BBA: How Africa Voted To Save Confidence & 4 Others! Jossy Heads Home As Danny Joins The ‘Tails’ House

Confidence after escaping first eviction

The second live eviction show of M-Net’s Big Brother Amplified (15 May at 19:00 CAT on DStv Channel 198) delivered yet more surprises as Namibia’s Jossy was sent home after receiving the fewest votes from Africa this week.  Confidence, Vimbai, Vina and Weza returned to the ‘Heads’ house to continue with the game, while Ethiopia’s Danny was sent to the ‘Tails’ house – but none of the Housemates know exactly what is going on!

IK called all 6 nominated Housemates onto stage, explaining to the audience as they made their way there, that the 4 most popular Housemates would be returning to the ‘Heads’ house, the 5th most popular would be sent to the ‘Tails’ house, while the 6th most popular – and therefore the Housemate who received the fewest votes this week – would be heading home.

After chatting briefly to each of the 6, IK asked Confidence, Vimbai, Vina and Weza to stand. “Big Brother has asked me to tell you to leave the stage,” he said, not revealing their fate. Once they had departed, IK then asked Danny to leave the stage – with the Ethiopian unaware that he was heading to the ‘Tails’ house – before revealing to Jossy that he had become the first Housemate to be evicted from Big Brother Amplified.

He thanked the Namibian for playing a good game and after showing him some highlights of his time in the House, sent him off stage for the final time.

As Confidence, Vimbai, Vina and Weza returned to the ‘Heads’ house, they were greeted warmly by their Housemates – but nothing compared to the welcome that Danny received! Ushered into the ‘Tails’ house looking slightly bewildered, he was instantly mobbed by his new Housemates – including a flying hug from Lotus!

They immediately started grilling him about what had led to his arrival, but he appeared to be struggling to make sense of it all, himself. As they continued to question him, he revealed that the ‘Heads’ housemates knew that there had been other Housemates nearby as they had heard a Big Brother announcement to them.

He tried to make sense of what had happened on stage, but wasn’t certain of the other 5 Housemates’ fate.Earlier in the Sunday night show, Botswana’s hip hop stars Vee and Scar had kicked off the show and set the bar for the evening high by delivering an electrifying performance! After a review of the week that was, including a look at the conflict and challenges of the week, IK took viewers into the house to ask Zeus to reveal how he had used his power as Head of House to influence the nominations.

“There was a lot of pressure and so much guilt – it’s a hard decision but it had to be done,” Zeus told his ‘Heads’ Housemates. “Obviously you know I’ve built bonds with everyone and this made the decision hard, picking the criteria was very hard, so it came down to who I felt was solid and ready to take on the world. I feel that the person, if they were to leave this House, would be ready to take on their success wholeheartedly”.

“I’m sorry Vimbai – I’m so, so sorry. After the decision, I feel we’ve grown closer and that made it even harder. I promise it’s not personal,” he told her as he gave her a hug. She said she forgave him – but now that they are sharing a house again, the dynamic is going to be interesting!

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Weza: 6 country votes, Angola, Tanzania, Zambia, South Africa, Malawi, Botswana (24%)

Vina: 3 country votes, Nigeria, Rest of Africa, Uganda (20%)

Vimbai: 3 country votes, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Kenya (17%)

Confidence: 1 country vote, Ghana (18%)

Danny: 1 country vote, Ethiopia (11%)

Jossy: 1 country vote, Namibia (9%)


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