Tish’s Corner: Chit Chat With Actress Vicky Zugah On Producers & Directors Turned Pimps In The Ghanaian Movie Industry, Trading Movie Role For Sex…

Actress Vicky Zugah
Actress Vicky Zugah

Celebrities like all other human beings have mysteries that cannot be unravelled, secrets that are impossible to divulge and stories that make it hard to comprehend their lifestyles.

I have realised most actors and actresses share the same ‘cock and bull story’ when questioned about how it all started for them. “I accompanied a sister or friend for an audition, a producer spotted and encouraged me to give it a shot and eventually came out as an actor”.

Contrary to the above, I am well informed that most producers and directors seek their sexual pleasures from these up and coming young actresses before movie roles are handed out like candy as they would have us believe. Is sexual gratification as prevalent our film industry?

Dreams and goals of upcoming actresses with talent and the relevant education are shattered by producers and directors while talentless and bad actresses take “basic banging theory 101 and 102” in “sexing and butt-naked institute” with producers as instructors. Some graduates with ‘sexology degrees’ are calling themselves superstars because they grace our screens with their bad acting.

I got up-close with our own beautiful Ghallywood actress, Vicky Zugah to discuss this very issue of trading movie roles for sex by some of our producers and directors…

GhanaCelebrities.Com: Vicky, what’s your take on some of the producers and directors sleeping with young upcoming actress before casting them in their movies?

Vicky: I blame these girls, because, men will always be men. They will always take advantage of you if you show signs of desperation. If you have the talent, you will not have to sleep with a producer for a lead role. Just believe in yourself and stop feeling inferior.

GhanaCelebrities.Com: Do you feel these practises have any connection to the nudity and obscene movies hitting our market today?

Vicky: I personally don’t think so. The nudity in our movies is as a result of blind copying. We hear “SEX SELLS”. So businessmen who want to make money take advantage of the desperate ones to make their money.

GhanaCelebrities.Com: Is acting for everybody?

Vicky: Acting can never be for everybody, because, it’s not as easy as it looks. You need talent, determination and dedication.

GhanaCelebrities.Com: What is the future of the Ghanaian movie industry with this problem hanging on our neck?

Vicky: The industry will still stand because this is nothing compared to what others are facing as far as industry development is concern.

GhanaCelebrities.Com: What can the entertainment industry do to eliminate this problem or bring it under extensive control?

Vicky: As it stands now, very little or nothing can be done about it. Most men will always behave like dogs.

GhanaCelebrities.Com: It is in the air that, most of these successful actresses went through great ordeals. Some took the offers and others turned them down. How true is that?

Vicky: I can only speak for myself and no one else.

GhanaCelebrities.Com: Hypothetically, Let say you are an upcoming actress, and a producer makes sexual advances at you for the first time. What will be your reaction to the producer?

Vicky: I always put people exactly where they belong. I don’t care who you are. If what you are doing is morally unacceptable, I say it to your face. That is why most producers have problems with me.

Some said I could never make it without them and I vowed to prove them wrong. I guess I have and I’m still doing it. My destiny is in God’s hands and no dog in human form can change that. The movie industry is made up of 70% hypocrites.

GhanaCelebrities.Com: Lastly, what’s your advice to upcoming actresses?

Vicky: My advice is, never be deceived. Not all of us slept with producers to get to where we are today. They will tell you “don’t worry, they all slept with us”. That is a big lie, don’t accept it.

They will respect you more if you don’t. Keep practising and don’t try to be someone else… yourself deeply.

GhanaCelebrities.Com: Thank You.

As you can see, these horny, hungry and funky producers are wolves in sheep skin annihilating the Ghanaian movie industry and our women.

It’s disrespect to womanhood. Some upcoming actresses quit school, abandon their family and friends all in the name of fame and wanting to become movie stars.

Recently, a reader sent Ghana Celebrities (GC) a mail in relation to how a popular movie director asked her for sex before a movie role. This is destroying these young ladies and our movie industry.

Vicky Zugah shared her thoughts, what are yours???


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27 thoughts on “Tish’s Corner: Chit Chat With Actress Vicky Zugah On Producers & Directors Turned Pimps In The Ghanaian Movie Industry, Trading Movie Role For Sex…”

    • Really good interview…i like the post as it is getting straight to the point! Although i really can’t say how sincere she is being to be honest because even if she had she is not going to say is she! who knows

  1. This is nothing knew but its sad that our stars have to go through all this just to make it  I’m happy that some of our African woman don’t tolerate BS from those producers stupid dumbass producers if I could open their mind I would pee in their memories fools 

  2. full of hypocrites but i don’t agree with vicky for saying men are dogs. if so then i can say all women are bitches for sleeping with these producers.

    • @Jimmy mate why so pissed of she is referring to those man that she knows or has known and if she says that all man are dogs what’s wring with that is she talking about you that you should get that angry and attack her like that mate get your facts right and stop acting like a child I’m a man myself and I totally agree with what she said in her interview sinds you don’t agree with her do something about it than and stop moaning like a little bitch Miyagi has spoken I’m out 

        • @Jimmy say no more bro that’s life and as man we have to accept it their are people that spoiled it for us it’s down to us to make a change in that as long as your not one and I’m not one we good so keep your head up there is a old saying that we all came from a woman and we where raised by our woman so we should respect our woman same way you respect your grandma your mother that’s same way we should respect our ladies but some man takes that advantage so my question is those that do that do they respect their mothers? So undersand where she us coming from and shy some ladies make those statement 

  3. what about the music industry…..what r ur tots….do u think nit happens there too….soo many young gals singing and in music talent hunts et….

  4. I just want to know….. Is it a trend now on GC to write ur name after u post a comment???? Just wanna know the new stuff going on here now……..

  5. we all want to crucify yvonne,but have we ever wondered what is behind this punishment of hers. most cannot openly come to talk about itb/c they felt that no one will believe them. it is always the fault of the woman.that is african mentality.

  6. nice reading from Vicky , lcan say for sure here that Vicky said the very opposite of her of cus just that she is sometimes arroagate , l no Vicky way back when she was sleeping in PIPI”S container for a ROLE than to HL today she’s here saying what…? pls pls Vicky Spare us…..

  7. i hope Zugah is exactly the way she is portraying. and not for the fact that she is just preachung to innocent when in actual fact she is doing for a lead role. Well, i guess its time actresses respect themselves so much not to stoop so low just to gain lead roles.

  8. I like this post! The interview is open and to the point, it doesn’t dance around the issue because it’s an issue that is alive and kicking and it’s a global issue im sure. Only thing though i just dont know how honest and honest the answers are, i hope she is being sincere because the way I see it, she is unlikely to really say, oh yes I sleep with them all the time is great fun! so yea if she is being honest then I have the utmost respect for her for sticking to her guns. 


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