Say It Loud: Are Our Young Girls That Desperate To Be Giving Out Sex For Beauty Pageant Favours + What Is The Future Of Beauty Pageants In Ghana?

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Debbie From Miss Malaika 2010 : Photo is used just for publication of this article, it does not mean/suggest anything more than this
Debbie From Miss Malaika 2010 : Photo is used just for the publication of this article, it does not mean/suggest anything more than this

I have lost count and touch with the many beauty pageants we currently have in Ghana. Their numbers cannot even be measured alongside the many corrupted churches that have cropped out of the system.

If you think Ghana has so many churches, then you have no idea as to the number of beauty pageants that have emerged over this short period of time…From Miss ‘Borla’ to Miss ‘Come Grace My Bed’ and still counting…

I mostly think some of our younger girls are push to partake in these beauty pageants as a result of plain stupidity, desperation, ignorance and their unquenchable desire to be famous. However, I am still finding it extremely difficult to think of any stupid reason why certain colossal corporate bodies in Ghana spend huge amounts of money sponsoring this new scheme of scam called beauty pageants.

When was the last time we really saw ‘Miss beauty’ looking beautiful? Apart from the lack of transparency and accountability which have shadowed most of the beauty pageants in Ghana, their recent selection of beauty suggests only one thing-the organizers and judges need to pay a necessary visit to the eye clinic near Abelemkpe.   

Even from as far as London, I can clearly spot the scams, discrepancies and fallacies that engulf most of these amateur beauty pageants in Ghana and yet, the young participants have been blinded by their desire to catch non-existing fame.  What happened to being smart?

Few weeks ago, I had a long conversation with a close friend who is Miss ‘name withheld 2010’ and I was shocked by some of the treatment the organizers of the said beauty pageant accorded her simple because she failed to honour the numerous dinners and meetings they masterminded for her and some so called big men in Ghana.

Which hotel in Ghana was she not supposed to meet a certain Mr Big Man there for dinner? It was stupid but I had to ask if meeting men for dinner was part of her prize package.

Can you believe my ‘celebrity’ friend had to fight, hustle and even threaten to sue the organizers for the documents that come with her grand prize since her lack of corporation could not be condoned? Probably my friend even did some disgusting things she could not tell me.

Few days ago, I heard of what most people are pretentiously calling shocking news when it is in fact conventional news as far as beauty pageants in Ghana are concerned. The news is that, a certain Mr Godfred Amankwa has been out in Ghana receiving money and ‘alleged’ s*xual favours from young girls in their quest to enter into Miss Malaika.

Excuse my diction… ‘So for mere entry, girls dey pay money and warming beds, when it comes to winning, I bet they are paying with their mothers’.

Do you know that majority of the prizes stated during some of these beauty pageants are never received by the winners as promised and yet young girls purchase forms, pay fortune and render full services to the old engines of certain people in their bid to enter these pageants?

Don’t you agree with me that it is intolerably stupid that these girls keep jumping around when they hear of beauty pageants?

I cannot seem to fully figure out where the irresponsibility lies…Does it lie with the organizers or the young desperate participants? Who makes sure these pageants operate under some sort of decency in Ghana?

I guess all you need is a little money and the ability to make impossible promises to people and you safely can kick-start a beauty pageant in Ghana.

Hmmm! You better watch out for Miss GhanaCelebrities.Com…

Arrested Godfred Amankwaa
Arrested Godfred Amankwaa


Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Founding Editor
Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri is the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com , a Film Critic and a Human Rights Advocate; he holds 2 masters degrees in Law; International Human Rights Law (LL.M) and Legal Practice Course (LL.M) from University of Leicester and Nottingham Law School--and also a degree in Law (LL.B) from University of East London. He's a Professional Truth Sayer and he is the author of the popular eBook “Success is a Right, Not A Privilege.” He currently works at Fortwell Solicitors in London--where he uses his legal brains to kick real ass, for the good of clients and humanity. Contact:


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  2. I heard that Godfred Amankwah was taped in a conversation  promising a prospective contestant in the pageant that he could guarantee her a place in the final if she would have s*x with him I mean there is allot of scam going on in GH especially when it comes to be a beauty peagent but we shouldnt look from once side but both side some of the girls are so desperate because they want to make it to the top by any means so they throw them self easily towards man why don’t these girls just use their beauty and intelligence to participate in the contes instead of throwing them self and make this idiots take advantage of them 

  3. Good one Chris, when you go to Ghana , you hear and see girls being so desperate for fame . Everyone want to be on tv and as a result, bogus organisers uses all these miss this miss that to make money from them. Others get free bed service with these girls too. It is sad. I think th girls are the irresponsible ones here. 

  4. so in this case, who are we to blame, godfred for being too cunning for his own good or the young ladies for being too stupid?

      1. @Opanin, k seriously i dun noe y u calling me TOO NOE for saying oh snap. what is too noe abt wat i said if i didnt click on the X  y dnt u go ahead n do dat urself . eh is it by force? n i dnt even recall mentioning ur name so wat i jst said is none of ur freaking business so if u woke up from the wrong side of ur freakn bed plz take ur nonsense some where else( nkwasiasem to the highest degree mmtcchhhewww)

        1. @hey, u wanna be gangster eh, don’t make me laff…..your words are like cotton wool on ma skin……twiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

          1. @Opanin, u kraaa wats your problem? if my words are like cotton wool on ur skin wat r u still doing here tryn to cause unnecessary fights wen u can actually go on other posts n comment on them. which bush did u even migrate from?

          2. @Opanin, i migrated from a place n not the bush n if u indeed migrated from where i migrated from u wnt be acting da way u actn.. neways tell me. if u state facts wat facts did u jst state here cus i dun see a anything. all i see is some random guy out of nowhere who’s jst talkin gibberish cus i said “OH SNAP” smdh 

            1. @hey, when u attended school, were u not taught dat a bush is also a place???it’s not in your place to see anything cos u’re too dumb to see it anyways.i’ll help u in prayer wai……….still Opanin..

  5. one question………is s*x worth the exposure??????? if dese girls had realised dat yes indeed George was workin at Charter House, i bet u dey wouldn’t have come out. dey’ll have gone ahead to sleep wit him to gain advantage…dats why we have all dese ugly ass girls winning pageants. it’s not on merit.

    desperation and the love for exposure and publicity is leading dese girls to do some of these things……why don’t dey do it to the guys????imagine,a guy enters a pageant and a female organiser says, sleep wit me and i’ll ensure dat u make it to the finals……think ladies think… amount of money or publicity is worth your dignity…..