

To wrap up our short interview, GhanaCelebrities.Com asked Juliet: how does it feel like being considered as one of the Best Actresses in Ghana? “I still can’t believe it but I feel good”.

Juliet Ibrahim was brought to fame for her role in ‘Crime to Christ’ in 2007 co-starring Majid Michel. She speaks French but noted for her Liberian/Ghanaian accent.

She has the following movies to her credit: Crime to Christ, In The Eyes of My Husband, Yankee Boys, Losing You, Royal Storm, Restore My Love, Naked Weapon, Dead End, Lost Desire, Blood Fight, Beautiful King, Tattoo Boys, Missing Child, Honor My Will, Cash Adventure, Hidden, Last Hope, Queen’s Pride, Enemy of My Soul, Princess Rihanna,

Story By Ebenezer Anangfio Jnr./GhanaCelebrities.Com/Ghana


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