Lesbianism Takes Over The Ghanaian Entertainment Industry; Do We Know Where We Are Going?

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If what I am reading and hearing is substantially true, then we got to prepare ourselves and mind for the walls when they begin to fall on us.

I believe so much in Human Rights of which the sexual orientation of people is equally important and rides on the same wavelength with Right to Life, Freedom of Speech and Expression among others. However, Human rights have and can never be universal; it stems from, inter alia, the culture and the legal frame work of a particular society.

The above therefore means that, until our culture and legal framework begin to recognize and give strong grounds as well as legal efficacy to Lesbianism in Ghana, no Human rights argument can suffice. This therefore makes ‘Lesbo’ acts illegal and socially wrong in Ghana.

Let me not bore you guys with my legal arguments and move straight to the gist. According to what I have been privy to, lesbianism is swiftly taking over Ghana’s Entertainment Industry with some of the big names on our movie screens as well as other top Night Club owners being mentioned as active ‘doers’.

Reports have it that, a certain Jessica who claims to have once been in a ‘Lesbo’ relationship with a certain ‘Nana Akua Addo’ who is said to have starred in movies like “Hidden Passion”, “Believe Me”, “The Wrath of a Woman”, “Raj the Dancer”, “Innocent Scenes ” and also can be identified as the second runner-up of Miss Malaika Ghana 2003 has gone religious and unveiling her dirty days with her partner.

According to Flex Newspaper, when ‘Nana Akua Addo’ was contacted via phone, she said “she doesn’t know anything about the allegation, and that it has been a long time she met the said Jessica and has even lost her contact so she is very surprised she is accusing her of all these, now that she claims she is born-again”.

In a closely related gist, rumour has it that the same ‘Nana Akua Addo’ is in a serious lesbo relationship with a top Ghanaian Actress whose name was given to Flexx as “Y.N”.

It is claimed that ‘Nana Akua Addo’ recently visited Dubai with her Actress partner by name ‘Y.N’ and stayed in a hotel called Hayyti Hotel”.

I have been told Lesbianism is the new game in the Ghanaian Entertainment Industry with some top Actresses, Radio presenters and Night Club owners actively being the ‘ballers’ of the game.


Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Founding Editor
Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri is the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com , a Film Critic and a Human Rights Advocate; he holds 2 masters degrees in Law; International Human Rights Law (LL.M) and Legal Practice Course (LL.M) from University of Leicester and Nottingham Law School--and also a degree in Law (LL.B) from University of East London. He's a Professional Truth Sayer and he is the author of the popular eBook “Success is a Right, Not A Privilege.” He currently works at Adukus Solicitors in London--where he uses his legal brains to kick real ass, for the good of clients and humanity. Contact: [email protected]


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  1. Infact chris u r doin de rite tin.I fink de Y.N is yvonne nelson is jst dat flexx dnt wnt 2 mention her name.Again,we heard dat dis Y.N is in dubai meanin is 2ru dat both partners went 2 met der.infact i hate dat Y.N.

        1. Chris,nt dat we r eyeing yvonne nelson.Since de newspaper said de gal is bin 2 dubai 2 meet her partner dat mad me fink dat.We also heard in lst week showbiz dat yvonne nelson is going dubai 2 celebrity de easter der so wen i heard dis story i finaly end in conclusn dat is yvonne nelson.

  2. Flexx is absolutely right on Yvonne Nelson.That Silly girl is a typical Lesbian,but I don’t give shit about it since that’s her life.

      1. haahahhahah B.B, Osei hasn’t been on GC lately because he’s been busy at NFC site pissing the Nigerians off. man if the alata people catch him ehhh hmmm. lmao

  3. hmmmm, am happy for all lesbians. the fact that i cant be a lesbian doesnt mean that i should hate on them. i wish them the best.

    1. ,@maame,Yea!!Yvonnel Nelson is a typical Lesbian and was even suspended at Aggrey Memorial School and no wonder she had several F’s in her SSSCE.

        1. tell him Miyagi. why are u insulting her Osei???? aint u doin the same?????? yours is even worse cos u get to shag shit holes..daamnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  4. But gayism has always bn part of our society (Ghana) including politics, religion, etc . This is no news…. Infact, I have personally interviewed some gay movie directors on my show and they seems to be alright with what they do. What they need is our prayers!!!

  5. for ya info.nana ekua won miss ghana germany 2003.she is from berlin nd i no her personaly.she later moved to ghana to do movies after winning da peagant.im reali disappointed if dis is true cos she wasnt dat type of gal.hmm

    1. oh really? “……..she wasnt dat type of gal”

      Do you know what people do behind closed doors? How would you have known if she’s been into it way back?

    2. I agree with you I know that nana ekua and I am as shock as you are with Y.N. I knew already there was something wrong with her 

      1. inchristalone ..bist du dir sicher was du da sagst? ich weiß auch wer sie ist und sie eher von miss ghana germany 2005 und nicht 2003 …sie gewann zum ersten mal miss ghana germany oder?

        sie lebt nicht in berlin ,sondern hat eine familie dort und kam hier zum Urlaub und hat an dem Wettbewerb teillgenommen und wieder abgehauen ….. ich fand das aber ziemlich scheiße…

        1. @mother warum ich bin, weil Schock soweit ich lief weg und was du gerade geschrieben, dass uns die Wahrheit, was ich nicht verstand, die’s wissen’s, wenn es

        2. aso ok.ich weiss dass sie miss ghana germany war.aber genau welche Jah hab ich vergessen.bitte verzeihe mir.sie hatte ne tante hier in berlin und ich habe sie mehrmals gesehen also dachte ich sie wohnt mit ihre tante.Ja ich finde auch scheisse dass sie jetz lesbisch ist.egal das ist ihre leben.danke mother

        3. ooo miyagi dear…..u got me laughing ooo but i could get what u saying ….
          i knw u shocked as well as i am ……..cos i also knw her to be acquitant `s cousin in berlin ..

          hmmm …..this is just bizarre …thats if its really true she is lesbian …

  6. eeeoo yvonne nelson….hmmmm dus why she is still single….eeeeeiii….mr writers i know wot u sayin is true….cuz it really truth some radio presenters nd a owner of one night club owner is a big time lesbo in ghana….asem berba derbi

  7. @joe do u host shows on tv?and who are those gay actors?one more fin,i cant pray 4 no gay,if they feel confortable in been a gay is up to dem nd their family….thanks

  8. oooooh more news…lol …so is this nana yaa the boy friend yvonne nelson was shopin wit in dubai last yr xmas?hahaha eeeeeiiiii…fila fila ooo fila

  9. der r a lot of lesbians in ghana just dat dey do it secretly unlike in de western countries where its done soo openly..Yvonne paaa,wit those long legs,a guy shd rather ve access not a girl..der r a lot out there just dat dey ve not bn seen..

  10. I’d have to agree B.B. emmm quick question— What would you do should (IF) a daughter of yours comes to tell you she is a lesbian and wants to marry her lesbian girlfriend?

    1. @ghallday i dont think B.B will sit there and raised a girl to be come a lesbian B.B is a strong independent lady and believes in good parenting no one really understands why some kids are gay. It wasn’t necessarily anything you did. You probably know the rules of good parenting:
      Show plenty of affection. Have fair rules and enforce them consistantly. Place your child’s welfare above your own romantic life (don’t bring a string of guys into her life, don’t marry a jerk, don’t EVER let a husband or boyfriend abuse her verbally or physically and so forth.) Teach her to stand up for herself and for others. Encourage her talents and natural gifts. And so on. Don’t let her turn her brain into sludge with too much TV & internet. Take her to a good church on a regular basis.
      If you do these things, then you’re doing the best you can. Each child is an individual. Once they get out of early childhood, they will start to make their decisions and follow their own leanings.

      1. Good points  MIYAGI. Many people like myself do wish them (lesbos) well. BUT I don’t think I can bare it to even hear a child of mine say they are gay.  It’s ok when it happens to others but not to my children. lol

        1. @Ghallday, now i pose this question to you, What do you do if a relative of yours admits to you that they are a homosexual? Or what if you have a relative that you suspect of being homosexual, do you ignore your suspicions or candidly make inquiries?

    2. @ghallday, that is the question …….. Firstly I will try as much as possible to listen to her, I mean really listen to her. In fact I will ask her to bring me proof that she is what she says she is. See there is no such thing as a “sexuality gene” but there is such a thing as a organ that is male, female or hermaphrodite.

      This is why part of me thinks, homosexuality is a choice and I would want her to understand that she has her future to consider, the downside of this choice for her and her lesbian partner are many in a Ghanaian society.
      I might acutually try to move her out of the nation to prevent unnecessary persecution. I might beg her not to break the news to the extended family cause I know her granny and a majority of our bible-totting family would isolate her and that would break my heart as a parent.
      Im out of words for now but great question Ghallday

      1. Well said KIN. I like this answer. If that should happen to me it is likely I would follow the same guidelines. No matter what the outcome I would  not be able to neglect that child of mine.. after all he or she would be one of my own.

  11. as one of the freely liberal people around, I say live and let live. Personally, I don’t care if someone gets sticked or licked. If you are happy and you know it, kiss a girl. LOL

    1. @Tutu, mate what makes you say that so what you call gays in usa or other parts of the world and who are you to say that Gh people are stupid can you explain it more in your own words your making me curious

  12. lol u guys shdnt jump into conclusion, the fact dat both of them went to dubai doesnt mean they r lesbiasns…..the information given doesnt really make any sense…for all the gurls our there im sure yall hv besties you hang out with most of the time….Nobody shd condemn anyone for what they do. i dun support lesbianism…there’s no proof to wat they r saying about tthese ladies.

    1. Where also lies de sense in what u are saying? The author has given u his proof from flex n the interaction he had wit jessica. It really looks u are one them, u better stop in other not 2 get the wrath God.

  13. one hand cant clap,one leg cant walk.a bird can never fly with one wing, every king needs a queen and man needs a woman, so multiplied and replenish the earth… is a balance world we are living in…. blessed love to every man and woman in love…….

    1. lolz, i used to get that vibe tooooooo omg Im so glad you mentioned her. Yep I got that vibe about Jessica, even when she used to host Ms Malaika, i got that vibe

  14. Faithfulness does not preach or practice compromise. Rather it preaches and practices the truth even when the truth is not popular.

    the first deliberation that came to my mind when I saw Y.N was Yvonne Nelson .The fact that she is a lesbian her actions tells it all she denied all the guys and claim she was not dating them which is not True but it up to her . One thing that I have come to know in life is no one can imprison the reality it will definitely come out no matter what.

  15. tell him Miyagi. why are u insulting her Osei???? aint u doin the same?????? yours is even worse cos u get to shag shit holes..daamnnnnnnnnnnnnn

    @Opanin whahahahahahah loooool thumps up

  16. The amount of ignorance on this website is DISGUSTING. You guys are really uneducated, this is why Africa is still poor and unrevolutionary because you people decide to live and breathe by the bible. A book that contradicts itself and a book that has been edited down by the vatican to what they want it to be ‘perfect’. Who the hell are you to judge other people. Dosent the same bible tell you not to judge? In this case we are all going to hell because everyone has sinned. Grow up, educate yourself and stop typing rubbish behind your computer screens.

    1. Look at how disgraceful u are 2 your creator. So u got de gust 2 talk shit about de bible like dis ? Repent n pray 4 4giveness woman.

  17. @Hanna,thank you!!…people don’t want to know the truth……They are mental slaves to a book edited and written to control the very depths of humanity.Go read ur African history books,gay people were even revered in some places as closer to the spirit world hence were usually chosen as priests or priestesses.All you can is resort to is insults because we dont want to hear the truth.Not one bible thumping fanatic can even engage  me in a logical conversation about this???….smh..How does 2 people expressing their love affect you?.Haven’t u thought of the fact that the only reason u are here saying it is bad is because we were brought up to think it is so?hence we fear to go away from the “norm”.If we were brought up otherwise we will be here saying nice things about it.Hence,ur opinions are so because u have been indoctrinated and brainwashed…Make logical conclusions before u make a decision on  what to believe or not…not based on what has been said.We all have a brains,let’s use it!!!. 

    1. Look at how disgraceful u are 2 your creator. U think of knowing soooo much mmh. n b’cos u have tongue 2 speak n hands 2 type, u got de gust 2 rained insults on God’s word like dis what a disgusting hell. It’s earlier de better 4 u 2 repent n pray 4 4giveness than inviting de wrath of God unto your life woman.

    2. @Lesbos, if ur dad had fucked anoda guy, would u have been here talking such nonsense or if ur Mum had been screwing anoda female, will she have given birth to u????? shut the fuck up and stop talkin rubbish. u’re such a disgrace to ur family……

  18. @ lesbos watever the two of them r doin does not affect anyone….but dun open ur fuckin mouth to speak against the word of God. if u dun believe in it..dats ur problem. crazy ppl

  19. @queenie……….profanity  is a sign of an ignorant mind trying to express itself…..u can talk sh*t about lesbians and others,but i can’t disagree about your  “God”……last time I checked,democracy was the way to go.

    1. easy eh lesbos ..i can see u trying to defend ur view cos probably u are one but dont go hard on anyone cos u knw this africa and yes we are being brought up more or less morally and culturally ..but i guess most of the people in this forum are open minded that they wouldnt throw the first stone at u just cos u are one ….at least not me … though i dont support homosexuals but i dont have nothing against them either ….

  20. Chris,nt dat we r eyeing yvonne nelson.Since de newspaper said de gal is bin 2 dubai 2 meet her partner dat madE me fink dat.We also heard in lst week showbiz dat yvonne nelson is going dubai 2 celebrity de easter der so wen i heard dis story i finaly end in conclusn dat is yvonne nelson.

  21. Hey the quote on faithfulness is the signature of a very good friend of mine. Do you happen to know him? His initials are CVB and he is extremely intelligent?

  22. @Kin.  I would make some very limited inquiries. If it is not so visible like the kojo-besia types then I’d rather leave it alone.   Sometimes some questions are better left unanswered. 

  23. @mother,I get what you are saying.This is Africa.I f you read the previous comments I was just expressing my view but since it was different from what others think,I got verbally attacked for it.I didn’t even go hard on anyone,I haven’t used a single word of insult,all I did was express my differing point of view.Anyway,like you rightfully said,this is Africa!!.

  24. these useless lesbians are wasting their youth,time,and life while their mates are out there getting international deals,married,starting families and even having kids.it’s such a pity.by the way,GC how come you haven’t written any news about jackie lately?i bet you don’t even know what is going on with her,yet i thought she is your best actress?mmm,asem o.anyway,i’ve got fylla but i will hold on till yu do your research and post the latest news article about madam jackie.congrats jackie,i love yu so much and can’t wait.

  25. @lesbos i dun give a shit aba watever anybody does with his or her life…if u r lesbian dats ur damn issue..i dun care aba dat, but i will nt hv u speak against my God.period! its aba time crazy ppl like u learn to comport urself. i wasnt talkin to you in the first place.

  26. Do you people sleep at all?wow!if these ladies choose pussy over dicks is their business,judgement day will have the final say.no need hurting our fingers to type on matters that won’t benefit us. @ GC my ears are itching to hear jackie news that kwekup has mentioned,can you share?

  27. What in my above comments showed I was talking sh*t about your God??….Oooh you  mad??….I really don’t care.Chill out because when I do decide to talk sh*t about your God(just to give you a taste of your own medicine),you might explode…….asem oo…lmao!.

  28. ooh Ghanaians, when will we stop being judgmental? Lets not forget that its in this same bible that we as Christians believe in that admonishes us to judge not. The good book says we have all sinned and therefore come short of God’s glory. Is one sin bigger than the other? Lets not be hypocrites because its equally sinful just like the others. Whoever is without sin should cast the first stone( its also in the bible) think about it peeps…

  29. GC you say you be number one entertainment site,how come you still no release jackie’s [email protected] they are the newsmakers so they should be able to update us on every news that is good or bad .unfortunately,GC are only fans of publishing bad stories about celebrities hence they forget that these same celebrities do some good and have good sides.GC it’ll be sad and degrading if I will be the one to break this wonderful news!as for those who are longing to know,let’s play a guessing game.

      1. hahahahah Miyagi ..u really funny …. watch out cos the crazy die hard fans of her might be right at the coner to start their unecessary attack on you …

        1. @mother loooool let me ask hahahaha because seems like dude got some bad fylla about her let those useless die hard fans get lost I don’t care about them lmao

    1. Is a bit difficult to guess cus jackie hasn’t bEen seen and heard much about lately since the award show in usa.I don’t think she is back in Ghana,since haven’t seen her at events her colleagues attended.has she relocated?does she have a hollywood deal?has she divorced her short husband?hahahaha.chale,say the thing ah what kind of guessing game be dis?

  30. Homosexuality is a crime  in Ghana,these acts need to be talked about with caution when mentioned in the media,because if the government were looking at homosexuality very closely and taking legal actions,you people would have sent these ladies to prison by now or something of the sort.there’is a difference between speculating and having facts,let’s speculate on this topic cus we do not have facts.we all know is a dirty act but until we see a photo of them or some proof we can not judge anybody.

  31. hanna,are you one of them cuz u sound very vernon and serpent.you talk about education but you dont sound like someone who can stand on good reasoning.

  32. Helloooooo!anybody in here?GC I still haven’t seen any article about Jackie latest news yet,what’s up with ya’ll?I thought you have all the 411 on celebs?hehehe.Jackie is going to be a……..very soon once again. Please fill in the blanks.hehehehe

    1. @kwekup, or better yet kwik kwek and kwak if Jackie is going to be a mother again than we are all happy for her if not stop beating around the bush

  33. Its a big shame to Gh for now indulging its self into lesbianism. We pray that what happened to Sodom and Gomora wont happen to us. May every one involved have a change of mind. Peace.

  34. leave yvonne alone chris.do u knw wht dat short dwarf jaky has ben doing behind her ugly husbee?yvonne would neva slep wth a short unemployed dirty man like u