Rejoinder: Nadia Buari’s PR Firm Drops Her As A Client For Her Big Fat “Oscar Dela Renta Gown” Lie…


Nadia Buari In Her So Called Oscar De La Renta Gown
Nadia Buari In Her So Called Oscar De La Renta Gown

As a Nadia Buari fan and above all, a very objective and reasonable person, I have decided to have my say about the above story loudly heard.

I am more than certain that the person/victim in the middle of this drama “Nadia Buari” will not say anything. Nadia Buari we all know is not a media person; neither does she seem like the person who will come out to address this issue no matter how hard it pinches and hurts her.

I am not a spokesperson for Nadia Buari. I do not know her personally; I am just another loving fan who is able to see beyond what the media on the face of issues put out there.

We all know Nadia Buari is not an angel; surely she is not also a devil. Even if she is the latter, she is not the only devil in any industry such as the Ghanaian Movie Industry fully filled with several demons, back stabbers, gossipers and liars. However, her calm and non-candid nature is making people run over her freely without a defence or stand up from anyone for her.

Today, I will try and point out to the various GhanaCelebrities.Com readers certain things I find bizarre about the development of this Nadia Buari and PR Firm issue. If GhanaCelebrities.Com is indeed a platform for all, then I am hoping to see this given the necessary audience else I would tag Chris-Vincent and his team as PHD (Pull Her Down) individuals.

If anyone has a good memory like me, the person would remember that few weeks ago, Chris-Vincent (Ghanaian Celebrity Blogger and owner of this site-GhanaCelebrities.Com) personally wrote a lengthy article in which he said that, Nadia Buari has hired a US based PR Firm, a firm he doubts their competence and knowledge among other things. You can read this article from Here

In that article, he stated that the PR Firm lacks certain ethics, their operations were amateur and to him, they do not know what they are about. He therefore admonished Nadia Buari to quickly drop them before they help sink her career.

What happened after that article to today is where the missing link is placed. After the above article, I think Nadia Buari also had an ill feeling about this PR Firm but as a wonderful woman, she decided to give them a chance to prove themselves beyond what a blogger would merely say after dealing with them.

Then started the “Oscar Dela Renta Gown” drama. I will not try to justify or defend Nadia Buari for lying. But why didn’t the PR Firm cross check before issuing a statement to that effect?

Did Nadia Buari emphatically ask them to put in their Press Release that the gown she was wearing is that of Oscar Dela Renta? What does this say about such a PR Firm?

After this press release, the drama gets heated up and all of a sudden, you issue a statement to drop your client going through a Media bash. What does this once again say about the PR Firm-JMG Media Relations?

Also, Why didn’t they tell us in their letter their reasons of dropping her rather than opening it widely for all sort of interpretation?

How are we not sure that, Nadia Buari rather dropped the PR Firm because they lack the professionalism she deserves and wants but because she is a calm and non media person, they have quickly come to the media to paint her black and tarnish her hard earned reputation? I wish all readers will give this an objective evaluation.

By: Tracy / MaryLand / United States Of America

E-Mail: [email protected]


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38 thoughts on “Rejoinder: Nadia Buari’s PR Firm Drops Her As A Client For Her Big Fat “Oscar Dela Renta Gown” Lie…”

    • It is either you are stupid or ignorant or uneducated. Which one are you? Tell me?  Dont you know only people who work on the site can publish so whatever someone sends to them must be put on here by them hence you will see their signature there?

      Cant you see the one who wrote it has her name below the article? How did some uneducated people like you manage to come here or get internet access at all? Damn, only on GC!

  1. God bless u whoever wrote this article.for me dis oscar watever gown isnt enuf reason to drop her.nd clearly she didnt say dat in any interview,it was put in their press release so how re we even sure nadia even said dat.i wish nadia can come out nd da clear air.hmmm

  2. i jus want 2 say thank u 2 who ever wrote dis article its about time someone put some sense into dis blog. Nadia doesnt deserve evrything dat happened i wish she wuld speak out nd clear da air but i dnt blame her 4 not speakin out bcuz if she did u guys wuld probably twist up her words nd make it seem like all of dis was her fault

  3. If u had half my education, ur posts wouldn’t smack of such retardness.

    Publishing isn’t the same as authoring if u didn’t author then take your signature of it.

  4. Tracy, thanks for the reminder that Chris/GC had put it out there that caution should be used with this PR firm. So the complaints that GC keeps attacking Nadia and the bias”ness” towards Nadia is obvious can get a second look. Thank you so much.

  5. whether the PR firm dropped her or the vise versa, i don’t care, all i know is the lady lied. something she could have avoided so easily. 

      • @Akua ..well said .i dont knw why people always bring her relationship with Essien up anytime there is article abt her if she is the only who has suffered bad relationship and walked out …
        U Ama ,if are not married by now ..havnt u broken up many times with guys . and even if u are u married ..didnt u go out of bad relationships before meeting ur husband ? ..and does that make u a ridiculous or bad person ? certainly No …
        these things are life ecpierence one is supposed to learn from …

  6. Nadia has a low self-esteemed; what is wrong with wearing Mawuli Ekudzator or Fantasy of Ababio or any unknow lebel which makes beautiful dresses? Can she afford Oscar de la Renta??????? How on earth did she think that such a lie will remain burried without exploding into such self damaging scandal? Serves her right, i would have wish Oscar de la Renta sues her. To other SO called Local STARS, know on which platform to lie. Shame on you Nadia.

  7. LMAO smh I just sat reading all posted comments and I can’t help but laugh my ass out. Ei!
    LoL now what i can’t tell is who might find what i’m posting offensive and send me a nice package of ”Hybrid Insult” (Mixture of any local language and english). I just like every comment posted. 🙂


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