So I Was Right: Abdul Salam Says Yvonne Nelson’s Ban Has Been Lifted!

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When I published last week that my source has confirmed to me Yvonne Nelson’s ban has been lifted after a discussion on her letter of apology took place, and all what was left was for an official statment from FIPAG to be made to that effect, many thought I was chatting rubbish.

My publication began to be doubted even more when the PRO of FIPAG Socrate Sarfo came out the next day to say that nothing has been discussed on Yvonne Nelson since they received her apology letter and as such, her ban was  still in place.(listen to attached audio for this).

According to Myjoyonline,  the man at the center of the whole Yvonne Nelson ban controversy-Abdul Salam has stated that “It is official, we are just waiting for the announcement to be made so I’m sure maybe this week or next week they (FIPAG) may announce the lifting.”

So you see, my source was right, Socrate Sarfo was just being a bit of a devil with his ‘Sakora head’ and  lies by saying that nothing had been confirmed on Yvonne Nelson’s ban.

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Movie producer, Albdul Salam Mumuni CEO of Venus Films, the man whose complaint led to FIPAG slapping actress Yvonne Nelson with a one-year ban says he expects the ban to be lifted, and he even plans to work with her next month.

Last year November the movie producer filed a complaint with FIPAG over what was alleged to be an accumulation of several incidents of disrespect and rudeness on the part of the actress towards fellow actors/actresses, producers and crew on location, adding that the actress has over-stepped boundaries and ought to be brought to book.

Albdul Salam who happens to be a member of the Film Producers Association of Ghana (FIPAG) told in an interview Tuesday that, “From my side I have lifted the ban, even the association (FIPAG) is ready to announce the lifting [of the ban] very soon.”

He further stated that he no longer has issues with the actress after she submitted an apology letter last month. “To me I don’t have any problem with Yvonne Nelson,” he said, adding that “even my next job I’m working with her.”

Socrate Sarfo, Public Relations Officer for FIPAG told Monday that the association met on the issue last week Thursday but did not arrive at any conclusion and wondered how sections of the media were concluding that the ban had been lifted.

But Abdul Salam was quick to rebut that statement, saying “It is official, we are just waiting for the announcement to be made so I’m sure maybe this week or next week they (FIPAG) may announce the lifting.”

He also tried playing down reports that the actress’ ban may be extended, saying “I don’t think so, I am expecting even this week for them to announce the lifting of the ban.”

Insisting that there are no more issues between the association and the actress, the movie producer explained that, “She (Yvonne Nelson) sent a letter to FIPAG and they went through the letter and they said they were ok with it,” stating further that, “when I received the letter, I contacted the association, I said since she has apologized they have to lift the ban.-Source: Myjoyonline


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12 thoughts on “So I Was Right: Abdul Salam Says Yvonne Nelson’s Ban Has Been Lifted!”

  1. Can someone just tell Socrate Sarfo to go eat poison or better yet go lay on some train tracks.. I honestly hate that guy, Hes a disgrace to Ghana. Foolish man.

    • @Johnson From London, AND can someone please tell Abdul Sallam from Venus Films that his movies are being plagorized by NOLLYWOODLOVE on youtube. Send them an email to tell them to stop the bullshit EMAIL : [email protected]

  2. HA read yesterday on Ghana Web, that he has not lifted the ban but possibility of it being extended id more feasible.

    These crews I do not know their educational background but they should also know that the stars also made them what the are TOO!

    Yvonne to me is better off than she was b4 the ban. Gurl You too can sort resources and run your producation company and start producing films if EVENSocrate can, you do BEETER!! YOU are a degree holder! YOur Project work is going places and all over U.S.A it’s well appreciated. Pls just be very careful and be very prayerful..

    • @naadu, thats exactly wat i was thinking…she doesnt need all these movie producers to make her…
      for one shes making better for herself and after being exposed to africa, theres no need for gollywood(oh how i hate this name) and nollywood

  3. Just give me 1 hour of my time with this meatbal head called socrate let me teach him a real lesson what a idiot isn’t he realising that he is making an fool out of him self or is he trying to sleep with her in a way or what and she refused never knew some men where that bitch made 

  4. Yvonne has over 200000 fans on facebook and I’m very sure she will do great if she starts her own production company! Socrate should just DIE ALREADY! GO Yvonne!

    • @Obaa Akua, my sentiment right there! Are we not tired? wish there was some unity among the acters and actresses to also ban or what’s the word “boycut” his stupid production or to work for him! ha who dass MONKEY BANANA? every movie seller in NewJersey is badly complaining. You go into a store n ask if there is a latest from ghana and you hear… hmmmm your people are now producing inferior and X-rated movies! I say only one Stupid Socrate is trying his hands at movies and its not working out for him!

      Its ok for you to serve STATAN, your follwers are a lot too. Prepare them proper PORN movies and leave our family tym alone!! foollll….!


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