Fashion & Lifestyle: Chit-Chat With Designer Abena Adjei Of ‘The House Of Adjeiwaah’ + Photos Of Her Hand Work…

House Of Adjeiwaah
House Of Adjeiwaah

‘The House of Adjeiwaah’ has arrived with a bang, the UK based Fashion House is the latest clothing line created by Miss Abena Adjei who has proven that African print can be versatile and unique.

Her use of colour and shape is so exceptional that within a week of releasing her hotly anticipated website, she has had various requests to design wedding attire and has recently agreed to style the entrants of this years King and Queen ACS beauty pageant.

GhanaCelebrities.Com have had the pleasure to catch-up with the Fashion Designer herself to grill her on why it took her so long to finally introduce us to her amazing talent…

GhanaCelebrities.Com: Adjeiwaah, how did you get into designing and where have you been hiding all these beautiful designs?

I have been designing from the age of 10 so for me this has always been second nature, it’s not something I was taught, or have had any professional training in.

Basically I see this as my gift, in life we all have a gift and it’s only now I am confident enough to say this is mine. I knew God was going to direct me at the right time to showcase my work and I believe the time is now.

GhanaCelebrities.Com: What inspires you as an artist and a designer?

I am inspired by a lot; by my African heritage but also my current western surroundings and what is actually modern in the fashion world today and yesterday.

I love vintage materials, I adore designers who take a risk and shock like Jean Paul Gaultier who brings out the best in avant garde-his clothing are instrumental in inspiring the unusual look of today’s fashion.

But as I said I’m also inspired by yesterday as in those that have been before, Co Co Chanel revolutionised the face of women’s clothing dramatically.

GhanaCelebrities.Com: What is your personal style?

Personally I would say a bit of boho chic. I love maxi dresses and beads with a denim waistcoat. I am very much into comfort but generally I don’t have one particular trend that I strictly stick to.

I would dabble and try anything, usually I dress with my mood-some days I want to look simple and some days I want  a bit of glamour with a full on Kaba and full length fish tail slit.

I must say I am better at styling others than myself as I am yet to find my one true style.

GhanaCelebrities.Com: Where does the name The House of Adjeiwaah originate from?

When I was young one of my favourite TV programmes was a period drama based in the 1920s called ‘The House of Elliott’ which was about two sisters who established and successfully ran a Haute Couture Fashion House.

I was not only mesmerised by the beauty of the clothes they created but the passion and dedication they had for designing. Therefore I vowed that one day if I am blessed with my own clothing line I would call it The House of Adjeiwaah.

GhanaCelebrities.Com: If you had the opportunity who would be your ideal person to style and create an outfit for?

Well the first would be Mary J. Blige since she is my idol, I have grown up listening to her music. She is a style icon and I love her swagger, I love her presence; only Mary can rock that ghetto chic look.

The second person would have to be the The wife of the Asantehene, Lady Julia Osei Tutu, not only is she beautiful but an educated classy women. I would dress her in something inspired by one of my collections ‘Miss Independent’ a tailored look but of course with a slight bit of edge.

GhanaCelebrities.Com: Tell us about the latest collection?

My spring/summer collection is a multitude of styles all under 5 mini separate collections; this was a way for me to try and use this to introduce various styles thus enabling me to cater for a variety of preferences.

My creations are all very different, some have elegant feel, and some have a more edgy rock chick vibe. My favourite is runway because I got to express something different I did want to go a bit further and take more risks but I’m just giving a little taster of more to come.

GhanaCelebrities.Com: What is the concept behind your designs?

The real concept behind The House of Adjeiwaah is embodied in my Logo as it represents everything I am trying to convey to my people as a designer.

Basically I think everybody should have an escape route from the duties and constraints of today’s society. Mine is dressing up and feeling good within myself and therefore the A within the crown replicates the idea of my client wearing my attire.

It is vital that any piece that is worn from this house will give them the Queen or King feel.

GhanaCelebrities.Com: Who are you favourite African designers?

I am a big fan of Christie Brown, her work is beautiful and she is a true artist. Her sketches are magnificent and make me share this affinity with her.

I have an infatuation for actually sitting and sketching clothes and you can identify that she does too through her artistry.

Also Yemi Osunkoya understands the sophistication of a women’s body and his work represents that old school glamour that I love.

GhanaCelebrities.Com: So what can we expect from you in the future?

I am so excited about my collection for next year, it will be bigger and better as it is nearly complete, that’s how passionate I am about designing.

Every day I get a new idea, even when I am driving or shopping the shape of something can trigger my thought to start creating something new… it’s mad.

There is so much in the pipe line. A week ago I launched my website and was organising my fist photo shoot and now I have weddings and shows to design outfits for; but blessed absolutely blessed, I give the almighty one  all the praises.

You can out  check House of Adjeiwaah  via





House Of Adjeiwaah
House Of Adjeiwaah
House Of Adjeiwaah
House Of Adjeiwaah
House Of Adjeiwaah
House Of Adjeiwaah
House Of Adjeiwaah
House Of Adjeiwaah
House Of Adjeiwaah
House Of Adjeiwaah
House Of Adjeiwaah
House Of Adjeiwaah

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