Weekly Discussion, Let’s Get Talking: Valentine’s Day, Does It Really Matter?

Valentines Day
Valentines Day

So many tales and explanations exist as to the origin and true meaning of Valentine’s Day. I do not want to lose focus with this post by diving into finding the actual meaning of what Valentine’s Day is or what it is meant to be like.

Maybe we will not even agree on what it means and what it should represent. However, I am certain we will all agree on what Valentine Day has come to mean to majority of lovers in the world.

It is the day lovers expect to be treated with so much love, be given flowers and showered with chocolates and expensive gifts.

Others expect to be taken to dinners at aristocratic restaurants. Most men expect to receive the most romantic love-making of their lives or be presented with a plate of kinky sex engulf in the underworld of sex toys, hand cuffs, etc…

In the world of retailers and shop operators, especially those who trade in flowers, chocolates and lingerie, 14th February is a money making day for them.

Weeks before Vals’ Day, shop windows are flooded with notices to remind us of the approaching day and entice us into buy all sort of things. This day brings huge profits to retailers and colossal pocket cuts to many lovers especially men like me.

My question is; does it really matter? Do you have to show your lover how much you care only on such day? Is Vals’ Day all that significant? Are you the kind who would immediately dump your man or woman if he/she fails to attach any importance to Valentine’s Day? In short, does Valentine Day really matter to you? If it does, why and if it doesn’t, why?


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16 thoughts on “Weekly Discussion, Let’s Get Talking: Valentine’s Day, Does It Really Matter?”

  1. It matters but it doesn’t really mean that people should buy or expert expensive gifts from their partners.

    I mean a line or two of sentences to express how much you appreciate me and the relationship on this day is enough.

    As usual people over do it but that’s their way……….

    • I agree with you on this one that people overdue things, Valentines Day is a great opportunity for us to broaden our understanding of love and its power We have missed the deeper meaning of Valentines Day by singling out romantic love as the focus of this holiday’s ultimate meaning.
      Love is multifaceted It is more than emotion Love is a force that can motivate, create, heal, and transform the lives of anyone it touches Under the pressure of commercialism, most of us have forgotten that this holiday was created to recognize a saint so in my eyes it does matters but its also a day you will see if your partner really loves you or not so ladies my advise to you is stay with your man all day long     (if you got one) and for the people with no partners and still decide to celebrate v- day make sure you do it safe same goes out to the people back in ghana when it comes to valentine day down there its more like national Condom day they will be jumping from one bed to the other You can go out and surprise your lady with something but don’t go out there spending like crazy a few roses a card and Victoria secret want hurt cook for your partner put some slow jam on burn the candle lights with some champagne roses on the bed whip cream show how much you live her give her the best day she will remember and maybe if your lucky you can get some four or 12 play afterwards 

  2. Valentine’s day is overrated 2 me now though…(and no this isn’t just single lady hateration lol)…but seriously….I want my man 2 be treatin me like a Queen every single day not just goin all out 1 single day out of da whole year…naaaahhhhhh man…kmt…best believe when I get in a relationship everyday best be like Valentine’s day…it’s become 2 commercialised though….spendin bare cheddar on chocolate that people r gonna munch up in like an hour…buying some dumb teddy bear dat’s only good 4 throwin against da wall when ur vexed at your partner….naaaahhhh allow that….people have lost da true meaning of St Valentine’s day…it’s just become like a money-making thing….it doesn’t matter anymore in my opinion cause I feel it’s all about retailers using it as a money-making scheme

  3. For some it doesn’t matter because every fucking single day is a V-day for them.

    lol @ Miyagi about the Ghana valentine day thing…hahahaaa. Bruh,  I heard the same info from a friend of mine about a year to two years ago saying all the condom in the country has been sold out. I’m guessing is gonna be the same this year cause it seems Ghana don’t play when it come to valentine day…hahahaaaaa..

    • Bruh hahahhahah man it’s not a joke at all I was talking to my cousin last year and the way he was preparing himself telling me how many condoms he is going to buy just for that night because he us dating 4 girls at the same time I was like cuz come in spend it with one your real mistress and he just went like you font know Ghana when it comes to valentines day day dont play around because you have to get your protection or it will be sold out and at same time I read on peace fm how the condoms where sold out I was like forreal damn they even worst than us so I think I need to go and open a condom shop down there just for that particular week 

        • Bruh it’s a money making business I wouldn’t mind starting on it hahahaha I will stock all sizes All types from: His n’ Her, ,Double Play, Mutual Pleasure, Crown Studded, Her Sensation, Beyond Seven Studded, High Sensation, Vibra Ribbed, Intense Sensation, Pleasure Plus, Twisted Pleasure, X-tra Pleasure, Night Light, And even ruff Ryder lets not forget the magnum and the ladies favourite french ticklers I will stock all of them and like I said all sizes 

  4. Gosh I love gifts from my man but I’ve really come to figure that the day isn’t really attached to anything personal. Its just a day that we don’t understand the meaning or the sentiment. Birthdays and anniversaries are personal so really its just pressure to spend money and prove your love materalistically! That being said I plan to happily take any gifts he buys me lol

  5. I am an ‘expensive watch junkie’ so he knows what to get on every occasion. Valentine”s day means nothing to me now that I’m an adult. However, I am all for any excuse to get one more watch to my collection.

  6. evryday is Valentine’s day 4 ma hubby n i..we dont wait till Feb 14, to buy gifts 4 each other or tell each other “i luv U”..we do dat evry single day..

  7. I think it really does matters cuz some guys are stingy and at the same time not romantic so this day is officially dedicated to them to show some love.


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