Disgrace: Nadia Buari Tells A Big Fat Lie About Wearing Oscar De La Renta Gown To The 19th Annual Pan African Films In… The Truth Be Told!

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Nadia Buari In Her So Called Oscar De La Renta Gown
Nadia Buari In Her So Called Oscar De La Renta Gown

Well, I know that it has been stated that Nadia Buari’s news is off limit on GhanaCelebrities.Com, but honestly per an independent person’s investigations, I would like to make known to readers an interesting gist that I have been privy to.

We all, or most of us to some extent admire Nadia’s sense of fashion. She has been one of the most consistent Ghanaian celebrity fabulous dressers. News reaching my ears, however, is that Nadia’s appearance at the recent Pan-African Film Festival held in Los Angeles, California where she wore a stunning gown she claimed to be an Oscar de la Renta has turned out to be a “big fat lie”.

And yes, for those of you who will question whether or not Nadia Buari told anyone her dress was an Oscar de la Renta, yes she did and her PR stated it as such in their press release. I am mentioning this just so we get that out of the way.

The Actress’ dress was so admirable that a certain individual obsessed with Oscar de la Renta’s gowns who saw Nadia Buari’s photo online contacted Oscar de la Renta Company by phone with the intention to make a purchase.

You should know what follows next by now. After Oscar de la Renta’s customer representative on the other side of the phone was provided with a link to the Nadia Buari’s so called Oscar de la Renta’s gown, the representative stated that, “I have never seen that gown”.

That was not enough for the caller and therefore proceeded to suggest that, maybe the representative may not have seen the gown before, hence would want to speak her manager even though the rep stated that she has been with Oscar de la Renta since its commencement of commercial operations.

Oscar de la Renta has a good customer service and as potential customer, the representative called in her top manager who emphatically stated that, she has not seen the gown before, not in their past collections or immediate yet to come out ones.

She further stated that, it does not follow Oscar de la Renta’s “cut” and maybe the person wearing it is just lying about it being their make or it was just for an exclusive photos shoot (meaning that is the only way she might not know its existence since it will not have been for sale and therefore she will contact their Press Office to verify if they arranged such a photo shoot).

Surely, Nadia Buari said she bought hers so the latter part of the manager’s suggestion cannot be even considered.

As a matter of fact, I was so surprised at the other end of the 3 way telephone conversation. Why did she decide to call me for a 3 way conversation you may ask…

I was contacted by this obsessed Oscar de la Renta lover some days back that she knows Nadia Buari is lieing about the gown she worn to the Pan African Film Festival and as such, she had called Oscar de la Renta which their assertion confirms what she is saying.

She wanted to make her findings known to the public and also ask our celebrities and their PR teams to desist from lying about what they wear and the high price they attribute to these stuffs.

I did not believe her claim since I could not fathom any reason why Nadia Buari would pull up such a big lie in the media so I asked her to put me on the other side of the phone and place another call to Oscar de la Renta before I will even think about writing any article to this effect. And she was right, what a big shame!

I have noticed that a number of Ghanaian celebrities go around quoting some ridiculous prices for their clothing, jewellery, bags, etc., and by this article, I am really curious to know whether or not they are outright lying or they are truly deceived about the knock-offs they wear? Where does Nadia Buari fall in here, the former or the latter?

I am not saying that they cannot afford the real deal but if it’s a knock-off don’t go around telling lies. In this day and age where we can verify information you would think that these celebrities and their publicity teams would stop and think before they say things that are not true. You are not deceiving anyone but yourself.

Why can’t these celebrities simply stop lying to their noble fans? Geez! If you doubt this, give Oscar de la Renta a buzz yourself… We will be contacting Nadia Buari’s JMG Media Relations Company that issued the press release which cited her dress as Oscar De La Renta Gown to tell us why the big fat lie…


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Nadia Buari In Her So Called Oscar De La Renta Gown
Nadia Buari In Her So Called Oscar De La Renta Gown

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