Karen And Wendall Win Big Brother Amplified + Do You Think Big Brother Africa Is A Fair Competition?

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The bitchie Karen Karen Igho has won Big Brother Amplified huh? This makes me wonder if indeed Big Brother Africa is grounded on a plain equal competitive platform…

It seems to be me that, the highly populated countries like Nigeria will continue to win such shows as result of the populous voting syndrome.

Do you think Big Brother Africa is  a fair competition ? It is indisputable that viewers mainly vote for their countrymen and not interesting personalities in the house…

Why do the smaller countries like Ghana bother when they will eventually be over taken and pushed out of the game by bigger countries like Nigeria?

Big Brother Season 6 had another winner apart from Karen which was Wendall Robert from Zimbabwe . I guess the organizers decided to pick two winners because they are beginning to realize that,  the show is heading to its grave.

Until the voting system is evaluated to give participants from the  smaller countries equal opportunity as those from the densely populated countries, Big Brother Africa will always be won by Nigeria-interest from other countries will eventually die off…

Congrats to Karen and Wendall for taking home $200,000 each! Make a change in people’s life with it…

Karen Igho From Nigeria
Karen Igho From Nigeria
Karen Igho From Nigeria
Karen Igho From Nigeria
Karen Igbo From Nigeria
Karen Igbo From Nigeria

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Founding Editor
Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri is the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com , a Film Critic and a Human Rights Advocate; he holds 2 masters degrees in Law; International Human Rights Law (LL.M) and Legal Practice Course (LL.M) from University of Leicester and Nottingham Law School--and also a degree in Law (LL.B) from University of East London. He's a Professional Truth Sayer and he is the author of the popular eBook “Success is a Right, Not A Privilege.” He currently works at Adukus Solicitors in London--where he uses his legal brains to kick real ass, for the good of clients and humanity. Contact: [email protected]


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  1. who ever wrote this report shud be ashamed of himself ….damn man common …nigeria has won it 4 2 yrs now does not mean they cheated ….Chris u r disgusting n i wonder how u got dis job …it wud interest u 2 know that other country has won BBA bsides nigeria ok . send interesting characters to d house next time …not a slut n a wanna be pimp ..they suppose to entertain not make biz link like confidence or try to fuck every girl like Alex ……u see u r just another envious , bad bellied Ghanian …Karen Won(Nigeria) in ur face nigger

    1. @John kofi, I don’t think Chris said anyone cheated. All he said is that, it is not fair because countries with a lot of population like Nigeria will continue to win if something is done about it. So why the insult?

      1. @Stacy, he knows nothing about d voting pattern ,,, it is based on the vote each contestant got from all participating countries …so even if they win d vote of their country they would need to win the vote of other countries , he shud stop hating the 9ja girl …if Karen’s winning was questionable what would he say about wendall ??? He sip some akpeteshi n sleep and stop all d rubbish he post here

    2. @John kofi, and in all your knowledge u choose to use the “n” word…….i’m not surprised lookin at where u coming from……..i pity u…

    3. apart from Nigeria, Karen had 4 country votes and the rest of africa……i don’t think we can all be wrong….it’s Wendall i’m not sure about cos i believe Luclay was much stronger than him………anyways, it’s over and some of us can get some sleep.congrates to all the winners.

      1. @Opanin,  same here, i believed Luclay was stronger than Wendall.  I kept asking myself if that boy really deserved to win. There was nothing funny/entertaining about him.

        1. @B.B, dat wendall guy is just flaccid he does nothing say nothing for a moment i thought he was deft n dumb ..sorry but dats wat i think but for him to win??? dat 1 deff got me

  2. why d madness we won bcos we are original,smart & dogged people.this is the third time running nigeria has won it.stop the mad talk.GOD BLESS 9JA.good people great nation.9ja by blood.

  3. @Stacy+writer, u seem not to understand the new voting procedure used by BBA over three years now. A country like Nigeria’s large population or followership dosnt have any advantage here.All Nigerians are entitled to one general (single)vote,same as Ghana,SA and other countries.
    Any housemate will only get a country’s vote..if he or she led the votes in such country.
    E.g Karen may have 10million votes while luclay has 9.9 million votes in Nigeria.But karen automaticaLly get Nigeria’s single vote cos she emerge higest in Nigeria.
    So if it were only Nigerians that determined her sucess,then how come she had Five other countries,which sumed up to six votes to make her win?
    Lets learn to be objective and unbiased with our write ups.

    1. @Banji W., this is lame excuse…Nigeria’s population is not only based in Nigeria . Do you know the number of Nigerians in other countries voting from those countries dilute the votes ? I guess you did not think smart . When we say population of a country , all the citizens outside in other countries are in included . So the larger the population , the greater you can influence any voting system like BB. 

      1. Thanks for educating him. Country vote simply means those voting within a country . What about the larger Nigerian population based In other countries? That is even worse , as you pointed out they dilute the votes coming from these countries…

        This is not rocket science, is plain common sense, a country with a larger population will win competitions based on popular votes… The country vote system is weak since population of such countries is dispersed all around the world.

        1. @Posted By: Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri,
          Hey Chris John Kofi is a different john so please dont mistake him for me..My name is john and that idiots name is John Kofi so people dont mistake John Kofi for me…John Kofi is prolly living in the Village..i recently moved from new York to Calgary in Canada

          1. @john, n from ur comment i can tell u a cleaner in canada bcos if u say stupid words like dis i wonder wat u av for a brain …if sum1 hate on u cos u a ghanian in canada i wud open u wide mouth n say racism …now u doing d same tin …wen u see the truth Mr. John say it dont hide bcos it favors u not …ok I am JOHN KOFI (now talk i am listening)

          2. @John kofi,HahahHa nice one don’t mind this confused Internet thug who is probably someone in the village claiming he used to live in new York less than 3 weeks already moved to Canada John Kofi keep your name and drop your comment and ignore him 

        2. Fuck Big Brother Africa..Nigeria will always continue to win as long as they dont change the voting system..I dont see the point of the show anyways

        3. @Posted By: Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri,Banji W is right actually,each vote in nigeria or any other country counted as a single vote,the only time the population came into play was when there was a tie between two contestants, say contestant A and B all got two country votes each,then they used the actual voting numbers (population) to break the tie to see which got more votes.Also, If a two or more contestants also got votes from the same country,that country’s vote was counted for the contestant among them who got the highest number of votes from that country. I think Mr. Agyepong and Tracy ,you should actually visit  the BBA website and read the rules before you jump into hasty conclusions. Yes population who reside outside the country count as votes for that country but this only mattered when there was a tie between contestants

          1. But that is what we are saying…That Nigerians population (not only within Nigeria) in other country dilutes the whole voting system…Example, if we have 100 Nigerians living in Ghana and they together with some Ghanaians voted… making contestant A to get 300 votes and contest B 210 votes, without the large population of Nigerians in Ghana (minus 100), contest B would have secured Ghana but then she has lost here to A because of the 100 coming from the Nigerians in that country…

          2. @Posted By: Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri,When you create an account on the website,you actually choose what country you represent and even if the nigerians pretended they were from other countries in order to vote, before a contestant gets that country’s vote,he would have had to have the major share of that country’s vote. E.g. If an Oluwashun pretends as he is Ghanaian and created two profiles that voted both Nigerian and Ghana  for a contestant, the contestant doesn’t get the Ghana vote unless the contestant gets the majority of the Ghana vote for that voting period and for that to be possible,some of the actual Ghanaians had to be voting for the contestant too. Because if 3/4 of Nigerians had two profiles and voted both as Ghana and nigeria, the contestant would get the Nigeria vote but for him/her to get the Ghana vote too,a majority of the Ghanaians would have to be voting for that contestant for him to get an actual major share  for Ghana votes. think about it.

          3. You seem to miss what I am saying… total of 400 Ghanaians in Ghana and then 100 Nigerians join in..Out of the 400 Ghanaians, 220 votes for A and then 180 votes for B…Logically, A should have the country votes…The 100 Nigerians dilutes the vote by going to vote for B, making B achieve 180 + 100, therefore 280… and passes A to become the country votes winner…

            The greater number of Ghanaians did not vote for A in Ghana and yet she has won because the 100 Nigerians diluted the vote…And Nigeria can do this because of the humongous population…This is how weak the voting system is when you have a country FAR too big than its competitors…

            I am not blaming Nigeria for anything, neither Karen as some comments here seem to suggest, I am saying the voting system is FAR too weak and it favours HUGE population like Nigeria ( as showed above)

          1. @favour,You have nothing to say so you decided to insult me ad well but let me tell you this the Godwin’s Law does not apply when writing about you. Nigerians are the anti-Midas, for all that you touch becomes valueless and unusable. Mothers gather their children close when they appear. You are an aberration, a corruption, and a boil that needs to be lanced. You are a poison in need of being vomited what is BBa nothing I dont care who won or what country person is from but to let this ugly species of a gremlin win hmmmmm I wonder how many nigerians where using JUJU for her to win don’t try me 

          2. @Miyagi, idiots ooo fool …we sent a prostitute n a wanna be pimp to d house so we came back sent parking by d rest of Africa …stop hating these people guys u shud know beta dan dis

      2. @Tracy,good for explaining things to the nigerian ,this is simple ABCD NIGERIANS will win easily without no doubt ,the same apply’s to CHINA or INDIA ,if Ghana is higly populated like China i dont see any chance any country is going to win .so once nigerians are rufusing to control their birth ,they will be more populated and they will continue to win.
        any way i like my country if it small or smaller in population ,they should also use population in football.

        1. @27 calibre, yea and this is a simple WIN GHANIANS. so go pimp urselves and come back next year. just mayb u wuld make it to the finals. lol

  4. no need making a mountain out of a mole hill,whether we like it or not,AFRICA has decided period,whether karen was a bitch,a slut or what ever name to give her,the point here is she was her self and thats what africa voted for,she was real and not fake like how some of us africans do.we applaus lies and condemn truth and thats why we will always lack behind.a woman comes out and says she is expensive and so therefore she would not like to date a broke ass man and look at the insults we mounted out to her here,just because she told the truth,we would rather she lied,lets stop the hypcoracy it will not get us anywhere and chris,yes its very fair that she won she deserves it for her honesty and mind you she was not the only one that won this money,what do you have to say about the guy too?why take on only the girl?.


    1. @manasseh,i noe ryte…all these pple do is nominate and africa decides who goes home…wen they get hme dey r big celebrities
      just funny how BBA is played 
      makes no sense at all

  6. It is only said,succes may delay,but can’t be prevented.She truely deserv the award nothing else.U guys can say al what u wana say but who ar u to decide,u guys are neither judges nor ……

  7. i think karen won out of merit i disagree with the writer the second place position that went to zimbabwe, is zimbabwe bigger than ghana?

  8. Whoever wrote this is extremely annoying. How dare you insinuate that the only reason karen won is cos she’s from nigeria? If the ghanaians on the show were interesting, maybe one of them would have won. Alex came close but he ended his game himself. Karen was the most entertaining housemate from day one and she truly deserved the money. Maybe you should go for the game next year, u jealous cow. Aren’t you the same person that wrote nasty things about confidence? If u can’t write objectively, maybe u should shut down. Silly idiot, Ode oshi, Mumu, Atole 

    1. @o, thanks jor, karen and luclay were very entertaining and that is why she won stop all this bashing on nigerians. ur ghanian reps were nt as enterntaining>DEAL WITH IT STOP HATIN ON NIGERIANS.! Every country has a single vote and as fro nigerians leaving in other countries dats bullsh**t. lormwe, sharon and luclay got thier country. GHANIANS STOP HATIN ON NIGERIANS AGBEG!!!

  9. Naija 4 life,all we know how to do is winning winning winning.Big brother africa started since 2003 and other countries have been winning nobody said anything now Naija came out in full force and has won for three consecutive times Ghanaians now want to kil themselves about it,Ghanaians are not good they too dull and problem of inferiority complex.Everybody knows that Karen would win because she is good ,real and entertaining.When she was the head of house instead of saving herself she did not do it rather she put herself up for eviction which has never been done in the history of big brother africa this shows she is real.What she did shows she is real Naija blood.We will still win again again becuase we have taken over Africa.

  10. i have been in Ghana for sometime now they have this very bad attitude of jealousy. they don’t like to learn but to go around bringing down others that is doing well.

  11. Who cares about this drivel being on our screens anyway??? instead of Africans coming up with creative and innovative show and programs..this is what we get.wtf

  12. Whoever wrote this is extremely annoying. How dare you insinuate that the only reason karen won is cos she’s from nigeria? If the ghanaians on the show were interesting, maybe one of them would have won. Alex came close but he ended his game himself. Karen was the most entertaining housemate from day one and she truly deserved the money. Maybe you should go for the game next year, u jealous cow. Aren’t you the same person that wrote nasty things about confidence? If u can’t write objectively, maybe u should shut down. Ode oshi, Mumu, Atole. To those of u saying nigerians r everywhere please ask yourselves if the population of nigerians in other countries is more than the indigenes there. Rubbish

  13. Loolz…Really, there’s no need to hate and be shallow by narrowing it down to population of a country. 
    What ever you say it doesnt change the fact that 200,000dollars fresh minted notes are breathing in her bank account, and it wont stop God from blessing Karen even more…I think we ‘Africans’ need to learn to love one another and be genuinely happy for each others progress…. that’s what unity is about. I know it might hurt that Nigerians have taken the money home 3 times in a row, but no one can deny that NIGERIANS, are like Israelites….U can try but they can never be beaten down….but if it still makes u uncomfortable, try not to get into a competition when a Nigerian is present, cos they’d SURELY over shadow u..Nigerians r natural Winners……………..so pple, please stop hating and join in d celebration, u nevr know she might just share her money with u….lolz

  14. This wirte up is pure Nonsense!!! Im not nigerian but its pretty obvious, Karen, Uti and Kevin did not win bcos of Nigerians population. They won bcos they r entertaining asshole! Didnt u watch it? or cudnt u afford to pay ur DSTV subscription?

    1. @anonym,shut up your mouth if you dont have any sensible thing to say !!!
      another empty barrel making the noise..disturbing the peace

  15. Honestly whatever the case I think BBA makes no sense,, Africa can neva have a fair competition but from the begining I knew Karen would win cos she got so popular for spreading her artificail boobs and funny shape and quarelling everyone in the house lol!!!. Goodluck to her and Wendall I didnt really see him in the finals though I thought Luclay will make it such a shame he didnt. But honestly i didnt se any role models from BBA as compared to other reality shows we wattch hear abroad. The truth is dat I really wanted a female to win BBA and karen did that cos the men have been dominating for long now,

    1. @realmummy, big brother is not about role models. its entertainment from normal people like u and i. if it pisses u off that much, dont watch next time

      1. @o, MR or Mrs whatever u are or whoever u represent I made my opinion and dats what GC is all abt so if it dosent pls u,,, Just shut the fuck up.. Cos i watch BbA for my personal reasons u dont have to tell me not to watch it next time cos u dont pay fo r my TV subscription ok,

  16. chris,we do not agree with each other most of the time.but i do respect you just like i do to others.i have read  some write ups of your s where you are actually disguisted about  p/p who do not respect african woman,but,i have also observed that  you use terrible names calling when you write about some  african women.iam a woman,and for me this is totally disrespectful.if someone calls your sister,niece a bitche,i do not think you will like it.name calling is a sign of weakness.if you really want ghanians to do well ,stop complaining and  never give up .try and find out what makes your opponent thick and use it to improve  yourself  to be able to stand a chance..you have to drop this thing about ghana /nigeria,b/c at the end of the day we are all africans.whichever country that win anything in  or out of africa,is a thing of pride for all africa.out here in the west ,they do not even think about africa as  a continent of  more than 50 nations.they see us as  just a p/p and  that is —african,irrespective of where you come from.from what i can see honestly,ghanians are busy thinking about this  ghana /nigeria thing ,and nigerians are busy moving on . both of you should just drop it and work together to make africa proud.

  17. its obvious nigeria is the face of africa.i was chating with a european friend on fb and she said that among africans that she loves nigerians more bcos of the mentality always striving for gr8ness.

  18. The whole game was that, there will be a winner from each house so it meant that, even though Karen beat th other 6 housemates, she was competing with Luclay only from the tail house and Wendell won from the Heads house. I believe Karens win is absolutely unquestionable. There could be no better winner than her. It is Wendell that I am not sure of.

  19. I’m vry grateful 2 Ghana 4 votn’ 4 Karen.But sum ppl shld learn 2 acept defeat.BBA 1,2 & 3 was not won by 9ja.Mayb it’s b/cos dere ‘re mor subscribers 2 DSTV,mor acess 2 d internet & mor phones lines.But l know dat 1dy wen other countries start bringn’ mor interestn’ h/mates dan wat 9ja brings mayb dey wuld strt winnin’

  20. Why is ghana also jealous of nigeria instead of them to be happy they are hating on us. Every where in africa people are happy for karen but our neigbour (ghana) are jealous. It not only nigeria that has won bba zambia,tazania and angola has also won. But nigeria has won 3x cos we had the best reps for the past 3yrs. Ghana reps dont alway go far. It not our fault.

    1. @Ramat,you won because majority of Ghanains are into soccer [football] than this common bba,cos in soccer ghana is dominating nigeria. Ghana won the under 20 world cup and a whole Nigerians was not happy about it ,what will you say about this too?

    2. @Ramat, i believe u’re one of those who never watched the show but speak as if dey watched….if u were intelligent enaf, u’ll have realised dat Ghana has constantly voted for the Karen anytime she came up…and on the final day,Ghanas vote went to Karen…do u knw dis or u jst feel like exposing your ignorance to the whole world????be wise…….

  21. Ghana wan bring there legs out, let me make this clear to ghanian karen deserve 2 win because she is real and ghana should not be in any way try 2 rub shoulders with naija they should came and learn, in africa naija na highest 4 dat stupid writter na sense he no get

    1. @Paul, we should “came” and learn eh….is dat wht dey taught u in naija school???? u can’t even spell common “writer”……so now u and the writer, who doesn’t have sense????

      1. @Opanin, well, he can be forgiven for the “writter” at least its easier to press “T” twice, but “came”??????
        we all know that “A” is far from “O” on the keyboard. LOL

  22. Pls let there peace. The show is over. The winners have collected their cheques or cash. Why then are you guys drinking panadol for someone else’s headache? Chill ok. A game is meant to be won. Idols, and other shows like that are determined by voting. Sometimes, the best talented man doesn’t win. Its about charisma. Winning your viewers attention. Pls let’s learn and do better in the future. God bless you.

  23. @27 calibre.now u’re gonna take it to football.need i remind u that nigeria is the most suceesful nation in the world @u-17 level, we’ve won olympic gold and silver medal in football 1996 &2008.we have won the u-20 silver medals thrice and a record of six ayc.nigeria has the second higest number of medals in acn.hw has ghana achieved more than nigeria in football.1994 we were ranked 5th in the world highest 4 an african country.

  24. Why call her a bitch though!!! I don’t think you would want your sister or mother to be called a bitch in an article…not very nice of you Chris……you should use decent language in your articles.

    1. I don’t know why people even wasted their time watching this stupid show. What did the show teach any of the viewers? This is just nonsense 

      1. @akosuaghana, Thks my dear for those who didnt not watch the show will defend Karen when she is mentioned as a bitch,, But dat same Girl would call others in the house terrible names i cant even mention to the point of insulting her own Nigerian Sister VIna calling her a Slut when everyone knew she was the slut and stripper.

  25. @marion,thx 4 d history lessons.let dese Ghanaians know dat in early 9ties 9ja dominated football in Africa & we’re comn’ back again.Watch out 4 upcomn’ tournaments we’re takn’ over in full force.U won’t wat hit u.

  26. how many world cup has Ghana been to we have been in the game since 1994 you always follow what ever we have done.I want to make this clear that chris`s mother and sisters are bitchies.He should go out there and look for a better thing to do with his life instead of sitting in front of computer discusssing Nigerians that he knows he can`t get to their level in century to come.I hate you guys the ugliest creatures.

    1. @jojo,Worry about your character and not your reputation, because your character is who you are, and your reputation is only what people think of you I got a sing for you JoJo
      Title of the song “I’m a Nigerian”Chorus: Hi, I am a …What?t? I am a … Who?? … I am a Nigerian. Hi, I am a … ehh? I am a … What? I am a Nigerian. Hi, I am a …What?t? I am a … Who?? … I am a Nigerian. Hi, I am a … ehh? I am a … What? I am a Nigerian.
      Hi, do u trust Nigerians? Kinda people who are rugged and resilient, shady like Sicilians? Living’ off experience and we crave to shine, 419 state of mind, don’t want to slave for mine. I was born this way, I’m really trying to live straight, but I’m not qualified for a job that pays 10k by the month, so I guess I’m sunk, but I gota feed my trunk. Fighting my depression only when I’m drunk. Since day one I’ve always been a minority,living in poverty and this close to staging a robbery. Got ticked off, one day I punched my boss in the face, Twisted his arm till he gave me the combinations to the safe. Cuz thanks to him I’m broke, livin’ wit no hope. Got bills to pay how am I supposed to cope? If I had a gun I’d robbin’ all these rich ni**s, But here I am, unemployed looking like a stick figure.
      Chorus (2x)
      Just signed a deal wit a record label, ain’t nothing changed. Same old sh**, one of these days I’ll go insane. When my girl starts buggin’ me to spend; I can’t stand it because she be like „You Nigerians are not romantic! You never buy expensive gifts.“ Sorry dear just manage, It’s not my fault I’m broke this is not how I planned it. Prices are rising like crazy, I can’t find a job to take care of my baby an’ you call me a scrub? 99 percent of my life I been lied to. Just found out my girlfriend cheats worse than I do. She slept with every one from my best friend to my boss. Baby, why did you do it? She said “for the money of course.“ The pressure is too much, I can’t take it no more, the condition I’m in is turning my girl into a whore. If a rich man offers a million bucks to sleep with my wife I be like sure, take her, gimme half the price.
      Chorus (2x)
      I buy fake designer clothes from Aba, you wan try`? Who needs Calvin Klein, when you got Oko Klein? My shoes are dead from trekking, I’m close to stealing yours and exchanging your designer boxers with my stinking drawers. So tell me, am I dead or alive? I can barely decide, so many times I contemplated suicide… Life is hard I can barely survive but like most Nigerians I learned to swallow my pride. My clothes are torn like the Incredible Hulks’ I salivate when I talk say things to make you sulk, Cuz see nothing but negativity all around me drowning in a swamp with my enemies smiling down at me. And I’m supposed to be my brother’s keeper. It get deeper, because this is same brother that stole my sued sneakers. Can I please make an appeal to the Head of State? All want is 3 meals on my plate every single day. I’m a very angry man, arrgh, so don’t tempt me man. Just for letting you live you oughta thank me man, because we live in a country where nothin’ works and it drives me beserk to face another day with an empty purse.“

      1. @Miyagi, U know what’s truly hilarious miserly miyagi….the fact that u dedicated sooooo much time to learning that naija song(yep)!!!..word for freakg word… Can someone say WINNING!!! naija4life…join us darling,u will be much happier…LMAO!!!


    1. @fiifi, u were monitoring the opinion poll not the vote…the vote is revealed on the day of eviction and published on the Big Brothe website after the show..

  28. Why do we call this a blog? If U wish to comment on something just write what you think and forget it. It’s really annoying how some people go after others for disagreeing with them as if their lives depend on it. I didn’t watch the BBA, but Karen won, so end of story… Whatever you feel or think wouldn’t make a difference..Congratulations to the winners.

  29. Hi all I believe Karen won because she entertained Africa would not have it any other way.I
    I’m personally not proud of most of her actions but she kept us all watching.I’m a Nigerian and I was rooting for Luclay as the second winner but it was not to be.To say Wendall was boring is a gross understatement.the guy was virtually dead man walking (forgive the pun)Well it’s all over let’s wish them all well and wait for the next edition ,hopefully soon.you and I know that we can’t wait.

  30. @miyagi “lame ass monkeys jumping from tree to tree” is that all u got? and this from a black african why aint u guys complaning about wendell winining? uh. the main reason why africa is really backward because we’re all fighting against each other. deal with ur inferiority complex towards nigeria and send more entertaining country reps next time. All this bashing is getting old! go suck on a lime or sth sigh!!!

  31. I appreciate the fact that U asked politely.. But all I’m trying to say is that some people are using this article to hate on others..

  32. I appreciate the fact that U asked politely, But all I’m trying to say is that some people are using this article to hate/attack others for no reason.. Like I said whatever it is, the Competition is OVER…BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME>

  33. Karen won BBA because she is good forget what this Ghanians are saying. i am doing a project here in Ghana they are people of little MIND. JEALOUSY IS THEIR TRADEMARK

  34. What is Big Brother Africa.Rubbish.Useless Najia pple.Go to ur Country and leave us alone.Becos of you Ghana is chocked,infact the whole world is chocked bcos of these shameless Nigerians.Cheaters always looking for avenue to experiment their 419.

  35. OLU, you are nut.It is your mom who has a little mind.I don,t blame but blame our hospitality and friendly culture.Human eater

  36. Karen may have won in Ghana but i know for a fact that most Ghanaians did not vote for her…how many ghanaians own dstv in their homes? Besides most of Ghana votes must have come from Accra,there are close to a million Nigerians in Ghana,90% stay in Accra. But unlike the Ghanaians in Nigeria who are mainly non entities,most Nigerians in Ghana are involved in viable economic activities,they have cash,can afford dstv,internet and phone lines…and so they voted for Karen.
    I think the main problem with Ghana is that they eat,sleep and dream Nigeria,good or bad. When a Ghanaian artiste is producing a song,he’s thinking ,’will it sound better than Nigeria’s’…when Ghanaian director is making a movie,he’s thinking.’will this be better than nollywoods’..when its football,their coach is thinking,’can we beat Nigeria?’. But the truth is that in GOOD,BAD and UGLY statistics,Nigeria outshines Ghana in all spheres of life and all this is happening even when Nigerian leadership is yet to get it right. What will happen when Nigeria begins to truly get things right? We may annex Ghana and Togo. Benin republic already belongs to us…lol.

  37. @ jojo so nigerians have been to the world cup since 1994. tell me how far have they ever gone to in the tournament? u should be ashamed for saying dat. Ghana has only been there twice n yet they have been to the quater finals already. Only ghana, senegal and cameroon have been able to do this. I can assure u if ghana had been to the world cup as many times as nigeria has been they would have been world champions by now. but the game has just started for us and the black stars will keep on shinning coz they keep on getting better n better whiles naija keeps loosing n loosing to Ghana.

  38. @EZA and MAMA G i understand your frustration, another comment from lazy folks when Nigerians is working hard they will be at home sleeping and going around town beefing!!!!!

  39. Olu rightly said,Naija we d’ finest..achievers,ressilient ,money maker.i thank God i was born in d’ midst of ma fellow Nigerians..dats a natural warning and instinct dat i gotta shine and win always.It is not our fault dear Ghanians.thats why the rischest black person in the world is from my dear country..Google that; the top 5 ll hav up to 2 or 3 Nigerians.To all my Naija pple salute…Ghanians stop “dulling” learn from your big brothers and we ll swag u up.lmao!!!

  40. @miyagi no more fighting the young lady has made $200,000 and their is nothing we can do about it. lets move on bro!!!!!!!!!!

    1. @olu, who is fighting here dude do I know you who is your bro I’m a proud ghanaian and don’t mingle with dudes like you tell her to use the money well

    1. @olu,You must be the oldest fool standing in Lagos. Maggot I dont need to tell you. Go back to your village and berate your governor. Lagos used to be a clean state until migrants started bringing in their dirty habits oh yeah take Karen with you as well idiot 

  41. @samson black, u see these are some of the trash comments that ur 419 heads make to establish ur collective stupidity, without an indepth understanding of the culture nd mannerism of a poeple. We Ghanaians are not as money crazy as ur bokoharam ass. A typical Ghanaian will work hard to build a house nd get some few cars, he is OK! But scamhead nija wnt to do anything? to get a yatch cause he wants to ride with trump. stupid!!!. If nigerians are so this nd that? Why has ur society not been transformed those very attributes. U say u’ve swag? When ur leaders treat u lyk trash to the extent of becoming immune to disgovernance?. U guys are soo stupidly lame. Soo many of ur top rich guys borrowed billions fictitiously from banks in conivance with CEO’s in contraveinance of CBN to become overnight superstars, buying companies and oilblocks retards!!!. U think that bullshit can happen in GHana?.

    1. @Rich, You cant blame the Nigerian for being one of the most ambitous set of people amongst the black race. You said Ghanaians work hard,buy a few cars etc? Who dash monkey banana? Ghanaians are generally laid back and unambious,with zero drive…but if that was just it,then it would be okay. But no,lazy,laid back and dorcile Ghanaians love to hate on successful people even within their own society,they love seeing succesful people fall. In Nigeria we celebrate our rich and famous and we strive to become like them or even greater. The white men that u Ghanaians love to worship didnot make their money and become industrialised through hard work,they milked other continents and enslaved many to become industrialised nations today. Most Nigerians understand this,and we spread ourselves world over and open new frontiers. If u are writing from Accra,i bet u a million dollars that u have atleast one relative,friend or acquaintance working in a Nigerian owned company in Ghana,am i lying?
      What have u Ghanaians achieved? Ur people are so dumb that their only source of joy is beating Nigeria in a Football match. As for Nigerians,our own source of joy is watching our people succeed,our banks controlling Ghanaian economy,our music and movies setting entertainment standards for Africans,our billionaires being on forbs list. i ask u again,what have u Ghanaians achieved? Oh,you beat Nigeria in Football,abi? !!!

  42. As for Karen, she deserved to win. Was the craziest of them all. She acted her script well cos i dnt believe thts her tru self. If it is!! then she needs to be tied up nd thrown into a zoo.

  43. @samson black, u see why i said u people are donkeys? U hvn’t addressed any of the issues raised nd u’ve jst done the stereotype nija, blabbing in circles. I will ask u agian if u guys are all that, why havn’t u trasformed ur society? Are u dumb or what, dangote, adenuga, babangida, egbenidion etc are all criminals by Ghanaian standards, go check history how these pple made thier money during the military regime, i’ll school u if u want more info. Is bankole not enjoying his billion loot, in comfort? Nigerians are the most subdued dumbass pple ever. It is only in nija that a person lyk dariye , former gov of plateau state, andy uba criminals becominig senators in ur sick country. Tomorrow they’ll want to invest in another country nd u’ll hail them as clean abi. Lyk i said most of ur top biz men are criminals nd u know this. Are some of ur bank executives and CEO’s not being tried for stealing billions of shareholdrs monies? Defrauding thier banks giving billions in loans to friends and croonies to the extent tht the banks were almost folding? Is that the swag u espouse? U guys are bunch of crazy pple u knw?.. By the grace of God we dnt hv to deal with bokoharam, militant nd islamic banking. Ur leaders trat u lyk monkeys in ur own country nd ure blabbing ur buccoenterric mouth here. Listen boy!!. Ghana will continue to set the pace in the rgion nd Africa as a whole.

    1. @Rich,I don’t blame any of these people these so called political jackasses and their fronts. I blame the Nigerian people for being professional complainers and not having the gumption to stand up for our own rights and doing something about turning all this chaos and flagrant disrespect for the people of their great country by the likes of those who have deliberately used the might of the resources of Nigeria to settle themselves as the power brokers of our country. The level of leadership has nearly hit rock bottom.
      It is a clear fact that these people have kept their monies shielded and laundered by the few chosen businessmen and I suppose some business women who are their fronts. They are given amazing opportunities and benefits to continually grow and succeed. We might not no who they are and how they rose. No matter what government is in place, they are right there with them spreading the virus.
      The viral effects of corruption continues to spread because of the deliberate move to keep 90% of the Nigerian peoples in poverty mode. A poor man becomes desperate and the Oligarchs look down on them with total disdain, as pawns in their manipulation to continually rape the wealth of a nation. Yes, Nigeria is like a woman who enjoys being raped and even though she has the right to report the crimes, opts to do nothing. So why blame the powers that be. Sampson black If you look close enough, even you or your next door neighbour has caught the virus so u don’t blame Rich for schooling you because you started and he is finishing it 

    2. @Rich, Console your broke Ass selves o, Ghana doesnt worship money MY FOOT. You people are just an unfortunate lot. Dangote is corrupt…Yes. Mike Adenuja is corrupt…Yes,together these people employ about 30,000 people,Ghanaians inclusive. Now tell me what is the size of Ghanaian civil service? Corruption is a relative term,Americans are not corrupt,abi? That’s why they are always at war at every point in history because their Arms & Ammunition industry is one of their highest employer of labour. In Nigeria we’ve used our ‘corrupt’ money to develop nollywood,to create bigger banks,to sponsor our musicians to international level and you come here talking trash? The sad truth about life is that injustice,most times is the foundation of many great societies.Go ask Sounth Africa,America,Brazil etc. But u wont understand because u are a Ghanaian,and your government is so clean and corruption free. I am glad that u guys know alot about Nigeria’s internal issues,thats awesome cos most Nigerians simply identify a certain BAG with Ghana. i dont have to tell u the name of the bag…go figure.

  44. When a Nigerian asks u, what have u achieved?, he’s refering to money. Ghanaians dn’t worship money, we are content with what we have. The canadian will probably not engage the american in biz showdown or contest. To the american the canadian is a laid back person But we all know where more peace nd tranquility is.

  45. Guys its ok. Pls stop. We are talking abt Karen here oh! Ghana and Nigeria are brothers. We shd share in each others joys. Pls let’s stop all this dissing. Its not worth it.

  46. rich or what ever u call ur self if i remember very well ,naija named a particular bag GHANA MUST GO with reason b\c ghanians ladies has nothing good doing in my beloved country other than prostituting and their men theives so our government send them out of our country,so why this angel micheal .

  47. @miyagi do you need a job? we will give you one in one of our banks here in Ghana to reduce your frustration and beefing!!!

  48. Good morning guys. Once again, please let’s stop all this. Let’s talk about more useful issues. Let’s learn from one another. I beg u. BBA is over. No one is perfect. Remember also its a game. Thanks guys for chilling on this. Sure u are all good people. Let’s get to know ourselves and move on. Am toyin. A biz person. Married. Tell me abt u.

  49. @samson black, Did u jst write that thing up there? OMG. Am convinced u went to some grammer school in Mushin with some bunch of agberos!!. U need to go bck nd read ur comment with deep introspection, reflection nd remorse. Guy u need to see a shrink, is this how nigerians think, i really underestimated the magnitude of ur dumbness. U jst vilified corruption!!!!!!!!., So if i steal from Mr X, open a firm then employ Mr Y that makes it ok? Or i steal 1million naira from u,then later employ u with a monthly salary of 20,000. When in actual fact i have deprived u of ur wealth? I hope ure thinking? See ure a real Mumu!!! A monkey! My beloved Ghana is definately not corruption free, but there is a certain inertia predicated on love for country nd poeple that restrains from quantum stealing to impovrish. Corruption isn’t celebrated in Ghana lyk u jst did?. Atiku will employ u nd give u 50,000 monthly while he has stolen billions from u? See how weak nd ignorant nigerians are. U’ve got deeper prooblems!!.

    1. @Rich, No ,i did not go to a grammar school in Mushin or Agege,these are arears dominated by Ghanaian bread sellers,prostitutes and loafers. Unfortunately,ur level of intellect is suspect,typical ghanaian,you guys claim to love your country and you are content with eating kenke 3 times a day,seven days a week while your leaders suck u mugus dry. Ghanaians like you should just committ suicide and HOPEFULLY relocate to heaven (but most likely hell for you) where the existing government of God will be corruption free. Yes,we have corrupt Nigerians,just like any other nation but i prefer corrupt people who ‘steal’ money and use it in their country,build business and employ others in the proccess. Go ask the Russians. The white people whom you Ghanaians worship,would call that being ‘robin hood’. Having said that,most of the celebrated billionaires in todays Nigeria are seasoned enterpreneurs,we know those who are crooks and they know themselves. Our artistes/musicians for example are buying houses and cars,living large and we all know their source of income. So,u see,except for certain government officials,most of our celebrated big boys and girls are hard working people and u see them owing property in Accra. Your country has many Nigerian landlords…shame on all of you. The highest form of landlordship a typical Ghanaian enjoys in Nigeria is being in charge of a run down brothel. This is my last comment,obviously,i’ve already belittled myself by chatting with an inferior being like you…my bad! I’m out.

  50. Kai!!! Honestly u have cobwebs in ur brains!! U’ve not adressed any of the issues nd ure still not making any sense. Haba do u hv brain cells at all!!! Donkey. Who do prostitution pass ur bini girls that fuck dogs in italy? Or ur calabar monkeys. Re u nt a christian? Why re u vilifying wrong? If i steal nd open business then its ok? U operate a stinking society called nigeria. We in Ghana re trying to build a society based on truth, honesty nd the rule of law. If nigerias is abt corruption nd moneybags? Then i wish u gud luck.

  51. @ Samson Black..thanks for schoolin’ these boys..”Miyagi and pawpaw
    for your information how Forbes rated Dangote as the richest black man ever (has notting to do with corrution or ill gotten wealth)it simply means you dont even knw wat forbe’s is about.
    Yes we av our problems wit past leaders but we are making sense every day..ask urselves are u pple sane or using your brains at all? After all these years of stable electricity u cannot manufacture things but import from europe?u cant think of bulding electronics,cars,jet..turn your count
    ry to mini China?rather u are still dull’ waiting for whites(ur gods) nd for Nigerians to teach u how to be entreprenurs and come employ both ur poor/rich senseless pple?
    Remember, your President knows Nigeria is blessed and it is God’sown..thats why he comes to worship @ The Synagogue Church of Nations to seek wisdom and prophecy from Prophet T.B Joshua.If we were bad as u say ..The pastor cud easily turn him to mumu and use him as he likes cos ur president obviously is so desperate for prosperity.

  52. @Banji W., ur comments are nt co-ordinated, ure becoming senile at a young age. I pity u, nigerians are assholes with brainless founding fathers. Every day u maim and kill urselves like leasure. Ghana attracts international goodwill nd respect in the things that matter. U donkeys have sold ur souls to naira nd kobo, thats why u have nothing good to espouse abt ur unfortunate country. Ur comments hv shown that evry nigerian is reduced to naira nd kobo, nigerians re lyk albino rats whn it cms to money!!!. Go ask ur clueless founding fathers who set the pace for ur sorry ass liberation?. I will continue to tell u Monkeys!! All ur top rich guys are criminals.

  53. @Rich, You cant blame the Nigerian for being one of the most ambitous set of people amongst the black race. You said Ghanaians work hard,buy a few cars etc? Who dash monkey banana? Ghanaians are generally laid back and unambious,with zero drive…but if that was just it,then it would be okay. But no,lazy,laid back and dorcile Ghanaians love to hate on successful people even within their own society,they love seeing succesful people fall. In Nigeria we celebrate our rich and famous and we strive to become like them or even greater. The white men that u Ghanaians love to worship didnot make their money and become industrialised through hard work,they milked other continents and enslaved many to become industrialised nations today. Most Nigerians understand this,and we spread ourselves world over and open new frontiers. If u are writing from Accra,i bet u a million dollars that u have atleast one relative,friend or acquaintance working in a Nigerian owned company in Ghana,am i lying?
    What have u Ghanaians achieved? Ur people are so dumb that their only source of joy is beating Nigeria in a Football match. As for Nigerians,our own source of joy is watching our people succeed,our banks controlling Ghanaian economy,our music and movies setting entertainment standards for Africans,our billionaires being on forbs list. i ask u again,what have u Ghanaians achieved? Oh,you beat Nigeria in Football,abi? !!!


  54. yea!! ofcourse, nigerian block heads, i can see ur set of ambitious militants, bokoharam, armed robbers, money launderers. Ure buying up GH my foot!!!. Ur ambitious ppl to the extent of having international money reckerteers who jumped bail in the UK occupying an exalted sit in ur senate making laws for disgruntled nd hopeless nigerians tht cant confront thier leaders, nigerians are in real terms a very weak pple who resort to criminality nd demonic vices to drive thier illicit ambitions!!. Yea! We see ur ambitious. Ghana has never competed wit u on the platform of money, but rather on the things that mater because honestly we cannot match ur criminal minds. I hv asked u, if ur all that why has ur society not transformed? It’s lyk saying ure born again but live lyk a steal nd kill!!. Thats what u sorry lots do to urselves nd extend it to other countries. 70 percent of nigerians are poor/senseless thats more than twice the poulation of Ghana. Go fix ur sickcountry!!. Assholes.

  55. Why are ghananians so jealous? A Nigerian won and the commentary becomes so degrading. We have MORE talent than most african countries so its only NATURAL we take the crown. 

    Besides, I did not even watch the BB show. And I am so sure many Nigerians did not either. So instead of whinning, you lazy copy cat ghananians should go learn a trade and be useful to yourselves for once.

    1. @coy,What trash are you writing up here you did not watch it but your sure your fellow nigerians didn’t watch it as well was the whole BB only about Ghana and Nigeria monkey No wonder why Im sick and tired of these Igbos,Yorubas,Hausas, No matter how close to them you are, and no matter How softly you speak to them, they yak, yell, bellow and whine uproariously as if they are in “Umuofia” speaking to a person on the other valley of “Mbaino”Is this a cultural problem, genetic or what?? I think it is both corruption oils the wheels that moves Nigerians’ operations and activities both here in U.S. and back in West Africa Most of the world’s accomplished con artistes are from Nigeria When we talk about Nigerian women, though they have no place in The World’s beauty pageants, they are the worst gold-diggers Who have ever walked on Earth! Nigerians are a disgrace to the whole of Africa.

      1. @Miyagi,

        Gay man with small penis. ghana men without balls. come suck a nigerian cock! you know about umuahia and mbano? I am impressed. 
        so what has the nigerian economy got to do with this Jealous Gay-nanian? you are so bitter the money isnt yours…and for your info while $200,000 seems to be too much for your small penis, it isnt quite a big deal for nigerians who aspire to own more! nigerians being a disgrace to the whole of africa? serious? dude before we start, please tell ata mills, your beggar president to return the $40million he borrowed from Nigeria with interest. cheap ungrateful black gay-nanian scumbag.

        1. @coy,What a idiot you are are you that pissed truth is hard insnt it Take your big four head somewhere else and bang it really hard on the wall I don’t argue with nut crackers like you by the way thank you for using the word scumbag because u just described yourself one word seven letters you dirty ass cow I rest my case on you please do come back when I’m less busy By the way I can tell you like cocks so the small little advice I will give you is keep sucking in it sinds you guys are good at fucking goats 

          1. @Miyagi,

            Douche bag aka internet troll, go get a life! You are still here foaming in the mouth after karen has long gone with $200,000. You mean you havent gone to occupy yourself with something productive, self hating cretin. Hey get over it… we won because we were BETTER! LOL! 

            Edit your grammar and come back next decade. Gay-nanian scumbag!

          2. @coy,You are one load your mum should have swallowed you talk allot of trash you jnow why?? Because all of your ancestors must number in the millions it’s hard to believe that many people are to blame for producing you idiot u guess the only vagina that you’re going to ever see is the one that you fell out of when you were born monkey

          3. @Miyagi,

            Oops! seems I touched some raw nerve. I am so done replying you as you are obviously craving my attention, Gay-nanian flip flopper.

            Go play with your fellow imbeciles.

  56. Jeez this forum cracks me up! I know my Ghanaian friends are nice and super cool but the vibe I’m getting from some of the comments here is rather disturbing. In my own opinion I think Naija kinda stepped up their game. Kevin for sure I know was down to earth in the house and stuff and Uti was also super cool. Karen sure was one interesting character and she kept it real in the house. BBA is all about entertainment and the countries that voted for these peeps definitely went for the most entertaining.
    I remember Bayo from the first BBA…I wanted him out…many of my friends in naija wanted him out and out did he go. Honestly I think it’s more about the entertainment.
    Anyhoo….I’m sure next time Ghana will send interesting peeps to represent ’em and maybe a Ghanaian will grab the cash. Let’s wait and see.

  57. You guys are still not tired of all this. Please let’s include Zimbabwe as well, since the second winner comes from there. Sure they have corrupt leaders too. Or what do u think?

  58. oops! seems i touched a raw nerve. I am done replying you. i can see you crave my attention Gay-nanian imbecile. Go play with your fellow retards

    1. @coy, u are a typical example of why ppl want abortion legalised…i bet if it was, ur Mum would have had the greatest pleasure of discarding u….idiot

      1. @Opanin,

        …and who is this ramshackle poverty stricken gay-nanian street urchin? are you done with your shoe shining chores to come here and banter with me? how dare you… i can see your frustrations have bent you far out of shape…you are trawling the internet propagating your asinine comments…which unsurprisingly, is a trademark characterstic of backward gay-nanian imbeciles. At least I have a mom… do you? Rag tag gay-nanian pedophile.

        Now pedophile, run down the street to our battery charger, get a cup of concentrated sulphuric acid, go quietly to your room, shut the door tightly and rid the good earth of an unwanted vagabond!

          1. @Opanin,

            Your intellectual capability is at par with imbeciles… i would have been surprised if you understood at all.
            I am done responding to imbeciles…you and all your ilk will get no further respons from me on this matter.

          2. @coy, dat’ll do just fine…..do u knw dat when a mad man sees a normal person, he the mad man considers the normal person as being mad…i’m not surprised at ur utterances cos it’s the image u see when u look in your mirror everyday.

  59. Karen a Nigerian wins BBA and what do you have? Bile spread especially by some people of a particular region. Poster if l were u, l would delete this blog. U call someone a bitch? Hahahaha, it must be hard being you. Black skin, white mask.

  60. whoever posted this @#@[email protected] is mad !!!!!!!!!!!!! am zambian n i strongly believe Karen entertained us n she deserved to win. even if zambia didnt win i personaly thank God karen won the money. How do u cal sm1 bitrchie has slept with u before? shame on you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!