Readers’ Mail: What Some Of Your GC Readers Do Not Know About Lesbianism, The Reason Why I Am One…

Lesbians In A Popular Ghanaian Night Club,Accra

Hello Chris-Vincent,

I am a loyal reader of your blog and a regular commenter. I am part of the top 20 commenters listed on your blog. That is all I will like to say about my identity since most of your blog readers are Anti-Gay.

I am a beautiful Ghanaian young girl in my mid 30’s living abroad. I was not born a lesbian but became one on my way to finding a perfect love.

Like most girls, I had a cute boyfriend and after years of struggling together, he ditched me for another girl. I wept for years and I really mean years. I grew thinner and thinner to the extent that people began saying I had contracted the deadly HIV AIDS.

In the midst of my sorrow, I met another guy who came as a saviour. I could not open up to him but after 2 years of assurance from him, I once again gave out my entire heart.

He stabbed me like my first boyfriend did. He had lied to me for years. He was married with 2 kids in Ghana and when I found out few days after we had gone to purchase my engagement ring, he called it over.

Through all these hard times and hurtful disappointments with men, one of my female friends who I can proudly call my PARTNER today stayed by my side. I loved her company and the fact that she was there for me all these times sent me closer to her.

Kisses that started like a girls messing about one night is now part of me and what I am happily doing each day with her. We currently live together out here and we are both happy. She has showed me the love no man has been able to show.

I have promised her to be her life-long partner and I will forever be. For her, I do not need her to promise me because I know she is deeply in love with me and will never hurt me. I am happy and comfortable with her.

I have gone through hell and now that I am in heaven, who has the moral right to judge me? Your readers do not know what pushed some of us into what we have become today. It is therefore sad when some of them keep talking trash about people like me who are into same sex relationship.

Life is a struggle, wherever you find your peace and happiness, you got to stay there and keep staying there. I am a proud lesbian as many of your readers are also proud heterosexuals.

Thank You.



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