Love & Relationship: Why Being Friends With An Ex Is A No-No…You’ve Been Warned!


WARNING: This does not apply to exes who have children and share custody. Please look away if you have a child with your ex. But keep reading if you are willing to  agree to the points below and want to share them with your friends..

When relationships don’t go the way it is expected and you decide to go your separate ways, do you still keep in touch and try to be friends or do you become each others worst enemies in the history of mankind? Some would say being friends with your ex might not be an ideal way of moving on.

After all there is a reason why you broke up. On the other hand, why not? Now that would be civilised and a mature thing to do, wouldn’t it. Being the best of friends with someone who already knows you well can be a benefit for you, or would it? Either way, to become friends with your ex is not as straightforward as we might think. Take a good look at why you come to realise this.

blankPatching up the holes

Ok fair enough. Maybe you did not start on the right foot, maybe you rushed into being in a relationship and you did not take the time to know each other like you were supposed to.  So perhaps being friends with your ex, trying to understand and getting to know each other afresh will not be such a bad idea, as long as your super power abilities that  can predict that giving your relationship a second chance will work this time.Friends with benefits

Aka”booty call”. Being friends with your ex will definitely result in some interesting affairs. Relationships can be stressful sometimes with too much of expectation from both sides. So why not have have something exciting going on- no string attached. It is so easy with an ex. You’ve ‘been there done that’…Unless you are emotional bankrupt. Go ahead. Have your fun! The only thing to consider is there are certain exes that you will be intimate with that will end in you hoping something will come out of it. Having sex with a man that you have or had feelings for might bring back some feelings that make it harder for you to separate the two things.

That is, we are just friends who have sex and nothing else! If you expect that suddenly because you are sleeping together he will start taking you on dates and buying things, you be disappointed. Call it what it is, as I said don’t have any expectations…. Continue Reading From Here


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10 thoughts on “Love & Relationship: Why Being Friends With An Ex Is A No-No…You’ve Been Warned!”

  1. First of all i have to say that Sassychic your article is provocative and brought up some real feelings I thought had put away some time ago. Every close relationship seems to be a learning experience therefore not wasted Falling in love can be a wonderful thing and for me becomes memories of good times and warm feelings to be held closely. Back to the subject they are done breaking up but they just could not get over it Memories linger and sometimes you stay with that particular person maybe as a friend as it may appear to everyone else including your ex but deep inside you wish him/her back again You may categorize this as an identical thing to your second reason that is they’re not done breaking up But in my point of view it differs, coz the break up here is already done they moved on but both or one of them can’t just forget the other person can’t get over it so she/he chooses to stay as a friend just to be close to his ex and with the hope he gets her back again.
    People of that sort are two kinds:
    1e. Those who claim to be just friends with their ex after they had already separated but hoping to be back FULLY to their ex Yes he says she is just a friend now but deep inside he still has this little hope to have her change her mind break up with her new bf hence have her back again he lives on this hope.
    2e. They claim to be just friends hoping to back PARTLY meaning he broke up with her or she broke up with him he has a new girlfriend she has a new bf but he won’t mind dating his ex secretly behind his new gf’s back or what you may call it cheating He just can’t be away from his ex even if he/she cheated.
    To answer your question can you be friends with your ex? yes but it isn’t an easy thing to do It is possible if you’ve lost totally interest of your ex as an opposite sex u know what I mean ? As for me I would still be in good terms with my ex but can’t be a close friend coz she isn’t yet out of my mind as a woman despite the break up.
    Thank you for the interesting topic sassychic

  2. I don’t see the harm in being on being friends with ur ex. As far as you guys broke up on gd terms then no biggy… I just feel like if you not cool with ur Ex then your holding a grudge. Don’t you think so?

  3. It is really not a big deal being ur ex´s friend but you have to make sure, you dnt discuss ur dates wit them cos they r most likely to say something bad abt ur dates subconsciously.

  4. well there is no destruction in being friend with your ex but what matter is being truthful to your self and going out there for what you really want no one knows you better than yourself , it things didn’t go on well with you and your ex this simply means cut off but have you thought this same ex will make a good friend because he also happens to know you much more ex re not enemies but associates the choice is absolute in yours how you control it will determine it being unhelpful or encouraging

  5. As for me I have been dating someone who is friends with his ex-wife and it is killing me. She calls when ever she want witht he dummiest things. She text all the time and emails. They have children together and I would not have a problem if it was just about the kids but it is not. I left my husband for this man and must say I think if it was all worth it. I regreat all the hurt I cause everyone. I guess that is why I now hurt. I brought all of this upon myself. I do love him and hoped it would work but if I really look at our realationship I no in my heart it will not. I am not friends with my ex-husband we do not text, call or email each other unless it is an emergency about our children. The last time I spoke to my ex was two months ago.


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