Disgrace: Nadia Buari’s PR Firm Drops Her As A Client For Her Big Fat “Oscar Dela Renta Gown” Lie…

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Nadia Buari In Her So Called Oscar De La Renta Gown
Nadia Buari In Her So Called Oscar De La Renta Gown

When we broke the investigative news on struggling Ghanaian  Actress “Nadia Buari” & her PR Firm “JMG Media Relations” throwing out a big fat lie in their post 19th Pan African Film Festival Press release which stated that, the black gown Nadia Buari rocked for the event was Oscar Dela Renta made, many failed to see the sense in that publication. Now, are you seeing how serious such an issue can turn out to be?

In this contemporary world, throwing out such big lies in relation to top designers can easily land one in a lawsuit. No PR firm would like to be sued and put under scrutiny or closed down because of a single client.

I am not therefore shocked that few days after our publication which exposed the lies charmed out by Nadia Buari, JMG Media Relations have decided to drop Nadia Buari as a client in order to safeguard their reputation and avoid any lawsuit.

I am waiting for a day that some of our celebrities will learn and begin to understand that, it takes a lot more to go to Hollywood of which falsehood is not an ingredient.

Maybe Nadia Buari will go free with this since Oscar Dela Renta may not see any compensatory reason in suing her, after all, how much can she pay them? Their legal cost alone will outweigh how much she can pay them if they result to the court.

Anyway, Nadia Buari is now a free agent so any interested PR Firm can contact her but do not forget that she will land you into a lawsuit with unnecessary lies…

Click Here To View The Letter Sent In From Nadia Buari’s PR Firm

Nadia Buari In Her So Called Oscar De La Renta Gown
Nadia Buari In Her So Called Oscar De La Renta Gown

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