Did I Hear Him Say That: England Riots – ‘The Whites Have Become Black’ Says David Starkey…RUBBISH

David Starkey
David Starkey

I am extremely shocked…A very intelligent and educated successful whiteman sits on BBC NewsNight to make such absurd claims… Historian David Starkey seems to be lost in his own submission and educational world.

He went on using the word ‘black culture’ to represent criminal activities and white culture to mean good, well behaved and intelligent stuff…

How far is such a man away from being a racist? His deductions suggest nothing more than a successful rich white man who sees nothing good in black culture, black people and therefore attributes every disaster to the black race and their culture…

Watch the video below…This is the world we live in huh?



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20 thoughts on “Did I Hear Him Say That: England Riots – ‘The Whites Have Become Black’ Says David Starkey…RUBBISH”

  1. You know, as scary as this is all sounds…this is the country we REALLY live in…this is the truth of what is thought by the people we live and are surrounded by. Maybe there are some that on surface levels feel differently but I guess Owen Jones was put there to make it seem like all white ppl are not like this. It’s scary how they have found a way of STILL removing blame from themselves…he still, as they all are…still ignoring what happen with Duggen as they KNOW it’s wrong but what can they do admit they are racists. And when their are hardly any black kids in certain parts of the country where are they learning thug life from? Damn riots and gang culture and looting where here WAY before black ppl became more settled in this country. It’s not a bad thing that this man is speaking this way…I think black ppl in this country do need reminding of what is genuinely thought about black ppl unless you’re willing to act WHITE. Better the devil you know…right? 

  2. Chris, why must you be appalled by this mindless man. People with low self-esteem would say anything for attention. I always say to people who would be pissed-off from such comments that, If someone calls me a dog, I would continued to do whatever I’m doing because I know I am not a dog, and this approach makes the caller foolish. If we would laugh about such comments knowing well it is not true, then this mindless person may look foolish and will not make such comments again. However, if such a caller slaps me on the cheek, then I will slap the caller back.

    I think it’s time for black people to have thick skin, because such comments will never go away. Such comments make non black people feel less confident in themselves.

    The Nazis and the KKKs are the most notorious and violent human beings in history, not forgetting the Gladiator-days. Who are more violent than those people.

    Black people pose great threat to most non black people. Black have always welcome non-black people and in return the same non black people turn around and commit violent against black.

  3. I wonder how now the blame has shifted onto black people, during the riots i could count many more white folks than blacks. They r just using the riots as an excuse to prevent immigration and other policies which help minorities.

  4. This has nothing to do with “black culture” and everything to do with “BRITISH CULTURE”. Personally, I feel people here spend more time training their dogs than they do training their children and this applies to all skin tones. I have actually witnessed a group (or maybe I should say “gang”) of white children including two girls throwing stones at a bus in SE London! The shocking part of it was that two adult men were actually standing close to these children and all they did was take some steps back! Back home, you would never see children do that. They are busy helping their families either in chores at home or street trading to raise money for school fees and even if as a child you were stupid enough to misbehave in public, any adult can slap some sense into you on behalf of society.
    You’ve lost control of your children and they know it. Anyone blaming “black culture” is simply using the riots as an opportunity to voice their hatred. I have listened to David Starky’s comments on issues before these riots and have always found him quite condescending and prejudiced. The worst kind of illiterate is an eduacated one. Britain’s media is racist full stop. How many positive stories about black people, in multicultural London do you read about it in newspaper or on the news 

    • @Miyagi,Damn. Cha Miyagi, How are you holding up? Has the whole area calmed down yet? Hackney, Croydon, Tottenham.. those areas was on tv a lot. I hope your fam and friends and or businesses were not hit or destroyed. 

      • @ghallday,Sweety everything has calmed Down and everybody is fine it was 4 days nightmare especially in Croyden, hackney and Tottenham it was madness but thank God it’s over 

        • @Miyagi,Well yea man. Agreed. For a moment London of all places seemed like the streets of Panama or Bangladesh. I hope this don’t take away the respect lots of people have for the name “london”

          • @ghallday,That’s so true but they will restore Their image some how as long as it don’t effect the 2012 because it’s important for me 

  5. This is sad, so who gave him this chance to come on TV and disrespect black people like this? This is pure racism and disrespect to all black people. He does not even know any hip hop musician name and yet he want to talk about black music

    • @TiffanyBabe,Sad indeed. A Jamaican old man who has lived in London for over 40 yrs was accused by a BBC anchor of “being a rioter” during the 1981 Brixton riot and this man unloaded on the anchor that she was shaken afterwards. 

  6. Like seriously why are we surprised?racism is still alive.i never let these things get under my skin plus starkey has always being deluded.he made some shocking comments bout scotland in a previous interview.this is not the first time he’s talking reckless

  7. This country is so terrible that as a black person I have the right to make statement? 

    Oh come on the bloke is right about something, Rap comes from black culture and there is a glamour shown to possessions and violence. As I sat there and watched this all unfold on TV I did sit there and think oh god that looks bad on me, the number of us to Whites and Asians was shocking. Britain is one of the most tolerant countries I have lived in, visit Russia and then complain about the UK. I don’t think the guy is a racist bigot, just naive in his wording, naive in understanding the problem is not racial its attitude and the other problem is, area’s in the UK that are poorer tend to have a far higher crime level and also a far higher level of “ethnic minorities” whether they be from Ghana, Pakistan, Poland, Nigeria and so on… how many of you readers sit there and ignore what goes on outside in your communities destroying it from the inside out, with this thuggish mentality that rules the streets. When I visit areas that are mostly white in the UK I don’t feel i’m going to get mugged, maybe watched with distrust?
    If this country is so bad, you should take a moment to ask yourself, which ones are better? I know there are plenty with better weather but not better treatment of people in general.
    In this country there is work and I don’t have to worry about an interview because of the color of my skin. I know if I had an Irish accent and was white in the UK then I would be more inclined to worry about race perception. 
    Everyone’s racist in one way or another, no matter where they come from, one thing I have learnt on my travels.
    BTW great site. 


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