Updated: Who The Heck Is In Charge Of Miss Universe Ghana? How Can You Tell Me ‘ Yayra Nego’ Is The Winner Of Miss Universe Ghana 2011…


I surely need some education and convincing on this issue….According to Ameyaw Debrah who sat as a judge alongside Rodney Quarcoo, Valentina Sweetie Forte, Claudia Kwarteng-Lumor, Dehner Henry and Brazilian Ambassador to Ghana, H.E. Luis Fernando de Andrade Serra, Miss Yayra Nego (pictured above) has been chosen as Miss Universe Ghana.

Yea, you read me right,  she is Miss Universe Ghana 2011. Yayra Nego who has a Ghanaian father from the Volta Region and American mother was picked as the winner of Miss Universe Ghana yesterday at the Movenpick Ambssador Hotel, Accra.

What is my problem here? On a prima facie look, the below are my concerns…

By convention and what I know,  the winner of Miss Universe Ghana will represent Ghana as a Ghanaian on the Miss Universe World platform to compete with similar winners from various countries. This begs the question, what does this chick know about Ghana and what can she represent in terms of Ghana?

From the video interview below, the chick does not sound Ghanaian. Do not get me wrong, I am not saying you got to have a thick Ghanaian accent to be embraced as a Ghanaian, but on such platform, being in touch with the culture of the country you represent is fundamental.  Can she speak any Ghanaian language? Language is a corner stone to culture.

Miss Yayra Nego could not even understand the questions being asked in the video interview below just because I think the interviewer spoke in the ordinary/common Ghanaian accent. It is obvious from the video that, she was struggling to grab whatever she was being asked with the Ghanaian accent on board.

How Ghanaian is this chick to be crowned Miss Universe Ghana? Don’t you think that on such platforms where national representation is needed, the winner must be a Ghanaian not by virtue of possessing a Ghanaian passport but by being in touch with what Ghana is and stands for?

Probably I am just disappointed as to how a non resident who cannot pass for what I consider Ghanaian (she said she is based in US and Ghana, I bet you she is fully based in USA…lol) has been selected to represent Ghana as Miss Universe Ghana on an international platform. On a prima facie look, this chick has no or little Ghanaian left in her…

What do you guyz think?




Now check the videos below for Yayra E. Nego’s Strong USA Connection and tell us where her loyalty lies…. From the videos below and what I have just read, I think Yayra Nego won Miss Minnesota to enable her go to Miss USA and then proceed to Miss Universe on behalf of USA since the winner of Miss USA is chosen for Miss Universe…

She was not able to win the Miss USA as a Minnesota representative, hence could not make it Miss Universe. Few years down the line, same person finds herself in Ghana to be crowned Miss Universe Ghana.

If the above deduction I am making is right and according to what I have been told as a basic rule of this pageant, once you have contested somewhere, you cannot in anyway contest anywhere. if this is the case, how then did she get through?

This is what Miss Universe Main website says…

Yes. In 1952, Catalina Swimsuits, formerly a Miss America sponsor, founded Miss Universe and Miss USA in Long Beach, California as product promotion. Although some women compete in both Miss USA and Miss America, the two systems are completely separate. Miss USA goes on to represent her country at the Miss Universe competition.


Contestants may compete more than once in the preliminary (state) competition but may only compete in Miss Universe and Miss USA once. Miss Teen USA may compete in Miss USA but only after her reign has ended and after she has reclaimed her state title.

So how come this girl has been able to compete more than once, she went to Miss USA so from the above, it appears she cannot compete in Miss Universe anywhere in the world then.




Photo Credit: Ameyaw Debrah


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