Weekly Discussion, Let’s Get Talking: Should Preaching & Selling Of Drugs In Public Transports ‘Trotro’ Be Banned All Over Ghana?


I got a new toy yesterday (Ipad2) and was looking for a radio application which will allow me to listen to Fm stations in Ghana. After several searches, I landed on one and decided to test it, in doing so, I tuned into an Accra based radio station.

When I tuned in, the topic under discussion caught my attention. Basically, they were discussing whether a ban should be imposed on people who go about preaching and selling medicines in public transports all over Ghana, especially ‘Trotro’ .

Personally, I have had experiences with Trotro drug traders and pastors who jump into public transports to proclaim the word of God.

From the radio discussion, majority of the people who phoned seemed to be against these activities, especially the selling of drugs in public transports.

On the preaching, a number of the callers said they do not really mind but the drug sellers are those who should be kicked off because they get on their nerves and most times, the drugs they are selling are very bad. Instead of curing whatever illness, they rather add up more illness for you.

If you have ever taken a public transport from Accra to Kumasi or Takordi or Cape Coast or any sort of long journey in Ghana, you pretty much know about these preachers and drug sellers.

What do you think of these activities? Do you think they should be banned in public transports? Have you ever had any experience? Do you feel comfortable having these activities ‘in your face’ when travelling?

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24 thoughts on “Weekly Discussion, Let’s Get Talking: Should Preaching & Selling Of Drugs In Public Transports ‘Trotro’ Be Banned All Over Ghana?”

  1. This selling and preaching in buses must be banned. It is long over due. My cousin bought a medicine in the bus and when she took it, she has to be rushed to the hospital, she collapsed and nearly died. She could not walk properly for about 2 months.

    Where in the world do this happen apart from Ghana, the preacher men keep screaming into your eyes. We know where the church is so it is time they should be asked to spare us all those preachings

    • @Nana, I settled with this website,, as apple does not allow adobe flash, the radio stations do not play on their official websites but the site I just gave you is able to play them..All you do is go on there and search for the ‘Ghana’ and the list of the fm stations pop up. It is working magic for me!..No proper app thou!

      • @Posted By: Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, download this program called “alwaysonpc” on your itunes it will allow you to play adobe flash it does cost 11.99 but its worth it

  2. Who would do the banning? The individual bus owners, government or who? Is it the government’s responsibility or the transportation owners? Aren’t people responsible for themselves? If they don’t want to buy the drugs no one can force them. If they don’t want to hear the preacher they can plug their ears or get off the bus. Lol.

    • @Kr, i disagree with you cos its not safe we always see the person right behind the driver which means in any accident he will cause more danger to all the passengers,
      2 if the person has TB which means by the time he/she goes out of the us all passenger might have affected by the TB virius, 3 it disturbs the driver attention & passengers.
      etc. in short it should be ban now.

  3. @kr….. sis i do agree with u 300%…….is not by force for them to buy the drugs or listen to the preaching…… for me i love it when the pastors preach in the bus….it makes me enjoy my journey mooo…….i ve seen many people dat are born again through this same pastors that preach in trotro…
    so they shouldn’t ban it,

  4. yes  it shd be banned especially the selling of drugs. also i agree with kr the bus drivers can stop it. its about tym pple take responsibility for themselves. we can’t always be waiting on the government.

    • @madam social, @Beautiful, thx for your responses to my comment. I was actually being sarcastic in my post. When I see a previous post being dismissed but then repackaged here as something else I didn’t hesitate to do some repackaging myself. Lol

  5. Should be banned. It’s just wrong. Listening to the gospel should be reserved for the right place. Some of the “preachers” want  money after preaching. That’s just wrong. 

  6. three things,

    1. the drivers won’t ban something that gives them extra money regardless how minimal it is.

    2. You deserve whatever u get if u buy unknown concoctions that can supposedly cure 3423408975332523 different ailments from a self styled pastor/doctor.

    3. I’m fucking bored and looking for some mongs to set on fire…..

  7. I remember some years back in those public transports, it was always annoying. I wish that practice can be banned but in GH, i wonder if that can be possible and even it can,  when will it be? 


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