Out Of Box Story: Wikileaks Claims Apple Founder Steve Jobs Died Of HIV/Aids

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There have been plenty of absurd tributes to Steve Jobs. But the most tone-deaf has got to be the one by Wikileaks, which last night tweeted a link to a faked copy of the former Apple CEO’s positive “H.I.V. report.”

RIP, Steve!

We knew something was FISHY about Steve Job’s passing, when his family asked for “privacy” after his death. Now Wikileaks is claiming that they know why. The site says he died of AIDS!!!

Just minutes after news broke that Steve Jobs had died, Wikileaks tweeted a link to “purported Steve Jobs medical records.” The link goes to a torrent file for a couple images of test results from a company called SxCheck which supposedly show Steve Jobs tested positive for HIV in 2004.

They’re obvious fakes—most obviously because SxCheck wasn’t even founded until 2006—and even Wikileaks concludes “the images should not be taken at face value.”

A lot of people thought these were newly leaked. In fact, Wikileaks posted the documents in 2008, and they’ve been fueling conspiracy theories about Apple and Steve Jobs ever since.

Here’s an excerpt from what they reported:

Two photos, purporting to be part of Apple CEO Steven P. Jobs medical file, show a HIV positive status . . .

If Steve Jobs did have HIV, it is possible that his pancreatic cancer was a Kaposi’s sarcoma, which are noted to emulate pancreatic cancer in HIV-positive patients. Steve Jobs also follows a diet occasionally recommended to AIDS patients as an alternative therapy.

See the docs below…

Source: MediaTakeOut.Com


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  1. To hell with wikileaks!!! He was HIV positive and so what. Just don’t know why some of us are falling for these wikileak prunks.
    Steve Jobs you are a great man and you will forever be my mentor.

  2. Wow are you guys citing Mediatakeout now, y’all have stooped to a whole new low.
    CNN will never cite PnP
    Stop ruining your blog, Of late y’all are looking very desperate

      1. @Posted By: GC Staff,
        Ae you serious, you are using TMZ as a backup. Mediatakeout is commonly known as not credible. GC this is my advice to you, dont cite mediatakeout. period. U people are much bigger than that. They have a reputation for often putting up false stories just to get hits, they are like the online version of the enquirer or news of the world

        1. @Baaba, regardless of how low and shoddy u think a blogsite maybe you MUST source where you get/read your info. You can’t just take people’s content without stating where you got it from. It’s(certificate) there in black and white so the source of the story and the images need to be sourced…yes Mediaout take out talk trash most times but when they have the info you want to share on your blog reputation does not come into it if you choose to bring it up as a point of discussion of that site has what you need..i think you are getting my point now. 

          1. @IamSassyChic, Did you check to see if this was actually posted on wikileaks?.I checked the morning I saw it on mediatakeout and it wasn’t.Do you even know the type if pancreatic cancer he died from?.Did you know he had a liver transplant followed by chemotherapy during his last days.Stuff like these are not done for AIDS patients.His case got worse because he initally refused treatment for 9 months after he was diagnosed,he refused western treatment and opted for “alternative methods”,i think his decision was influenced by him being a budhist.Common sense should let you know that AIDS is no longer a death sentence,even poor people can get free AIDS treatment in the US to live longer.Are you saying a whole billionaire was killed by AIDS after only 7 years?.Ever heard of Magic Johnson.I know you have to cite ur source and ofcourse GC is no CNN,but apply some common sense or else you will follow idiots and look just like one.

  3. @ Baaba thnx very much. These GC guys dnt really the extent towhich they are tarnishing their image. They are so desperate to de extent that they post anything they come across. U guys shd be ashamed of yaselves and learn smthing from omentgh.wordpress.com. I believe they are doing far better than u guys. They are not desperate as you guys are and they are very particular abt what the post on the site.

    1. @Broyaw, Well that’s simple…don’t come here then go to this SO CALLED amazing other site. I think Mediatakeout is CRAP so I do not waste my two seconds to go there since i realized they talk shite most times. That don’t make sense for me go to a website you hate to bitch and moan that’s dumb man. 

    2. Gosh sad to say but I honestly thought this might be the case…ha is there anything wikileaks can’t get hold of…anywho if this is fake that will be beyond dodgy!

  4. @ Goldengrul, look I visit this site b’cos of wat they claim to provide to its readers. So I find nothing wrong with criticising them when they continuously provide us with crap. If u will take everything they post on their site, well i dont buy the idea.

  5. To hell with this stupid Wikileaks people, even if he died of HIV so what? All die be die! At least he will be remembered of something profitable that is going to take a long time for us replace…may he rest in perfect peace…

  6. they are jux disclosin it no one said being hiv positive i s a crime. wikileaks is undoubtedly one of the best things that hav happened in the past decades revealin information the so called supporters of human rights and democracy hav alway hidden. to hell wit YOU