Out Of Box Story: 45 Ghanaians deported from Nigeria…What The Heck!

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I cannot even count the number of Anagos currently parading their arrogance on the streets of Ghana without any problem. Ghanaians have hospitality and have welcomed Nigerians as brothers and sisters.

Despite all the various allegations of  some Nigerians having settled in Ghana to cause havoc and subjecting the system to fraud and other illegal activities, Ghanaians have not kicked any Nigerian out of Ghana.

How come Nigerians are being hostile to the few Ghanaians who have found their way into their country? Gosh…Read below for more


Another batch of 21 Ghanaians has been deported from Nigeria, bringing the number so far deported on the orders of Nigerian two state governors to 45.

The Nigerian High Commissioner in Accra, Mohammed Musiliu Obanikoro, has however frowned upon the action, promising to wade into it immediately.

Earlier on July 14, 2011, 24 Ghanaians were arrested and deported to Ghana – unable to pick their belongings before the unexpected action. The batch was made up of 21 men, 2 women and a girl.

In both instances, the deportations were ordered by state governors in the most populous African country which runs a federal system in which foreign affairs, defence and internal affairs are the preserves of the federal government in Abuja.

Details available to Daily Guide suggest that the latest bout of deportation saw the rounding up of 21 persons upon the orders of the Ondo State Governor, Olusegun Mimiko, in Western Nigeria.

The deportees were arrested on July 16, 2011 and kept in confinement without allowing them to pick their belongings until their final forced exit from Nigeria a few days ago.

With the thought of leaving their belongings behind pinching them, the deportees were taken to the Nigeria/Benin border by road and handed over to the immigration authorities of that country.

The Beninois authorities then moved the deportees to their country’s border with Togo, Hilla Kondji, from where they were transported to the Togo/Ghana border of Aflao and handed over to Ghanaian authorities.

Daily Guide learnt that the deportees at this point were handed over to National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) in the Ketu North District of the Volta Region.

Here, they were registered and taken through the standard procedure for deportees. It has emerged that no reason was proffered for their arrest and subsequent deportation to Ghana.

Ironically, more and more Nigerians, most of them without valid travel documents, continue to troop to Ghana for the purpose of mostly sojourning here.

Regarding the earlier deportation, Daily Guide was told that the Kwara State Governor who ordered the arrests did not also give any reason for the action he ordered in the state capital of Ilorin.

The treatment meted out to this group of Ghanaians was no different from the one they received at the hands of the Ondo State government in Akure, the state capital.

Observers of the relations between the two countries are apprehensive about the backlash of the Nigerian action which is in total contravention of ECOWAS Protocol.

In the 80s, the two countries were engaged in a reprisal action which saw each of them deporting aliens to their countries of origin.

Nigeria had also undertaken a mass deportation of Ghanaians from that country in a spree which earned the notorious mantra of ‘Ghana Must Go’. So many years after the unfortunate diplomatic incident, the mantra has refused to go because a bag has been named after it. The bag was the most preferred by Ghanaians returning home from Nigeria at the time.

It was Nigeria which started the deportation after demanding that every Ghanaian entering Nigeria should provide proof of possessing an amount of $50. Failure to provide led to outright deportation.

Ghana retaliated by also making similar demands, leading to the two countries engaging in a messy diplomatic row.

The authorities of the two countries sought an amicable solution to the diplomatic row which saw the withdrawal of the worrying trend eventually.

Until now, the ECOWAS protocol has held sway with citizens of each country, availing themselves of the opportunities thereof.

Ghana is home to third generation Nigerians completely assimilated into the mainstream citizenship of the country.

Descendants of Captain Glover’s 600 Hausa soldiers deployed to the then Gold Coast formed the Gold Coast Constabulary, a nucleus of today’s Ghana Armed Forces and police service.

Most of them married here after disbandment and have been finely assimilated into the country. It is therefore absurd when the two countries engage in such nasty diplomatic reprisals.

Ghanaian authorities might not want to go the way of their Nigerian counterparts but if they do, the repercussions could shake the foundation of ECOWAS.

Both countries, previously part of the British colony, spent same currency under the British West African monetary system.

The Nigerian High Commissioner to Ghana, Alhaji Musiliu Obanikoro, in an interview with Daily Guide, condemned the action of the governors, describing it as the work of overzealous public officials.

He promised wading into it with the view to reviewing the trend. “If it really happened, we would take action to remedy the situation. Ghana and Nigeria cannot afford to return to the old days. Our relations have improved so much that we cannot afford to allow a few officials to cause friction between us. I would take action. I condemn it in totality and would get to the bottom of it,” he said.

Regarding the suspicion that the governors were responding to the danger posed by the extreme Islamic grouping, Boko Haram, he said Ghana does not have Islamic extremists.

Source: DailyGuide

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Founding Editor
Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri is the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com , a Film Critic and a Human Rights Advocate; he holds 2 masters degrees in Law; International Human Rights Law (LL.M) and Legal Practice Course (LL.M) from University of Leicester and Nottingham Law School--and also a degree in Law (LL.B) from University of East London. He's a Professional Truth Sayer and he is the author of the popular eBook “Success is a Right, Not A Privilege.” He currently works at Adukus Solicitors in London--where he uses his legal brains to kick real ass, for the good of clients and humanity. Contact: [email protected]


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  1. aaaahhhhhhh! agya ns3m fo aahi.

    Just imagine this, I bet the number of Nigerians in GH is more than the number of Ghanaians in Nigeria yet look at what they are doing. 

  2. I don’t get these Nigerians . They are all over Ghana doing 419 and stealing our passports yet we have not deported them. They come to Ghana like they  come from there because of our peace.

    Theiy got the audacity to kick Ghanaians out of their stinking country ? Nkwasiam 

    1. @Tracy, interesting,so they are stealing our passports ?you know this and you have reported it?if you have any evidence,please go to the police with it,as a good citizen of our dear nation its your duty to do so.

      1. @kwame, u re a nigerian using ghanain name.may thunder strike u dead.nonsense.wat da heck do u alata ppl fink u re.i fucking hate u ya asses.damn

        1. @inchristalone, i reject it in jesus name, its not my potion and who are you calling alata people is it because am saying the truth and by the am half Ghanaian and nigerian  

    2. @Tracy, come tracy, instead of begging your God that in your life he should make you a Nigerian, you’re busy killing yourself with jealousy and envy. Its your type that spoils show for van vicker, buhari, majid and other hungry Ghanaians who run to Nigeria for refuge… Sorry for..

  3. this is some B.S nd u re so right.give unto ceaser,wat is ceaser,nd unto God what is his,dis m’fuckers re disgustingly  petty.Every corner in Gh,re full of nigerians nd yet they treat us as dogs in their fucked up smelly country.I sure dont blame dem.nkwasia asem.

  4. what the hell. i live here in the state with my brothers and sister and we help lots of nigerian’s. my brother have help almost 8 nigerias get their green card and he help all this people out of love because we are all africans trying to make it in life. as am talking right now we have a nigerian guy who just arrived here in the state living with us cos he has no where to go. Another nigeria guy is also here in the state working with my brother’s green card. this is some bullshit nigerians are doing to ghanaian’s. A ghanian but anytime i see a nigerian i see them as my brothers and sisters. hop they will stop all this stupidity. am fucking piss right now.

    1. @SILVER, you’re such a liar stop lairing to yourself you don’t a passport to work in the state. so shut your mouth, like Nigerians don’t help ghanaians.
      you people  get use to it nigerians don’t want ghanaians in their country.
      why can’t ghanain send them  out too, they can’t do that because they that encomic will go down.

      1. @kwame, theres a difference between sending out nigerians who are there doing nothing and sending out nigerians who are decent and doing business… no one is saying deport the good ones. but be honest the foolish nigerians in ghana outweigh the decent ones.. nigerians are even having the 50th independance day in ghana.. i could never imagine that happening in nigeria with out people

        1. @Unknown, hahahaha….i dey laugh…. Ekurasi boga…… Nothing wey Nigeria no go see. Even official boy boy get mouth to talk back at his master…mtcheww…..

      2. @kwame,
        is this Nigerian for real? just ask the Chinese how they are able to tell the difference between an Anago man and a Gh man [ try the sound of 37 ] l know Niaja people in london usng Ghanaian passports why? because they are feed -up being labelled Niaja Man. Master Good name is better than riches – remember your that very soon your country will be burnt down by this fandamentalist who seems to be gaining grounds – looks as if this deportation is a blessing in disguise – Please fellow Ghanaians please come home and help rebuild Ghana.

    2. don’t say you Ghanians love nigerians that is why you can’t kick us out..

      The reason your government can’t be able to kick us out is very clear ask your president don’t talk like a poor man



  5. I dnt get this. Is gh & nigerian not in da same ECOWAS community? So how can nigerians deport ghanaians? This sounds a bit strange to me cos I dnt think Germans wld be able to deport Italian or the Brits wen they r in da same EU.

  6. what are our brothers and sisters doing in Nigeria? Ghana is where is at. You can do waaay better in Ghana. People need to stop looking for someone to emply them. They should create jobs and opportunities for themselves.
    Nothing good in Nigeria. My mother was there back in those days. She was only a chop bar attendant. Nothing good came out of that. and the story is not different with a lot of ghanaians that go to Nigeria or ivory coast

    1. @Naki, you government is being run with international aid donor.ghana is a very poor country in africa and your people need to go out and seach for means of surviver in nigeria or ivory coast..I hope you know that 6million ghanaians lives in ivory coast?? did you watch the libya news recently?most africans stranded their are ghanaians,who are still waiting for your government to come for their rescue.the government that’s still begging for money to buy an aircraft for himself..Don’t forget the Nigeria you insulting today that ghana is still owning them.

      1. @JB UK, owning dem wht???? a country with all the resources in the world yet can’t develop…is dat wht u’re proud of????? did u say 6million Ghanaians live in Ivory Coast?? den ivory coast is overpopulated..have u taken tym to look at all the countries wit naija representation???dey are every where, even in Chad, can u imagine…….and u claim our government is begging for money to bring our ppl frm Libya???did our troops on peace keeping over der go by bicycle or camel??? u must be an idiot to even go der. do u knw the numba of ppl deported from europe and america to Ghana and on enterin dey’re found to be nigerians??? get the info from ur embassy…fool, don’t say wht u don’t knw…………u speak all ur nonsense and claim to be knowledgeable yet u build and write “this house is not for sale” on your wall.

  7. imagine getting deported from Nigeria, not even a better country…………dis is pure nonsense.if we decide to reciprocate, do dey knw how much dey’ll lose??? all their banks,entertainment centres, businesses……ECOWAS is jst an institution existin by name….how can dey sit der and allow such stupidity to prevail. can Germany do dis to Italy or France or even Norway?? dey can’t cos dey respect their mother Umbrella which is the EU…..rubbish

  8. Damn wht the hell.Is nija for real.this’s sum bullshit for real tho.Wht is pissing me off is no reason for dis Deportations.This’s a joke.Nigerians r everywhere wht if those countries decides to deport them bck to their country.nigeria as a whole cant handle tht mass of it ppl.pls think nija

  9. seriously come to think of it, ghanaians should have done dat instead, all this arm robbery and spiritual killing we hear about in Ghana are done by this Nigerians who have found a safe haven in our homeland and yet they dare depoert our people bk home, i did nit read the content of the post, the topic is enough to get me mad, For God’s sake what is our authorities doing about this, this same nigerians are the ones who brought sakawa in our beloved peaceful country, i suggest we also do Nigeria must go, we cannot let this continue to happen

  10. What goes around comes back around you ppls did this same shit to Liberian in Ghana I least we have war in your country …..hahaha love nigeriann

    1. @Love, u’re an idiot……….after bringin u into our country, feeding u, givin u shelter for over close to 10years or more, u spit this shit……aboafunn

      1. @Opanin,Fuck you!!!! who did u guys shelter or feed? do you guys even have that Much in Ghana?if you ppl have all that shit in Ghana why are u guys leaving Ghana to go to the uk and the USA? let me tell you stuff that u did not know Ghanaian never Did shit for liberian UN did every thing for them the houses that Liberian are living in they built it themselves UN give food Ghanaian steal it they have to found away to make a living… Ghanaian did alot of shit to Liberian that’s why it’s all coming back to your ass.

        1. @Love, i bet when u were leaving your war torn country, u came in here wit land, fool……do u knw how much a plot of land sells for and u come here to talk shit..why didn’t nigeria accept u into their country…..after your election, which country came to help restore electricity in your country……..if u don’t know den don’t open dat stupid mouth of yours and talk shit….do u understand shelter,kwasia……..why didn’t u live in your war torn country and walk through bushes to neighbouring countries???idiot.

          1. @Opanin,Nigerian did accept us and they did better then Ghanaian every liberian that lift Nigeria said nice things about Nigerian …my country it a war torn place but look who benign sent back home…Ghanaian never been in war before but you ppl need help for real I really don’t care how much a land sells ….. ass hole I was in Liberia the only reason I lift Liberia is cuz we Didn’t have Canadian embassy in Liberia that’s why I lift my country to go Ghana but it a Learned lesson…Why are you mad it’s karma lol haha 

  11. I dare,infact i double dare the ghanaian govt to deport Nigerians in Ghana. You cant. Call us 410,Anago,whatever,Nigerians living and doing business in Ghana are an economic asset whether Ghanaians like it or not. Unfortunately MOST of the Ghanaians in Nigeria are Bread sellers,shoemakers,black smiths,prostitutes,informal,taxi drivers,shoemakers,etc. There is NO Ghanaian company based in Nigeria and employing 5 people. Alomo bitters is the ONLY Ghanaian product that Nigerians are familiar with. Most Nigerians are not interested in Ghanaian,infact,the only popular Ghanaian most Nigerians remember is Jerry Rawlings. Many dont even know the name of ur current president. Ghana my foot….we will continue flocking Accra,do business,fuck ur women and take our profits back to Lagos,Abuja,Port harcourt,Kano or Calabar and there’s ABSOLUTELY nothing you ghanaians can do about that! Shikena!!!

    1. @samson black, u’re a big fool….if u had dat much in your country, will u troop into ours to do business…..are u dat daft???who cares whether u know our President or not, i don’t fuckin knw ur president….say all u can about us but it’s not us who build and write “THIS HOUSE IS NOT FOR SALE” on the wall. silly idiot…….how can rational beings who own and possess oil destroy dat same resource and claim to be intelligent…….

    2. @samson black, Chris if dis comment was allowed to go, i bet mine should be too….i dont like it when u guys moderate ma comments..publish ma comment the way it is……

  12. YES; any member of states from the ECOWAS region can deport any West African countries citizens. Provided, if you have committed a crime in your host country, should you commit a crime in your host country, you can be ordered to be deported. Also, if your a wanted criminal in your parent country and they ask for your extradition.
    Let us not look at it based on reciprocating what the Nigerians did; there must be reasons why the Nigerian govt deported some set of Ghanaians which can be seen from the reasons above. The truth is bitter to some Ghanaians when it comes to Nigerians. The only thing you can hear from the Ghanaians mouth is ‘Nigerians are 419’ -that is all. Yes we may be, but you cannot still remove the fact that Nigeria is not helping the Ghanaians economy. In one of the post, someone said(@kwame),’Nigerians all their kids in our universities shud be kicked out,kwasia they shud go to Lagos University’. The person does not understand the economic benefits of having the Nigerian students studying in Ghana .if only that person knows how much one Nigerian students pays in any university in Ghana as a foreign student, he/she would not talk that way.
    Today, look at president of Zimbabwe , who sent out most white investors investing in Zimbabwe, tell me what is happening to Zimbabwe and its economy. I am not here to talk against or support in anyway, but is for people to understand that both countries needs each other. I cannot imagine myself saying.’ I do not need Chinese or Indians in Nigeria, when I know how important they have helped in the economy today’.
    People travel for studies, work and living but do not mean where I am coming it is very bad. The Chinese government encourage its people to travel to other countries to invest or do other things due to the numerous number of its population and the competition there is very high. Understand this; the country to which you insult, Ghana government owes them big time. E.g. oil supplies worth over 150 million dollars have still not been paid. Our relationship might have been a bitter and sweet moment, we are still ONE. En deu nous cronyons (In God We Trust).