Social Issue: ‘Black Women Are Less Pretty’ Says Asian Psychologist

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Since I was a young girl my grandmother has always told me and my sister always remember…you are black and you are beautiful. She told us that everytime we visited her. It’s like she knew what we would be up against in this big bad world of preducie and sexist arrogance.

However  when the story broke that an Asian psychologist by the name of Dr. Satoshi Kanazawa made a very controversial claim that ‘black women are less attractive than their Asian or White Counterparts I wasn’t  so calm on the matter!

The so called phd Dr. wrote in an article for the London School of Economics that ‘black women are significantly less physically attractive than women of other races’.  The study was apparently carried out in relation to US study ratings on female attractiveness. The outrage on twitter ensured the article on the site was removed IMMEDIATELY! I should think so too.

The only explanation that he offers in the original post is…’The only thing I can think of that might potentially explain the lower average level of physical attractiveness among black women is testosterone.’ In other words he is saying that black women come across more manly and that is why in his scientific opinion, black women are supposedly less attractive. ‘ Africans on average have higher levels of testosterone than other races, and testosterone, being a male hormone, affects the physical attractiveness of men and women differently.’

To me this is not a  matter of opinion and is simply racism in a rude guise of unsceintific claims! Plus I’m thinking another possible reason for his research is a beautiful black women broke his heart and he is on some deranged war path. It’s been reported that this man will carry out social research studies with shock value and from his last piece of controversial research he seems to have a thing about women. He Also posted a research question asking ‘Are all women essentially prostitutes?’.

Ladies this don’t phase me one bit. Remember black is synonymous with the word BEAUTY!

Speak on it!

Please view link for original articly by Dr. Satoshi Kanazawa

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  1. U black gals should undastnd it,he didnt say u r nt b’tiful bt rada less pretty dan de white gals.If u doubt dat,compare nadia n jackie.

    1. another insane person with low self esteem who thinks they are better than somebody else….you are just insecure………pathethic sorry ass

    2. Tuga, comparing those two ladies do not even make sense cuz Nadia aint white, they both black ladies.U r one of those guys who influences bleaching among women.And as a matter of fact Jackie is very pretty.

  2. U r so naive…nadia is mixed race but she is also classified as black just like Obama. The Dr. didn’t say light-skinned girls……So why r u comparing black with black? 

  3. @Tuga 14

    U r so naive…nadia is mixed race but she is also as black just like Obama. The Dr. didn’t say light-skinned girls……So why r u comparing black with black?

  4. Everybody know that Jackie is more beautiful and sex than Nadia. So what are you talking about. It seems your eye has a problem.

  5. @ree,ok,if dats nt a perfect example den chk dis 1;beyonce,rihanna,shakira wit any blak gal.I fink dis example wil fit ree

    1. Beyonce n Rihanna r both black…..I don’t know abt  Shakira. I think u have an inferiority complex. U have the same ideologies that light-skinned girls r prettier than dark-skinned girls. The research is dissing black women n u r here comparing light-skinned girls (who r also classified as blacks) with other black girls. Mehn…..u don’t know the difference between black, white n asian… u? 

      1. @ ree, you need to educate this tuga14 guy more. its very clear that he dont know the difference between white & black . LOL

      2. @Tuga14, you obviously don’t know what is classified as black, white or Asian…all the ladies you mentioned to prove your point are all black. And if you think black people are so unattractive, what are you doing on “Ghana Celebrities”, FYI Ghana is made up of 100% black poeple and therefore this site is predominantly about black people. Why don’t you go find yourself a
        “white supremacist” website where your racism is welcomed!

  6. Who say Nadia is mixed? Nadia is a straight up black woman who happen to have a light complexion. I don’t know where you ppl get this thing that Nadia is biracial. Nadia is BLACK period. Now we need to stop this mess. As for the research we shouldn’t even comment of the research. Clearly the writer’s interpretation of what she read cannot be submitted for objective comments. We do not know, for instance, what the ‘researcher’ meant by ‘less attractive’. We have not been given the operationalization of the measured variable, “attractiveness or less attractive”. If this is not present then the research is not reliable or valid. The writer should not get her undies in a bunch and neither should any of us. Now for the nincompoop who this that Nadia is more beautiful than Jackie because of complexion has some growing up to do. And please, if I hear one more person say that Nadia is mixed I am going to spit. Nadia and all her siblings would be mixed in that case. Check out movies from her initial career to now and you will see that like Monalisa Chinda and Tonto Dike she is black as any of us. If Nadia is mixed then I am pure ‘white’ and I can say definitively I am not. Nadia has the same nigga naps hair like any true Africa. Go watch the movie where she played a blind girl (she and Van Vicker) starred in that movie. Unfortunately I can not remember the name of it. You will see her true complexion and hair texture. If anyone remembers the name of that movie could you please post it. I think Nadia has bought into the believe that she is ‘white’ too. What a damn joke. Eeeish.

    1. @Kr  U had better start spitting cus Nadia is mixed. Don’t look at her her parents n sister n conclude ok. I also know her from campus though she wasn’t a close friend. Her mum is light-skinned and a lot of people know that Sidiku buari is not her dad. He adopted her. her dad is not african…..he is from syria (or somewhere I can’t remember now). If u don’t know…..u don’t know

      1. @ree, let me say this, unless you were there when that sperm left that so-called syrian man’s nut sack and enter Nadia’s mom’s womb at the time of Nadia’s conception and you can verify that, Nadia ain’t no half syrian. Both my freakin parents are half syrians and every single one of us consider ourselves black. If Nadia told you that she is half syrian let her to tell you the name of her ‘real’ dad if its not Mr. Buari. Every time a damn African has a light complexion they hv to concoct a story abt being mixed. What? Being fully African isn’t good enough? So since her mom is light skinned, couldn’t that account for her complexion? Does she need to be mixed? You just proved my point. And by the way, where I am from Nadia’s mom ain’t ‘light-skinned”

        1. @kr. Looks like u didn’t get my point but I won’t go through that Nadia “theory”again. Tuga 14 was confusing himself by branding Nadia white n comparing her to Jackie so I had to correct him that Nadia is mixed but she is black. He went further to cite examples abt Beyonce n Rihanna as white n so I made it clear to him again that they r not white they r black. And yes, mixed- race people exists n once u have a drop of black in ur genes, u r black. My point doesn’t support  what the Psychologist said……….cus I’M BLACK, I’M BEAUTIFUL (BOTH INSIDE AND OUTSIDE) AND I’M PROUD TO BE BLACK

    2. My undies aren’t just in a bunch…they’re in a twist! Lets call a spade and spade @ kr, what else could ‘less attractive’ possibly mean? Anyway in his case he asserts that black women are less attractive due to the high level of testosterone that we have and therefore making us ‘appear’ more masculine and therefore less attractive. Whilst it is known to be the case that we do have higher levels of male hormone this does not in my eyes mean we are less attractive. Though in his ‘findings’ he sees this as a justified reason to call his research scientific/plausible/valid. Does it not offend you in the slightest that he makes further claims that we (black women) are ‘less attractive than all are female counterparts?’ and then tries to back it up with a study based only in one country. The only thing is ladies, don’t fall into the trap of allowing this one article make you pinpoint why we more attractive by putting other female’s ethnicity down…that aint cul! and makes us no better. I mean whatever happened to beauty is in the eye of the beholder? @ kr You do have a point though that the full details are not stated to give a less bias view. I initially choose not to go into the data set, stats and findings of the article, so for those who want to read the original article over their toast and tea! by Dr. Satoshi Kanazawa. Follow the link below! Enjoy beautiful black ladies 😉

        1. @Iamsassychick, they are your undies and you can hv them twisted up to your throat. I don’t need to hv mine in a bunch or twisted and neither do others. By training I do research so when I see articles, in this case the interpretaion of an article, I don’t jump on the ‘issue’. I hv to ask certian questions. I can’t assume to ‘know’ what ‘less attractive’ means and the measurements used or the methodology. That’s that. Yes, testosterone was mentioned but how is that a factor? Is the ‘researcher’ saying that testosterone is a strong indicator for male/female sexual attraction to each other? Black women tend to have more testoterone thus they are ‘less sexually attrative” to men of all races or some races? If so, then what races (or males) find black women ‘less attractive’? Is there any account for homosexual attractive with varying races? There are other measurements of “attractiveness” one test was done with babies, where it was determined that symmetrical faces reported was more attractive than non-symmetrical faces to babies. So ‘attractiveness’ can be measured in many ways. I can’t give my interpretation of what the researcher means, it is not my research. “Less attractive” could mean anything, such as a lower percentage of sexual attractiveness to the opposite, or less attractive in beauty/ aesthetics (w/o sexual raport). It could also mean lower sexual or non-sexual attraction to males and or females of non-african race. “Less attractive” has many different meanings. If it were my research I know that I would have to conceptualize and operationalize. I would also hv to provide my methodology. The write-up was an opinion piece, I can respect it as just that and nothing else. I don’t know if the writer knows how to interpret data, that again would be an assumption. I hv stated my reasons as to why I did not find objective comments forthcoming and I stand by that. If we should take these so-called researches seriously then we will always be in an uproar. See them for what they are, a waste of money in the name of research and someone trying to make a name. You know how many research defenses I hv sat in and just shake my head. A totaly waste of time and money. People claiming to be experts. Pls if you want me to read the original article post the link, I cannot read what you posted with your comment above. Thanks.

    3. @kr, you’re wrong love, the girl is. Pure blooded or full blooded ‘Sub-Saharan’ Africans; (as we are) are considered black; when it comes to the US, that should be ruled out because these so called ‘Black People’ are actually of White ancestry as nearly 80% of African-Americans are. Mixed-race people apart from their parentage are characterized by the skin tone ‘a unique type of fairness; facial features(to an extent) and hair texture. Pure or full-blooded Africans(sub-saharan; people from west africa; east africa and anything below the equator) generally posses kinky hair or wooly hair or very thick or tense hair. Usually a mixed-race person bears these typical features combined of which a purely black person; with no European or Asian or foreign background will definitely lack

  7. As for the stereotypes about asian men I have never understood them for one which ‘asians’ are they referring to? Asia is a continent not a country The populace run the gamut in height, weight, colour etc. Yet these racist fools make these goofy suppositions I always say, half-jokingly, that a billion asian women can’t be wrong! I guess these racists have never read any asian history they think asian history began with WWII or something men come in all shapes sizes and colours it is all for the good! 

  8. Kr, the title of that movie is ” Darkness Of Sorrow”.

    Now back to Dr. Satoshi Kanazawa, he is just ignorant and delusional. Black is very beautiful and i’m happy to know the true colour of my skin which is BLACK. If I’m to meet this doctor man, I would laugh and ask him, Sir I have bought this black dress and it is black like the colour of my skin and also I have another one, which is the same colour of your skin sir, what will you call this dress or what colour is this dress,which is the same colour of your skin for I know that it is not white.

    To my fellow black ladies and gentlemen, remember that black is beautiful and classic. Why allow this ignorant person seeking attention and any body who think black is not beautifil get under your skin? Arguable, anything black is so expensive.

  9. aaah see dis bitch claimin black women are less pretty buh wen u see de asian or white people skin its soo eww with all dose tanned is beautiful ebony black is unique black women don’t listen to some ignorant kwasia who dnt noe his or her left or right BLACK WOMEN ARE MORE MORE BEAUTIFUL DAN WHITES OR ASIAN WOMEN. YES I HAVE SAID IT POINT BLANK….

  10. Outraged doesn’t begin to describe how I feel about these idiotic comments from this Dr. who needs to be psyched out,analysed n thrown into a lunny bin. I am a light skinned woman but still consider myself a BLACK woman.Black women are the most beautiful women on this planet earth.Clear egs. Of this come in the size n shapes of Iman,Niaomi Campbell,Jennifer Hudson,Jessica White.etc list goes on and on…so Dr. Whoever kiss my natural black a*s

  11. as far as iam concerned ,asians are the most ugly p/p alive.they are so short ,shapeless,with eyes an  face             that i cant even begin to describe.infact ,their women and men are the most unatractive race in the whole world.

  12. Oh my World! Envy would killed many ppl. How dis Psychologist wished his asian´s women are like black women. Aaapu, how can he compare any race to black women.  He better comes to my campus and c how other races admired we the blacks. Nonsense!

  13. leave nadia nd jackie issue you people should comment on what the asian is saying our lovely two sisters are blacks.

  14. This guy definitely is suffering from heartbreak from a black lady and is trying to have revenge.Let him try sticking his cock somewhere else cause he ain’t worthy of a black woman.

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