Watch The 83rd Academy Awards On E! Entertainment Television (DStv Channel 124)

Watch'Fashion Police' on E! on DStv in February 2011
Watch 'Fashion Police' on E! on DStv in February 2011

Live from the Red Carpet 2011: Cameras flashing, dazzling white smiles, designer suits, trend setting dresses, international accolade, icon awards, showbiz gossip and of course there’s the speeches… the A-listers are about to embark on their favourite time of the year…

The Awards Season. Get ready for the most exciting and glamorous time of the year… who will cry first? Who will wear the worst outfit? Which Actor will smile through gritted teeth as his award goes to someone else? Who will win the most recognition for their outstanding acting contribution?

See all your favourite celebrities live and find out all the showbiz gossip with E!’s red carpet experts providing commentary and offering their insight as the excitement unfolds.

The only channel to bring you the most comprehensively up to date coverage, join E! on the red carpet and behind the scenes too, at the most prestigious events of the year.

The 83rd Academy Awards:

Sunday 27 February at 01:00 CAT – Live From The Red Carpet: The 2011 Academy Awards

Wednesday 2 March at 14.30 CAT – Fashion Police: The 2011 Academy Award

Giuliana Rancic
Giuliana Rancic

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        • Errrrr sorry but I’m gonna have 2 step in here….the reason why yahoo etc never write “nasty things” as u say is cause 99.99% of the time they won’t bother reading readers’ comments…GC is not like that….we treat our readers like friends and value what thyey have 2 say…but some of da readers wanna act like smart-asses sometimes or whatever issue they have either @ home or with theirselves…they read an article here and start some useless beef ting…it’s not about being able to not take da heat….it’s about CORRECTING readers who jump 2 da wrong conclusion about soooo many things….sometimes people don’t read the articles properly and start chatting breeze about completely baseless things….we will continue 2 reply 2 readers comments cause like I said GC values the opinions of their readers….it’s just that some of da stuff some of u lot come up with sometimes is soooo dutty….just cause it’s a Ghanaian entertainment site so we can’t comment about other things?! 4 REAL?…Perez Hilton, Bossip, etc don’t only comment about celebs in the state…yeah we’re meaning our stories are PRIMARILY about the Ghanaian entertainment industry yeah…but it’s nit LIMITED to just the Ghanaian entertainment industry…kmt…some of u lot need 2 check urself hardcore before u come posting some next dutty comments!

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