GC Exclusive: Actress Khareema Aguiar To Build A Home For Senior Citizens In Ghana! + She Says “I’m Searching For A Boyfriend But” & Addresses Lesbian & Sex Scandals!

Khareeme Aguiar
Khareeme Aguiar

Actress Khareema Aguiar has revealed exclusively to GhanaCelebrities.Com that she has plans of building a home for the senior citizen [old aged] in Ghana soon.

Last year the actress celebrated her 25th birthday senior citizens being taken care of by HelpAge Ghana.

GhanaCelebrities.Com met the actress who shot into fame with a leading her role in the television series ‘All That Glitters’ and asked the obvious question: Is she going to celebrate another birthday with them this year?

“I have a foundation for the aged, so I normally do things like that for them but my long term plan for them is to build a day home for them.” She said stressing that “When I talked about aged people, I don’t mean well to do aged people; I mean the old aged whose kids have abandoned them and calling them all sorts of names. I think retirement should also be made fun for them.”

According to the actress, a land around Kasoa, near Central Region has been acquired for the building. However, she is consequently working around the clock to bring financiers on board to support the project after launching it.

“It’s not easy to build but I can say that a land has been acquired around Kasoa. With time, I’m just putting some things together and then we can come out with the way to raise money to support the project. We are still working towards approaching financiers.” said the actress.

Talking about other things, she denied ever dating hip life artiste Nana Boroo. “No, I’m not dating Nana Boroo.” She said asking “Why should people think like that? Is it by-force to be in a relationship or date?”

“I don’t know why they are saying that I’m dating Nana Boroo. In this industry [Entertainment Industry] once you are too close or nice to somebody, they think there is something going down. I don’t know why people keep thinking like that about me especially.” She added.

“No! I don’t think it should be by force for everyone to date. When the time is right, you will definitely date or be in a relationship.”

She also denied ever having marathon of sex with a guy after drugging him. She said she has been busy travelling from Egypt, Dubai and to Nigeria.

She believes maybe she has not found the right person to date yet and she is still looking for the opportunity to meet one soon but not desperate.

Asked if her close association with under-attacked actress Yvonne Nelson who has constantly being branded as a lesbian means she is also one hence her decision to stay away from guys now.

She said “I’m not a lesbian; I can never be a lesbian. I love my men too much. The fact that I’m not dating now doesn’t mean I’m a lesbian. I can’t be a lesbian.”

Khareema has been on the quiet after her trip. Little illness forced her out but now she is back on set shooting a new movie titled ‘Untold Stories’. She is playing a bisexual in the movie alongside John Dumelo, Prince David Osei and others.

Khareema grew up with her auntie to fulfil a promise made by her mother to her. Staying with her aunty made her love and appreciate senior citizens. Her late aunty who died was over 80 years old. She explained the circumstances that made her stay with her aunty instead of her parents.

She said: “I’m like a gift to my auntie. When my mother married my father, most of the family members didn’t accept the marriage but this particular auntie of mine liked my mother. She accepted my mother.”

“That auntie didn’t have a child of her own. At the time, there wasn’t nothing like a scan to know what’s in your womb. But my mother made a promise to my auntie that, because of how nice she has been to her,when she gives birth to this child and it’s a girl that will be her way of saying thank you – and that was me.”

She continued: “I was actually born in Nigeria, because that’s where my parents were. My dad was working in Nigeria. But I was brought to Ghana to fulfil the promise that my mother made to my auntie.

“So my parents were living but I still stayed with my auntie and her husband, till with time, they both died. My mother died first when she was delivering her last born and later my dad.”

“That’s the story about me, I’m a gift” she said to wrap up the interview.

Khareema Aguiar is looking at launching the project of soliciting for funds to build the home for the senior citizens later this year or early next year.

By Ebenezer Anangfio Jnr./GhanaCelebrities.Com/Ghana

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