Samini Has Married Another Woman Today-3rd Wife…WTF


When I was tipped the info that Samini was going to get married again, I laughed and called it ‘a useless gossip’. After the ‘issues and troubles’ Samini’s  2nd marriage to Mercy Geker, the mother of  his second child in London brought him, I thought home boy would stay away from any other marriage for the rest of his life.

Contrary to my thinking, report has it that Samini has gotten married for the 3rd time today (10th May, 2011) in Accra. The marriage ceremony which was kept on a low profile took place at the registrar General’s department.(According to Peacefm & XFM 95.1, Ghana)

If you are not in full swing of Samini’s previous marriage scandals, then let me give you a bit of the gist. In February, 2010, GhanaCelebrities.Com brought to light a secret customary marriage that took place in London between Samini and ‘Mercy Geker’ the mother of his daughter- Yelisun Samini (Who was 6 months old then).

The twist of the whole gist is that, at the time Samini got married to Mercy Geker, he was engaged to Christiana Aboagye Mensah, a Ghanaian based in Canada, the mother of his daughter- Toyila Samini (now 8 years).

However, both Ghanaian ladies were not aware of the marital status of Samini. By this, I mean he married Mercy Geker without her knowing Samini was already married Christiana. Christiana also claimed that she was not aware of Samini’s marriage to Mercy Geker until she read it on GhanaCelebrities.Com… (Photos were published)

Anyway, who is this new chicken head chick on the block? Geez!, I have been trying to get to my contacts in Ghana for names and photos and line is not even going through. Can someone tell MTN to check their lines? So in this contemporary world, there are still women who prefer to be 2nd and 3rd wives huh?


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  1. Hahahahha “Wedding Champion” Confused boy so Chris can you fined out when the fourth. One is going to happen or are these girls in Ghana that easy or dumb

    1. @miyagi,i think is high tyme useless and retarded beings like U shd start be proactive and stop making Retarded comments abt every article.

    2. Bros. watch it there. Some GH girls r dumb not all. Wise ones like myself can clearly read DANGER SIGNS  when we see them. Meanwhile, Leave the man and let him enjoy his SWEET MISTAKE after all he chose the TEMPO! 

  2. wooow Batman has no worries..dis is definitely not his last marriage..more to come..his hobbies are getting married n having babies with different women..

      1. @osei, fudge-packer, clay-digger, faggot what do you know about getting married dick sucking gorilla stupid fruitcake useless Forbidden Fruit dare start with me and you will see i told you once and i will tell again You must be the arithmetic man add trouble, subtract pleasure, divide attention, and multiply ignorance 

  3. @ Chris, please get your facts right. Mercy is no longer married to Samini and ended the marriage ages ago!

  4. Comment on the issue at hand and stop attacking his tribe or Muslims. Are Muslims the only people who engaged in polygamy? If you have nothing to say, pls hold on to your peace for the next article. Am disappointed in you for your comment.

  5. This is so not gud. How can he get three women to have babies for him. I don’t blame him i blame the third wife who knows everything about his other two marriages n yet agreed to be the third wife. Oh Ghana da ben na mmaa be gyae sika anibre.

  6. It seems dis guy Samini hasn’t learnt any lessons from the bitter experiences of other people.if he doesn’t take care, women will be his downfall.

  7. oh Samini y u wan give birth with different women lk tht pls stop okay, u kw when u get to Nadom our hm town u nd i, our grand parent usually tells us a story and they will say tht was then but nt nw so y? Am a dagati too but pls cant think of any current dagati or person gett’n married to even two again nt to talk abt three huh……….cos u’r a famous being or wht?

  8. i will put it this way… He didn’t force her to marry him. He can obviously cater for her financially and the bedroom too. She won’t lack . So hey why not!?

  9. Dumb ass geek like urself shouldnt be commenting on here………what do u mean by he is dagati and so they are like muslims that are polygamist? you just commented like a jackass and i will ignore u as if my memory were bad.

    1. hey guys before doing any t please do get the right information right,your information was wrong u dont know nothing about the person u talk about,whom u says u like and whom you claim to have interest in.1st. point wrong infomed the Wife is not the 3rd Wife as you assumed,2rd point He maried to his engaged wife Christana Aboagye Mensah the first Wife he had two kids with. ignorance os abig dieses get it cure lo

  10. Hmmm I don’t blame him for doing that all because He is man but what about the women?they always want easy life because of that,if she no you don’t have money or the popularity that she is looking for she will not waist her so call time with you some of them are very cheep so to say, JUST LOOKING FOR HONEY WITHOUT SWEAT.
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