Tish’s Corner: Does Ghallywood Have Children Stars… What Happens To All The Children Stars?

There will always be children stars and there will always be those who make the transition to become adult stars. Our own beautiful actress Jackie Appiah started very young, starring in the series “things we do for love” and actor John Dumelo went into acting at an early age.

One important reason for hoisting children into the limelight is to propel the talent and creativity embedded in them.

Many actors/artists we see in Hollywood grew up on screen. Lindsy Lohan, Miley Cyrus, Drew Barrymore, Micheal Jackson, Justin Timberlake and many others. Obviously, Justin Beiber is up next. Most child stars fade away in the blink of an eye; others successfully survive in the industry.

The same could be said of Ghanaian children stars from the 90’s who just fell off the media radar. When we take a trip down memory lane, Grace Omaboe pushed and propelled many kids to stardom with her “”by the fire side” and Fun-world, programs designed for kids. These shows are no longer on TV and these star kids are lost in the spotlight.

Here are some few examples:

All Ghollywood children celebrities are no more, paving way for these semi-n*de and soft p*rn actors and actress……oh! wait, I think I have every right to blame the industry, because these soft p*rn movies on our market will only be a stumbling block and not a stepping stone for these youngsters  to move into the entertainment industry.

It serves as an impediment, restricting and hindering the Ghanaian Movie industry from discovering young and fresh talents.

In societal norms and values, children can only perform in innocuous commercials or non p*rn movies and cannot endanger their physical wellbeing by filming n*ked or engaging in explicit s*xual acts.

The above is what I think is killing the career of our children stars.What do you think can be done in order to have children stars and youthful appearances in Ghallywood and keep them in the lime light as they grow?. We are hungry for some youthful exuberance and not s*x.

Young talents need to be introduced in movies, commercials and series for them to come alive. What are your opinions on this?


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