A Gist & Photos Of Nadia Buari’s Hidden Baby…

Nadia Buari
Nadia Buari

Someone is trying to sell me some photos of the hidden 7 or 8 year old daughter of Ghanaian Actress-Nadia Buari. The amount the person is asking for from me is not any big deal, I can afford to pay it but I am not sure if I really want to post on the photos and expose the identity of the child…

Nadia Buari has refused to comment on her baby issue but anyone who is very well informed in the Ghanaian Entertainment industry with enough connections will know about the fact that Nadia Buari has a beautiful young daughter….

My conscience is playing up on me on this matter. Why should I post photos of a young innocent girl? Why has Nadia Buari failed to accept or comment openly on her pretty little girl? I thought children are blessings and should be adored….

The biggest question I have been asking myself is; why does this person who seems to be somehow close to Nadia Buari or might  have been in the past  so eager to sell these photos and info to me ? Hmmm!

Do you guys think I should accept the deal and post the photos? This is an issue of morality to me, legally I can find my way around it and It is not even illegal to post photos of celebs’ children…


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  1. Ma guy don’t paste it.Its indeed an issue of morality besides Nadia,her career as an entertainer should be your only concern.What has her innocent and young daughter got to do with her acting capabilities.Remember the saying ”do unto others what you wish them do unto you”.Be guided by this buddy.Would have loved to see her too but it just doesn’t feel right.

    1. wots wrong in pasting a daughter of an actress in here…is wrong?pple r willing to pay millions of cedis to have babies but they still dnt have…..so why hidden the bby god has giving to her…..doent she appreciate god´s hand work?wot has do unto others as u want others to do unto u got to do wit this…….because she hide her bby assien left her but akosua puni did not hide hers nd assien is still wit her,so u see

      1. itz nt about hidding the but keeping the baby away from all 
        this celebrity trash and to enable the gal to have a normal life
        i´m datin a celebrity and we have a son so i knw wat im talkin abt

        1. with her mum a celebrity she can’t really hide you know. In the next 4 yrs the little girl will be a pre teen who would be all over the place and would want to be noticed as Nadia’s little girl.

          1. @ghallday,
            Genevieve Nnaji has a child and she is almost in her 20’s but people still don’t know how she looks like.

      2. nani, i struggled to comprehend what you wrote, but got there in the end. she doesnt need to explain to anyone why she has a daughter or kept her hidden from the public domain for all this while. she does tho if she aint providing for her.   

      3. @nani what rubbish are you talking about and how do you know it belongs to essien? And why should nadia make it public are you okay in your head if not please visit the your GP

        1. @migyagi……do u fink u can just diss anybody in here….am only saying ma mind,,,u hav got a diff views aba issues nd i do as well…..wh y shld u fuckin tell me to go see a gp?can a mad person cum in here to comment?kwasia wegyimee anaa?wonim me wer hin?abowaa bi ba……u dnt respect yrself…..why shld u chat shit to me….nxt time u dnt diss no one in here,i said ma mind nd that is that,u cant make me change ma mind foool….why do u wonna step on ma toes?gyimeeee

        2. @nani, all this insult was on the net…he will not feel them …so why just you not comment back, if you find it irritating..huh?

  2. Do not accept this offer. The child must be kept out of the lime light. So she can have a normal childhood. Mind you the loser, trying to sell you these pics is has better intergrity concerning their relationsionship with Nadia and is an oppourtunistic idiot. Would you like to deal with such a person.????. Cut all communication with the twat.. What good it to me and you when we the pic of this kid. Think about it Bro. Is not worth it. XXXX

  3. i think those two above my might have a point i mean there might be a reason why she is keeping her away from the media, famous or not we are all entitled to some privacy so person who is trying to sell you those pictures must have been once greedy selfish retard idiot 

  4. I agree with all of u a child should be left alone to enjoy a normal childhood life. Most of the celebrites have chidren but ppl don’t say much about their children. I guess their kids are not part of their job so pls just don’t accept that offer cos its not worth it.

  5. the morals u talk about were compromised the moment u published this. its either u accepted the deal or not, no need to put this up.

      1. @chris, you shouldn’t even waste your time on him if he took the time to read he wouldn’t be posting some stupid comment and yet he claim he can produce a better movie lost soul….

      2. @chris, you shouldn’t even waste your time on him if he took the time to read he wouldn’t be posting some stupid comment and yet he claim he can produce a better movie lost soul…

      3. if ur conscience plays with u on this then u might as well have no conscience at all. If it is a moral issue for u like u claim it is then there’ll be no need to add that u an find a legal way round it.

        1. Do you read before commenting at all? I said it is not  legal issue cos obviously I did not want people to miss the point as you have done and come to talk about her suing me or GC if I post the photos.

          So stated that, legally there is no obstacle at all since it can be done but what I want folks to consider the the morality surrounding it…

          Since it seems like you are not reading  before jumping to comment, i will not reply your comments again! Thanks

  6. honestly dont accept the offer.leave the child out of it.it wld be nice to know the children of celebs.but nadia has her reason for not wanting to bring her child into the media eye.so dont accept

  7. no i didnt. i’m a magician to know u mentioned morals and legal issues without reading.

    I concede i misconstrued why u mentioned the legal bit. My original point however remains…u don’t need readers’ opinions on this if it really is a moral issue…as it is now ur articles smacks of “i have pics of nadia’s hardly seen daughter and i can print them and really screw her but i won’t because i’m such a good guy”

    You should not seek the expert opinion of mongs like miyagi on issues like this!

  8. if indeed she has a “hidden” daughter somewhere, all that matters, is she loves and provides for her. Unless we are suggesting she is neglected whiles nadia tucks into the pomp and grand of celeb life. 

    If she has been neglected, she is not the innocent one here, she is a victim, so please buy and publish the pictures. dogfather may donate a few pennies to this worthy cause.

  9. nadia buari is not a ghanaian. her dad is not alhaji buari dats her stepdad her real dad is a lebanese, u can google it. her mum is a halfcaste from russia n some other african country but not ghana. so therefore she cant be and isnt a ghanaian?

    1. merel, pardon my french, but you are chatting nonsense. I dont know everything about nadia, but come up with something concrete or tangible than “google it” you should be ashamed of yourself. when you “googled it” could you not find the other african country her half-caste mum was from? if you have pics of her daughter walking in a slum, send it GC or find something better to do…..get a pet!

  10. It’s not about keeping secrets…I don’t think she is denying this child because she is ashamed of her or because she is afraid that letting people know about her child will hurt here career. It’s simply about protecting her child and providing her with as normal life as possible. I’m sure if she ever confirm that she has a child, people will immediately start judging her about having a child outside of wedlock! I mean stuff like that are very hurtful to people so why would anyone put themselves in such situation? Pictures should not be published for the sake of this child, after all it’s any parents job to decide who they want into their child’s life and at this point Nadia does not want the public to know about her child and her decision should most definately be respected,

  11. Christ if I get you well you said someone is trying to sell you some 7 or 8 year old daughter of Actress-Nadia Buari?
    What is that persons interest in this issue and why asking for MONEY? Beside there re celebrities with two or more children and there re still making it big time in the movie industries so what is her problem?
    Personally I don’t want you do this deal , one thing that strike my imagination so much is that children re blessing from Above as you rightly said . Beside why is SHE NOT COMMENTING ON THE subject and her action of been silence simply means something? There is always a little true in rumor. But for the sack of the innocent child don’t paste the pictures just for the sack of the child. The true will fine it way out

  12. Why has Nadia failed to ACCEPT or comment openly on her 
    Pretty little girl??

     SO U sayin Nadia failed to accept her child? 
    How do we know if this is true?
    Now u sayin nadia dnt wanna accept her child, LORD JESUS, chris u need 

  13. @migyagi……do u fink u canjust diss anybodyin here….am only saying ma mind,,,u hav got a diff views aba issues nd i do as well…..wh y shld u fuckin tell me to go see a gp?can a mad person cum in here to comment?kwasia wegyimee anaa?wonim me wer hin?abowaa bi ba……u dnt respect yrself…..why shld u shit to me….nxt time u dnt diss no one in here,i said ma mind nd that is that,u cant make me change ma mind foool….why do u wonna step on ma toes?gyimeeee

    @nani hahahahhaa is that why you sounds so angry hahahah come on loool i dont call that a diss chill out hahahhaha 

  14. I really don’t blame her from wanting to keep her child away from the industry but it if it comes to a point where she is denying the existence of even having a child then well that’s something else altogether. She will look somehow when she is eventually pushed to a corner and has to reveal the truth. 

  15. show us the picture. Celeb children can’t hide forever. I wonder why she won’t acknowledge she has a child.

  16. no need to accept the offer ..its her private life and she wants it to remain like that. thats why she has kept he child from the media crap for her to have a normal secured life so pls respect that too abt her ..its not worth it to break into something she cherish so much and dont wanna disclose to public …no amount of money u would pay for the pic its worth it …just think on a humantarian grounds on this ….. imgaine it was u ..chris …

    1. I beg to differ on the humanitarian grounds issue.  There is nothing humanitarian about this at all. she has a kid she loves and adores and provides for, what is the fuss about her picture? if she is not providing for her daughter, then its different, expose it! 

      unless peeps on here want to keep talking about how glamorous she look and all and dont want to know the reality of her starving daughter ( if thats the scenario). If it aint so and they are pictures of a pampered daughter, why all these hullabaloo

      1. u dont get it huh …it not a matter of how much she loves and her daughter and wther she doesnt provide for yet as a celebrity …its a matter of her not exposing that personal life of hers to the media and respect that it remains private of her and wants that to be respected and remain private … period

        1. correct me if im wrong, the whole analogy of this picture thing is nadia has not “ACCEPTED” or “OPENLY COMMENTED” on her “phantom” daughter.  Dont mean to be harsh but come on this if ghana and she aint suri cruise or kai roonney that needs protection from the media. lets not paint a picture our media will be trailing her to school, and on holidays to get exclusive shots.( even nadia doesnt get this and we dont need this in Ghana)

          So she aint accepting or commenting openely NOT because of media attention, but if its true she wants to keep it private. whats the fuss if she loves and caters for her. We dont know that, thats why i want to see the pictures, dont you?

  17. @chris yes honey,u mention it,
    U the one posted the article right?

    And in the article, u Quote…… WHY HAS NADIA FAILED TO 

  18. Hello Chris, I dont think there is anything really bad about you publishing it, Children are gift from God, and I know everybody will like to showcase their beautiful children, but I think the problem is she is not ready, being that she got this child out of wedlock, so as you said about moral issue, go with your instant and I think your instant is telling you not to publish it… you are doing a good job keep it up.

    1. Massa, what do you mean by she not being ready and having a child out of wedlock. when did she become saint nadia? and what happens to people who have kids out of wedlock? stone them maybe? or banish them from kukurantumi? lets be real here. even if she has, this is a complete non starter unles she has NEGLECTED the “phantom” daughter…..u can also get a pet!!

  19. @nani, all this insult was on the net…he will not feel them …so why just you not comment back, if you find it irritating..huh?

    @claude looool of course i want feel them it was just a joke to me how he/she became that angry 

      1. @Nani after insulting me for no reason now you want to tell me or someone else that its a joke w’abo dam w’efu se dehyie nkwan kwasia wo moma so hyemhyem se bofo a oko anadwo han fool next time dont come and insult people just like that if you cant take a joke 

        1. ohhhh saaaa?after apologising u stilll chating rubbish?anyways i dont argue with fools u know….and thanks 4 da insult

  20. Personally, I think its quite a trauma for kids to be growing up in the spotlight when their parents are celebrities. Every kid deserves to have a normal childhood, run naked in the run, play some chaskele and have fun. In the first place why is the person selling the pictures? I think he or she is just looking for a way to make a quick buck. Posting the pictures would thrust the kid into the limelight and sometimes some media people behave like vultures. I wouldn’t want my kid to be exposed in that manner and I don’t think any parent would want that. This same person might sell the pictures to somebody else who might publish them, but I just don’t think its right

  21. ok….y shud she come out to say it in public lyk its a must……its her baby dude…she doesn’t wnt de tabloids 2 know abt her……not big deal abt dat..

  22. Nani wants us to believe that by publicising her child and posting her images on front pages of nuzpapers and da internet,Nadia wud be showing da world how proud and happy she is as a mother??this is incredible.Talk abt paying huge monies for babies.do you know how many more pple would pay huger amounts to keep their kids from you??Be reasonable a lil.Posting Nadia’s baby’s photos wont prove anything.I’m actually interested in your daughter’s photos if you have one and lets all enjoy talking abt her.

    1. i dont hav one,,,i will paste them here if i do…….or even facebuk……cuz i would be sooooooooooooooooooooooo proud to be a mum……why did yr mum hide frm u frm pple????tell me ye story

  23. u don’t need readers’ opinions on this if it really is a moral issue…guy”

    I totally disagree with you mackie5667. Your position is quite skewed and thus require a retraction that diametrical reverses your previous statement.

    Morality is not subjective. A lot of factors do come into interplay to formulate what constitutes morality. Example: social values, codes of conduct and social “mores”. These are not personal, they are constitutive cultural attributes of society that help define what is Right and Wrong.

    It is totally valid and sane for Chris to tap into the consciousness of users who may help define his position of rationalising a judgement.

    It is naive to openly dismiss this thoughtful opinion seeking exercise and label it as unwarranted.

  24. i dnt think u shuld post it if nadia does hve a child theres probably a reason y shes being kept secret and no one can decide on revealing her except nadia posting the pic might ruin da little girls life so plz dnt post it

  25. Who cares? Majid’s kid pix has been posted and no one has tormented the child. Most people commented on how lovely she looks. Who the hell is Nadia? It seems like you people worship this insecure bitch.

  26. Chris, go for them and post them here. Same way we have seen Majid Michel’s  child, Jackie Appiah’s baby and others here, so should we see Nadia’s one. What sets Nadia Buari diff from the other celebs such as Mzbel, Pascaline and all we have seen their kids photos? Why can’t she be a proud mother and let the world know her baby ?

    1. Yes it’s true, but those parents made the decision to let the public see their kids and Nadia has made her decision not to fluant her child publicly. I believe she’s entitled to do as she wish with her child, and until the child is old enough to make her own decisions, what her mother says goes. We don’t have to agree with her decision, but we should at least respect it.

    2. You know what AkosuaGhana I read bare of your comments here but you chat SHIT most of the time…how dutty can u get?!!!…so just cause GC has posted pics of other celeb kids it doesn’t necessarily mean we should post pics of all other GH celeb kids…did u consider the fact that maybe Jackie and Majid don’t mind their kids being seen etc…if Nadia doesn’t want her child to be seen its HER CHOICE…who the heck do u think you are 2 say why shouldnt we see Nadia’s kid….WHY THE HECK SHOULD YOU SEE NADIA’S KID??!!!…were you there with Nadia holding her hand in the delivery room when she was giving birth…u chat like you have a “right” too see the kid…it’s like how some Western celebs dont like their kids being exposed 2 the media and some do….people don’t always like the same stuff…seriously yeah you need 2 check yourself with your continuous dumb ass comments…some of you are chatting like we have a right to see her kid…it’s HER CHILD…if she doesn’t want to expose her child to the media then it’s her choice…kmt

  27. This is the first time I have seen GC readers making some touching comments except the usual stupid ones insulting. I do not think you have to post the photos Chris. The fact that the person is looking to sell them to you means he/she has something personal against Nadia and also looking to make money.  Do not be the devil in this by posting the photos. 

  28. morality is subjective joseph and can give u fully explain to u why it is though that will mean hijacking the topic at hand now.

    secondly there is even lesser reason for the author to seek readers’ views if it is indeed objective. 

    perhaps u need to cross check the meanings of subjective and objective.

  29. let dis innocent lil girl b..at Nadia’s own time,she’ll tell the world abt de girl..i mean publish de fotos aint just right especially if Nadia doesn’t want comment abt it..Respect her decisions plss!!!!!!!

  30. ohhhh saaaa?after apologising u stilll chating rubbish?anyways i dont argue with fools u know….and thanks 4 da insult

    @nani rubbish? what apologize are you taking it was surely not towards me 

  31. @dagodfather I nearly died at “she is not suri cruise or kai rooney” Super LOL
    U do have a point tho. If her identity is revealed I am 100 percent sure the media are NOT gonna hound him/her the way they do celebs kids in the UK/US.

    But there is also the moral issue…releasing the child’s photo will open her up to all forms of speculation, especially regarding his/her paternity. Based on that Chris you may want to think twice about releasing the images.

    However, you know once the images are released even those saying you shouldn’t reveal her identity will be on here analyzing, and breaking down every hair follicle and skin pore saying the child resembles this person or that person.

    I think the main question should be why are the pictures even being released in the 1st place?

    Nigerian actress Genevieve has also chosen to keep her daughter (which she had at 17) out of the public eye. To date there hasn’t been one picture of the girl in any magazine or blog. She has safely kept her child out of the media, maybe no one is interested because she has admitted she had a child young and out of wedlock.


    1. @1960Chick, has Nadia admitted to having a child? Genevieve has made public admission to having a child but I cannot recall Nadia doing so. Maybe you have some information on that piece. If you do I would love to hear and get some confirmation. I am kinda suspecting that she has not made any such statements. I would love to hear from anyone if they know of Nadia making public admission to that end, having a child. I do remember reading an interview where she was asked if she was a virgin and she refused to answer that question.

  32. Guys guys you are all missing it ! Nadia is simply waiting on Beyonce to have a child then she will accept her own.

  33. Jackie Appiaa had child,did she hide him from the media? nop,why can Nadia do the same. never heard any media talk Jackie son,so why Nadia hide hers.

  34. please dont publish it..i mean its not like she doesnt like here baby or sumfyn..she wudnt av given birth to her in the first place if that was the case…personaly i think she’s puttin her babies safety first before her’s…n dats wat every mum is supposed to do ryt?..imagine the amount of money she could gain by publishin it herself but no she didnt..n its all bcox she luvs her child…

  35. they can hide them, look Genevieve she been hiding her baby for 15 years now. it is the best for the child and for mother to have a normal life.  (Quote)

  36. perhaps she hasnt said anything for the same reason as alot of celebrities…… they want some sort of privacy.  Crazy for some in the industry to demand but I understand.

  37. Why should buahri be ashemd of her own biological kid? She should be greatful to God and be very proud of the kid. Take forinstance genevieve nnaji she’s proud of the baby thoug rumor say’s that she got the baby throug unhappy way but all the same nnaji is happy with her baby and every body know about her, so i dont’ see the reason why buahri should be playin hide and sake with her own blood biological child given to her by God..

  38. You guys should leave buari alone. even if she has a baby, how does that concern you. Please and please, she has her private life to leave.

  39. Today, It will be foolish for any journalist to ask Miss Nnaji whether she has a child or not. That’s because she already has answered that question, in the affirmative,severally in the past. As long as Nadia keeps shying away from answering this question, so long will she continue to risk dragging her precious daughter into d embarassing probe of d paparazzis. And that definitely wont be too good for the growing up kid. So Nadia, answer quickly and save ur child this whole shit!

  40. What is this? Is she an armed robber, baby thief,  no. so whether she has them or not it is no idiot’s business.  who cares if other celebs wants to make their kids some public bill board?  give her the breath. Celebrity doesn’t mean society shd be running ur life for u. chai!