Director “Leila Djansi” & Turning Point Pictures Issue A Statement On The On-Going Debate About “Ties That Bind & Its Hollywood Image”….

Leila Djansi
Leila Djansi

We have been informed of a certain Kathy bent on discrediting our work. We don’t remember issuing any press release on the movie we are working on.

Any press statement on the film is subjective and does not reflect the views of Turning Point Pictures or its affiliates. We would appreciate it if Miss Kathy (if this is her true identity) will refrain from citing examples with a film that is in development.

There are reputable cast and crew involved in the project because they believe in it, not because of its association to any industry or person. The strength of a story is not derived from its associations, but from its own ability to be original and inspiring.

Miss Kathy’s actions have caused unnecessary fear and panic among cast and crew and we all wonder what she is up to. Turning Point Pictures believes in telling stories that will act as catalysts for change.

We are not interested in image but in content that is rich, strong and content that can make the world a better place.

We appreciate the support we have gotten so far.

The Turning Point Pictures Team.


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61 thoughts on “Director “Leila Djansi” & Turning Point Pictures Issue A Statement On The On-Going Debate About “Ties That Bind & Its Hollywood Image”….”

  1. Wow. I never thought my ability to read analytically and think critically could cause such a stir.  This is in response to Ms. Leila Djansi, who has categorically stated that I am out to discredit her work (i.e. the movie Ties that Bind).  Let me assure Ms. Djansi that I am not in anyway trying to discredit or destroy anyone’s work. (And yes Ms. Djansi, I am a real person and that is my true identity).  

    I will not get into any knock down drag out street fight with you or anyone else. I stand by what I wrote.  I will not be bullied by anyone for my opinion and the research I did based on, one, my curiosity to learn and two, comments posted. I addressed a  published article (a specific phrase/terminology) that highlighted this particular film. That’s all I did.  I made that point clear when I wrote my article.

    In the article I wrote, I clearly stated, and I will quote from my original article here, “The writer of the aforementioned article on so-called “Hollywood film” did not clearly state what is meant by the term “Hollywood film” (contextually) as associated with this upcoming film, “Ties that bind”, neither did the writer categorically state that the terminology was used by the producer(s) and director or if she was the person who dubbed it as such.”  I wrote my article with as much objectivity as is possible.  

    I laid out what I wanted to address and did address my point. There seems to  be a huge misunderstanding of what the article is about. I will say it again; it is about the classification of a film/movie under the tag “Hollywood film/movie”.  

    The article I wrote did not call to question the strength of the story of the film or the talent and ability of the cast and crew.  What was questioned was the terminology, “Hollywood film” and its application.  That is the point and the only point.

    The article that I responded to (“Ghanaian Stars In Upcoming Hollywood Movie”), could have been on any movie from any other director and or producer with any other actors. It so happened that the author spoke about this specific movie.

    That is the only reason why I in turn mentioned it. I am not “up to” anything. Get that point and get it well because I will not be intimidated by anyone.  Readers have the right to respond to published articles.  As for those who are involved in and believe in the project, that is their prerogative, and it is a good thing because no one should be a part of a project that they are not vested in. I am almost certian that the cast and crew are all consenting adults (and if there are minors associated with it, then their parent(s) or adult guardian(s) should understand what they were sign the minor(s) on to.  

    I wrote an article, that was my only action. It behooves me to see that consenting adults would be thrown into fear and panic over an article. If the article has however caused people to think critically and do an analytical assessment then the adage, “the pen is mightier than the sword” is true. My article was never intended to have anyone pull out of the film, afterall they are the ones in contract not me.

    If people, cast and crew members, are in fear and panic there maybe other issues beyond my article that are existing.  What I would suggest, and it is a suggestion that means you don’t have to use it, is that you sit down and use some one-on-one time with these people to find out exactly what are their real concerns.How in the name of all that’s rational can a complete stranger have more power and influence over your work, cast, crew and associates than you do?  

    Please seek out the real problems for the issues you are having on this project. I can assure you it is not my article.

    Kathy E.L.

    • you wished they were having issues on the project. You vile wrath about leil 
      leila djansi is only going to get bigger. i am reading her facebook status ad
      and this is going to be the biggest news yet. I can’t wait to blast it. joy
      never kisses the behind of nobodies. I know what I want for myself. 

      • Joy, I have responded to Leila and from the looks of it she is well able to speak for herself. Why are you so angry? Is it because your incompetence as a journalist has been brought out? Is it because you neglected the basic fundamental principles of journalism which is to verify and substantiate your information before publishing your article? Is it because one reader dared to challenge you for your disrespect of the readers? You assumed that you could publish anything and someone would not question the falsity you wrote, now you are angry. Your lackadasical approach to your work is what has brought this on. You haaving to question whether or not I called several studios to verify information shows that you do not seek to get substantiated information before you go to print. You are too lazy to do any work. I know I called the studios as well as the attorney. I have my phone record to prove it. I am not ‘wishing they were having issues on the project’. Leila stated that in her response. Go read it, she stated that there was ‘fear and panic among the cast and crew’. I did not write that she did. Did you not read it before coming to write this stupidity. Your expressions are coming off as someone who is irrational. You reason from a seat of emotions rather than a place of rationality. Your laziness to write a proper article has insulted the intelligence of readers. Now that it has been brought to the forefront rather than taking responsibility you try to push the blame around. If people are supposedly, ‘in fear and panic’ it is your fault. If you had done your work well no one would have to question your journalistic integrity. Learn to take responsibility for your errors. Learn from them and grow. Stop blaming me for your laziness. It is your journalistic deficit that is now creating this so called problem. You did not only insult the readers but your inability to write with objectivity insulted the project as well. What I did was to educate myself and the readers. Stand up and be the journalist you claim to be. Rather than arguing uselessly with mego do your own valid research and write a proper rebuttal. I am sure many viewers would appreciate that. If Leila is upset because of what I wrote you should keep in mind that is it your incompetence that prompted me to question what you threw in our faces. Consider another career since this is giving you a headache.

  2. GC – why is Leila Djansi’s name in inverted commas – editing ppl.

    #2 – @Leila and her people, why should Kathy or whatever she say have any bearing on your cast and crew? is she an insider? why should what she has to say matter? I beg, do your work and ignore her/stop trying to convince us the PROFESSIONAL actors and actresses are bothered by gossip-mongering.

    • Leila’s name is in inverted commas cos we want it to stand out in the headline and that is the only way to get it…. Crime?

      You cannot bold up in a headline or use italic so inverted commas is the best for any editor who wants to highlight a name in a heading when it comes to online…

      • GOSH!
        Did Turning Point Pictures actually issue this statement? This is the peak of childishness and unprofessionalism. I dont see how any serious production house would issue a response to what was a mere email sent to GC….. and also claim that Kathy is out to discredit them.
        Leila has serious issues. I know it is rude to ask, but how old is Leila? ….and the other member of the team? I cant really believe they issued this statement full of meaningless jargon like “causing fear and panic’ among the production team. This is RIDICULOUS!
        Someone please advice Leila and quickly too. Her outbursts against Akofa, her statement against her former PA, and now this one? shamefully childish. Grow up girl. You do great movies, and we love you. But what is this rubbish personality attitude?

        • damn! so her PA robs her of 40,000 dollars and GC publishes it and she comes out to say some facts were not right now she gets the back end of the stick? damn! you people hate this girl. you hate her for no reason. Akofa stole Leila’s movie, she is allowed to speak about it for christ sake. You people want use people and when they react you label them bad. this is idiocy. 

          its useless this this continuous defense of leila. she will always be bad in your eyes. at least your hate won’t bring her down. Joy, leave them alone ok. the more you defend her the more they hate her. but her work will speak for her. 

  3. when you make ridiculous statements like “you shudder at the look on the faces of actors who think they are going to be in a hollywood movie” what do you expect?

    kathy insulted all the named actors in that movie. you do not have an analytical  mind but a bitter one.

  4. hmmm … seeing the real person behind this commenting …it could also even mean celebrities could come here to comments on their post as well ..with some change of identity though ….

  5. It says a lot about leila djansi’s leadership role if her cast and crew ‘fear and panic’ due to an independent and harmless write up like kathys.(one that raised valid points as well).

    It also says a lot that miss Djansi never addressed any of the issues kathy raised.

    Miss djansi is such a cry baby. Her whining about everything is getting pretty boring now.

    • if a write up claims to have called studios to verufy credibilty of a work and says the name of the work, why won’t actors call the production to find out if things are ok. They are probably wondering about the huge money they have been promised to be paid.
      its about the money and knowing that their friends will not tease them when they say they are working on a certain movie, knowing the movie has been given public ridicule. 
      I guess its only in Ghana that Leila is not acknowledged. go and see her facebook status. funny enough, a Hollywood entity has acknowledged her. 
      your hatred for her is about to be even bigger. when you use all your energy to bring people down, God is compelled to lift them higher.

      • It says a lot about the faith and trust in leila djansi if the actors are worried about the monies they are supposed to be paid due to this.

        Any professional actor who is worried over public ridicule due to an article of kathy’s sort is should go to the job centre and seek a new job.

        • mac, if you have never been paid a 100,000 dollars and you are told that is what you will be paid, won’t it sound too good to be true? yes, the director said some cast from Ghana called her that they read some article here and they are concerned about negative publicity and all that.

          I admire the rebuff from leila and her camp. she does not need to adress any issue kathy raised because kathy raised no issues that are remotely improtant when an “award winning” filmmaker is busy prepping a 2 million dollar picture which by the way is the budget of the new film.

          jealousy go shieeeeeeeee!!! guys I am having so much fun.  you guys are keeping me entertained. bring it on.

      • LOL! Mehn! This Joy chic can be so immature.  I can imagine you saying this in your sulking baby voice, “…I guess its only in Ghana that Leila is not acknowledged. go and see her facebook status. funny enough, a Hollywood entity has acknowledged her.” …WAA!… WAA!… WAAA! Okay, I’m off to her facebook page to see her status and the “entities” that acknowledged her. When I see them, I’ll do some cartwheels and backflips. I might even add a little makossa dance to it.
        It’s like the more you speak, the more you make situations worse. I’m sorry but I agree with Kathy E.L on this one. You had a great part to play in this mess that’s spiralling out of control. I called you Leila’s lap dog cos I know you from other entertainment sites. You spearhead any info or news about Leila and her work. Now that’s not a problem. The problem is how you go about it. There’s just something about the way you present the news that irks people. If someone disagrees with Leila’s work, you get all abusive and condescending. People have a vile reaction to you, and unfortunately Leila gets brought into the loop. Infact, I know people who don’t like Leila and have refused to watch her movies bcos of you. You may think it doesn’t matter since Leila is a “world class” director, but honey, even world class directors need people to watch their movies. All it takes is a bad reputation and your good talent will be worth nothing. You’re a cancer in her team. Get out!

        • oh how funny!! so you hate her but you send her a friend request on facebook. how cute. keep your enemies closer is being taken to a whole new different level.

          I am waiting for Monday morning when certain matters are made public. then I will see where haters will put their face.
          I a rubbing my hands together and penning my article. I really hope I am forgiven and allowed to blast this out of proportion because that is what I do best.

          ahh, leila Jewel djansi. I hail you oh! You and Omotola who is getting a whole new different hate of her own. I hail you too much.

        • I don’t think I see her whining that someone has chosen not to watch her movies because I happen to adore her beyond measure and will write about her or her work. The person is only denying himself of quality viewing pleasure. of course I hope and wish everyone will give themselves  a treat by watching her work, but I don’t think she is crying. if someone says because someone writes positive things about leila they won’t watch her movie, its a simple matter of envy. 

          its like saying because GC insults Nadia to elevate Jackie, you won’t watch a Jackie movie. but all know that is not the case. you will watch a jackie movie.

          you guys hate Leila for the reason that she said to someone, I don’t want to work with you any more. its been 3 years. get over it already. its not that serious. at least my drastic approach helped Jackie stop dressing in those rainbow colors. and, Bob Manuel does not slur anymore nor get roles. don’t think I don’t have any influence. I think I have achieved what I set out to achieve. PEACE!!

        • LOL! You’re a trip. You really are such a cow aren’t ya? Okay, I give up. I’ll leave u to sit in front of your computer with your blood shot eyes holding your cup of coffee, answering all the replies.
          P.S. I haven’t “befriended” Leila yet. You just reminded me. Let me go off  to do that now. Kisses! xoxo!

          *Boatemaa saunters back in*…and oh! Since I’m a big fan of OmoT, I definitely will be watching the movie when it comes out. Tell Leila I said she was smart bringing in Omotola. Maybe now all this “talent” she has will be shown to the world. Gotta go now. Love ya!…don’t forget your coffee now, ya hear. We don’t want you nodding off.

      • Imma barro a phrase i saw on here for Joy D. Ho sit your ass down. I’ve been following dis shyt n u r eider a liar or an idiot. Whr did it any1 call any studio to verify the work. U cant read? It sed call studio to find the definition legal definition of the phrase hollywood film as dey use it it de industry.. U r a real idiot. no wanda u in dis f@#king mess.

        • Joy, you said you made Jackie change her dressing? Are you mad ? Or you are a depressed young woman living a delusional life online? How did you make Jackie change her colour dressing? what did you and when? You have no blog, you write on someone’s  site and you think it is yours? foolishness!

      • my dear u keep bringing up this genny vs leila issue up because it hurts u so much that genny decided not to work with leila,how can someone be fired when u never even hired the person,at least u can see that genny’s career has gone over the roof so she is not complaining,is just funny how u said in the other article that leila’s movies are unrivaled in africa,are u kidding me,there are way better directors across africa that are better than leila,not only that,they are doing more ambitious projects than that of leila so please that don’t keep trying to shove leila down people’s throat,please is it i sing of a well and sinking sands that are the movies that are unrivaled in africa,please tell me something better,the likes of izu ojukwu,kunle afolayan,jeta amata,chineze anyanene,mahmood ali-balogun,tude kelani etc outclasses her by far.

        • lol. lets wait and see who the world acknowledges first. please don’t use chineze’s one film, a student film for that matter to rubbish other filmmakers you have mentioned. a thesis film marked by professors is not enough to rank her among filmmakers. have even seen her movie?

        • if thinking genny is the one who refused to work with leila makes you sleep better at night then lets leave it there. visit my blog on nigeriafilms.. I published gennys acceptance email to leila there. so please. we know the truth.

      • chineze’s film surpasses that of leila’s,u keep talking about her film being a thesis and having professors around the movie project,one question,where is leila’s thesis movie because i believe she has one and she also had professors guideing her too, u can actually see the level of potential chineze got by just looking at her according to u thesis movie,if this is just a thesis movie then imagine what she would do with her upcoming projects,again where is leila’s thesis movie,it is virtually unknown period,please provide the email where genny accepted leila’s project,but even at that is an email a contractual agreement that even requires signature signing which i beleive is the way leila operates.Joy D u are still waiting for who the world will acknowledge first when the world has already acknowledged genny,incase u don’t know genny’s has been recognized by oprah,cnn,has two big international endorsement deals with MUD cosmetics and LUNA milk,what other recognition are u still waiting for,u think we have the patience to wait for ur attention seeking leila that 90% of the time u promote urself,once again u called chineze’s film a student film,but see what a student film has achieved so far,more than anything leila’s movies have achieved,i am glad at least from ur statement u admitted that other film makers are good aswell which is why i wonder why u made that statement that leila’s films are unrivaled in africa,are u suprised the so called student movie is garnering more attention than ur so called leila’s hollywood movie(which is not a hollywood movie afterall),u are asking me if i have watched ije and my answer is yes,now i ask u,do u think watching the first 20 minutes of a movie gives u enoug reason to say a movie is good or bad.

        • chineze is touring Nigeria with her film trying to make her money back, leila sold hers outright for 2.5million to a studio and has put the money into another film. need I say more? this is not about chineze. and FYI leils thesis won 3 awards. you can google it. its called grass between my lips. ije garnered attention in Nigeria, if its that good, why did a studio not pay 2.5 million for it? if you want to use chineze to leverage leila, that is fine. it will help you sleep at night. they are two different people. a thesis film is supervised by professors. lets see what she can do without a kodak grant and professors and Clotilde to help her direct. please. you have no idea how much inside information we have. this is africa in los angeles. we all know each other. a nyama nyma movie like through the glass also did very well.

          if you had even mentioned Anchor baby, I;d have forgiven you. but because you people hate Nzekwe too. shish. you people make me vomit.

      • ok leila sold her movie for 2.5 million,do u know if chineze haven’t sold her too,just because she didn’t come out to trumpet it does not mean she hasn’t found a distributor to by her film,if it will aslo help u sleep at night by going about believeing chineze’s film is just a student thesis film then carry go my dear.I can confidently tell u that chineze can do without the professors and clotilde aswell as the so called kodak grant(which i don’t believe she got because her movie was sponsored and financed by her family) because one she has had a good enough experience from shooting ije,two the likes of kunle afolayan exploded after doing irapada(which was his first feature film) and went on to do a bluckbuster that isTHE FIGURINE(he didn’t need the kodak grant nor did he need professors to do that),thirdly if u are talking about how she would finance her next movie,thats not a problem to her because her family has enough to do that for her.Lady i don’t understand u any more,what brought about the movies Anchor baby,through the class and what brought about people hating on lonzo,or are u just looking for something at random to attack anything genny is involved in while praising ur leila,incase u don’t know lonzo is officially one of my top 5 nollywood directors,and his mind blowing movie Anchor baby is a must buy for me when it comes out on dvd,i really admire lonzo and his effort on that movie,so i wonder how u came up with that statement of people hating lonzo,leila’s thesis won 3 awards while chineze’s thesis won 8 awards,yes chineze’s movie garnered much attention in nigeria so did leila’s movie garner much attention in ghana,if u had that much inside information how come u couldn’t distinguish a hollywood movie from an indie movie

        • ummm. call Kodak and find out. I am sure if leila wanted to send her movie to more festivals she’d have won more than 3. it is you guys who are upset that a movie has been called a Hollywood movie.  out of pure hatred and jealousy. 

          Like I said, if a hollywood movie boils down to only what the big six studios have done, then, its rather unfortunate that half of the famous movies we know must also be called indie films. not hollywood films.

      • i don’t need to call kodak to confirm anything,what i know is that her family financed her movie of which she clearly attested to.Yeah right, like leila didn’t put out her movie to as many film festivals as she could,it is only unfortunate that she recieved 3 awards,nobody is upset that leila’s movie have been called a hollywood movie but we are only just trying to know the actual truth here,if u say we are upset about her movie being hollywood,then i can say in all certainty that u are upset about the success of ije because genny was involved in it.

    • you know the meaning of whinning? i guess you dont cause she is not whinning about anything and i dont her as a cry baby cause she aint crying about shit.

    • well my dear if i have learnt something in life its that when people make a name for themselves dey do anything to protect it.let me give u an example someone want to sell a million dollar corporation.and someone makes an pffer to buy but with conditions that they wil pull out if new goes out they want to buy or there is a little a problem as a problem,lets say the business is for a family and there is a lot of stuff going on in the family they are trying to keep under raps cos of the sale.if the buyer realises the family is not stabel they will easily opt this case the family her would be leila and her funs and haters of cos.and the buyer is the artist and crew she has signed on.i believe they did signed a contract to work with her and not a contract that will generate all this controvesy as to whether they where doing a hollywood movie or not.therefore they will be panic and fear.because as much as they love to work as dramatist,they are human beings and every reasonable human does not appreciate unnecessary drama in thier it is this if i wil get into something and the public will create a lot of fuzz about it,then i would rather avoid that and sit in my home cos i dont want my name on the tabiolt for something like this.cos they usaually believe it will not go well with the kind of image they yes the artist and crew have every right to be much as they are celebs they are first humans and it human nature to get worried over this.

  6. I only understand english words maame so i wouldn’t know what WHINNING means.

    the description of whining however fits leila djansi perfectly

  7. I don’t even understand why she keeps calling her work Hollywood. I’ve never heard of this girl’s name till she directed A sing of a well, and I work for sony pictures.  There’s always drama with her. damn! talk about bad pr.

    • shish. chicken bele. you work at sony. you are a janitor in the break room i suppose? please state your full name and department.  we will google you. and give kudos to a Ghanaian working at Sony. we value our people doing great things.

  8. i want to ask everybody her a quetion.u come out publicly to say am doing this as my next project,u get investors and people to form a team.out of nowhere there is an article in the newspaper or some website calling ur project all kinds of names or taging it as something.people read and someone decised to research into y the writer taged the project as this.meanwhile the owner of the project has not said anything of that sort.all of a sudden there is a battle of words over exactly what the project really is.and a whole lot of humans not everybody is a risk taker and therefore will want to take the first step to do something or get themselves involved in such a i take the risk and get involved only to start hearing all sorts of rumors i wil panic and start worring if it was a good decicion i made or not.and iwill say this agian its callec human nature.n for the record i like leila’s issue cos she never for once issued any press release that her next project was a hollywood pls stop calling the lady names she is dooing a good job so haters stop trying to tier her down.she does not deserve it wrong to complain if some one steals something of urs.first it was a movie and noext was money.believe me its not easy to sit and write a story and creat characters.i dont know how to do it so really respect people who write.its not everybody @ that can put their imaginations on paper and make it believable.

  9. miself. Thank you. you are the only person making sense on this thread. Joy. take note.

    but then, no one cares about making sense when it comes to leila djansi. they are still shocked at her fast rise and success and just don’t want to accept it. the statement she issued is needed and is a good call. she needs to ease the mind of her investors and team. Poor people with no hope of going anywhere do not undertsand that bad press does not help projects.

    but this entire exchange has made it obvious that people are jealous of leila. I have seen articles of BBC, united nations and all and only 4 or 2 or 0 comments. they are happy when they find something to insult her for. the same senanu who robbed her through her PA was again in the news for robbing his sugar mama. Akofa, what movie has she made again or even in the past 7 years until she met leila? genny, who does not know that genny is difficult and arrogant?
    leila got herself mixed with the wrong kind of people and unfortunately, she gets smeared. 

    Leila is not controversial. she is blunt, speaks her mind and walks away. she is not a fama nyame person. she will say it. 

    the other people saying they hate her because joy writes good things about her are jealous. if there is nothing bad to write, should she write it?  why not form your own opinions about a person? are you that small minded that you shape your opinion based on what you have heard?
    keep an open mind. media twists stories. 

    • please tell me how genny is arogant and difficult,how many people has she had issues with over the long period of her career as opposed to leila who in a short period have showcased herself as not only arogant and difficult but also an attention seeker,i don’t mean to say akorfa is right in anyway,but to answer the question most of u are asking whether akorfa has appeared in any other big movie since after the incident with leila,my answer to that is yes she appeared in ELMINA.

  10. it’s quite funny how a project under development could cause such uproar. i think it’ll be better for us to wait till the movie comes out den we can give our assessment. right now, the value of the movie has been overshadowed by these statements and counter statements on it’s association or whatever. i think Kathy should cease fire and allow the movie to come out, let’s see how the producers will market it and what industry it’ll be associated with.
    lemme ask, does Kathy have a personal beef with Laila???

    • Opanin, I have been reading comments but chose to answer you because you wrote a question directed to me. I also think that it is a reasonable question. The answer is no. I do not have a ‘personal beef’ with Leila. I don’t know Leila. My post was a reaction to one solitary article that I questioned one phrase. Suddenly things are blown out of proportion because people took things out of context. The whole point has been missed. My question is yet to be answered. I see things that are apparently historical in nature bewteen this production house and other people being brought up, and I wonder what do they have to do with my question. Is this film under development? Yes. Was it tagged as something? Yes. Did I question that tag? Yes. Was the question answered? No. I would have still asked the question if there were an article written about a film titled, “I don’t what the hell people are thinking” by Johnnycomelately Owusu Brown. If an article labeled it as a “Hollywood film” I would have still asked the author to explain why it is considered to be a “hollywood film”. What the uproar is about I cannot tell you, only the people arguing back and forth can tell you. As far as a ‘beef’ I certianly don’t have one.

      • did the production tag it or did I tag it?

        did you have to say things that discredited the production? you said things like you shudder when you think of the looks on the faces of these celebrities. its not only leila film that has been called a hollywood film. Ije, Ebuwa, Black Gold et all. you could have mentioned Ije, whose director clearly said “I have made the first hollwyood film with hollywood stars” don’t mention a filmmaker who has never personally called herself hollywood. I will send you a link to that info. its here on GC.

        By the way, she has received a BAFTA nod. or do you want to call BAFTA to believe? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

        • my dear please stop giving false information,chineze never said I have made the first hollwyood film with hollywood stars,all she said was that ije was the first nigerian film to pass the hollywood STANDARD,i don’t remember her saying it just as u put it in quote,and if she did,could u please prove it by providing a link where she clearly stated it just as u put it in quote,also chineze never called her movie hollywood,it was journalists like u that carried the hollywood rumour just as u are doing for leila now.

        • Joy D., Please read posts, especially my posts, carefully and completely before responding. If you had taken the time to read the complete article I wrote you would have alleviated all the stress you have placed on yourself. If you had taken the time to read my response to Leila’s post you would most certianly get the primary focus of the original article. You have exercised selective reasoning ability and it shows. Yes, I shudder at YOUR ignorance as a person and a so-call journalist. Take the time to read things through, completely, before responding. As I wrote in my original article as well as reprinted it in my response to Leila, let me do it again for you, here goes; “The writer of the aforementioned article on so-called “Hollywood film” did not clearly state what is meant by the term “Hollywood film” (contextually) as associated with this upcoming film, “Ties that bind”, neither did the writer categorically state that the terminology was used by the producer(s) and director or if she was the person who dubbed it as such.” I clearly stated that I was unsure who dubbed the movie as “Hollywood film”. That sentence alone should let any person with half a brain know that I was talking about the labelling of the movie. I was not discrediting the movie or the production house. For once get something correct. Since I had mentioned that I did not know who made the tag of “Hollywood film” on this movie, you should have taken the time to address and clarify that issue. It is now you are bringing it up, and still you have not made any clarification to that end. What I discredited was the labelling of the movie. Get that point correct too. Did I shudder to see the smiling faces of the ignorant celebrities, who are apparently convinced that they are in a “Hollywood” movie? Yes, I did shudder. You were not with me when I read your unsubstantiated article so you would not know whether or not I shuddered. Were they ignorant of what a “Hollywood movie” is? From your comments and indications of people’s concerns it appears to be so. If they were certian, without a shadow of a doubt, of such “facts” they would not have concerns of whether or not I questioned the validity of what you wrote in your labelling of this film. And that my dear is a form of ignorance. The lack of knowledge of a thing, makes one ignorant of that thing. Please learn how to make deductions and stop your baseless rantings.

      • after reading all the comments from the “for” and “against” sides, i wanna ask anoda question. who did the holly wood tagging?? was the tagging done by the production house or it was done by Journalists????
        this is not the first tym a movie has gotten the hollywood tag in the media. ma other question therefore is, why is this particular one comin from a very particular producer generating such uproar???

        why is it all of a sudden turning into anoda GH, Naija debate??? is it just hating or ders a legit reason why ppl are questioning dis “tag”.?
        i believe Kathy wrote her article to clarify dis hollywood tagging thing but other ppl are takin things way outta proportion. until now, we haven’t questioned this hollywood thing, why now???

  11. hallo!!!!!!!!!! anybody home? I believe I am allowed to say this now!

    for those who don’t know, its the second after the Oscars in the world. (kathy can verufy that)

    the enemies and friends on facebook can go on her page and read about her beautiful gesture at the awards. 

    haterz go burn!!!

    • What? Our very own Leila? What category did she win in so that I can help you spread the good news?!!!….and I truly mean that. Gotta support our own right?

      • 🙂 you guys are reli funny. did you not just insult someone? anyway sha. Is on leilas facebook status. is an achievement award for directing that film that caused all the drama. I sing of a well. congrats to her. i think leila will the first african to win an ascar. bafta is no joke.

  12. Joy D stop this foolishness and answer the one question this girl ask you. Why to talking about everything else except to answer the question?

  13. Joy D the question on the table I believe has always been is Ties that bind a hollywood film. what makes it so. Can you please provide for us readers that answer. Please.

  14. ties that bind is a hollywood film. don’t take it from me. wait till the movie is released. we have inside information on deals.

    kr, just muster courage and talk about the BAFTA.

    see how you can’t even type?

    • Joy D i am not interested in BAFTA, Oscar, LAFTA, DAFTA, FAFTA or any other ta. Don’t tell me what i should want to know. I said answer the question and you tell me about something i didnt ask, then have the nerve to tell i should muster courage about what you want. Gal pls. Why you beating around the bush?

  15. Joy D that’s all you had to say about the film being hollywood or not. all this going on is just tiring. i think if you had said that in the first place it would hv ended everything. we will wait and see for oursleves. pls send the critierias too. thx

  16. Again they Blow everything out of propostion.. PAFF every year gives an honourary BAFTA to a well deserving movie at the PAFF film festival. Last year the movie ” From a Whisper” from Kenya won. Leila is not the first African to win it.Although I agree its an important acheivement I think people are just tired of how Leila and her team have a way of blowing everything up and creating the impression that Leila is the only good Director I Africa, it gets annoying when there are several others like her who are even better. If she claims she didn’t tag her production Hollywood why didn she say anything when people did, because she enjoyed the attention. Then why is she dissociate herself from it. Again if u have the same problem with several people you’ve worked with then I’m sorry but something is wrong somewhere. Joy and Leila are perfect for each other because they are so petty and spit so much venom.

    • jealousy. that’s all it is. she has every right to protect her crew. she does not have problems with anyone she has worked with. She had a probelm with Genny and Akofa, her PA robbed her.

      she has worked with Jimmy twice, Ama K twice, same costume dsigner, same production designer, if I am not wrong, she works with the same team all the time.

      belittle it all you want. have you heard leila blow her BAFTA out of proportion? so what if she does?  it is a crime? many people have won oscars over the years, but anytime anyone wins it, a big deal is made out of it. 

      your jealousy is so obvious now Ruth. so obvious. if it were shirley or genny or someone else that won this, it would have been. oh yes, we knew she could make it. for shame. for shame for this type of jealousy. this is what makes me aggressive and always makes me try to defend this woman. even if it kills me, I will follow you all everywhere and make sure she is not rubbished and abandoned online.
      they post leilas birthday picture, comments are she is ugly, she is old, she is skinny. aba! what on earth has this girl done to you people? 

      • LOL!…What da freak?!!!…What’s up with you and Genny for pete’s sake?!…LOL!…You just can’t seem to get her off your mind huh? I’m trying to figure out where Ruth mentioned Genny or even Shirley in her post. You’re so predictable.LOL! I can just imagine you Leila and the rest of the crew gathering round a big pot of soup at exactly 6 o’ clock everyday, stirring and chanting together: 

        ” Macbeth, macbeth, oh Genny where art thou?…How art we going to get you today-eth?…How art we going to prove-eth our superiority over you today-eth?…Do you not know-eth that we are the best-eth in the world-eth?…You must pay-eth!”

        LMAO! You guys are a trip. 


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