Prince David Osei To Star In Another ‘Hollywood’ Movie Alongside Djimon Hounsou + Update On Eddie Watson & Ebi Bright Supposed Romantic Affair…

Prince David Osei
Prince David Osei

Call him the enchanted voice in the movie industry ,Versatile Ghanaian movie actor  Prince David Osei stands as one of the stars who have taken their career to the next level, after his stunning performance in a supposed Hollywood horror movie “The Dead” in 2010, he is set to star in another ‘Hollywood’ blockbuster in some few months ahead.

His first ‘Hollywood’ movie, The Dead, shot in Burkina Faso and Ghana respectively was directed by Howard J Ford and It tells the story of an

Djimon Hounsou
Djimon Hounsou
Djimon Hounsou

American mercenary (Rob Freeman), the sole survivor of a plane crash, who was made to run the gauntlet across Africa.

He was forced to join forces with a local military man played by Prince David Osei as Sergeant Dembele, desperately searching for his son amongst the chaos, they fight together to survive.This movie is set for its cinema release on June 8 and June 10 in Los Angeles and Boston respectively, an event he will be attending.

On his yet to shoot Hollywood movie, despite the fact that information about the movie deal is not clear, he confirmed in an interview had withMyjoyonline some few days ago that “ there is a deal for me to play the younger brother of Djimon Hounsou, same guy who starred in the movie, “Blood Diamonds”

Considering the many movie roles coming his way, Prince is basking in excitement but remains appreciative of God’s intervention in his life.


Ebi Bright & Eddie Watson
Ebi Bright & Eddie Watson

Contrary to the news making rounds that fast rising Ghollywood stars Eddie Watson and sweet Ebi Bright are in a serious romantic affair, Eddie Watson has stated that Ebi is his kind of woman but for now, she is his manager and nothing more.

Eddie entered the movie industry not long ago, did his first movie with Bandex Productions “Millions” and also appeared in their movie “Masters of the Game” in which he was a Detective. He also nailed a lead role in the controversial “4 play reloaded” movie.

Ebi on the othe hand is a consultant and a graduate of Leicester University in the UK. She has starred in a couple of Ghanaian movies such as the popular movie from heroes’ production “The Game”.

On the issue of romance between the two, Eddie recently said in an interview with NewsOne that “we met on Somewhere in Africa’s set and we took it from there, so when the need arose that I should have a manger I thought she was the best option”.


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8 thoughts on “Prince David Osei To Star In Another ‘Hollywood’ Movie Alongside Djimon Hounsou + Update On Eddie Watson & Ebi Bright Supposed Romantic Affair…”

  1. @Miyagi, Prince David said, in an interview, that he was not sure about the details of the new movie he is suppose to do with Djimon, other than he will be playing the younger brother and it should be filmed in the deset in North Africa. Where did you hear about Bood Diamond 2? Also, I hvn’t seen the previous movie he did, “The Dead”. Anyone heard of it? Please I wld like to know your impression of it. Congrats to Prince David.

    • I heard it on last week that he was going to start in “blood diamonds 2”  but if Sheila Nyantakyi says that she got it from a reliable resource than I guess got it wrong than but the only movie that I know called “the dead” was mad in 1987 


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