Out Of Box Story, Check This BS Out: A Rich Whiteman Dies & Leaves His Millions To His 30 Years Long Loyal Black Servant, White Widow Wants The Servant To Forfeit The Inheritance…


This is the greatest bullshyt I have come across since this year. How on earth can some people be so greedy and continue to think black servants do not deserve anything good?

A black servant ‘Kent Adonai’ spent 30 good years of his life sleeping on the floor by his master’s bed, and now he’s a multimillionaire, the master left all his cash and properties for him in a WILL.

But the wife ‘widow’ of deceased rich man ‘Lord Glenconner’ is asking the servant ‘Kent Adonai’ to give back the generous inheritance given to him in the husband’s WILL. Geez!

According to UK’s The Daily Mail, unhappy Lady Anne Glenconner (widow) has said, she hopes that the servant-Kent Adonai, 48 years old now, ‘would do the right thing’.

Right thing is to give her all what has been given to him for his honest and loyal work for his master huh? Gosh, some people get me so sick!

Anne Glenconner said “Kent was beloved by my husband but so were we all,” “I was married to him for 55 years.”

It is said that, despite the fact Anne was married to Lord Glenconner for 55 years, it was Kent Adonai the servant who was there all time for Lord Glenconner and even slept on the floor by his bed for 30 good years.

The servant Adonai was left in the WILL a beachside house between the Pitons in St Lucia, all its contents and a valley overlooking the Caribbean plus other estates and lot of cash…

Guess what, widow Anne says she is considering challenging the WILL. WTF? Why can’t this black servant also enjoy the millions after years of laboring all his life?




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16 thoughts on “Out Of Box Story, Check This BS Out: A Rich Whiteman Dies & Leaves His Millions To His 30 Years Long Loyal Black Servant, White Widow Wants The Servant To Forfeit The Inheritance…”

  1. I feel sad anytime I read such stories. Some of these white ppl can never leave us alone. All they want is to be the richer ones and we the poorer ones so that we will always have to turn to them.
    It’s obvious that the decease knew how humble and loyal his servant was hence such a reward and now look at what that greedy wife wants to do.
    I pray the servant wins should there ever be any legal battle.

    • @B.B, Say it again, WILLS can be challenged in Court but from what I learnt from Equity & Trust, as long as a WILL met all the statutory and common law rules regarding its execution- such as some specific number of witnesses must be present  during the draft and all that, then it should be given the required legal backing no matter how absurd it terms may seem…

      Unless it can be proven that the testator was under some pressure/unlawful influence or did not have a sound mind to make that WILL…

    • @1960chick, Yeah, I get you but what really happened is that, he had a WILL where he was leaving everything to his grandson and 7 months to his death, he changed the WILL…LOL

      I think the family did not know about the change else they would have gotten him to amend it to their favour, LOL

      • @Posted By: Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri,

        Fair enough. But for him to change his will 7months to his death leaving everything to this servant…u can’t deny that is some suspect behaviour. I’ll understand leaving him a substantial amount but EVERYTHING! Come on! Wonders shall never cease though.

  2. No matter what the man’s intentions where at the time he made the Will, the money has to be given to the Servant. This is nonsense on the part of the man’s wife. If she were to be the one who got the cash would she has given it to the Servant? She would rather use him the more since she is now in control.

  3. as loyal,honest and humble of the servant,i think it will be a good idea if he gives part of the fortune to the family…considering the fact that there are children and grandchildren the late lord left behind…that i believe will make the whole issue easy for him to enjoy his wealth………you dnt simply know how whites ppl can,…….he should let go part of the wealth….

  4. noway, Kent shouldnt give a dime to her. He deserved it that was why his master left him that property. May God grant u wisdom in managing this fortune.


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