New Music Video: ‘PUSH’ By Becca Featuring King Ayisoba & Trigmatic With John Dumelo, Yvonne Okoro And Confused/Banned Actress-Yvonne Nelson Making Cameo Appearances…

New Music Video:'PUSH' By Becca
New Music Video: 'PUSH' By Becca

Becca is one ‘chick’ I will not hate on for her work any day unless she becomes a cow like some people I know in the Entertainment Industry.

The Ghanaian talented musician has released the official video for her tune ‘PUSH’ featuring the man himself-King Ayisoba and Trimagtic with cameo appearance from Actor John Dumelo, Yvonne Okoro and Confused/Banned Actress Yvonne Nelson.

The quality of the video is great with all the fast and furious cars adding ‘glamour’ to it. The song is not my kind of tune but with a good promo and the video at it’s back, it can do well on major music TV channels.

I am feeling Becca for her consistency and ‘go get it attitude’, what I am not feeling is the fact that she and her management collected money from Ghanaians and ran away with it. LOL

Check the video below…



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33 thoughts on “New Music Video: ‘PUSH’ By Becca Featuring King Ayisoba & Trigmatic With John Dumelo, Yvonne Okoro And Confused/Banned Actress-Yvonne Nelson Making Cameo Appearances…”

  1. i think this is madness ,still calling yvonne confuse? what makes her that confuse and if i may ask is she the only person banned? pls let the lady be aah.

  2. Really nice song. Love that she covered Africa and not just one country. The tune is sweet and catchy. I think it will stay with me all day. Yvonne Nelson may be confused to y’all but one thing is for sure nothing is slowing her down. YN PUSH gal….sweet….LOL

  3. GC Members Is that her new nick name now Confused/ banned just for saying Nigerian Men Are Nicer/Friendlier Than Ghanaian Men, or is this thing a personal thing between GC and YN hate it or love it her name keeps on popping up for the last couple of days I guess she must be doing something right her name is Yvonne Nelson not Confused/Banned YN ho many footballers or stars get banned for taking drugs or anything else but u don’t see other blog sites given tgem names just like that next time leave YN out so once we see Confused/Banned we will no who your talking about

    As for becca keep up the good work

  4. Thumbs up…Becca hardly ever gets it wrong! like it…nice one. Her voice is well deep which am not always expecting. 

  5. in a way i feel vindicated about   this issue of yvonne and chris.i saw all this comming and i said my mind about it  at the early stage and chris took offence about  my comments,and feel that  iam criticizing  him.even gossip mama joined in ,in defending chris,to the point  that she asked me to leave the site  than criticize chris.i told her  i will not do that,that i come to the site willingly and will leave willingly ,if i commit any offence,tell me  what i have done and then ban me.i guess i was not wrong afteral .this  is totally  unprofessional.

  6. Nice video. Now, I understand why GC refers to YN as confused/banned actress. Chris has realize it catches the attention of many readers also many ppl comment on such issue than any other article here. A gud psychology that he is using on the Readers. Well done!

  7. did i see talented any where in your write up? do you know Music at all? how can you describe somebody who does a lot of bubble gum music backed by a lot of hype and publicity stunts like featuring stars in her video as talented, i doff off my hat to her management for properly packaging and finding ways to properly promote her, but every brand expert will tell you that, the essence of a brand is not pnly what it represents but what it does and the impact it has on people(audiences live). i think it’s about some body tell her and the management team to stop the bubble gum and cheap singles which they drop every now and then and give us a proper album with solid songs we can compare to the likes of Lira,Asa,Nnekka,Efya,mo’cheddah even and other female greats from africa and stop promoting and over hyping her as an african great, my south african friends always mock me for a lack of talent industry especially when the media tout Becca as the greatest female and the most talented female artiste from Ghana, no wonder they dont believe Efya is not from Ghana, they think she is from Nigeria, kenya or is an European raised Ghana.GC please start telling her now, and another the YN attacks is not attractive anymore,it’s enough, when you started we though it was something worth doing or supporting, but once your predictions of what will become of her once banned hasn’t come to pass and is steering on, i think enough is enough, one thing you propably dont know is that YN is one of the most sweetest and warm Ghanaian celebrities one can ever please the attack is enough,if she no dey wan give you interview e no be by force.leave her alone,dnt rather increase her publicity, cause in entertainment there is nothing like bad puublicity.

  8. lmao Chris and his stuff are rather confuse. asaseaban, mu nti gyae. u can’t tell which way they’re going with this site oo. leave the girl alone enough is enough. I’ve been sleeping on GC lately ad3n. Give us something new much entertaining please and leave the girl alone. whatever beef or nwuramunam u have with her please solve it privately bcos I am not interested. 🙂

  9. well i dnt feel this music Becca……nt at all… doesn’t make sense…the video clip is ok…dnt feel it

  10. song is crap in my opinion, when will ghanaians make good music? video was shocking good. miss highlife, please bring live bands back ghana. the king guy was good presents africa, this is what sells not africans trying to imitate american singers. we have nicky minaj, rihana and co here

  11. @ Chris and GC you are sooo biased and it is soooo obvious! You have your favourites (Ama K, Menaye, Jackie Appiah) you never say anything aggainst and then those you always have to pick on such as Nadia, Laila and Yvonne. Fix up on that as you are now coming across as a bully. Yvonne do your thing girl na eny3 womu ya paa!

    • How many times do I have to tell people like you to read my profile? I have stated in there that I am BIASED…and I have my favourite and therefore report of celebs I find interesting…Don’t you have your favourites in everything?

      Why can’t I have a favourite? Every post on GC is my opinion or the writer’s opinion about entertainment issues unless otherwise specified…

      That is why we have the comment box for you to say your opinion too..Didn’t you just say your opinion ? Yet i cannot say mine huh? Pathetic!..Thanks for commenting…

  12. omg! boy u sound soo pressed and miss informed

    BECCA is a HUGE TALENT and her music is FLAWLESS…her music touches the heart
    she’s won soo many international awards, she’s one of the highest selling female artist from Ghana
    BECCA has a Ghanaian nd an African Identity nd a huge fan base[FACTS]

    oh and u know why pple dnt believe Efya is Ghanaian? cos she has no IDENTITY



  13. Becca rocks ..Efya girl can sing but she is defo deosnt knw what she wants ..thats what she looks to me when watchin her interview cos she could have done more after the break up of irene and jane ..yet we never saw her single and not even the abulm she talked abt …it was never release Herbert as for Efya ..she has no identity as selorm said thats why she is not recognize africanwide as compared to Becca …

  14. i really love Becca and her voice, but honestly speaking am not feeling this song at all. her makeup is too much. love her dress though.

  15. Am not suprised this article was written by A̶̲̥̅ confused-irritating Chris….. ΰ pushing nerves man…..

  16. Chris chill…N◦ one is pathetic here…yh ryt we stated our opinion Απϑ that is STOP LABELLING YN as A̶̲̥̅ confused banned actress…didn’t u say ΰ n GC wud never write abt her again??????? ls you r A̶̲̥̅ blogger…. ΰ shud be able to control ur temper wen Ι̥τ̲̅ cums to readers…..these comments wud never stop so ls put upp wiτ̅h Ι̥τ̲̅ jux as celebrities have to put upp wiτ̅h ur BLOG……..pathetic is def not †нє ryt word to use on US……….

  17. i am sick of you people call yuvonne nelson confuse is getting too old please change that tune please stop name calling and find something else to say or find somebody to bully its a shame to talk about people like that please name calling sick of it stop

  18. i jst dont know y ppl cant jst comment on damn video n n stop all dis bullshiting stuffs everytime GC mentions YN as confuse or this the first time they referring to her tht way??jst get over it n comment on topic since we kno this is hw GC is going to refer to her.

  19. @ selorm did you say Becca is a huge talent and Won so many international Awards, on which continent? mention some of the international awards she won here, mention i beg do you know who a huge talent is Efya,Lira, Angelique Kidjo and Asa, is this song what you term huge talent i beg, just don’t start buying into all that hype for now, i think i should first ask you who your top five hugely talented african femal artistes are? may be i will have an idea what you think as hugely talented.yu say she is one of the highest selling artiste in Ghana, how do you determine that plus let me inform you in Ghana here even Samini doesn’t sell more than 20, 000 copies how much more Becca, the record as set by Daddy Lumba and Nana Acheampong of more than 50,000 copies has never been broken by anyone, not even Ofori Amponsah who had some record sales.that is the joke of the year Becca is the highest selling Ghanaian female artiste hahahahahaha, you are mis-informed bra, you call bubble-gum musicmaker as a huge talent hahahaha, i am surprised i now know how you think, you dnt know so much about music, i dnt think i should have taken you on this, mention so many international awards


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