Weekly Discussion, Let’s Get Talking: The Baby Mama & Baby Father Drama, Would You Go For Someone With A Baby Already?


You can call me shallow but one of my rules and maybe the reason why I am still single is that, I do not do men with baby mothers.

The whole baby mama drama is too much for me and I do not even have the heart to take it. I cannot accept my man making regular visits to his baby mama’s house to see his son or daughter. How do I know what goes on there when these visits are made?

I have male friends who have baby mamas and even though they are in serious relationships, they occasionally “bang” their baby mamas. Since I know this, do you think I will even consider a man with a baby somewhere?

I know it is not by choice that all men or women are left with children without a relationship, but I cannot deal with any man with a baby somewhere. To hell with the baby father drama… What about you?

Do you have a baby? Are you being pushed away or not being taken seriously in relationships because of your baby? Do you know of anyone going through this whole baby mama or baby father drama? What is your take on this? Let’s get talking….


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2 thoughts on “Weekly Discussion, Let’s Get Talking: The Baby Mama & Baby Father Drama, Would You Go For Someone With A Baby Already?”

  1. put it this way some guys are ok with females having children and then there are those who aren’t i think it’s mainly because they’re not ready for children or they don’t want any drama from the baby’s father or they’ve simply had a bad experience with them in a past relationship but that doesn’t mean that you will never find anyone have a wonderful first date and casually ease it into the conversation and ya know just let him know that you’re not looking for a father for your child but that you just want to meet someone nice to chill with and have fun who’ll be accepting to the both of you and wouldn’t mind getting to know you the last thing you want to do is to prolong telling him that you DO have a child because if he really starts digging you and decides he wants to become more and you still haven’t told him then what do you think will happen? somebody’s leaving hurt That’s why there is a saying that goes 
    – A woman with children is considered damaged goods by many men Unless the man has intentions on the children. 
    – A full time single father is sometimes considered desirable to other women, until they are ready to procreate with same said man. Then the previous children are a threat.
    – With so many unknowns, are you willing to trade your children for companionship?

  2. Hmmmm the thing is the older you get the more likely it is they you will need to accept the man/woman are likely to have children. I think it would be unrealistic say of me to expect a man over the age of 35 not to have kids, even though of course there are, but if they did then I guess it would depend on the circumstances, like for instance it would be a great bonus if they lived in a diff country ;-D but to be honest as GM said it is so likely when a man goes to visit his kids he will still be knocking boots with the mother of the baby even if he says he can’t stand her! not to say it couldn’t be vice versa of course! 


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