If I Were Yvonne Nelson, I Would Serve My Entire Ban & Then Ban Myself After…Says Ghana Movie Awards’ Founder ‘Fred Nuamah’

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Yvonne Nelson

We have read and heard a lot from various industry stakeholders on the controversial ban which was imposed on Actress Yvonne Nelson nearly a year ago. As at now, the state of this ban (whether it is still in force or not) cannot be clearly ascertained.

Film Producers Association of Ghana (FIPAG), the industry machinery behind the ban has strongly insisted that the ban is still in force whiles Abdul Salam-the person Yvonne Nelson was said to have grossly subjected to contempt is saying he has forgiven her. Though Salam’s recent statements to a greater extent suggest that the ban has been lifted, we are still kept in the dark by FIPAG.

The latest to add his voice to the Yvonne Nelson saga is Fred Nuamah, the founder and CEO of Ghollywood Production-the organisers of the prestigious Ghana Movie Awards.

I have decided to give this the necessary audience because Fred Nuamah in his submission pointed out some serious flaws in the way and manner the whole Yvonne Nelson incident was handled.

According to Fred Nuamah, his disappointment does not only rest on the fact that Yvonne Nelson has decided to apologise at this last hour of serving her undeserved and illegitimate punishment but also the fact that Yvonne Nelson is seriously doing far more better for herself than the time she was fully working as an actress and would probably let all these go down the drain in her desperation to come back to an industry which unfairly treated her.

Speaking to GhanaCelebrities.Com, Fred Nuamah repeated mentioned that, the way Yvonne Nelson has been treatment is absolutely disgusting. “For a young talented girl to be fairly treated like this is not only degrading but also inhuman. If a child wrongs the father, she is under an obligation to apologise and the father is also under a corresponding duty to accept this apology instantly and forgive the child” he said.

Fred continued “Yvonne Nelson did what is expected from a good child. She apologised to Abdul Salam at the infant stage of the whole controversy, Yvonne further mobilised her industry friends including Majid Michel and her manager to help apologise to Salam which the latter refused to accept. Is it therefore not Ironic that an apology has been accepted and the girl is said to have been forgiven at this late hour? ”

Fred Nuamah considers it disheartening that those in charge of the ban requested Yvonne Nelson to go and publicly apologise for a crime which she allegedly committed in what can be termed as a private place. “If she disrespecting Abdul Salam on a movie set was the core reason of the whole confusion, why ask her to go and apologise via TV, radio or any other form of media?”

What baffles the mind of the Founder of Ghana Movie Awards even more is the rationale behind Yvonne Nelson’s late hour apology and its acceptance after enduring about 9 months of substantial loss of income, insults and disrespect.

“If she has been able to swallow 9 months of disrespect and dirty industry politics which nearly killed her career, talent and dignity, why can’t she bear 3 months…? Remember, Yvonne is one of the top 3 Actresses in the country. This achievement is enough to make anyone proud so to throw all that away in desperation when you have suffered for 9 months with only 3 months to go is questionable”.

During Fred’s chit chat with GhanaCelebrities.Com, he also acknowledged and commended Yvonne Nelson for how well she has been able to do for herself during this bad time.

“Yvonne has done so much for herself in the last 9 months that she probably had not been able to do for all the years she worked as an actress. The girl has successfully launched her Glaucoma foundation which is doing great in helping our society. She has also bought a new top of the range car and has launched her own weave/wig collection” he added.

This may come as a bit unrealistic but it makes a lot of sense and it is the best advice I have heard anyone give to Yvonne Nelson since her incident with Abdul Salam and subsequently FIPAG.

Fred thinks “Yvonne Nelson should have consider her own production, a TV show or something she can do without having her talent being oppressed for any little misconduct. She should not be desperate to be in the movie industry when she is already doing a lot for herself. Her desperation to come back should not make her accept future wrong treatments that may come her way without saying anything as a result of fear of being banned. We have passed the culture of silence, fear and oppression”

As radical as this may sound, Fred says the best thing for Yvonne Nelson to do is go through the 3 months of the ban and then after that, ban herself. “If I were Yvonne, what I would have done is serve the 12 months of my ban and then after than ban myself. I mean, not work for any of those people” he said.

What do you guys think about this?


My Side Comment: Can someone (Actor or Actress) in Ghana test the legitimacy of  FIPAG’s operation and the way and manner they are sidelining people. In law, you cannot just form an association and use that association to cause members or non members’ loss of income by sidelining them as when and how you think you want to.

Everyone association/organization is subjected to the bigger law of the land (national laws) even though it may have it own laws. When these two laws clash, the national law takes precedent. As a Ghanaian, everyone of the right age has the constitutional right to work and earn a decent income.

I therefore think any activity by a person or organization such as FIPAG which unreasonable infringes on this fundamental right of a person to work or earn an income can be questioned in the law court. The national law and the courts are there to check MAFIA associations like FIPAG.

Someone should just take them on and challenge their way of operations. As long as their activities take away a person’s  constitutional right, It must be done in conformity with the law and we can only know if their unreasonable banning/side-lining is lawfully or not by testing their grounds of banning, the length of punishment and others in the law court.

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Founding Editor
Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri is the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com , a Film Critic and a Human Rights Advocate; he holds 2 masters degrees in Law; International Human Rights Law (LL.M) and Legal Practice Course (LL.M) from University of Leicester and Nottingham Law School--and also a degree in Law (LL.B) from University of East London. He's a Professional Truth Sayer and he is the author of the popular eBook “Success is a Right, Not A Privilege.” He currently works at Adukus Solicitors in London--where he uses his legal brains to kick real ass, for the good of clients and humanity. Contact: [email protected]


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  1. Hmmm..ghana!!..da ben??!!..when wll we move forward n uplift d name high???..eh?…Yep..infact go act in naija..theyre waitin for u..africa is big..get a job elsewher ..girl..bt i fink Shes got a plan else she wldnt b back..go gal

  2. This Fred Nuamah guy is an intellegent fellow. And he seems good hearted. These so called FIPAG & Socret or whatever that dirty guys name is should leave Ghana lol. Im dead serious! She could do far better elsewhere. Im pretty sure she’ll be accepted in South Africa or even Nigeria. Ghana is a lovely country, but we have to many fools who have higher power. She’s defintely top3 actresses in GH. I have the best plan for her. She should just go with Leila Djansi, if there cool(not sure) and both go to Burkina Faso and do movies with one another, or she could even learn from Leila and join her production company.

  3. True talk Fred. Why did it take you this long to talk on this issue though? After sitting down for these bullies to treat Yvonne like this, now you are talking? 

    Apart from the late timing of your message, it is indeed the truth. Hope Yvonne will consider that.

    And as Chris said, someone you take those FIPAG fools to court and let’s see what happens

  4. D man is rily making sense. Yvonne has been treated unfairly by dese people. Do dey want 2 kill d poor girl’s career as an actress? Anywayz,Yvonne is and will alwayz b a star. D man in question has 4given her,so why won’t Fipag or wateva dey re called do same. Plz dey shud tel us if d ban has rily bin lifted and wen we can start lukin out 4 a new movie of hers.

  5. I’m a bit confused as to the workings of this industry, a ban? Really? How is this ban enforced? What if a director wants to use Yvonne for a role? Does he get fined because she’s banned? Or his movie never gets made? How does an industry ban someone from working? I don’t think one can even get banned in Hollywood, lol. They shun you, yes, blacklist if you will, and other filmmakers are advised not to use your services, but not banned. Is this the same case here? Is it merely a misinterpretation of her being “shunned” rather than banned? Difference here is “banned” would be to legally prohibit, whereas “shunned” would be merely to avoid or ignore. 

    This organization takes themselves that seriously to do something this silly? Wow, a ban. lol. If it was a highly respected and noteworthy organization, I guess it would be understandable, but an organization that produces mediocre excuses for cinema? wow, lol.

    1. @Kos, Not a BAN as you mentioned, shun/side lining is what we mean. Same as done in Hollywood…

      FIPAG is an association made of producers, marketers, distributors and more…So what they do is advise their manners not to use a person-shun the person or sideline the person….Let’s say an illegal form of ban…LOL. They say they have laws and they sideline people based on those laws so probably we can argue that it is a BAN since it is down in accordance with some sort of law…

      Since FIPAG is very strong in terms of distribution and marketing, any producer who might use a sidelined Actor will suffer in revenue. FIPAG members will not help to market and distribute that movie…

      So basically it is the same Hollywood concept..Probably the difference is that, in most movie industries, the shunning is done unofficially, in Ghana, FIPAG announces and openly advise/threaten its members and non members to adhere to the shun/sideline…

      1. @Posted By: Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri,

        @Chris, Ah, that makes more sense. Thanks for clearing that up.
        Still silly that an organization that takes themselves seriously would involve themselves in petty issues such as an actress’ PMS rant. It happens. To become a celebrity you have to ride some sort of ego trip, especially when constantly compared to other celebrities. 
        I completely understand the comparison to Hollywood, it’s just that a public announcement such as this, might (and is) misinterpreted by the public as a ban rather than a shun. In the case of say Megan Fox, fired by Michael Bay (via Spielberg’s request), she is being shunned by other filmmakers – her reputation now being “unappreciative bitchy actress who can’t even remember her lines”. That is for other filmmakers to decide if they want to hire her. But for FIPAG to make an announcement – strutting their “monopoly”, if you will – to a public that highly takes statements out of context, and outlawing an egotistical actress just to teach others a lesson is just plain silly. But then again, it’s their organization, their rules and their say. I guess when you sign up for a job, you must abide by their principles and be reprimanded for work they reckon as inappropriate – however unjustifiable. 

        PS: sorry for the double post. You can delete the other comment…

      2. @Posted By: Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri,

        My take is that Yvonne is very very ignorant and the FIPAG is very stupid and ignorant.

        Yvonne can sue the FIPAG group for violating her human right and request the judge to make FIPAG pay for her legal expenses in the case thereof. I was in St. Martin de Porres with this girl and her siblings, I never knew she could grow up to become so ignorant like this. After all I dont see what she did wrong to that Salaam guy. She wasted her time and money to come on set a lot of times only to be told Jackie was not ready each time. Who is Jackie???? She had every right to be angry for being treated like an idiot because of Jackie.

        The least said about the FIPAG the better. I thought the main essence of a union is to be lobbyist for their members but certainly not the same for this disgraceful group headed by people like the illiterate and ugly Socrates. look at how MUSIGA or what the musicians call themselves did when their colleague was arrested by the police.

        I think we as Ghanaians should blame our poorly educated population who lack every bit of confidence and are least analytical, especially the media. If it were else where they would have sustain an intelligent discussion on this issue so much that the government or people in authority will come up with a law to stop this stupidity and let everyone know that you can NOT violate the rights of any individual not even the state can do that. How much more a mere group.

        In hollywood, nobody will shun you for the reasons here. In fact they are well develop human beings to inform you that your cast members will not be ready so come when everybody is ready. Hollywood only shuns you when you commit a crime or do something that make you less popular in public. In that case they will shun you because it is business. 

        I rest my case.

        1. @ka, you r just a lowlife demon with uncontested inferiority complex. Did Yvonne state in her letter or in her interviews that she was banned sok of Jackie. Shameless fools like u should be ashamed of attacking the girl innocently and refrain from these cheap retardation. Jackie was contracted as a judge, asked for permission and granted waiver. wasn’t Yvonne asked to shoot alone if she cannot wait for her and she still refused ,so what the bleep r u talking. And has Yvonne told u she hasn’t enjoyed any waiver. Most actresses have access to these sort of necessities especially if they r sick, caught up in traffics,contracted or other crucial appointments. Nonsense, tell me the number of times Jackie wasn’t present cos she left just a day for a judge on Malaika show. Yvonne was asked to come the next day if she cannot wait but she refused, shoot alone and she still refused so how can u say she was banned because of Jackie. Yvonne’s ban has nothing to do with Jackie cos if it were so, she would have said it. Yvonne is very vocal and will say it if it were so. U devil, stop creating unnecessary enmity between the 2 actresses. I bet u Yvonne loves Jackie’s company and on her website, she uploaded most pics of her and Jackie there. A big shame on u. Thank God Yvonne came out to speak . Social misfits like u r only good at destroying peoples reputations and hard works.

          1. @Dela,
            hmmm!!!! are you satisfied.

            I believe both are professionals or so is expected of them. I can only rely on what I read from the write ups in Ghana. I dont know you could shoot a dialogue movie by yourself until your reply. if anybody is at fault, i believe it will be the producer/director who failed inform the parties. 

            Dela, whoever you are, i think you have anger problem. You need to work on it.

      3. @Posted By: Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, aha,you are telling the real thing here, lets get fact of matters before we come and judge here.they would not ban her if it was not with the accordance of the law,there are laws in every institution besides that girl has had too many controversies around her since she came into the movie industry starting with guys she has dated and lied that she had nothing to do with them,even in a case where some of these guys have come out to admit that yes they have gone out with her,example is jon gemain,of metro tv and assaulting a journalist because he wanted to take a picture of her,so she is not as inocent as much as we want to believe she is,her fans should advice her to watch her conduct not criticize her ban,whether we like or not she was ban and that decition was not taken my socrat alone its a whole board decision and if she was inocent then why did she go to apologise.she should stay out of trouble and imulate people like jackie appiah,i have watched that girl for years since she was in things we do for love movie and never have i head anything nasty about her,as a public figure people will talk about you whether you like it or not but its up to you to make what ever they say negetive or possitive by conducting yourself everywhere you are.

        1. @maame, u couldn’t have said it better. People should stop being over-sentimental and get real. Yvonne just couldn’t be banned if she hadn’t gone beyond her limitations and then the Actors Guild and her manager and co would overlook it. Remember there couldn’t be smoke without fire. Yvonne, rather than keeping cool and apologizing for her wrongdoing would have sued Abdul and FIPAG if and only if she was treated unfairly cos she has the money to get a good lawyer. Yvonne appeared twice on the list of top 5 most indisciplined Ghanaian celebrities and was even said to have fought a Nigerian actress on set. Most producers, director,crews members and even people who know her personally in one way or the other have said she is arrogant and disrespectful. A lot of actors and actresses have been banned before Yvonne for misconduct and these bans happen to maintain law and order in the industry. Without these bans, these acts will do what pleases them and put the industry and the stakeholders in jeopardy. Ini was even banned for indecent dressing so these things happen.

          1. @Margaret, exactely, issues are being twisted here as if she is so perfect that she cannot be ban.

      4. @Posted By: Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri,

        oohh I see…, so GC it wasn’t a ban then? Were you not the one who named her ‘CONFUSED/BANNED ACTRESS’? Now you are here saying it wasn’t a ban but rather shun/side lining.

        You must be confused youself. 🙁

  6. Chris you must bow your face in your palm, because you were Yvonne Nelson’s number one crities. You were so hard on her and now that Fred, a man with a touch of sense and humility has voiced out his view on the whole issue, you have turn around (flip flop) and portray yourself as a problem solver. You tagging her as ” confused/banned actress” was not necessary.

    Based on what Fred has said I can say that what seems to be a private issue was blown out of proportion because of folks like you.

    As usual, come up with you bogus defence.

    1. @val, When and where did criticising a person become shameful or a crime? And where did I ever state that I have had a change of mind about Yvonne? 

      Probably you should commend me rather for being unbiased on this by given someone who has gotten a parallel view to me when it comes to Yvonne Nelson the audience on GC.

      I do not think I have made any flip flop as you say…What is the meaning of that term even? Ghanaians and huhudious terms

      1. @Posted By: Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri,

        Chris, flip flop is an English word. this is the meaning :A switching circuit that works by changing from one stable state to another, or through an unstable state back to its stable state, in response to a triggering pulse
        and the writer above is so right. you were Yvonnes biggest bully. everyone was against her ban. but you used your cyber bully tactics to further humiliate her and make the case worse. you tagged her names and wrote really distasteful things about her. I am suspecting Yvonne came to apologize to you. as did Nadia Buari and you stopped attacking them. so yes. After Fred spoke to you, you’ve decided to switch circuits. flip flop. this your website is really giving you power to mask your insecurities and enjoy your lil two minute orgasms.  you don’t know the way you bear false witness and damage people image by instigating insults against whose only crime is finding themselves in the public eye destroys them. God is watching us and yes, they will take it to the lord in prayer.good luck tho. 

        1. Are you sure of ‘flip flop’ being a formal English word? The flip flop I could only find in my Cambridge Advance Learner’s Dict as a formal English word is the type of shoe made in the shape of V, we call it charley watey or so….

          The definition you gave me is for an informal US word ‘Flip Flop’. Not a formal English word though…Anyway, thanks for letting me know one of those US informal words…Anytime I meet it somewhere, I will remember it is an informal US word which means what you stated…

          You are suspecting Yvonne Nelson and Nadia Buari have come to apologize to me? What for? If you care to know, the last time I spoke to Nadia Buari, we only chatted about Cannes Fillm Festival and nothing else…. For Yvonne Nelson, it has been months since I spoke to her so your thinking is totally wrong.

          Also, stick to your usual name (Joy Ocloo) else I will not bother replying you on here. I will rather reply those who are consistent with their usernames and not changing them every minute.

          1. @Posted By: Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri,

            CVAF. I like you. i really like you. because you really think you are a big and smarts.  LA is very very big. paths cross. roomates, schoolmates etc. don’t assume. ghanaians, we stick together when we are in foreign lands. My thinking being wrong does not change my point that you used your website to bully Yvonne. how can you even say you “chatted with nadia” after all you did to her on this site. you knew no shame and “chatted” with her. nadia naaa oye dumbass. 

            since you advising consistence. how about you also stay consistent?  and if flip flop were not formal English, miriam webster and other dictionaries will not have it in them. wu ye too known kroaa bia. 

          2. @aisha, where do you come from? So you do not know what the dictionary contains informal English words like slangs? Are you kidding me? What Dictionary do you use?

            Check it, what Chris said is right, flip flop that you defined is a US slang and the dictionary states it as such (US Informal word).

            Some people on this blog are really ignorant

      2. @Posted By: Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri,

        @Chris, you have indeed made a u-turn. I do admire you that you brought Fred’s point to the fore, but it does not in anyway excuse the unbiased way u reported this incident when it happened. When some of us raised issue with the locus of the so called FIPAG to impose the so-called ban, you defended it. How funny it is now that in your own side comment you are raising the same issues some of us raised but choose to call it sidelining and not ban.
        I believe the actors/actresses in Ghana displayed their lack of unity on this issue. Where will people like Socrates ‘porn’ Safo be without the actors/actresses? They shd have stood by Yvone and call the bluff of the so called FIPAG and see who would have suffered most. A strike for about a month would have made them sit up. The whole industry is such a disgrace!

        1. @Kwadwo, did u say unbiased way Chris reported issues???? so whts the attack for??? or u don’t understand unbiased….Unbiased means not biased, means as it is………

          1. @Opanin, I meant the biased way he reported the incident. And I did not attack Chris. I commended him for bringing this side of the story to the fore. I wanted to remind him that his recent stance, as evidenced in his side comment to this story, is quite different from his earlier position. In effect, I was supporting the point made earlier by Val that Chris had made a u-turn!

          2. @Kwadwo, great for u to come back cos it was bit confusing…….i think Chris is jst doin his job….if gud things come up, he’ll bring dem out and if bad things come up, he’ll bring dem out too…..it’s not abou overly criticising someone…it’s stating the facts.

    2. @val, bow your face in your palm??? i’ve been tryin dat but i can’t…can u show us how it’s done???????????hahahahahahahahaaaaa

  7. @Chris, Ah, that makes more sense. Thanks for clearing that up.

    Still silly that an organization that takes themselves seriously would involve themselves in petty issues such as an actress’ PMS rant. It happens. To become a celebrity you have to ride some sort of ego trip, especially when constantly compared to other celebrities.

    I completely understand the comparison to Hollywood, it’s just that a public announcement such as this, might (and is) misinterpreted by the public as a ban rather than a shun. In the case of say Megan Fox, fired by Michael Bay (via Spielberg’s request), she is being shunned by other filmmakers – her reputation now being “unappreciative bitchy actress who can’t even remember her lines”. That is for other filmmakers to decide if they want to hire her. But for FIPAG to make an announcement – strutting their “monopoly”, if you will – to a public that highly takes statements out of context, and outlawing an egotistical actress just to teach others a lesson is just plain silly. But then again, it’s their organization, their rules and their say. I guess when you sign up for a job, you must abide by their principles and be reprimanded for work they reckon as inappropriate – however unjustifiable. 

    1. @Kos,

      Can you please tell me what “principles” she under wrote when she was hired which make her suffer such an unjust treatment like this. Talk is so cheap and most Ghanaians talk without fact. Please let me know if you really know what you are saying. 

      1. @ka,

        I’m not defending FIPAG, I stated repeatedly that what they did was extremely silly. It might be unjust, but they (unfortunately) are controlling that market or business, if you will. I’m also not saying that there’s a said contract or a set of written “principles” – what I’m saying is, if you are controlled by a board in your line of work, they have every right (however silly and unjustly it might be) to ‘fire’ you. Now you might protest, but they have no obligation whatsoever to continue paying her. In this case, she doesn’t work for FIPAG and they aren’t paying her directly, but as Chris stated, they influence the movie entertainment market a great deal – so that ties in to her paycheck.

        It is unjust and silly, it’s bullying, even. It’s obvious you’re an Yvonne fan and upset at this. The whole situation sucks but it is their territory and they can. If it is shunning, there’s no crime against that. Hollywood does that all the time, just not as a public outcry and misinterpretation as a ban. There are a large number of ‘has-beens’ struggling to make it back into the limelight. 

        I agree with the title of this thread: “If I Were Yvonne Nelson, I Would Serve My Entire Ban & Then Ban Myself After…”. Meaning, ignore FIPAG and keep doing your thing. Bad publicity IS good publicity. She can use that to her advantage…

        1. @Kos,

          I agree with your conclusion. I would have served the ban without any apology and then ban my own-self and in addition start my own production. 

          I dont think Yvonne is ……. to make this decision.

          1. @ka, its not as easy as you make it sound,yes she can start her own production if she want but she will need the same people who banned her to approve of every production she makes before it comes to the public domain.And even if she is able to reach that and her conduct is not good,highest is 6 months and she will have nobody to work for her again.there is a big mansion where they use to shoot in with her before her ban came and the owner of the house and his wife complained bitterly about her conduct and threatened that they would stop the crew from shooting in the house if they ever bring yvonne to the house again,their reason was that she was dirty and arrogant.could everybody be wrong about her?i dont think so.

  8. Yvonne Nelsom should sue those motherfuckers..Those fucking bootlickers in the Ghana movie industry needs to get their asses sued before they’ll do the right thing..son of bitches need to get sued

    1. @john, i believe you love her and you are a fan,but you see john those people you call motherfuckers,they made her who she is today.if these people have not featured her in any of their movies,where will she be?some are saying she should work somewhere else and forget these people,thats not possible and she know that very well.A nigerian producer will not come to Ghana and just pick up anybody on the street and say come and shoot for me,no you will have to be in the industry in Ghana and be well recomended by these motherfuckers as you call them.they may be wrong in a way to have banned her i agree but no actor or actress can make it anywhere without these people unless the person is not living in Ghana or did not start her career in Ghana,so if you cant beat them you join them.All those that love her should rather help her with encouraging comment to cool these people down so the lady can go on with her career,the insult will only keep her banned permanently and she cannot do anything concerning acting without these people and the good thing is she know that very well.

    2. @john, sue dem for wht????? dey have their money and own the production houses….dey decide who dey want to hire and who not to hire….can u sue Nestle Ghana for not employee??be wise ma friend..

  9. It is very true that Yvonne has achieved a whole lot in the last 9months of her ban. Yes, such punishments are there to keep celebrities in ‘check”, but this one alone has been blown out of proportion.. To me, Yvonne has proved her self strong….. All I can say is – Sorry in advance to the next victim..

  10. If movie producers felt like Yvonne is disrespectful i believe the only thing they should do is not to employ her for anymore of their movie roles. Nobody has the power to ban any1. This FIPAG should be there to support and help ghanaian actresses and actors progress not bring them down.
    If producers stop hiring Yvonne and she is Jobless, I believe that would be enough for her to change her ways.
    This association is a big fraud and someone should bring them to justice.
    Ghana celebrities you have the platform to espose this kalabuley FIPAG or whatever they are called.
    Chris you and your reporters get off your ass and look into the matter.
    This is a serious issue.

    1. @Naki, exactly it was up to salam or whoever felt disrespected decide if they want to work with her or not. but to stop other producers from working with her is ridiculous.

  11. Yvonne please start your own film production. You have over 200,000 fans on facebook …you don’t need abdul salam & socrate! I know you will do great! Socrate is an ASSHOLE and an ENEMY OF PROGRESS! Socrate should be BANNED FOR LIFE!

  12. Chris A very big shame on YOU. YOu did all you can to bring this girl down with all the adjectives you called her! Am soo ashame of you. Fred, I naadu had said b4,NY is very great, the Gennie of Ghana. Her Focus is what will take her far… Pls Help her, YN should clean her whole house and clossets.. New PA, new Manager and perhaps a new aproach to the environment in which she works!

    God help you.
    Haters will fall out of breath!

  13. 10x Fred…..I wish Yvonne Nelson will start her own Production….And lets see if dose film producers who hate her so much will still have spme of the top actors and actresses working for dem again… all dose top 1s will immediately muv to Yve’s camp..Kudos Yve, on ur great achievement during irrelevent period of dat ‘so called’ ban… It only happens here in Africa…Kudos ma dear…

  14. Great submission from both Fred and Chris…….. the only problem here is dat the laws of the land cannot in anyway force anbody to employ or offer a job to another………….FIPAG might have gone overboard yes but den it all comes down to i have a job, i don’t need u…..ders not much u can do ……..hope dey sort dis out tho….

    1. @Opanin, Yea, it is right that the law cannot force anyone to give another a job but then if you openly come to announce like FIPAG did that they will not give Yvonne any job, if the grounds on which you are saying you and your members should not give her a job is unreasonable then I think she can even sue under discrimination, unfair treatment and co….

      Unless FIPAG can prove otherwise…That is why in other industries, they just shun you or gossip among themselves not to give you a job…When you make it official, then you are opening yourself to a potential lawsuit because you must have a good ground to deny someone a job…You cannot just say, I don’t like you so I won’t give you the job…

      All the same, how have you been out there?

      1. @Posted By: Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, chale i dey ground o….more stress but we are managing……….greetings to everybody……..Gossip Mama, Regina, Vincent………etc etc

  15. @Kwadwo, great for u to come back cos it was bit confusing…….i think Chris is jst doin his job….if gud things come up, he’ll bring dem out and if bad things come up, he’ll bring dem out too…..it’s not abou overly criticising someone…it’s stating the facts.

    Opanin, and that is what it is supposed to be…