Upcoming Celebrity: Meet Freda Bediako From Holland…

Freda Bediako
Freda Bediako

Freda Bediako is a proud Ghanaian based in Amsterdam, Holland with a cute son called D’shawn Lemar.  Freda is a student studying Acting and Travel & Tourism. She loves travelling, shopping and acting.

Freda was born in 1989 and in her own words, she hopes to ‘become a big Movie star in the whole wide world’


What Is This Column About:

We suspended one of our interesting columns ‘ Upcoming Celebrity‘ where readers who want to be celebrities-those into or want to go into modelling, design, movies, music, porn or whatever send us their photo(s) with a little info about themselves .

We will then jump-start the EXPOSURE they want on here by publishing their photosand info about themselves to showcase them to the world. You may not know who is reading or will be seeing you.

Also, if you think you are BEAUTIFUL or HANDSOME and will want to share your beauty with the rest of our readers, you can send us your photos with a little info about yourself including your age and location.

Your dream can come through from here. If you have been reading GC since came online, you will definitely remember this column.

To be featured: E-mail us your photos  with a little info about yourself via[email protected] 

If you are an upcoming musician, you can also add your music/demo and we will get it all over for you. Title of email should be ‘Upcoming Celebrity‘.


Caution: You should be ready to take whatever comments our readers will send your way. We will not take off any info or photo you send after we have published it. Remember, criticism is part of the industry!


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50 thoughts on “Upcoming Celebrity: Meet Freda Bediako From Holland…”

  1. These world is so small all I got to say is congratulations with your new born Uncle miyagi hope to see him very soon 

  2. Aww you look beautiful and your bravery is good. You can surely be an Actress. Just add some skills not the beauty. Good luck

  3. @Miyagi,


    @ girl am just jokin here ok. Don’t insult me plss

    @don hahaha too bad otherwise I would have made you pay heavy bride price 🙂 @girl there is no need to insult him he was only joking go with the vibe 

  4. I can tell from her last name “Bediako” that she is obviously ghanaian but where does her son’s name…D’shawn Lemar comes from. Hmm Ghanaians these days. Edin a woka wo tongue b3 y3 woya nkoaa na yede to y3 ho.

  5. I mean its a really nice name, I like it and I didnt know it was in the bible but at least make the last name something like Manu, Serebo, or something that shows your roots from Ghana. D’shawn Kofi Manu will be perfect. 

  6. well you aren’t gonna be a movie star just by wishing…you gotta be proactive and go search for acting gigs.

    GC, how about profiling people with real talent but unknown other than people who just wish to be stars.

  7. @mackie5667, she can wish. But I think she is working hard.. U don’t even know her. So stop complaining that GC shuld put real talented on here. SMH

    • @maame, i don’t need to know her to understand that ‘hoping’ and ‘wishing’ won’t get you nowhere.

      i sincerely wish her all the best but there’s an infinite number of other girls equally beautiful in ‘acting’ schools who all hope and wish to be the next big thing.

      Being profiled on GC might be her ‘career’ highlight unless she gets on her grind.

      P.S. where is KR…one of the more sensible posters on here.

  8. make i drop ma photo quick quick………..Opanin the super celeb in the building…….hahahahahahahaaaaa……………gud luck wit the acting dear….all the best.

    • @Opanin, look at this caricature oooooo. I beg drop am make we see and judge u the way u bash some of our top celebrities. See me oooo. Hope u send ur real pics and not fake ones. You’ve always been a basher so i hope u r perfect like an angel.

      • @Lukas, who told u angels are perfect??? was Lucifer not an angel???? i go drop the pics don’t wori…….me caricature? like i be your family member. apuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu…….


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