Disgrace: Nadia Buari Tells A Big Fat Lie About Wearing Oscar De La Renta Gown To The 19th Annual Pan African Films In… The Truth Be Told!

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Nadia Buari In Her So Called Oscar De La Renta Gown
Nadia Buari In Her So Called Oscar De La Renta Gown

Well, I know that it has been stated that Nadia Buari’s news is off limit on GhanaCelebrities.Com, but honestly per an independent person’s investigations, I would like to make known to readers an interesting gist that I have been privy to.

We all, or most of us to some extent admire Nadia’s sense of fashion. She has been one of the most consistent Ghanaian celebrity fabulous dressers. News reaching my ears, however, is that Nadia’s appearance at the recent Pan-African Film Festival held in Los Angeles, California where she wore a stunning gown she claimed to be an Oscar de la Renta has turned out to be a “big fat lie”.

And yes, for those of you who will question whether or not Nadia Buari told anyone her dress was an Oscar de la Renta, yes she did and her PR stated it as such in their press release. I am mentioning this just so we get that out of the way.

The Actress’ dress was so admirable that a certain individual obsessed with Oscar de la Renta’s gowns who saw Nadia Buari’s photo online contacted Oscar de la Renta Company by phone with the intention to make a purchase.

You should know what follows next by now. After Oscar de la Renta’s customer representative on the other side of the phone was provided with a link to the Nadia Buari’s so called Oscar de la Renta’s gown, the representative stated that, “I have never seen that gown”.

That was not enough for the caller and therefore proceeded to suggest that, maybe the representative may not have seen the gown before, hence would want to speak her manager even though the rep stated that she has been with Oscar de la Renta since its commencement of commercial operations.

Oscar de la Renta has a good customer service and as potential customer, the representative called in her top manager who emphatically stated that, she has not seen the gown before, not in their past collections or immediate yet to come out ones.

She further stated that, it does not follow Oscar de la Renta’s “cut” and maybe the person wearing it is just lying about it being their make or it was just for an exclusive photos shoot (meaning that is the only way she might not know its existence since it will not have been for sale and therefore she will contact their Press Office to verify if they arranged such a photo shoot).

Surely, Nadia Buari said she bought hers so the latter part of the manager’s suggestion cannot be even considered.

As a matter of fact, I was so surprised at the other end of the 3 way telephone conversation. Why did she decide to call me for a 3 way conversation you may ask…

I was contacted by this obsessed Oscar de la Renta lover some days back that she knows Nadia Buari is lieing about the gown she worn to the Pan African Film Festival and as such, she had called Oscar de la Renta which their assertion confirms what she is saying.

She wanted to make her findings known to the public and also ask our celebrities and their PR teams to desist from lying about what they wear and the high price they attribute to these stuffs.

I did not believe her claim since I could not fathom any reason why Nadia Buari would pull up such a big lie in the media so I asked her to put me on the other side of the phone and place another call to Oscar de la Renta before I will even think about writing any article to this effect. And she was right, what a big shame!

I have noticed that a number of Ghanaian celebrities go around quoting some ridiculous prices for their clothing, jewellery, bags, etc., and by this article, I am really curious to know whether or not they are outright lying or they are truly deceived about the knock-offs they wear? Where does Nadia Buari fall in here, the former or the latter?

I am not saying that they cannot afford the real deal but if it’s a knock-off don’t go around telling lies. In this day and age where we can verify information you would think that these celebrities and their publicity teams would stop and think before they say things that are not true. You are not deceiving anyone but yourself.

Why can’t these celebrities simply stop lying to their noble fans? Geez! If you doubt this, give Oscar de la Renta a buzz yourself… We will be contacting Nadia Buari’s JMG Media Relations Company that issued the press release which cited her dress as Oscar De La Renta Gown to tell us why the big fat lie…


Nadia Buari In Her So Called Oscar De La Renta Gown
Nadia Buari In Her So Called Oscar De La Renta Gown

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GC Staff

Gossip Mama is one of the dumbest writers you will ever meet. What she lacks for in brains she makes for in.....As a female with some lil sense in her mind, she wants to give it out to the celebs lacking it. If you dont find her glued to the Tv, check her out by the computer bashing some celebrity with words.. I am not a journalist nor do I aspire to be one. I am a blogger who saw the potential of this site and joined the bloggers. And yes, I am biased. I only report on artists/celebrities that I like or find interesting..... [email protected] BBM pin: 2320FEE4


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    1. @kojobee,why wateva?call a spade…a spade n stop this wateva syndrome .i wonder when this product of prostitute cum bastard Nadia buari stop lieing to her stinking mouth.this bastard want to tv3 to say she and essien were going to have a mega wedding n at de end she was dump like a trash but fails to learn something abt lieing.Anyway ,I don’t blame her since she was conceive through a lieing bastard mum n is been said blood is thicker than water.

      1. @Osei, I believe that as much as this site predominantly writes about celebrity gossip some things are off limits. I don’t know you or if you have inside information on Nadia’s family. I believe with every fiber of my being that to insult Nadia’s mother the way you have is disrespectful to every reader who respects his/her mom. Some things are definitely off limit and this is one. The issue was on Nadia’s dress and the truth of the designer, keep that in mind. We should have enough respect for people and know when to draw a line. This is way out of order. Thanks.

        1. @kr,there is no way u can tell me wat to write concerning de Buari’s family since i i kno them more than u do as well as knos wat they re capable of.stick to ur advise.

        2. I think this so called osei is a pest. how can you use this platform to rain insult on a famous family like that of Nadia’s. if you hate them that much for any reason best known to you, go to them. you are nothing but a disgrace to yourself and your family. i dont know you or Nadia either. but by your fruit i have known you to daft.

        3. @kr…….well said and thx! The Bible says, “children, obey ur parents so that you may live long “. this is the only commandment in the Bible with a promise. WATCH YOUR TONGUES GUYS and stop making comments that will impose curses on you.

        1. @ Syn:

          The first tip that you are moron n lunatics, sitting in your mother’s basement waiting for her to serve you your oatmeal and change your diaper was your idiotic post that you post several times on this site. But I gave you the benefit of the doubt because most of the posts here were mature, but somehow your mother didn’t know you snuck on her computer with your soiled diaper dripping dollops of your brain matter from the corner of your rear thigh. You cemented your lunacy with no being able to form a complete sentence in defense of your posts. How sad for you because it confirms whose really idiot and who isn’t. Prayer helps in your case, and so does a heavy dose of medication. Next time you decide to step into an adult posting site, stop! Push your chair back and duck your head beneath your blo.w hole and open wide and swallow. I’ll be calling your mother and letting her know you’re playing on her computer again with your fat little hairy fingers. Suggestion, imbecile n midget syn… take your vitamins, drink your mothers milk and grow up. When you develop some common sense and some form of education beside thumb plugging your waste pipe, then come back and share in the conversation. Until then, exit this platform cause I hear your mother calling you… Foolish syn.

        2. @ Osei. U STILL an idiot. ur ramblings dont make sense. how can u call somebody a bastard?? did she murder ur stupid ass? if u not a fan just express dat and leave it @ dat. no need 2 dig into her family life like dat. Her mother is not an actress here so leave her out of it. r u tryna tell me u dont have ex’s or that ur sisters, if dey want to be called ur sister, and ur mother havent been fucked by someone before she met ur dumbass father? ur sister have had ex’s and were fucked by them too. so SHUT de FUCK up abt ur holier than thou pathertic life. @ miGAYi u still gay

      2. @Osei, u never cease to amaze me. your level of stupidity is so high i wonder if there’s a medicine for it’s treatment. u always deviate from the issue at hand and go on wif your nonsense. is dis the new fad in town??? i sometimes wonder whether u were dropped as a child, cos i think dat affected your brain.
        u claim u know the Buaris, so what???? if her Mum even lies, is she the one we’re discussing. what even makes me mad is the fact dat u can’t even xpress urself well…….pls xplain your last statement, “stick to ur advice.”…only an idiot like u will write dis.

      3. @Osei You’re an idiot. A moron of the highest order. You’re so stupid it’s a wonder and a pity you can remember to breath. Intelligent ideas bounce off your head as if it were coated with teflon

        Shut up and go away lest you achieve the physical retribution your behaviour merits

  1. This is why I love GC. You guys dig out the unexpected. I remember the Yvonne Nelson 4000 euro dress story .

    Personally I think these celebrities are just stupid. Why lie about what you are wearing? Does  it matter? All it matters is if it looks good or not.

    If she was some big celebrity, Oscar De La Renta Gown would have sued her ass if indeed she issues the statement as wearing their gown and it is a lie.

    Boasting would not make you a better or talented Actress Nadia, take lessons on your acting skills rathert than telling lies

    1. 4 mi any time i hear them saying their dress is 4rm dis person and is cost dis or dat i know 4 sure dat they are lieing so pls u hv got 2 stop pls

    1. Why do Ghanaians like you call saying the truth hating? What is hating about someone lying and the truth being found out? 

      1. @Dela, say it again oo. Anytime there is news on Nadia, they accuse GC of hatred but whenever there is news on others, these so called attackers(Nadia’s ass kissers) do not hesitate to bash them. For me, Nadia isn’t a celebrity and i don’t see her as such. There is no other liar like Nadia. She lied about winning an award with Omotola and co which happened to be an appreciation, lied about speaking slangs cos she spent most of her life in the States where as she was living in Takoradi and later to Mfantsiman Girls’ and again lied about being together with Essien whilst she was jilted long ago. I mean what kind of a person is this. Why do some people think that living a false life is actually life. Nadia is surely a disgrace to the good stars that r lifting the image of Ghana cos she makes them look funny funny of stupid in the face of other celebrities outside. I am sick and tired of her constant lies.

    1. It won’t be petty when she gets sued by a huge fashion house for lyin then it will be indepth journalism lol and you’ll get to read it here first GC, no min these ppl oh

    2. It’s a shame, she looks good in the dress. Thing is she can’t have very good advisers because sayin such thing publicly is silly. Now when she really gets a fab designer dress ppl will say its rip off! honestly GC u shud defo stick to your original plan of not bothering with writing about her. 

      1. Did Lindsey Lohan not have advisers too? Or Charlie Sheen? What if Nadia herself decided to concort this kind of lie so that Jackie Appiah will be jealous of her?  I am a big Nadia fan. She is  my gul but this is just too too much kraaaa .   

      2. Yes Nadia pls stop this. your gown is very, very pretty and you were looking good in it, why then did you have to lie? as Goldgurl has clearly said, anytime you purchase any dress of that kind no one will believe you because they are already aware that you have been telling lies. To you advisors of Nadia, please stop selling her negatively to the world ok! Thx!

  2. this nadia and jackie thing is getting too much whats next she stole something come on grow up now this is lame seems like you guys are taking this  too far your so focus in jackie and nadia story’s while there are other celebs around 
    how about E. Smith getting his ban lifted or anything else 

      1. You are so stupid to say this. If others are lieing, it means the truth should be ignored? Is that the defence you can offer to your star now?

        I hate stupid people who will not open their eyes to say the truth when it is needed to be said. If she lied and she is busted, let us not encourage lies

  3. I am shocked. Why are Ghanaian celebrities like this? Cant they stop lieing? Is it by force? If you cannot write, why attempt to spell it?

    Nadia please, if you cant afford it, dont say you are rocking it. This is silly. We always say GC hates on you but you give them the chance to do so.If you did not lie about this, what could they have said? Come on Nadia. We cant keep defending you if you are doing this.

  4. Great scoop Gossip MaMa!!! She shouls have known from the brassiere portion of the gown that it could never pass as a Oscar De La Renta, not even as a knock-off. This designer hates doing fitted gowns adn would never I mean never use sequence toned fabrics from top to bottom.

    1. I was saying the same thing yaa. De la Renta dont make fitted gowns that much. LOL SHAME ON YOU NADIA. Oscar can sue her then she will know how bitchyy she acted and lied over this i mean come on what is wrong with wearing a dress that is not made by a popular designer? does it make or break you? no it doesnt so why lie over it.. hmm smh at her. she needs to grow the fuck up!

      1. Maame you ask an honest question, What is wrong with choosing from respected African designers?

        I cannot squarely place the blame on her because reporters like to ask who designed your gown and if you say a designer no one knows, you rarely get mentioned in the glossy magazines.

        1. When Halle Berry won her oscar she wore a dress by a virtually unknown designer. She was proud of the gown and respected and appreciated the designer enough to tell the truth. You don’t have to wear a well-known designer’s clothes to be fab but as a celebrity you can help an unknown person’s business grow. Oprah is famous for that. Maybe Nadia should look at that.

  5. GC has neva said anything bad about Juliet Ibrahim before, why??
    Y’all can’t tell me she aint got bad sides. Example,her bustup with the spectator guy n also that with Roselyn….Hello ?or y’all aint in GH.Im sensing ,you guys at GC are trying hard enough to tarnish the image of other celebrities ….bt this na lie.

    1. @Claude, it sounds like you have some great inside stories. I would like to hear abt them. Consider sending some of these facts to GC and see what becomes of them. If they ignore these stories then the assumption that they are only focused on Nadia can be made.

    2. I also wondered why GC failed to report on the Juliet Ibrahim and the spectator guy story. I heard it on peace fm’s entertainment review. To me, every media (blogs, tv, newspapers, etc) is biased in one way or the other. This Juliet girl was actually upset that Roselyn Ngissah was on the cover instead of her. You know why they glorify Juliet, she’s always willing to offer interviews and send pictures to GC. Surprise party? uhuh

  6. Lied dress or stolen dress,dis gurl looked gud n hot in her dress..awwww dis gurl is too beautiful..daaaaaamn hotness is ya middle name..born wit beauty not like de others who r forcin to look gud n even dat no koraa it doesn go well..

    1. hahaha ..girl u funny .. well as i always say she got great sense of fashion ..but hmm
      its not a big deal she lies ..every celebritiy lies to impress fans ..so they should give us break that she lied .she got flaws as every other person …

  7. Seriously? wow… I can’t believe people are wasting their time digging into peeps business. Damn Ghana, instead of focusing on the destruction going on in Japan and praying for them, we are here fretting about Nadia’s dress. if it’s Oscar de la renta or grammy de la renta…. who gives a rats ass? Just leave the poor girl alone and focus on more important things…

  8. G.C u ppl r so stupid dis article is just a waste of time nd space u never cease 2 amaze me on how u can turm one small little thing about nadia into an all out hate war i thought u said no more nadia news on dis webiste i’m not shocked at all about how stupid and jealous ppl can be stop wasting our time with idiotic articles like dis i luv nadia nd i wuld rather u ppl follow ur promise not 2 write about her nymore i’m so tired of ur stupidity hating on her GET A LIFE…..STOP HATING IS NOT NICE AND NOBADY CARES

    1. I wish GC bans you for the insult. Did anyone force you to read? Is it by force to come here? Why are you insulting them. If they are stupid, why do you keep coming here then? why dont you find somewhere else or something else to do with you time?

      If it is an idiotic article, why are you reading and commenting? 

      Chris, can you please ban this bitch since all she is doing is insulting and nothing else.  It is either you read or dont read. This is so silly like someone has put a gun on your neck to log on here or to read idiotic articles.

      You rather seem like the stupid one here because you keep coming to read from stupid people. 🙂

      1. plz my sista not dis moring i read da article nd now i am voicing my opinion there r so many other comments on here dat r worse but u choose mine to argue with plz my sista leave me u can not tell me how i shuld feel so plz i did not ask u 2 comment on my comment let him ban me but i did not ask 4 ur opinion so leave me alone ah.

  9. GC has neva said anything bad about Juliet Ibrahim before, why??
    Y’all can’t tell me she aint got bad sides. Example,her bustup with the spectator guy n also that with Roselyn….Hello ?or y’all aint in GH.Im sensing ,you guys at GC are trying hard enough to tarnish the image of other celebrities ….bt this na lie.

    My sista u r speaking da truth all G.C wants to do is tarnish ppls image

  10. GC we av had enough of u wit da nadia hatin staff.dar ar alot of stories u can dig in2 ,why? Are u out of story.4rm Yvonne 2 nadia.dis one be personal attack

  11. all these GC journalist are funny at times,infact all african jornalsits are funny,it is true that this is how journalism and paparazzi is done abroad but that doesn’t mean that u all should copy everything the west does,sometimes we should try to do things differentlly liek for example making credible and relevevant articles and reports,it might be true of what nadia did but common it is begining to like like a conspriacy theory of late with everything about nadia,how come you GOSSIP MAMA have never ever done such a work no pay research on ur generally adored GC celebrity jackie,what stops u from doing that(remember it doesn’t have to be about her fashion wear,it could be anything),mind u i am not a fan of either,but lets call a spade a spade GC is not being fair in their journalism in this case,the funny thing is that nadia is not a media person,that is she is not one that always want attention to be on her,u hardly see her at social gatherings or even interviews(which people mistake for being a snob),yet GC will always find a way to down play her.Whatever u guys have against this young women(because i don’t see what she has done) don’t use it to tarnish her image and destroy her career for no just cause.

    1. The only problem with your suggestion is that African celebs have had a taste of the typical celebrity attention and they want the free dresses and publicity. They don’t want the press that goes with it. If the African celebs want to live the western celeb lifestyle then they will end up with the same pap treatment. simples. 

      1. goldengurl my dear,u still don’t get my point,my point boils down to !!! do we have to actually copy everything the west does!!!,lets take this nadia case for example,does the media (in this case GC)have to run her down just like the do in the west,first of all this whole GC attack on nadia did not begin with this fahion lie or whatever,they have practically used every means to run her down,the have gone to the extent of making issues of her where there was no issue to begin with.I don’t understand your sugesting that they be treated the western paparazzi way since the want to live the western celeb life style,if u are sugesting that why don’t u suggest to the african movie players in general to up their games and do movie that would march those of the west.

  12. to be a star is not easy koraa. how could someone go extra mile to call a designer shop to verify what someone is wearing. even if she is lying, so what? who hasnt lied before? is this new? even hollywood stars lie. ano3yaafo), me ny3 sure s3 may3 obi nti mma obia ny3 me. meda mo ase.

    1. What if she get sue by this famous designer.You Nadia buari’s fans always think someone is hating on Nadia.Cant u guys to see this girl is trying so hard to be in Hollywood.I really like her acting,but in Hollywood.I knw the true hates.


    1. u live and work in the US, contirbuting to the grown of their economy and u think u have the right to question somebody….what makes them your celebrities????? woy3 adwi paaaaa

  14. Over all i think it’s interesting how all these actresses from Ghana are all trying so hard to copy the West USA and EU!!! Ladies just be your self and embrace the African cinema. If your dress is by an African designer, so be it.

    I often read on this site about how actors and actresses wanna work in Hollywood. Hollywood is not interested in Africans trying to be Westerners!!!! Keep this is mind.

  15. Sometimes I feel like laughing for some comments some people make on issues it becomes clear that because of free speech anybody writes anything which has no head or tail I also some times read some comments which make me feel happy that I wish I know that person. Let us make good use of this meduim by sharing and discussing intelligent topics without insults or personal attacks because
    this is the only way our nation can develop instead of supporting we are here crashing them I mean as for GC there is more celebs out there shouldn’t always be about Nadia and Jackie see what’s happening around the world but yet we got time to talk about who s wearing a fake or real thing 
    GC I don’t have anything against you guys your doing a great job connecting ghanian around the world to debate but it will benefit more if we had news coming in from around the globe there are so many things happening around the globe but yet al we talk about is things that are not important at all so come with some good stuff show some love towards our celebrity’s even if they not your favourite respect t someone’s Image 
    Mr Miyagi aka Sensei has spoken peace out 

    1. Your assertions are shallow. Do you know how many times TMZ writes about Lindsay Lohan in a week or black american blogs write about Nikki Minaj or Rihanna in a day?

      If Nadia keeps popping up in the news, she will be written about. You dont just write about someone unless there is something about or they make news. 

  16. SO WHAT? i thought GC said they would not publish anything about Nadia again? the dress was so cute on her , that is all it matters. GC hate Nadia sooo bad that u guys have to go to this extend to destroy her emerge. but it will work, baby Nadia keep standing like Marcy Johnson standing in Naija. do not even move an inc and all your enemies will fall on your feet.

  17. SO WHAT? i thought GC said they would not publish anything about Nadia again? the dress was so cute on her , that is all it matters. GC hate Nadia sooo bad that u guys have to go to this extend to destroy her image. but it will work, baby Nadia keep standing like Marcy Johnson standing in Naija. do not even move an inc and all your enemies will fall on your feet.


  18. R u a constant GC reader?where d hell r u coming from n commentin sometin entirely contradictory to the article.if u are a Gc reader u wld know that GC writes abt what is to be said n made known to d public,not jst hearsay gibberish.akosua,go dig a hole n bury urslf in it cus u r talkin trash.kmt

    1. i do not comment on any unnecessary article. if u have notice, i only comment on article that GC tying to damage our celebs image. but when-ever i comment, i do not trash anybody, get a life and stop hating our beautiful celebs. weather the dress was borrow, rented, stolen, or even lie the most important thing is that dress was cute on her and u should be proud of her that she has the sense of clothing

  19. i dnt c why dat akosua aka claude is vomitting!idiots if u dnt hv anytin to say disappear asap!rasclat! GC why do u alwys wana create wahala for these celebs arghh! hmm,anyways make dem stop tryin to fit in!is not by force u mention what ur wearing if ur interviewed cus noone really cares!kmt

  20. Osei, the second sentence of my comment to you states, ……”I don’t know you or if you have inside information on Nadia’s family.” I know that I do not know you and I never said you do not know the Buari family. Please read what I’ve written. Learn to respect people. We all have our likes and dislikes but to go about it in an uncivilized and uncultured manner only reflects badly on you. Exercise restraint. Did this woman sleep with you? Are you the ‘bastard’ father of Nadia? Were you there when Nadia’s mom conceived her? Is that why you know that she is a ‘lying bastard mum’? Come on, some things are way out of line and off limits. No one else may want to say this to you. You don’t have to take any advice. I never said that. What I will say is that as a reader here your comment made me sick to my stomach. To attack Nadia’s mother through and article about Nadia’s dress is uncoth and uneducated. This is a depraved mind that would fail to exercise restraint. Nadia’s mother is a wife and an elder person. She has not cast herself in the limelight. The same way you want me to stick with my comment because you claim to, ‘know what they are capable of’ is the same way I don’t need to be subjected to disrespectful comment of people who do not deserve. Keep your rude comment to yourself and I will keep my comment to myself.

  21. Am a Jamaican living in South Florida, USA and I love my African people, but must you guys tear down each other like this? We have so many orphants and elderly people who needs our help each day to survive. come on people cut the bulls and lets get to work. Enough of this drama about who wears what I couldn’t give a damn.

      1. i B.B I’ve sent my money to help orphants in Nigeria and hav taken clothes, money and food to families in Jamaica that I don’t even know because I care. Can you say the same? I put my money where my mouth is o.k. You realy don’t want to start nothing with me am not the one!!

        1. of course i can say the same too darling. if you’re really doing as you say then may God richly bless you in order to have more to be able to give out more.

          stay blessed!

    1. B.B, it’s funny o….i think it has to do with the africans obsession wit LABELS…i remember bak in the days, we used to go to kantamanto to look for tags of famous labels.these tags we brought home nd stitched into our pants or shirts…..lol

    1. seriously i think so too…G.C is more about destroying ppl’s reputation>> i guess it’s only 1 person they love in the entertainment industry >>jackie appiah.. i love her too tho.. we are supposed to supposed to push our people to da top not bringing them down… am a fan of G.C but the hate on NAdia is just appalling…aah!!

    1. i don’t know where dis Menaye nonsense is coming from. the lady hardly even steps on our shores….geez

  22. Is this neccessary? Why always gossip about people? Look at what has happened to japan, all these shows that the world is going to an end. People be wise and give your lifes to Jesus, cos He is coming soon. Where are we going to stand when He comes? That is a serious question so think about it very well and give your life to Jesus. Amen

  23. this celebrities are just liar, they should have wake up from their stupid dreams long time ago, whenever u listen to their interviews they are all dreaming about hollywood. well, hollywood star love what they are doing and pay a lot of attention to it, so people respect them and admire them. but instead of us to pay attention on our work and stop this wannabe hollywood stars, hollywood doesn’t pick any actress or actor from somewhere, they pic intelligent actress and actors. they should accept the fact that they work in africa not ammerica, and they show make good movies so that the whole world will revognise us too , and shouls stop stealing hollywood movies and bollywood movies. Nadia is trying to be some Beyonce or rihanna or some hollywood star. the fact they don’t respect the jobb that they are doing in africa they will never get people to admire them, not even we africans are going to admire them. well african designers and stop this wannabe hollywood star. and if somebody express their opininon it doest mean the person hating. why should we hate. after all that don’t provide for us.

  24. Fault finders u always wish people to fall then u become satisfied what legacy have u left that in the near future it will be an advantage for our future leaders that your names will be mention in the four corners of the world. Pls leave Nadia alone whether her dress is from De La Renta or not what is ur problem why did u fish out to know why in other to bring her down or what I think u r now satisfied of what has happen to her now u always what her down fall i guess u hate her because she has made it to the TOP what about u what have you done to your country ask yourself this question at least she has try her best to raising the flag of Ghana high what have you done to Mother Ghana ask yourself now. Nadia continue to dream big!!

  25. So what? why don’t you mind your business and stop talking bad about people who are trying to do something with thier life. If she is a prostitute or not, if she is a lie or not. She is getting paid, she is beautiful than all of you haters. And she is having a blast in her life. You people get life homo sappiens.

  26. Dela is right.  They could have sued your ass for that lie.

    I think she probably was just joking, and having fun with that lie.

  27. what else can celebrities say, ghanaians always want lies so they also try to cook us what we want, we Africans believe that anything bought cheap is definitely regarded as worthless, am sure if she had said she bought her gown at Kantamato u people will still say.


    1. Ghanians are dumb? We talk to much? All because you don’t believe it WTF are youndoing here in the first place anyway dude or dudes you the WTF you are You are ridiculous and obnoxious. You are the moral equivalent of a leech. You are a living emptiness, a meaningless void. You are sour and senile. You are a disease, you puerile one-handed slack-jawed , drooling meatslapper. You smarmy lagerlout git. You bloody woofter sod. Bugger off, pillock. You grotty wanking oik artless base-court apple-john. You clouted boggish foot-licking twit. You dankish clack-dish plonker. You gormless crook-pated tosser 

  29. @nangolo or whatever,u are an idiot!hw dare u come on here n insult us simply cus u dnt believe a story?if u dnt believe why not pick up ur fone n cal oscar de la renta himself n ask,instd of ranting like a lunatic?idiot!i bet u r frm a famished country dats why u cnt even write well!starvation will kill ur ass.hw did u even find a pc to type?better use d pc for ur usual 419 job n stp commentin garbage.i hv bn very quiet abt all dis nadia’s dress issue cus there r already enuf comments to be read,bt u cnt come on here n insult ghanaians n go free!dumbass!if her dress is fake or not,is her damn business,she shld be wise now n learn to stop talking abt her dresses she wears in interviews cus noone gives a damn as to what designer she puts on,cus africa is not hollywood where by designers themselves wld ask a celeb to wear their cloth to an event!does she know how much a dress sewn by a designer wld cost?those dresses we see on ladygaga,rihana,beyonce n d rest r not always theirs,they r dresses given to them specially by designers to promote their designs n after that they can return it or work out deals,they even get paid to wear designers dresses!if they were buyin one dress at 5000usd per event they wld all go broke along the line,so pls spare us d details all nadia fans n leave this article to rest!gosh!is just common sense,leave her be,if she wanna keep up with her lies she can cus is a free world,if she changes thank God,but we are tired of recievin notifications on this one topic.kmt

  30. Comments in and out, people insulting and others making points and sense. I am just adding my 2 cents….

    As I stated on saturday’s GC Entertainment Radio Show, this is sad becos, if the dress Nadia had on was made by even a local designer (Ghanaian), as much as we are all saying it looks great, wouldnt it be a boost of business for the designer if she had not lied and just mentioned it as it is?

    One celebrity who does this a lot is Oprah. She hardly rock the top brands, good unknown and upcoming designers reach her with their clothings, when she likes them, she rocks them to give them the publicity and exposure needed. In fact, it pulls other celeb clients for them…

    Is that not the wise thing to do? We need to look at this beyond the usual insults some of you guys throw on here. She must be admonished for the lies and be point at her place. Next time someone wears something great, they should mention the real designer and not lie, then in return, they will be helping the designer to get the exposure and pull in more customers…

    1. are u a girl or a boy? if u’re a girl, i accept the fuck in gud faith but if u’re a boy, den jah fire burn u.

  31. most people cant even distinguish between designers if this site had not made it known that Nadia lied about her designer. i will advice this site not to hang celebrities in the air for especially those who do not know their left from their right to insult them. its rather unfortunate and painful.

  32. hahaha i know am late but this is some pure comedy shit, i mean what do some people take us for, oscar de la renta indeed, even some hollywood stars has to borrow his clothes for events, foh

  33. What’s with all the hate? I am sure if Nadia had said she picked the dress from the bend down boutique at Tema Station you would have been the happiest man on earth. Now tell me Mr Big author did you proof read what wrote. Instead of sitting down to learn simple grammatical constructions you wake up from your bed and engage in totally useless gossip with the intention of disgracing your fellow human being? Are you aware that there are people in Ghana who flock to Circle once a year, during Joy FM’s Easter Soup Kitchen just to eat one decent meal? Simply because you managed to afford a ball of kenkey or whatever it is you eat daily you cannot think about important issues that affect human existence, but to embark on smear campaigns against people. Who give a donkey’s backside if she lies about being the daughter of the Dalai Lama, or she lies about wearing a dress made by Barack Obama? Have you ever sat down and taken account of the number of lies you tell in a day, let alone once in a while during occasions like the one you talk about? It amazes me that after doing this despicable thing you go to your 2×4 room and sleep easily, knowing that you’ve just spewed unnecessary garbage about someone you probably hardly know.