The Real Reason Why Yvonne Nelson Apologized At Such A Late Hour To The End Of Her Ban… My Source Tells Me…

Yvonne Nelson
Yvonne Nelson

Ghanaian Actress Yvonne Nelson who is currently serving a year ban which she has on several platforms claimed not to be aware of has apologized to those concern with the hope that, her ban would be lifted. You can click here to read about the apology.

The first question I asked myself when I heard of the ban was that; why serve 9 months out of 12 with a hard heart and then at the last minute, go on your knees to apologize for what you have over the months stated you did not do.

I reached out to an insider from Yvonne Nelson’s camp I had previously spoken to this week about the ‘Return Of Yvonne Nelson’ to find out what were the reasons behind the sudden and late hour apology.

According to my source, “Yvonne Nelson is worried about how her come back would be; she is panicking about if she will receive movie roles after the ban lapses”.

She continued on the phone “Chris, you know this is the right thing for her to do, it has taken her months to take this bold step but these same producers are those she will go out there to work with, what if after the ban, they still don’t give her any roles? She has been thinking about this a lot”.

My insider also mentioned that, Yvonne Nelson loves acting and there is no way she will let her career go into the ditch. “Yvonne can do a lot of things but acting is in her heart, she is passionate about movies and this ban has taken that away from her, she has taken this step to help her get what she loves, we all learn from our mistakes” she said.

Personally, I think Yvonne Nelson has done what is right even though it has taken a long time for her to acknowledge the right way to end this. All the best and hope to see you in the next big movie soon…



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6 thoughts on “The Real Reason Why Yvonne Nelson Apologized At Such A Late Hour To The End Of Her Ban… My Source Tells Me…”

  1. I hope Yvonne took some acting classes to improve her game and networked outside of Africa. That would have been a good use of her ‘banned’ time. Yvonne work with your manager/agent to get you some movies in Europe and the USA. Sometimes things that look negative can actually turn out to be positive.

  2. I think Yvonne will be fine. She’ll still get roles in Ghana probably more now than before because of the drama of the ban. I think the ban will prove to be better for her in the long run cause she got lots of free publicity and hopefully it gave her time to calm herself a bit.

  3. I am so happy she finally got to apologise atleast she has discovered her mistakes and is ready to make up dats what makes a person. I love u and miss u so much cos u made me to watch Ghanian films. What i will advise now is dat u shld go back a changed and humbled person and let God add to ur blessings. Love u YN and welcome back


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